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"washer" CNS Standards Search Result

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4645 - English Version
washers with 2 Taps
雙舌墊圈 - 英文版
6538 - English Version
Door hinges ( with bushings or washers )
門鉸鏈(附襯套或墊圈) - 英文版
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4403 - English Version
Toothed lock washers for screw assemblies
有齒墊圈(用於螺釘之組合) - 英文版
4404 - English Version
Serrated lock washers
鋸齒墊圈 - 英文版
4405 - English Version
Serrated lock washers for screw assemblies
鋸齒墊圈(用於螺釘之組合) - 英文版
4406 - English Version
Spring washer
彈簧墊圈(彎形成波浪形) - 英文版
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4407 - English Version
Curved spring washers for screw assemblies
波浪形彈簧墊圈(用於螺釘之組合) - 英文版
4409 - English Version
Screw and washer assemblies
套有墊圈之螺釘 - 英文版
4310 - English Version
Small circular washers
小外徑精製墊圈 - 英文版
4421 - English Version
Seating bolts and conical spring washers for clamping
夾緊用座螺栓與錐形彈簧墊圈 - 英文版
4309 - English Version
Conical spring washers
圓錐彈簧墊圈 - 英文版
4646 - English Version
Square Taper washers for High Prestressed I-Sections
斜墊圈(工字鐵高強度結構用) - 英文版
4647 - English Version
Square Taper washers for High Prestressed Channels
斜墊圈(槽鐵高強度結構用) - 英文版
4648 - English Version
washers for bolts with heavy type spring pins
墊圈(附裝重型彈簧銷螺釘用) - 英文版
4649 - English Version
Plain washers, Hardened
硬化光墊圈 - 英文版
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4650 - English Version
washers for tapping screw assemblies
墊圈(預組自攻螺釘用) - 英文版
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4651 - English Version
washers for cheese head screws
光墊圈(平頂錐頭螺釘用) - 英文版
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4948 - English Version
Coupling Screws with Collared Nut and washers for Double-Ties
具突緣螺帽及墊圈之連接螺釘(雙併枕木用) - 英文版
4410 - English Version
Tapping screw and washer assemblies
套有墊圈之自攻螺釘 - 英文版
157 - English Version
Square Taper washers (for I Sections)
方形推拔墊圈(工字鐵用) - 英文版
4536 - English Version
Terms of fasteners for washers
結件詞彙(墊圈) - 英文版
5401 - English Version
washers; Technical Specifications
墊圈總則 - 英文版
150 - English Version
Medium Type washers (for Hexagonal Bolts and Nuts)
精製墊圈(用於六角螺釘及螺帽) - 英文版
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151 - English Version
Semi - Finished washers (for Hexagonal Bolts and Nuts: M1 -M20)
半光(輾光)製墊圈(用於六角螺釘及螺帽M1至M20 - 英文版
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152 - English Version
Semi - Finished washers (for Bolts with Cylindrical and pan Head and Nuts)
半光(輾光)製墊圈(用於柱頭、半圓頭螺釘及螺帽M - 英文版
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153 - English Version
Coarse Type washers (Primarity for Hexagonal Bolts and Nuts)
粗製墊圈(用於六角螺釘及螺帽) - 英文版
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154 - English Version
Large Unfinished washers (for Metric Bolts and Nuts M6 - M52)
粗製大墊圈(用於公制螺栓及螺帽M6至M52) - 英文版
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4402 - English Version
Toothed lock washers
有齒墊圈 - 英文版
156 - English Version
Square Taper washers (for Channels)
方形推拔墊圈(槽鐵用) - 英文版
5051 - English Version
Conical Spring washers for Screw Assemblies
皿型彈簧墊圈(帶墊螺釘用) - 英文版

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