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1208 - English Version
Heavy Triangular file for Smith
鐵工用重式三角銼 - 英文版
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1197 - English Version
Round file for Smith
鐵工用圓銼 - 英文版
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1198 - English Version
Square file for Smith
鐵工用四角銼 - 英文版
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1199 - English Version
Feather-edge file for Smith
鐵工用菱形銼 - 英文版
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1200 - English Version
Triangular file for Smith
鐵工用三角銼 - 英文版
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1201 - English Version
Knife file for Smith
鐵工用刀形銼 - 英文版
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1202 - English Version
Special Flat file for Smith
鐵工用特種扁平銼 - 英文版
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1203 - English Version
Special Square file for Smith
鐵工用特種四角銼 - 英文版
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1204 - English Version
Heavy Flat file for Smith
鐵工用重式扁平銼 - 英文版
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1205 - English Version
Heavy Half-Round file for Smith
鐵工用重式扁圓銼 - 英文版
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12368 - English Version
Method of Test for Fiber Optic Devices ( FOTP-44 Refractive Index Profile, Refracted Ray Method)
光纖裝置檢驗法(折射率徑向分布圖,光折射率FOTP - 英文版
1207 - English Version
Heavy Square file for Smith
鐵工用重式四角銼 - 英文版
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1194 - English Version
Flat file for Smith, Wide Flat End
鐵工用闊平頭扁平銼 - 英文版
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1209 - English Version
Mill Saw file
扁平磨鋸銼 - 英文版
1210 - English Version
Mill Saw file, Thin Type
薄形磨鋸銼 - 英文版
1211 - English Version
Triangular Saw file
三角形磨鋸銼 - 英文版
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1212 - English Version
Triangular Saw file Thin Type
薄三角形磨鋸銼 - 英文版
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1213 - English Version
Triangular Belt Saw file
帶鋸用三角形磨鋸銼 - 英文版
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7192 - English Version
Basic Profiles for Hobs of Bushed Roller Chains and Roller Chains
滾子鏈輪與套筒鏈輪滾齒刀基準輪廓 - 英文版
7193 - English Version
Basic Profiles for Milling Cutters of Busher Roller Chains and Roller Chains
滾子鏈輪與套筒鏈輪銑刀基準輪廓 - 英文版
1214 - English Version
Method of Test for files
銼之檢驗法 - 英文版
15046 - English Version
Method of test for measuring the longitudinal profile of traveled
慣性剖面儀量測舖面縱向剖面試驗法 - 英文版
1206 - English Version
Heavy Round file for Smith
鐵工用重式圓銼 - 英文版
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329 - English Version
Wooden Handle for file
銼刀把 - 英文版
15371 - English Version
Certification method of Inertial Profilers for pavement measurement 15462
鋪面量測用慣性剖面儀驗證法 - 英文版
5726 - English Version
Definitions and denominations for glossary of gear terms-Crest, root surface , tooth flanks, tooth Profiles, Backlash, and Clearance(→
齒輪名詞定義與說明-齒頂面,齒根面,齒廓面,齒廓, - 英文版
6998 - English Version
Industrial automation systems - Numerical control of machines - NC processor output - file structure and language format
工業自動化系統-數值控制機器-NC處理機之輸出-檔 - 英文版
7572 - English Version
Basic Rack Tooth Profile of Gear Tools for Cylindrical Gears with Involute Teeth for Fine Mechanics
漸開線圓柱齒輪切齒刀具之基準齒條齒廓(精細機械用) - 英文版
7868 - English Version
Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) ─ Surface texture: Profile method ─ Terms, definitions and surface texture parameters
產品幾何規範(GPS)-表面織構:輪廓曲線法-用語、定義100 - 英文版
184 - English Version
Cylindrical gears for general and heavy engineering-Standard basic rack tooth profile
一般機械及重機械用圓柱齒輪-標準基準齒條齒廓 - 英文版

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