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GB標準是中華人民共和國國家標準,也叫GB國標,是中國大陸強制執行的國家標準,所有中國大陸境內銷售的商品及提供服務都必須符合GB國家標準的要求,包括進口商品及服務; 本網站提供GB國家標準的查詢檢索,英文版翻譯,GB標準產品檢測檢驗及合規性分析服務;
GB/T 20499-2006
Method for the determination of di (2-ethylhexyl) adipate migrating from polyvinyl chloride film in contact with foodstuffs
GB/T 6995.5-2008
電線電纜識別標誌方法 第5部分: 電力電纜絕緣線芯識別標誌(中英文版)
Markings for electric wires and cables - Part 5: Identifications of insulated cores of power cables
GB 15193.6-2014
食品安全國家標準 哺乳動物骨髓細胞染色體畸變試驗(中英文版)
National Food Safety Standard-Chromosome aberration test in mammalian bone marrow cells
GB/T 25185-2010
表面化學分析 X射線光電子能譜 - 荷電控制和荷電校正方法的報告(中英文版)
Surface chemical analysis - X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy - Reporting of methods used for charge control and charge correction
GB/T 18996-2003
銀合金首飾中含銀量的測定 氯化鈉或氯化鉀容量法(電位滴定法)(中英文版)
Determination of silver in silver jewellery alloys--Volumertic(potentiometric) method using sodium chloride or potassium chloride
GB/T 22062-2008
顯微鏡 目鏡分劃板(中英文版)
Microscopes - Graticules for oculars
GB/T 29305-2012
Measurement of the average viscometric degree of polymerization of new and aged cellulosic electrically insulating materials
GB/T 51196-2016
Code for design of measurement and control non-ferrous metals mines
GB/T 21026-2007
Specification for Chinese office software application programming interface
GB/T 24307-2009
Quality grades of products for carya cathayensis sarg
GB/T 31749-2015
禾草敵乳油有效成分含量的測定方法 氣相色譜法(中英文版)
Method for the determination of active content of molinate emulsifiable concentrate—Gas chromatography (GC)
GB/T 4269.2-2016
農林拖拉機和機械、草坪和園藝動力機械 操作者操縱機構和其他顯示裝置用符號 第2部分:農用拖拉機和機械用符號(中英文版)
Tractors, machinery for agriculture and forestry, powered lawn and garden equipment—Symbols for operator controls and other displays—Part 2: Symbols for agricultural tractors and machinery
GB 7355-1987
Sanitary standard for lead and it’s inorganic compounds in the atmosphere
GB/T 812-1988
Round nuts
GB/T 10445-1989
滑動軸承 整體軸套的軸徑(中英文版)
Plain bearings--Shaft diameters for unsplit bushes
GB/T 27719-2011
Glue laminating machine
GB 19592-2004
Detergent additive for vehicular gasoline
GB/T 14323-1993
Personal warning devices for X and gamma radiation
GB/T 32169.1-2015
政務服務中心運行規範 第1部分:基本要求(中英文版)
Specification for operation of administrative service centre—Part 1: Basic requirements
GB/T 9089.3-2008
戶外嚴酷條件下的電氣設施 第3部分:設備及附件的一般要求(中英文版)
Electrical installations for outdoor sites under heavy conditions - Part 3: General requirements for equipment and ancillaries
GB/T 152.5-2014
緊固件 沉頭木螺釘用沉孔(中英文版)
Fasteners―Countersinks for countersunk head wood screws
GB/T 11356.1-2008
帶傳動 V帶輪(基準寬度制) 槽形檢驗(中英文版)
Belt drives - Pulleys for V-belts (system based on datum width) -Geometrical inspection of grooves
GB/T 25615-2010
土方機械 司機位置發射聲壓級的測定 動態試驗條件(中英文版)
Earth-moving machinery - Determination of emission sound pressure level at operator's position - Dynamic test conditions
GB/Z 19737-2005
縮微攝影技術 銀-明膠型縮微品變質跡象的檢查(中英文版)
Micrographics-Inspection of silver-gelatin microforms for evidence of deterioration
GB/T 35224-2017
地面氣象觀測規範 天氣現象(中英文版)
Specifications for surface meteorological observation—Weather phenomena
GB/T 8870.1-2012
自動化系統與集成 機床數值控制 程式格式和位址字定義 第1部分:點位元、直線運動和輪廓控制系統的資料格式(中英文版)
Automation systems and integration - Numerical control of machines - Program format and definitions of address words - Part 1: Data format for positioning,line motion and contouring control systems
GB 19635-2005
棉花 長絨棉(中英文版)
Cotton-Sea Island cotton
GB/T 15273.1-1994
資訊處理 八位元單字節編碼圖形字元集 第一部分:拉丁字母一(中英文版)
Information processing--8-Bit single-byte coded graphic character sets--Part 1:Latin alphabet No.1
GB/T 34532-2017
焦化廢水 氨氮含量的測定 甲醛法(中英文版)
Coking wastewater—Determination of ammonia nitrogen content—Formaldehyde method
GB/T 24640-2009
水旱兩用拖拉機 通用技術條件(中英文版)
Tractors for paddy and dry field - Specifications
GB/T 33955-2017
Steel wire ropes for mine hoisting
GB/T 18170-2008
Specifications of amusement rides battery car category
GB 17681-1999
Technical requirements of acceptance for safety monitoring,controlling and early warning system of inflammable and explosive tank farm
GB/T 28049-2011
Code for sound reinforcement system design of auditorium, gymnasiums and stadium
GB 1886.279-2016
食品安全國家標準 食品添加劑 洋茉莉醛(又名胡椒醛)(中英文版)
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additives - Jasmine aldehyde (also known as piperonal)
GB/T 3787-2006
Technical safety code for management, operation, inspection and maintenance of hand-held motor-operated electric tools
GB 19510.9-2009
燈的控制裝置 第9部分:螢光燈用鎮流器的特殊要求(中英文版)
Lamp controlgear - Part 9: Particular requirements for ballasts for fluorescent lamps
GB/T 12524-1990
Measurement method for noise from construction site
GB/T 30577-2014
Specification of heat recovery steam generator for combined-cycle for gas-steam
GB/T 15814.3-1995
煙花爆竹藥劑 熱相容性試驗 差熱分析或差示掃描熱量熱法(中英文版)
Reagent of fireworks and firecrackers--Thermal compatibility test--Method of DTA and DSC
GB/T 25937-2010
Radial ply tyre single stage building machine
GB/T 35492-2017
膠乳製品中有機錫含量的測定 氣相色譜-質譜法(中英文版)
Determination of organotin content of latex products—GC-MS method
GB/T 22387-2008
Residual current operated relay
GB/T 18272.2-2000
工業過程測量和控制 系統評估中系統特性的評定 第2部分:評估方法學(中英文版)
Industrial-process measurement and control--Evaluation of system properties for the purpose of system assessment--Part 2:Assessment methodology
GB 4706.109-2013
家用和類似用途電器的安全 電解槽的特殊要求(中英文版)
Household and similar electrical appliances—Safety—Particular requirements for electrolysers
GB/T 702-2017
Hot-rolled steel bars—Dimensions,shape,weight and tolerances
GB/T 328.14-2007
建築防水卷材試驗方法 第14部分:瀝青防水卷材 低溫柔性(中英文版)
Test methods for building sheets for waterproofing - Part 14: Bitumen sheets for waterproofing-flexibility at low temperature
GB/T 3792.9-2009
文獻著錄 第9部分:電子資源(中英文版)
Bibliographic description - Part 9: electronic resources
GB 50165-1992
Technical code for maintenance and strengthing of ancient timber buildings
GB 16218-1996
Health standard for dichloromethane in the air of workplace

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