Chinese National Standards -Taiwan
中華民國國家標準 -台灣
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CNS standards list

CNS Standard is abbreviation of Chinese National Standard, the National Standards of the Republic of China (Taiwan) ; They are administered by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. These standards are divided into 26 numbered categories. The English versions CNS standards were translated directly from the openly-published Chinese CNS standard , in case of any divergence of interpretation, the Chinese versions CNS standards text shall prevail.
CNS 9944 - English Version
Method of Test for Strain of Optical Glasses
光學玻璃應變試驗法 - 英文版
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CNS 2211 - English Version
Sweet Orange (Citrus sinesis)
甜橙 - 英文版
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CNS 3996 - English Version
Finished Color of Switch Boards and Mounted Apparatus
配電盤及盤裝器具之顏色 - 英文版
CNS 11278 - English Version
End-hardened Rails
端部熱處理鋼軌 - 英文版
CNS 8542 - English Version
Umbrellas, parasols and sunshades
晴雨傘 - 英文版
CNS 6772 - English Version
Methods of Test for Insulating Porcelains
絕緣瓷器試驗法 - 英文版
CNS 12657 - English Version
Method of Test for Magnetic Particle of Ferromagnetic Materials and Classification of Magnetic Particle Indication
鋼鐵材料磁粉探傷試驗法及瑕疵磁粉花紋之等級分類 - 英文版
CNS 12514-5 - English Version
Fire-resistance tests - Elements of building construction - Part 5: Specific requirements for loadbearing horizontal separating
建築物構造構件耐火試驗法-第5部:承重水準區劃構件特定要求 - 英文版
CNS 15325 - English Version
Information technology - Radio frequency identification for item management - Application requirements profiles
資訊技術-品項管理之無線射頻識別-應用需求規範 - 英文版
CNS 7218 - English Version
Steel sheet and strip for pole core
磁極用鋼片及鋼帶 - 英文版
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CNS 4881 - English Version
Tires for Industrial Vehicles and Off the Road Service
工業車輛及工程機械用輪胎 - 英文版
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CNS 15861-2 - English Version
Method of test for feed lipids – Determination of acid value and free fatty acid content
飼料用油脂檢驗法-酸價及游離脂肪酸含量之測定 - 英文版
CNS 60335-2-3 - English Version
cleaning appliances ##ERR## Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-3:
家用和類似用途電器-安全性-第2-3部:電熨斗之個別規定 - 英文版
CNS 2497 - English Version
Determination of Freezing Points of Phenols from Coal Distillation
乾餾制酚之凝固點測定法 - 英文版
CNS 4948 - English Version
Coupling screws with collared nut and washers for double-ties
具突緣螺帽及墊圈之連接螺釘(雙並枕木用) - 英文版
CNS 6629 - English Version
Natural latex rubber condoms - Requirements and test methods
天然乳膠衛生套 - 英文版
CNS 11789 - English Version
Method of Test for Fiber Optic Devices (FOTP-46 Spectral Attenuation Measurement for Long-Length, Graded-Index Optical
光纖元件檢驗法(長距離斜射率光纖之光譜衰減測量fotp-46) - 英文版
CNS 1993 - English Version
Sodium Thiosulfate
化學試藥(硫代硫酸鈉) - 英文版
CNS 8461 - English Version
Significance Test of Difference Between the Population Mean and the Standard (Standard Deviation Unknown One - Sided)
群體平均值與基準值之差的檢定(標準差未知,單側) - 英文版
CNS 7676 - English Version
Rubber Bumpers of Entrance Doors for Buses
大客車用車門抵門橡膠條 - 英文版
CNS 15463 - English Version
Method of test for recovery of asphalt from solution by Abson method
自瀝青溶液中回收瀝青試驗法(亞伯森法) - 英文版
CNS 15590-5 - English Version
galvanized external screw threads with maximum size of tolerance Mechanical properties of fasteners made of carbon steel and alloy
碳鋼及合金鋼結件之機械性質-第5部:規定硬度級數之固定螺釘及類似螺紋結件-粗螺紋及細螺紋 - 英文版
CNS 15091-12 - English Version
Method of test for deep sea water - Determination of phosphate
深層海水檢驗法-磷酸鹽之測定 - 英文版
CNS 10079 - English Version
Marine Distribution Boards (Circuit Breaker Type, below 250 V)
船用分電箱(斷路器型,250v以下) - 英文版
CNS 13668-3 - English Version
Open Systems Interconnection - Management Communications - Part 3: Basic Management Communications
開放系統互相連線-管理通訊-第3部分:基本管理通訊 - 英文版
CNS 14919 - English Version
Sulfate ion standard solution
硫酸離子標準液 - 英文版
CNS 5667 - English Version
Ends of Arbor Milling Machines
銑刀心軸端部 - 英文版
CNS 11295 - English Version
Specification of Colours According to their Their Attributes
利用三屬性工作表示色彩之方法 - 英文版
CNS 15054 - English Version
Fat and oil derivatives ─ Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) ─ ##ERR## Determination of Ca, K, Mg and Na content by optical emission
生質柴油中脂肪酸甲酯-鈣、鉀、鎂、鈉含量感應耦合電漿原子發射光譜測定法 - 英文版
CNS 15676-2 - English Version
Interior air of road vehicles − Part 2: Screening method for the determination of the emissions of volatile organic compounds from vehicle interior parts and materials − Bag method
道路車輛內部空氣-第2部:車輛內部零件與材料之揮發性有機化合物逸散量篩檢測定法-採樣袋法 - 英文版
CNS 10880-29 - English Version
Method of Test for Paint Components-Quantitative Test of Iron (Ⅲ) Oxide in Solvent Insolubles
塗料成分檢驗法–溶劑不溶物中氧化鐵(Ⅲ)之定量試驗 - 英文版
CNS 13167 - English Version
Safety Standards for Construction of Spindle Shapers
立軸機之構造安全基準 - 英文版
CNS 15593-31 - English Version
Electricity metering - Data exchange for meter reading, tariff and load control - Part 31: Use of local area networks on twisted pair
電力計量-讀表、計費及負載控制之資料交換-第31部:使用雙絞線載波信號之區域網路 - 英文版
CNS 9310 - English Version
Method of test for colour fastness to carbonizing with aluminium
耐氯化鋁碳化染色堅牢度試驗法 - 英文版
CNS 4487 - English Version
Method of test for surface discontinuities - Bolts, screws and studs for general requirements
螺釘表面瑕疵檢驗法 - 英文版
CNS 15748-4 - English Version
Integrated Circuits – Measurement of electromagnetic emissions, 150 kHz to 1 GHz – Part 4: Measurement of conducted emissions – 1 Ω/150 Ω direct coupling method
積體電路-150 kHz 至1 GHz 電磁放射量測-第4 部:傳導放射量測-1Ω/150Ω 直接耦合法 - 英文版
CNS 5260 - English Version
Labelling of Containers for Unexposed Motion-Picture Films and Magnetic Films - Minimum Information Specifications
裝未曝光電影膠捲與磁帶膠捲盒上標示法 - 英文版
CNS 2119 - English Version
Refined waterfowl feather and down
精緻水禽羽 - 英文版
CNS 3621 - English Version
General Rules for Cores Made of Ferromagnetic Oxides
陶磁鐵心通則 - 英文版
CNS 10070 - English Version
Rubber Vibration Isolators for Stoppers of Railway Rolling Stock
鐵路車輛止檔用防振橡膠 - 英文版
CNS 6630 - English Version
Fountain pens and nibs
鋼筆及筆尖 - 英文版
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CNS 6078 - English Version
Method of test for coaxial cables for television receiver
電視接收用同軸電纜檢驗法 - 英文版
CNS 11360 - English Version
Cold-rolled steel strips for springs
彈簧用冷軋鋼帶 - 英文版
CNS 15275-3 - English Version
readable media (ORM) ##ERR## Information technology - Automatic identification and data capture
資訊技術-自動識別與資料擷取技術-調和詞彙-第3部:無線射頻識別 - 英文版
CNS 7212 - English Version
Marine Converters and Inverters for Wireless Sets
船舶無線電機用直流換流機及交流反相機 - 英文版
CNS 3670 - English Version
Dimensions of tyres for passenger car
轎車用輪胎尺度 - 英文版
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CNS 15405 - English Version
Roasted ground coffee − Determination of moisture content − Karl Fischer method (Reference method)
焙製磨碎咖啡-水分測定-卡爾費雪法(參考法) - 英文版
CNS 60335-2-24 - English Version
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-24: Particular requirements for refrigerating appliances, ice-cream
家用和類似用途電器-安全性-第2-24部:冷凍冷藏電器、霜淇淋機及制冰機之個別規定 - 英文版
CNS 2358 - English Version
Method of test for nitrocellulose for industrial use
工業用硝化纖維素檢驗法 - 英文版
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CNS 4946 - English Version
Clamping screws for drawing instruments
製圖儀器用夾緊螺釘 - 英文版

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