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4438 - English Version
Method of Test for Carbon Steel Pipes for Machine structures
機械構造用碳鋼鋼管檢驗法(被CNS4437取代) - 英文版
381 - English Version
Quicklime for structural Purpose
建築用生石灰 - 英文版
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4366 - English Version
Hexagon bolts with large widths across flats for steel structures (joints with hightensile, prestressed bolts)
六角頭螺栓(具大對面寬度、高預力連接鋼結構用) - 英文版
4420 - English Version
Countersunk head bolts with forged slot for steel structures
鍛槽平頂埋頭螺栓(鋼結構用) - 英文版
5015 - English Version
Washers for high-tensile prestressed structural bolting
預力鋼架用墊圈(圓形高度預力鋼架用) - 英文版
5112 - English Version
Washers for steel structure
墊圈(鋼結構用) - 英文版
5113 - English Version
round washers for wood structure
墊圈(木結構用) - 英文版
12937 - English Version
structure of Welded Steel Tanks for Petroleum Oil Storage
鋼製全熔接石油類儲槽構造 - 英文版
683 - English Version
Testing Standard for Packing, Contour and structure of Insulated Wires
絕緣電線包裝,外形及構造檢驗標準 - 英文版
15176-23 - English Version
Wind turbines - Part 23: Full-scale structural testing of rotor blades
風力機-第23部:轉子葉片全尺度結構測試 - 英文版
5756 - English Version
Loudspeaker,dynamic,magnetic structures and impedance
動圈式揚聲器之磁鐵結構與阻抗 - 英文版
12713 - English Version
Machanical structures for Electronic Equipment Terminology
電子裝置用機械構造名詞 - 英文版
15969 - English Version
structural requirements of railway vehicle bodies of the locomotives and passenger rolling stock
- 英文版
3125 - English Version
Hexagon head fitting bolts for steel structures
六角頭配合螺栓(鋼結構用) - 英文版
4436 - English Version
Method of Test for Carbon Steel Pipes for General structures Purposes(→CCC1137)
一般結構用碳鋼鋼管檢驗法(被CNS4435取代) - 英文版
3124 - English Version
Hexagon head bolts for steel structures
六角頭螺栓(鋼結構用) - 英文版
5801 - English Version
Method of Test for Alloy Steel Pipes for Machine structures Purposes(→CCC7911)
機械構造用合金鋼鋼管檢驗法(被CNS5800取代) - 英文版
5803 - English Version
Method of Test for Stainless Steel Pipes for Machine structural Purposes(→CCC7912)
機械構造用不銹鋼鋼管檢驗法(被CNS58 - 英文版
6184 - English Version
Method of Test for Light Gauge Steels for General structure(→C
一般結構用輕型鋼檢驗法(被CNS6183取代) - 英文版
6186 - English Version
Method of Test for Welded Light Gauge Steel H Seetions for General structure(→CCC3197)
一般結構用熔接H形輕型鋼檢驗法(被CNS6185取代) - 英文版
7142 - English Version
Method of Test for Carbon Steel Rectangular Pipes for General structural Purposes(→CCC4111)
一般結構用矩形碳鋼鋼管檢驗法(被CNS7141取代) - 英文版
7144 - English Version
Method of Test for Steel Castings for Welded structure(→CCC 4113)
熔接結構用鑄鋼件檢驗法(被CNS7143取代) - 英文版
7146 - English Version
Method of Test for High Tensile Strength Carbon Steel Costings and Low Alloy Steel Castings for structural Purposes(→CCC411
結構用高強度碳鋼及低合金鋼鑄鋼件檢驗法(被CNS7145取 - 英文版
7994 - English Version
Method of test for welded H steels for general structures(→CC C4113)
一般結構用熔接H型鋼檢驗法(被CNS7993取代) - 英文版
10438 - English Version
Macro-structure Detecting Method for Steel
鋼料巨觀組織檢查法 - 英文版
10745 - English Version
Method of Test for Centrifugally Cast Steel Pipes for Welded structure(→CCC11411)
熔接結構用離心鑄鋼管檢驗法(被CNS - 英文版
2473 - English Version
Rolled steels for general structure
一般結構用軋鋼料 - 英文版
2947 - English Version
Rolled steels for welded structure
銲接結構用軋鋼料 - 英文版
3229 - English Version
Nickel Chromium Steels for Machine structural Use
機械構造用鉻鉬鋼鋼料 - 英文版
4270 - English Version
Method of test for Hot-Rolled Atmospheric Corrosion Resisting steels for welded structure(→CCC1231)
焊接結構用耐候性熱軋鋼料檢驗法(被CNS4269取代) - 英文版

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