Chinese National Standards -Taiwan
中華民國國家標準 -台灣
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CNS standards list

CNS Standard is abbreviation of Chinese National Standard, the National Standards of the Republic of China (Taiwan) ; They are administered by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. These standards are divided into 26 numbered categories. The English versions CNS standards were translated directly from the openly-published Chinese CNS standard , in case of any divergence of interpretation, the Chinese versions CNS standards text shall prevail.
CNS 10840 - English Version
Chromaticity Domain of Discharge Lamps
放電燈泡之色度範圍 - 英文版
CNS 3610 - English Version
Two-Flute End Mills with Straight Shank
兩刃直柄端銑刀 - 英文版
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CNS 3589 - English Version
Air-Entraining Additions for Use in The Manufacture of Air-Entraining
輸氣卜特蘭水泥製造用輸氣添加劑 - 英文版
CNS 3982 - English Version
Soltted pan head tapping screws
有槽盤頭自攻螺釘 - 英文版
CNS 11139 - English Version
Formulated soymilk
調製豆奶 - 英文版
CNS 6989 - English Version
塊石 - 英文版
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CNS 3586 - English Version
Perlite Heat Insulating Sheet (Block) and Pipe
真珠岩保溫板(磚)及保溫管 - 英文版
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CNS 12991 - English Version
Remote filling units for liquefied petroleum gas automobile
液化石油氣汽車用加氣接頭 - 英文版
CNS 3604 - English Version
Double (Unsymmetrical) Angle Milling Cutters
不等角銑刀 - 英文版
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CNS 2895 - English Version
Glass tableware
玻璃食器 - 英文版
CNS 10639 - English Version
Polymer Dispersions for Cement Modifier
水泥混和用聚合物擴散材料 - 英文版
CNS 4061 - English Version
Reinforced Concrete Ditches (U Type)
鋼筋混凝土U形溝 - 英文版
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CNS 2864 - English Version
Deep groove thrust ball bearings; single-thrust, with flat seating
深溝止推滾珠軸承(單向具平面座外環) - 英文版
CNS 13417 - English Version
Method of Test for Brightness of Mineral Fillers and Pigments for Paper Making (Diffuse Blue Reflectance)
造紙用礦物質填料及顏料白度試驗法(擴散藍色光反射率 - 英文版
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CNS 6312 - English Version
Roller Bearings for Electric Traction, Felt Ring and Felt Ring Grooves
電力牽引器用滾柱軸承毛氈填封與填封槽 - 英文版
CNS 12927 - English Version
65mm Portable Fire Water Driven Automatic Oscillating Fire Monitor
可移動式65mm雙入水口自動搖擺消防水瞄 - 英文版
CNS 4063 - English Version
Reinforced Concrete Covers for Ditches (U Type)
鋼筋混凝土U形溝用蓋 - 英文版
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CNS 6956 - English Version
Tower Packings of Acid Resisting Porcelain for Chemical Industry
化學工業用耐酸陶瓷器-反應塔填充物 - 英文版
CNS 3303 - English Version
Adjustable Wrenches
活動扳手 - 英文版
CNS 13229 - English Version
Slowly Descending Devices
緩降機 - 英文版
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CNS 13579 - English Version
Fire Hydrant Valves
消防栓閥 - 英文版
CNS 5036 - English Version
Methods of Test for Crude Fat in Food
食品中粗脂肪之檢驗方法 - 英文版
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CNS 7005 - English Version
Torsion Bar Springs
扭桿彈簧 - 英文版
CNS 14118 - English Version
Emergency shut-off valves for nature gas with high pressure and intermediate pressure
高、中壓天然氣用緊急遮斷閥 - 英文版
CNS 2306 - English Version
White Portland Cement
白色卜特蘭水泥 - 英文版
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CNS 6001 - English Version
LS 1 Low Speed Sewing Machine Heads for Industrial Use
工業用短平台平車直線縫(LS1)低速縫紉機機頭 - 英文版
CNS 7340 - English Version
Countersunk Head Rivets, Nominal Diameters 1 to 8 mm
埋頭鉚釘,標稱直徑1至8mm - 英文版
CNS 1231113 - English Version
Graphical Symbols for Fluid Power Diagrams-Accessory Part
液壓、氣壓圖形符號-附屬零件 - 英文版
CNS 10763 - English Version
Fire Deluge Valves
消防用一齊開放閥 - 英文版
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CNS 3454 - English Version
Method of test for milk and milk products - Determination of solubility index for dry milk
乳品檢驗法-乳粉溶解度指數之測定 - 英文版
CNS 8877 - English Version
Receiver of fire alarm equipment
火警受信總機 - 英文版
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CNS 9192 - English Version
General Rules of Fire Pumps
消防用水泵一般準則 - 英文版
CNS 4242 - English Version
Widths Across Flats and Widths Across Corners for Bolts, Screws and Nuts
螺栓、螺釘、螺帽之對面寬度及對角寬度 - 英文版
CNS 3315 - English Version
Forest Tree Seeds
林木種子 - 英文版
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CNS 3123 - English Version
Hexagon head bolts,regular, metric thread
六角頭螺栓(粗製) - 英文版
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CNS 8053 - English Version
Fry fish fiber
魚鬆及魚酥 - 英文版
CNS 4529 - English Version
Method of test for edible oils and fats─Determination of lead
食用油脂檢驗法-鉛含量之測定 - 英文版
CNS 3224 - English Version
Movable Angle Gauge
活動角規 - 英文版
CNS 10672 - English Version
Water-Flow Alarm Valve
消防用水流探測裝置 - 英文版
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CNS 13416 - English Version
Method of Sampling of Fillers and Pigments for Paper Making
造紙用填料及顏料採樣法 - 英文版
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CNS 12700 - English Version
Packaged mineral water
包裝礦泉水 - 英文版
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CNS 5500 - English Version
Badial Self-aligning Ball Bearings, Parallel and Tapered Bore
自動對位滾珠軸承(平行孔與推拔孔) - 英文版
CNS 12407 - English Version
Pump for Liquefield Petroleum Gas Use
液化石油氣用泵 - 英文版
CNS 12429 - English Version
Delay Electric Detonator for Engineering Use
工程用遲發電雷管 - 英文版
CNS 13418 - English Version
Method of Test for Brightness of Mineral Fillers and Pigments for Paper Making (45°/0° Directional Tester)
造紙用礦物質填料及顏料白度試驗法(45°/0°定向 - 英文版
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CNS 7526 - English Version
Cocoa butter
可可脂1 - 英文版
CNS 12544 - English Version
Vibration isolation gloves
防振手套 - 英文版
CNS 3120 - English Version
Hexagon bolts with small widths across flats
六角頭螺栓(具小對面寬度) - 英文版
CNS 10205 - English Version
Battery Device for Fire Fighting Emergency Use
消防緊急用蓄電池設備 - 英文版
CNS 11867 - English Version
Method of Test for Canned Food-leaking Test
食品罐頭檢驗法-檢漏試驗 - 英文版
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CNS 4256 - English Version
Inter-locking Side Milling Cutters
扣聯側銑刀 - 英文版
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CNS 5709 - English Version
Nominal size and bore of valves
閥之標稱尺度及內徑 - 英文版
CNS 6895 - English Version
Information Processing-Reels and Cores for 25.4 mm (1 in) Perforated Paper Tape for Information Interchange-Dimensions
資訊處理-資訊交換用25﹒4mm(1in)穿孔磁帶 - 英文版
CNS 1322 - English Version
Plugs and Flunges for Steel Drums
鋼桶用口基及口蓋 - 英文版
CNS 6896 - English Version
Information Processing - General Purpose Reels with 8mm (5/16 in) Centre Hole for Magnetic Tape for Interchange Instrumentation
資訊處理-儀器互換用8mm(5/16in)孔磁帶捲 - 英文版
CNS 4295 - English Version
Assembly tools for screws and nuts - Double-ended wrenches - Sizing pairing
螺釘及螺帽之裝配工具-雙頭梅花扳手口寬之組合 - 英文版
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CNS 360 - English Version
Front Hubs for Bicycles
自行車(腳踏車)前輪轂 - 英文版
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CNS 12892 - English Version
Steel Fibers for Fiber Reinforced Concrete
纖維混凝土用鋼纖維 - 英文版
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CNS 4421 - English Version
Seating bolts and conical spring washers for clamping
夾緊用座螺栓與錐形彈簧墊圈 - 英文版
CNS 15403 - English Version
Roasted coffee
焙製咖啡 - 英文版
CNS 10127 - English Version
Acid Proof Glass Bottles
耐酸玻璃瓶 - 英文版
CNS 5711 - English Version
Face-to-Face and End-to-End Dimensions of Globe Valves
球形閥端面間之尺度 - 英文版
CNS 11736 - English Version
Method of test for milk and milk products - Determination of fat content in ice cream products
乳品檢驗法-乳冰製品中脂肪含量之測定 - 英文版
CNS 10126 - English Version
Tube Bottle for Injections
注射劑用管玻璃瓶 - 英文版
CNS 10125 - English Version
Vials for Injection
注射劑用玻璃瓶 - 英文版
CNS 12100 - English Version
Horticultural home-use compound fertilizer
家庭園藝用複合肥料 - 英文版
CNS 4337 - English Version
Canned snail meat
蝸牛肉罐頭 - 英文版
CNS 12637 - English Version
Method of test for fruit and vegetable juices and drinks- Determination of isocitric acid by enzymatic analysis
水果及蔬菜汁飲料檢驗法-異檸檬酸之測定(酵素法) - 英文版
CNS 2506 - English Version
Method of Test for Polyester Sewing Thread
聚酯縫線檢驗法 - 英文版
CNS 7585 - English Version
Remote Control Gear with Transmission Tubing for Manual Operation; Lengthening for Spindles of Armatures
遙遠操作傳導桿管(旋桿延長段接頭) - 英文版
CNS 6299 - English Version
Crushed Stone for Concrete
混凝土用碎石 - 英文版
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CNS 5007 - English Version
Rotating Tools with Parallel Shanks-Diameters of Shanks and Sizes Driving Squares
直柄旋轉刀具之柄徑及驅動方頭之尺寸 - 英文版
CNS 4807 - English Version
Counterbores for Hexagon Socket Head Screws and Slotted Cheese Head Screws
柱坑(六角承窩頭螺釘與有槽平頂錐頭螺釘用) - 英文版
CNS 12924 - English Version
Checking The Net Contents of Packaged Foods
包裝食品裝量檢驗法 - 英文版
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CNS 10991 - English Version
Molds for Forming Concrete Test Cylinders Vertically
混凝土圓柱試體模具 - 英文版
CNS 4101 - English Version
Pipe Cutters
切管器 - 英文版
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CNS 12607 - English Version
Method of test for tensile properties of paper and board (Constant rate of elongation method)
紙及紙板抗張性質試驗法(恆速伸長法) - 英文版
CNS 3756 - English Version
Canned shrimp
蝦仁罐頭 - 英文版
CNS 26000 - English Version
Guidance on social responsibility
社會責任指引 - 英文版
CNS 9654 - English Version
Glossary of Terms Used in Building Materials
建築材料詞彙 - 英文版
CNS 12590 - English Version
Method of Test for Organic Nitrogen in Paper and Paperboard
紙與紙板中有機氮之測定法 - 英文版
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CNS 12425 - English Version
Method of test for transparency of paper
紙張透明度試驗法100 - 英文版
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CNS 541 - English Version
Shovels with Point End
尖鏟 - 英文版
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CNS 7581 - English Version
Lubricating Nipples, Ball Type
球頭式黃油嘴 - 英文版
CNS 6892 - English Version
Information Processing-General Purpose Hubs and Reels, with 76 mm (3in) Centrehole, for Magnetic Tape Used in Interchange
資訊處理-儀器互換用76mm(3in)孔之磁帶盤軸 - 英文版
CNS 540 - English Version
Square Shovels
方鏟 - 英文版
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CNS 7578 - English Version
Normal Chordal Tooth Thickness and Chordal Height of Spur Gears in the 0.5 System
0﹒5齒制正齒輪之弦齒厚及弦齒冠 - 英文版
CNS 1498 - English Version
Method of test for colour fastness to bleaching with hypochlorite
耐氯漂白染色堅牢度試驗法 - 英文版
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CNS 4190 - English Version
Assembly tools for screws and nuts - Extension bar for hand- operated square drive socket wrenches
螺釘及螺帽之裝配工具-手動套筒扳手用加長桿 - 英文版
CNS 12957 - English Version
Method of test for milk and milk products - Determination of total phosphorus content in edible cheese
乳品檢驗法-食用乾酪總磷含量之測定 - 英文版
CNS 7574 - English Version
Root Diameter of Spur Gears in the 0.5 System
0﹒5齒制正齒輪之齒底圓直徑 - 英文版
CNS 362 - English Version
Spokes for Bicycles
自行車(腳踏車)輻絲 - 英文版
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CNS 5413 - English Version
Thread Plates of Industrial Sewing Machines
工業用縫紉機針板 - 英文版
CNS 3526 - English Version
Canned crab meat
蟹肉罐頭 - 英文版
CNS 1494-7 - English Version
Textiles - Colour fastness to wet scrubbing of pigment printed textiles
紡織品-顏料著色紡織品耐濕刷色牢度試驗法 - 英文版
CNS 4191 - English Version
Assembly tools for screws and nuts - Universal joints for hand- operated square drive socket wrenches
螺釘及螺帽之裝配工具-手動套筒扳手用萬向接頭 - 英文版
CNS 7588 - English Version
Remote Control Gear with Transmission Tubing for Manual Operation; Deck Operating Devices, Welding - in Type
遙遠操作傳導桿管(熔接於甲板上之操作裝置-具四方頭 - 英文版
CNS 5412 - English Version
Feed Dogs of Industrial Sewing Machines
工業用縫紉機送料齒 - 英文版
CNS 6755 - English Version
Glossary of Terms Relating to Parts of Gear Cutting Machines
切齒機主要零件詞彙 - 英文版
CNS 1012 - English Version
Flow table for use in tests of hydraulic cement
水硬性水泥試驗用之流動性台 - 英文版

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