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15550 - English Version
Guidelines for standards developers to adDress the needs of older persons and persons with disabilities
標準發展者考量年長者與身心障礙者需求之指導綱要 - 英文版
12349 - English Version
Dressed hard fibreboard(→CCC11131)
裝飾硬質纖維板(被CNS - 英文版
10995 - English Version
Method of test for Dressed rockwool boards for acoustic use(→C CC11111)
岩綿裝飾吸音板檢驗法(被CNS1 - 英文版
14726 - English Version
Numerical control of machines-Program format and definition of adDress words-Data format for positioning,line motion and
工具機數值控制-定位、直線運動與輪廓控制系統程式及 - 英文版
14467-1 - English Version
Audio-visual , video and television equipment and systems - Part 5: Control , synchronization and adDress codes - Chapter 1:
視聽、影像及電視設備與系統-第5部:控制、同步及定 - 英文版
3548 - English Version
Dressing chrome inner leather
塗飾鉻鞣內層皮 - 英文版
6596 - English Version
Stranded wire ropes for mine hoisting-impregnating compound lubricants and service Dressings characteristics and tests
礦場捲揚用鋼索-浸漬化合物、潤滑劑、外表處理物之性 - 英文版
2716 - English Version
Dressed particleboards(→CCC2217)
化粧粒片板(被CNS2215取代) - 英文版
10469 - English Version
Dressed hard fiberboard for exterior use (→CNS 9907)
外裝用化粧硬質纖維板(被CNS99 - 英文版
10994 - English Version
Dressed rockwool boards for acoustic use
岩綿裝飾吸音板 - 英文版
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10470 - English Version
Method of test for Dressed hard fibreboard for exterior use(→CC C11131)
室外用化粧硬質纖維板檢驗法(被CNS - 英文版
10522 - English Version
Emergency Public AdDress Equipment
消防用緊急廣播設備 - 英文版
For Sale!
15731 - English Version
Development of service standards - Recommendations for adDressing consumer issues
服務標準之發展-處理消費者議題之建議事項 - 英文版
6276 - English Version
Dressing Trays
洗眼托盤 - 英文版
6282 - English Version
Medical Dressing Forceps
醫療用敷裹鑷 - 英文版
12972-3 - English Version
Office Machine - Vocabulary - Section 03: AdDressing Machines
事務機器-字彙-第三部:住址印刷機 - 英文版
13282-2 - English Version
Network Service Definition- Network Layer AdDressing
網路服務定義-網路層定址 - 英文版
13730 - English Version
Open Systems Interconnection - Network AdDressing Implementation Requirement Profile
開放系統互連-網路定址實作需求規範 - 英文版
13881 - English Version
Integrated services digital network (ISDN) sub-adDress supplementary service
整體服務數位網路-副址增添服務 - 英文版
14723 - English Version
B-ISDN user part - ATM end system adDress
寬頻整體服務數位網路使用者部-非同步傳送模式終端系 - 英文版
2717 - English Version
Method of test for Dressed particleboards(→CCC2217)
化粧粒片板檢驗法(被CNS2215取代) - 英文版

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