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"consumer" CNS Standards Search Result

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5637 - English Version
Shipping Test for consumer Electronic Products
消費電子產品之包裝運輸檢驗 - 英文版
15731 - English Version
Development of service standards - Recommendations for addressing consumer issues
服務標準之發展-處理消費者議題之建議事項 - 英文版
15627-4 - English Version
Ease of operation of everyday products - Part 4: Test method for the installation of consumer products
日用品之操作便利性-第4部:消費產品之安裝測試法 - 英文版
15627-3 - English Version
Ease of operation of everyday products - Part 3: Test method for consumer products
日用品之操作便利性-第3部:消費產品之測試法 - 英文版
15551-4 - English Version
Ergonomics-Accessible design-Tactile dots and bars on consumer products
人因工程-無障礙設計-消費產品之觸覺點及觸覺條 - 英文版
15551-2 - English Version
Ergonomics-Accessible design -- Sound pressure levels of auditory signals for consumer products
人因工程—無障礙設計—消費產品中聲音訊號之聲壓位準 - 英文版
15551-1 - English Version
Ergonomics-Accessible design-Auditory signals for consumer products
人因工程-無障礙設計-消費產品之聲音訊號 - 英文版

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