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GB標準是中華人民共和國國家標準,也叫GB國標,是中國大陸強制執行的國家標準,所有中國大陸境內銷售的商品及提供服務都必須符合GB國家標準的要求,包括進口商品及服務; 本網站提供GB國家標準的查詢檢索,英文版翻譯,GB標準產品檢測檢驗及合規性分析服務;
GB/T 25968-2010
Test methods of solar transmittance and solar absorptance of materials by spectrophotometry
GB/T 19867.4-2008
Welding procedure specification for laser beam welding
GB/T 10188-2013
電子設備用固定電容器 第13部分:分規範 金屬箔式聚丙烯膜介質直流固定電容器(中英文版)
Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment—Part 13:Sectional specification—Fixed polypropylene film dielectric metal foil d.c.capacitors
GB/T 7178.3-2006
鐵路調車作業 第3部分:半自動化駝峰作業(中英文版)
The operating for railway shunting―Part 3: Operating for the mechanized hump
GB 50849-2014
Code for design of infectious diseases hospital
GB/T 4340.4-2009
金屬材料 維氏硬度試驗 第4部分:硬度值表(中英文版)
Metallic materials - Vickers hardness test - Part 4: Tables of hardness values
GB/T 33243-2016
納米技術 多壁碳納米管表徵(中英文版)
Nanotechnologies—Characterization of multiwall carbon nanotube(MWCNT)
GB/T 19544-2004
Classification and general technology of spinal orthoses
GB 15982-2012
Hygienic standard for disinfection in hospitals
GB/T 31903-2015
Rules of product naming、marking and packing for garment interlinings
GB/T 13759-2009
土工合成材料 術語和定義(中英文版)
Geosynthetics - Terms and definitions
GB/T 22638.5-2008
鋁箔試驗方法 第5部分:刷水試驗方法(中英文版)
Test methods for aluminium and aluminium alloy foils - Part 5: Determination of wettability by brushing
GB/T 3098.15-2014
緊固件機械性能 不銹鋼螺母(中英文版)
Mechanical properties of fasteners―Stainless steel nuts
GB/T 8391-2007
Parallel bars
GB/T 26310.3-2010
原鋁生產用煆後石油焦檢測方法 第3部分:表觀油含量的測定 加熱法(中英文版)
Carbonaceous materials used in the production of aluminium - Calcined coke - Part 3:Determination of apparent oil content - Heating method
GB/T 13328-2005
General requirement for rollers
GB/T 34053.6-2017
紙質印刷產品印製品質檢驗規範 第6部分:折疊紙盒(中英文版)
Specifications of quality inspection for printed paper products—Part 6: Folding carton
GB/T 20245.5-2013
電化學分析器性能表示 第5部分:氧化還原電位(中英文版)
Expression of performance of electrochemical analyzers - Part 5: Oxidation-reduction potential or redox potential
GB/T 34421-2017
Specification for operation and service of coastal fishery inn
GB 16715.4-2010
瓜菜作物種子 第4部分:甘藍類(中英文版)
Seeds of gourd and vegetable - Part 4:Cole
GB 18061-2000
Hygienic standard for hydrazine in water sources
GB/T 33584.6-2017
海水冷卻水質要求及分析檢測方法 第6部分:異養菌的測定(中英文版)
Seawater quality requirements and analysis methods for seawater cooling system—Part 6: Determination of heterotrophic bacteria
GB/T 14484-2008
塑膠 承載強度的測定(中英文版)
Plastics - Determination of bearing strength
GB/T 10220-2012
感官分析 方法學 總論(中英文版)
Sensory analysis - Methodology - General guidance
GB/T 7828-1987
Reliability design reviews
GB/T 19649-2006
糧穀中475種農藥及相關化學品殘留量的測定 氣相色譜-質譜法(中英文版)
Method for determination of 475 pesticides and related chemicals residues in grains - GC-MS method
GB/T 5169.22-2015
電工電子產品著火危險試驗 第22部分:試驗火焰 50W火焰 裝置和確認試驗方法(中英文版)
Fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products—Part 22: Test flames—50W flame—Apparatus and confirmational test method
GB/T 17567-2009
Clearance levels for recycle and reuse of steel、aluminum、nickel and copper from nuclear facilities
GB 15146.4-1994
反應堆外易裂變材料的核臨界安全 含易裂變物質水溶液的鋼質管道交接的核臨界安全準則(中英文版)
Nuclear criticality safety for fissile materials outside reactor--Nuclear criticality safety criteria for steel-pipe intersections containing aqueous solutions of fissile material
GB/T 31304-2014
Epoxy-coated high strength wire stay cable
GB/Z 25320.4-2010
電力系統管理及其資訊交換 資料和通信安全 第4部分:包含MMS的協議集(中英文版)
Power systems management and associated information exchange - Data and communications security - Part 4: Profiles including MMS
GB/T 14924.11-2001
實驗動物 配合飼料 維生素的測定(中英文版)
Laboratory animals--Formula feeds--Determination of vitamins
GB/T 12000-2017
塑膠 暴露於濕熱、水噴霧和鹽霧中影響的測定(中英文版)
Plastics—Determination of the effects of exposure to damp heat,water spray and salt mist
GB/T 21590-2008
危險品 中型散裝容器堆碼試驗方法(中英文版)
Dangerous goods - Test method for stacking of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs)
GB/T 29748-2013
煤炭直接液化 液化殘渣灰分的測定方法(中英文版)
Coal direct liquefaction - Determination of ash in coal liquefaction residue
GB/T 13033.1-2007
額定電壓750V及以下礦物絕緣電纜及終端 第1部分:電纜(中英文版)
Mineral insulated cables and their terminations with a rated voltage not exceeding 750 V Part 1: Cables
GB/T 34021-2017
小型遊樂設施 搖馬和蹺蹺板(中英文版)
Small amusement device—Rocking equipment and seesaw
GB 3836.4-2010
爆炸性環境 第4部分:由本質安全型“i”保護的設備(中英文版)
Explosive atmospheres - Part 4: Equipment protection by intrinisic safety “i”
GB/T 15444-1995
Regulations for monitoring radioactivity in effluents from uranium processing and nuclear fuel fabrication facilities
GB/T 4188-2017
Molybdenum bars and molybdenum rods
GB/T 20448.1-2012
自行式林業機械 滾翻保護結構實驗室試驗和性能要求 第1部分:通用機械(中英文版)
Self-propelled forestry machinery - Laboratory tests and performance requirements for Roll-over protective structure - Part 1:General machinery
GB/T 18845-2002
磨料 篩分試驗機(中英文版)
Abrasive grains--Test-sieving machines
GB/T 19212.4-2016
變壓器、電抗器、電源裝置及其組合的安全 第4部分:燃氣和燃油燃燒器點火變壓器的特殊要求和試驗(中英文版)
Safety of transformers, reactors, power supply units and combinations thereof—Part 4: Particular requirements and tests for ignition transformers for gas and oil burners
GB/T 23289-2009
術語工作 文後參考文獻及源識別字(中英文版)
Bibliographic references and source identifiers for terminology work
GB/T 22951-2008
河豚魚、鰻魚中十八種磺胺類藥物殘留量的測定 液相色譜-串聯質譜法(中英文版)
Determination of 18 sulfonamides residues in fugu and eel - LC-MS-MS method
GB 1886.42-2015
食品安全國家標準 食品添加劑 dl-酒石酸(中英文版)
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Dl-tartaric acid
GB 21905-2008
Discharge standards of water pollutants for pharmaceutical industry extraction products category
GB/T 12716-2011
Pipe threads with the thread angle of 60 degrees where pressure-tight joints are made on threads
GB/T 1871.2-1995
磷礦石和磷精礦中氧化鐵含量的測定 容量法和分光光度法(中英文版)
Phosphate rock and concentrate--Determination of iron oxide content--Volumetric and spectrophotometric methods
GB/T 19851.8-2005
中小學體育器材和場地 第8部分:乒乓球(中英文版)
Sports equipment and playground for middle school primary school Part 8:Table tennis ball

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