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GB標準是中華人民共和國國家標準,也叫GB國標,是中國大陸強制執行的國家標準,所有中國大陸境內銷售的商品及提供服務都必須符合GB國家標準的要求,包括進口商品及服務; 本網站提供GB國家標準的查詢檢索,英文版翻譯,GB標準產品檢測檢驗及合規性分析服務;
GB/T 23800-2009
Heat transfer fluids - Determination of thermal stability
GB/T 23512-2015
石油天然氣工業 套管、油管、管線管和鑽柱構件用螺紋脂的評價與試驗(中英文版)
Petroleum and natural gas industries—Evaluation and testing of thread compounds for use with casing, tubing, line pipe and drill stem elements
GB/T 7123.1-2015
Determination of the working life of multi-component adhesives
GB/T 20176-2006
表面化學分析 二次離子質譜 用均勻摻雜物質測定矽中硼的原子濃度(中英文版)
Surface chemical analysis-Secondary-ion mass spectrometry-Determination of boron atomic concentration in silicon using uniformly doped materials
GB/T 14259-1993
聲學 關於空氣雜訊的測量及其對人影響的評價的標準的指南(中英文版)
Acoustics--Guide to standards on the measurement of airborne acoustical noise and evaluation ofits effects on human beings
GB/T 26813-2011
Double beam UV/VIS spectrophotometer
GB/T 6378.1-2008
計量抽樣檢驗程式 第1部分:按接收品質限(AQL)檢索的對單一品質特性和單個AQL的逐批檢驗的一次抽樣方案(中英文版)
Sampling procedures for inspection by variables - Part 1: Specification for single sampling plans indexed by acceptance quality limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection for a single quality characteristic and a single AQL
GB/T 13857-1992
Specification for microwave communication system remote supervisory and control equipment
GB/T 8899-2013
Determination of maceral group composition and minerals in coal
GB/T 9843-2004
Specifications for urea high pressure scrubber
GB/T 35796-2017
Basic specification of service quality for senior care organization
GB/T 21744-2008
Ration of workers for manufacturing large rail traffic engineering equipments
GB/T 25102.100-2010
電聲學 助聽器 第0部分:電聲特性的測量(中英文版)
Electroacoustics - Hearing aids - Part 0:Measurement of electroacoustical characteristics
GB/T 34041.2-2017
封閉管道中流體流量的測量 氣體超聲流量計 第2部分:工業測量用氣體超聲流量計(中英文版)
Measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits—Ultrasonic meters for gas—Part 2: Meters for industrial applications
GB/T 18015.3-2007
數位通信用對絞或星絞多芯對稱電纜 第3部分:工作區佈線電纜 分規範(中英文版)
Multicore and symmetrical pair/quad cables for digital communications - Part 3:Work area wiring - Sectional specification
GB/T 15242.1-1994
Hydraulic fluidpower--Cylinder rod and piston seals for reciprocating applications of co-axial seals--Dimensions and tolerances
GB/T 3319-1998
Definition of the rated output of electric locomotives and motive power units
GB/T 29189-2012
Thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA) for determination of oxidation temperature and ash content of carbon nanotubes
GB/T 34060-2017
Steam heat calculation method
GB/T 24207-2009
Determination of the phenol content of washing oil
GB/T 31566-2015
金屬覆蓋層 物理氣相沉積鋁塗層 技術規範與檢測方法(中英文版)
Metallic coatings—Physical vapour-deposited coatings of aluminium—Specification and test methods
GB/T 22412-2016
Aluminium-plastic composite panel for ordinary decoration
GB/T 8912-1988
居住區大氣中砷化物衛生標準檢驗方法 二乙氨基二硫代甲酸銀分光光度法(中英文版)
Hygienic determination method of arsenide in air of residential areas--Silver diethyldithiocarbamate spectrophotometric method
GB/T 23198-2008
Determination of oxolinic acid residues in animal original food
GB/T 27626-2011
糧油機械 螺旋精選機(中英文版)
Grain and oil machinery - Spiral separator
GB 4706.38-2008
家用和類似用途電器的安全 商用電動飲食加工機械的特殊要求(中英文版)
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Particular requirements for commercial electric kitchen machines
GB/T 8298-2008
濃縮天然膠乳 總固體含量的測定(中英文版)
Natural rubber latex concentrate - Determination of total solids content
GB/T 15767-1995
General specification of infrared remote control radiation units for video tape recorders
GB/T 18119-2000
Video coding for low bit rate communication
GB/T 10067.48-2014
電熱裝置基本技術條件 第48部分:台車式電阻爐(中英文版)
Basic specifications for electroheat installations―Part 48: Bogie hearth resistance furnaces
GB/T 19995.1-2005
天然材料體育場地使用要求及檢驗方法 第1部分:足球場地天然草面層(中英文版)
Virtue Requirements and Test Methods for Natural Material Sports Fileds -- Part 1:Natural turf for Football Courts
GB/T 25430-2010
鑽通設備 旋轉防噴器規範(中英文版)
Specification for drill through equipment - Rotating control devices
GB/T 4745-2012
紡織品 防水性能的檢測和評價 沾水法(中英文版)
Textiles - Testing and evaluation for water resistance - Spray test method
GB 50728-2011
Technical code for safety appraisal of engineering structural strengthening materials
GB/T 16656.1-2008
工業自動化系統與集成 產品資料表達與交換 第1部分: 概述與基本原理(中英文版)
Industrial automation systems and integration - Product data representation and exchange - Part 1:Overview and fundamental principles
GB/T 24553-2009
Motorcycles and mopeds-limitative device to steering and maximum wheel steer angle-requirements and measurement methods
GB 16207-1996
Health standard for marble dust in the air of workplace
GB/T 24031-2001
環境管理 環境表現評價 指南(中英文版)
Environmental management--Envionmental performance evaluation--Guidelines
GB/T 32969-2016
Steel for offshore mooring chain cables
GB/T 20527.3-2006
多媒體使用者介面的軟體人類工效學 第3部分:媒體選擇與組合(中英文版)
Software ergonomics for multimedia user interfaces - Part 3: Media selection and combination
GB/T 27943-2011
Heat pump driven liquid desiccant outdoor air processor with heat recovery
GB 11552-2009
The interior fittings of passenger car
GB/T 2978-2014
Size designation,dimensions,inflation pressure and load capacity for passenger car tyres
GB/T 22088-2008
家用電動洗衣機 不用洗衣粉洗衣機性能測試方法及限值(中英文版)
The measuring performance’s method and limiting values for detergent free household electric washing machine
GB/T 25838-2010
Qualification of safety class resistance temperature detectors for nuclear power plants
GB/T 3671.2-1996
Determination of cold water solubility of water-soluble dyes
GB/T 9101-2002
Nylon 66 dipped tyre cord fabric
GB/T 21061-2007
The specification of electronic government network technology and using management
GB 29979-2013
食品安全國家標準 食品添加劑 氧化芳樟醇(中英文版)
National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Identification Allyl disulfide Food Additive Identification Linalool oxide
GB/T 34969-2017
Test chart for color laser printers

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