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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 5535.1-2008
Animal and vegetable fats and oils - Determination of unsaponifiable matter - Part 1: Method using diethyl ether extraction
动植物油脂 不皂化物测定 第1部分:乙醚提取法
GB/T 33104-2016
Test method for honeycomb catalyst for removal of NOx of marine SCR
GB/T 17339-1998
Road vehicles--Safety glazing materials--Test methods for resistant-to-chemicals and resistant-to-temperature changes
GB/T 12673-1990
Molor vehicles--Basic dimensions--Measuring method
GB/T 4325.16-2013
Methods for chemical analysis of molybdenum - Part 16: Determination of potassium content - Flame atomic absorption spectrometry
钼化学分析方法 第16部分:钾量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 24947-2010
Requirement for water quality of marine auxiliary boiler
GB 16368-1996
Radiological protection standards for gauges containing sealed radioactive source
GB/T 14056.1-2008
Evaluation of surface contamination - Part 1: Beta-emitters (maximum beta energy greater than 0.15 MeV)and alpha emitters
表面污染测定 第1部分: β发射体(Eβmax>0.15MeV)和α发射体
GB/T 29011-2012
Building construction machinery and equipment - Hydraulic sheet pile press-in and extraction machinery - Terminology and commercial specifications
建筑施工机械与设备 液压式钢板桩压拔桩机 术语和商业规格
GB/T 16260.1-2006
Software engineering - Product quality - Part 1: Quality model
软件工程 产品质量 第1部分:质量模型
GB/T 23943-2009
Inorganic chemicals for industrial use - General method for the determination of chromium(Ⅵ) content - 1,5-diphenylcarbohydrazide spectrophotometric method
无机化工产品中六价铬含量测定的通用方法 二苯碳酰二肼分光光度法
GB/T 118-2000
Taper pins with internal thread
GB/T 31418-2015
Terminology of road traffic signal control system
GB/T 19557.20-2017
Guidelines for the conduct of tests for distinctness, uniformity and stability—Eggplant(Solanum melongena L.)
植物品种特异性、一致性和稳定性测试指南 茄子
GB/T 26974-2011
Specification for absorber of flat plate solar collector
GB/T 9387.4-1996
Informationprocessing systems--Open systems interconnection--Basic reference model--Part 4:Management framework
信息处理系统 开放系统互连 基本参考模型 第4部分:管理框架
GB/T 21466.3-2008
Hydrodynamic plain journal bearings under steady-state conditions - Circular cylindrical bearings - Part 3: Permissible operational parameters
稳态条件下流体动压径向滑动轴承 圆形滑动轴承 第3部分:许用的运行参数
GB/T 7409.2-2008
Excitation systems for synchronous machines - Models for power system studies
同步电机励磁系统 电力系统研究用模型
GB/T 33624-2017
Rolling bearings—Test and assessment methods for cleanliness
滚动轴承 清洁度测量及评定方法
GB 30509-2014
Identification for passenger cars and their parts
GB 4584-2007
Specification of active opto-electronic protective devices for presses
GB/T 32380-2015
Glass fiber reinforced plastic underground storage tank for petroleum products and alcohol gasoline mixture
GB/T 25261-2010
Solar heat reflecting insulation coatings for buildings
GB/T 18293-2001
On-line measurement on operating efficiency of power convertor equipments
GB/T 13841-1992
Surface roughness for electronic ceramic parts
GB/T 29376-2012
Code of practice for virus free seed potatoes pre-elite breeding
GB/T 3-1997
Run-outs,undercuts and chamfers forgeneral purpose metric screw threads
GB/T 22827-2008
Accordion bellows board
GB/T 24361-2009
Social logistics system of statistical indicators
GB/T 35354-2017
Ships and marine technology—Large yachts—Deck crane and access gangways strength requirements
船舶和海上技术 大型游艇 甲板起重机和登船梯强度要求
GB 16916.21-2008
Residual current operated circuit-breakers without integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses (RCCB) - Part 21:Applicability of the general rules to RCCB functionally independent of line voltage
家用和类似用途的不带过电流保护的剩余电流动作断路器(RCCB) 第21部分:一般规则对动作功能与电源电压无关的RCCB的适用性
GB/T 18798.1-2017
Instant tea in solid form—Part 1: Sampling
固态速溶茶 第1部分:取样
GB/T 27795-2011
Test method for corrosion testing of non-metallic gaskets
GB/T 2100-2002
Corrosion-resistant steel castings for general applications
GB/T 19719-2005
Jewellery-Determination of the release of nickel-Method of spectrometry
首饰 镍释放量的测定 光谱法
GB/T 9588-2008
Methods of test of Geiger - Müller counter tubes
GB/T 33990-2017
Inspection and acceptance for lunar digital map quality
GB/T 18508-2014
Regulations for valuation on urban land
GB/T 13870.2-2016
Effects of current on human beings and livestock—Part 2: Special aspects
电流对人和家畜的效应 第2部分:特殊情况
GB/T 25673-2010
Adjustable hand reamer
GB/T 15377-2008
Terminology for Woodworking machines - Planing machines
木工机床术语 刨床
GB 1523-2013
Sheep wool
GB/T 19209.1-2003
Examine general rule of repair quality for tractor--Part 1: Wheeled tractor
拖拉机修理质量检验通则 第1部分:轮式拖拉机
GB/T 20256-2006
Specifications for the gravimetry control
GB/T 24689.2-2009
Equipment for crop protection - Frequency oscillation pest-killing light trap
植物保护机械 频振式杀虫灯
GB/T 28121-2011
Tea bag paper of non heat seal type
GB/T 21815.1-2008
Testing of chemicals Biodegradability in seawater - Shake flask method
化学品 海水中的生物降解性 摇瓶法试验
GB 24418-2009
Aids to navigation on the bridge over maritime navigable waters, China
GB 50235-2010
Code for construction of industrial metallic piping engineering
GB/T 30686-2014
Bronze and iron collection's disease and illustration
GB/T 12817-2004
General technical specification for railway passenger car
GB/T 20432.2-2007
Photography - Photographic-grade chemicals - Test methods - Part 2: Determination of matter insoluble in water
摄影 照相级化学品 试验方法 第2部分:水不溶物的测定
GB/T 32762-2016
Luyuan chicken
GB/T 26017-2010
High purity copper
GB/T 11135-2013
Standard test method for bromine numbers of petroleum distillates and commercial aliphatic olefins by electrometric titration
石油馏分及工业脂肪族烯烃溴值的测定 电位滴定法
GB/T 5019.10-2009
Specification for insulating materials based on mica - Part 10: Mica paper tapes for flame-resistant security cables
以云母为基的绝缘材料 第10部分:耐火安全电缆用云母带
GB 5763-2008
Brake linings for automobiles
GB 19212.2-2012
Safety of power transformers, power supplies, reactors and similar products - Part 2: Particular requirements and tests for separating transformers and power supplies incorporating separating transformers for general applications
电力变压器、电源、电抗器和类似产品的安全 第2部分:一般用途分离变压器和内装分离变压器的电源的特殊要求和试验
GB/T 307.3-2005
Rolling bearings-General technical regulations
滚动轴承 通用技术规则
GB/T 14017-2009
Method of testing in tensile strength perpendicular to grain of wood
GB/T 51086-2015
Standard for terminology of pharmaceutical laboratory engineering
GB/T 13803.1-1999
Wooden granular activated carbon for refiningof sodium glutamate
GB/T 31019-2014
Mobile laboratory―Guidance on ergonomic principles
移动实验室 人类工效学设计指南
GB/T 33382-2016
Inner armoured rubber hoses and hose assemblies for conveying dredging soil
GB/T 26354-2010
Standard of setting-up and services of tourist information centre
GB/T 16913-2008
Methods of dust character test
GB/T 32061-2015
Testing method of laminated glass interlayer shear modulus
GB/T 2389-2013
Reactive dyes—Determination of relative content of hydrolised dye comparatively standard sample
反应染料 水解染料与标准样品相对含量的测定
GB/T 20627.1-2006
Specification for glass and glass polyester fibre woven tapes - Part 1: Definitions, classification and general requirements
玻璃及玻璃聚酯纤维机织带规范 第1部分:定义、分类和一般要求
GB 19645-2010
National food safety standard Pasteurized milk
食品安全国家标准 巴氏杀菌乳
GB/T 4314-2000
Getter terms
GB/T 7423.2-1987
Heat sink of semiconductor devices--Heat sink,extruded shapes
半导体器件散热器 型材散热器
GB/T 20438.3-2017
Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems—Part 3: Software requirements
电气/电子/可编程电子安全相关系统的功能安全 第3部分:软件要求
GB/T 12079-2012
Measurements of the photoelectric properties for X-ray tubes
GB/T 22164-2008
Public meteorological service - Weather graphic symbols
公众气象服务 天气图形符号
GB/T 18318.1-2009
Textiles - Determination of bending behavior - Part 1: Incline method
纺织品 弯曲性能的测定 第1部分:斜面法
GB/T 7727.5-2017
General terminology for ships—Part 5:Ship environment
船舶通用术语 第5部分:船舶环境
GB/T 31352-2014
Test methods for warp of sapphire substrates
GB/T 21126-2007
Determination of sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate in grain products
GB/T 33664-2017
Replication quality inspection and evaluation specifications for optical disc publication(CD、DVD)
GB 11533-2011
Standard for logarithmic visual acuity charts
GB/T 1119.1-2002
Flat relieved tooth slotting cutters--Part 1:The types and dimensions
尖齿槽铣刀 第1部分:型式和尺寸
GB/T 2468-2008
Pyrites and concentrate - Determination of zinc content - Flame atomic absorption spectrometric and spectrphotometric methods
硫铁矿和硫精矿中锌含量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法和分光光度法
GB 14883.5-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of radioactive substance polonium - 210 in food
食品安全国家标准 食品中放射性物质钋-210的测定
GB/T 29788-2013
Radiation protection instrumentation - Portable photon contamination meters and monitors
辐射防护仪器 便携式表面污染光子测量仪和监测仪
GB 5413.19-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of free biotin in infant foods and dairy products
食品安全国家标准 婴幼儿食品和乳品中游离生物素的测定
GB/T 12325-2008
Power quality - Deviation of supply voltage
电能质量 供电电压偏差
GB/T 14513-1993
Pneumatic fluid power--Determination of flow rate characteristics of pneumatic components
GB/T 24679.1-2017
Equipment for crop protection—Knapsack sprayers—Part 1: Test methods
植物保护机械 背负式喷雾器 第1部分:试验方法
GB/T 2423.51-2012
Environmental testing - Part 2: Test methods - Test Ke: Flowing mixed gas corrosion test
环境试验 第2部分:试验方法 试验Ke:流动混合气体腐蚀试验
GB 5797-2003
Qinchuan cattle
GB 20266-2006
Rubber industrial boots with chemical resistance
GB/T 23305.3-2009
Shipbuilding - Topology of ship hull structure elements - Part 3: Relations of elements
造船 船体结构单元的拓扑 第3部分:单元间的关系
GB/T 34262-2017
Terms and classification of egg and egg products
GB 1886.97-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-5'-inosinic acid disodium
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 5‘-肌苷酸二钠
GB/T 17215.304-2017
Electricity metering equipment (a.c.)—Particular requirements—Part 4: Static meters connected via electronic transformer
交流电测量设备 特殊要求 第4部分:经电子互感器接入的静止式电能表
GB/T 11137-1989
Black petroleum products--Determination of kinematic viscosity (reverse-flow method) and calculation of dynamic viscosity
深色石油产品运动粘度测定法 (逆流法) 和动力粘度计算法
GB/T 14566.2-2011
Specification and type for bursting discs - Part 2:Reverse domed bursting discs
爆破片型式与参数 第2部分:反拱形爆破片
GB/T 18838.3-2008
Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products-Specifications for metallic blast-cleaning abrasives - Part 3: High-carbon cast-steel shot and grit
涂覆涂料前钢材表面处理 喷射清理用金属磨料的技术要求 第3部分: 高碳铸钢丸和砂
GB/T 3930-2008
D.C. bridge for measuring resistance

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