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GB Standards english file list

GB 24460-2009
Generic technical specificationg of solar photovoltaic( PV) lighting installation
GB/T 30696-2014
Rigid phenolic foam (PF)—Determination of residual phenol
硬质酚醛泡沫制品 游离苯酚的测定
GB/T 20216-2016
Pulp and paper—Determination of the effective residual ink concentration (ERIC number)—Infrared reflectance measurement
纸浆和纸 有效残余油墨浓度(ERIC值)的测定 红外线反射率测量法
GB/T 26025-2010
Specifications for copper mould plates of continuous casting
GB/T 18665-2008
Product of geographical indication - Mengshan tea
地理标志产品 蒙山茶
GB/T 10978.2-1989
Lead acid batteriesfor special type explosion proof power unit in coal mine--Product types and specification
煤矿防爆特殊型电源装置用铅酸蓄电池 产品品种与规格
GB/T 4797.4-2006
Environmental conditions appearing in nature for electric and electronic products - Solar radiation and temperature
电工电子产品 自然环境条件 太阳辐射与温度
GB/T 11322.1-2013
Radio frequency cables―Part 0: Guide to the design of detail specifications―Section 1―Coaxial cables
射频电缆 第0部分:详细规范设计指南 第1篇 同轴电缆
GB 8280-2000
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management for acute radiation sickness from external exposure
GB/T 4960.5-1996
Glossary of terms--Nuclear science and technology--Radiation protection and safety of radiation sources
核科学技术术语 辐射防护与辐射源安全
GB/T 5019.9-2009
Insulating materials based on mica - Part 9: Polyester film mica paper with an epoxy resin binder for single conductor taping
以云母为基的绝缘材料 第9部分:单根导线包绕用环氧树脂粘合聚酯薄膜云母带
GB 20044-2012
Electrical accessories - Portable residual current devices without integral overcurrent protection for household and similar use (PRCD)
电气附件 家用和类似用途的不带过电流保护的移动式剩余电流装置(PRCD)
GB/T 22444-2008
Product of geographical indication - Changping apple
地理标志产品 昌平苹果
GB/T 50691-2011
Standard for Compiling the design documents of oil and gas field surface construction projects
GB/T 14092.1-2009
Environmental condition for machinery products - Warm-damp
机械产品环境条件 湿热
GB/T 4681-2007
External cylindrical centreless grinding machines - Testing of the accuracy
无心外圆磨床 精度检验
GB/T 31026-2014
Cleaning fluid for motor vehicle engine lubrication system
GB/T 14926.8-2001
Laboratory animal--Method for examination ofMycoplasma sp.
实验动物 支原体检测方法
GB/T 17175.2-1997
Informationtechnology--Open systems interconnection--Structure of management information--Part 2:Definition of management information
信息技术 开放系统互连 管理信息结构 第2部分:管理信息定义
GB/T 32938-2016
Service specifications for inspection of lightning protection system
GB/T 26362-2010
Construction and operation guidelines for prototype-zone of national ecotourism attractions
GB/T 2423.30-2013
Environmental testing―Part 2: Test methods―Test XA and guidance: Immersion in cleaning solvents
环境试验 第2部分:试验方法 试验XA和导则:在清洗剂中浸渍
GB/T 12570-1990
Blank detail specification for monochrome display tubes
单色显示管空白详细规范 (可供认证用)
GB 21551.5-2010
Antibacterial and cleaning function for household and similar electrical appliances - Partilicular requirements for electric washing machine
家用和类似用途电器的抗菌、除菌、净化功能 洗衣机的特殊要求
GB/T 13834-2008
Dried-stem of dew retting flax for fibre type
GB/T 18912-2002
Salt mist corrosion testing of photovoltaic(PV)modules
GB/T 14732-2006
Wood adhesives: urea-formaldehyde, phenol-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde resins
GB/T 12312-2012
Sensory analysis - Method of investigating sensitivity of taste
感官分析 味觉敏感度的测定方法
GB/T 34732-2017
Specification of artificial breeding technology of roughskin sculpin
GB/T 18328.1-2009
Vibration generating machines - Guidance for selection - Part 1: Equipment for environmental testing
振动发生设备选择指南 第1部分:环境试验设备
GB/T 3286.7-2014
Methods for chemical analysis of limestone and dolomite―Part 7: The determination of sulphur content―The pipe furnace combustion iodic acid potassium titration method,the high frequency combustion with infrared absorption method and the barium sulfa
石灰石及白云石化学分析方法 第7部分:硫含量的测定 管式炉燃烧-碘酸钾滴定法、高频燃烧红外吸收法和硫酸钡重量法
GB/T 5542-2016
Dyestuffs—Determination of large particles—Filter method of single layer filter cloth
染料 大颗粒的测定 单层滤布过滤法
GB 13223-2011
Emission standard of air pollutants for thermal power plants
GB/T 21434-2008
Phase change boiler
GB/T 32207-2015
Standard practice for use of electron-capture detectors in gas chromatography
GB/T 19143-2003
Analytical method of element for carbon,hydrogen and oxygen in rock organics
GB/T 7363-1987
Paraffin wax--Determination of polynuclear aromatics
GB/T 250-2008
Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Grey scale for assessing change in colour
纺织品 色牢度试验 评定变色用灰色样卡
GB 20906-2007
Safety requirements for high pressure metal die casting units
GB/T 29792-2013
Developing magnetic roller for electrostatic copying(printing) device
GB 5413.29-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of solubility in foods and dairy products for infants and young children
食品安全国家标准 婴幼儿食品和乳品中溶解性的测定
GB/T 13757-1992
Packaging--Dimensions of sack transport packages
GB/T 35345-2017
Ships and marine technology—Lifesaving and fire protection—Point-type resettable flame detectors for ships
船舶与海上技术 救生与消防 船用点式火焰探测器
GB/T 24737.6-2012
Guide for technological management - Part 6: Process optimization and review
工艺管理导则 第6部分:工艺优化与工艺评审
GB/T 22781-2008
Determination of essential parameters of titanium powder for use in fireworks and firecrackers
GB 34465-2017
Feed additive—Ferrous sulphate
饲料添加剂 硫酸亚铁
GB/T 1216-2004
External micrometer
GB/T 23312.2-2009
Enamelled round aluminium winding wire - Part 2: Polyvinyl acetal enamelled round aluminium wire, class 120
漆包铝圆绕组线 第2部分:120级缩醛漆包铝圆线
GB 15146.2-2008
Nuclear criticality safety for fissile materials outside reactors - Part 2: Basic technical practices and subcritical limits for handling, processing and operations with fissile materials
反应堆外易裂变材料的核临界安全 第2部分:易裂变材料操作、加工、处理的基本技术规则与次临界限值
GB 1903.4-2015
National food safety standard — Food nutritional fortification substance — Zinc oxide
食品安全国家标准 食品营养强化剂 氧化锌
GB/T 33780.6-2017
Technical specification of electronic government common platform based on cloud computing—Part 6:Service tests
基于云计算的电子政务公共平台技术规范 第6部分:服务测试
GB/T 19674.1-2005
Connections for general use and fluid power Ports and stud ends with thread-Threaded port
GB/T 14684-2011
Sand for construction
GB 31604.11-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Food contact materials and products-Determination of the migration amount of 1,3 - xylylenediamine
食品安全国家标准 食品接触材料及制品 1,3-苯二甲胺迁移量的测定
GB/T 3979-2008
Methods for the measurement of object color
GB/T 30173.1-2013
Mechanical vibration and shock—Resilient mounting systems—Part 1: Technical information to be exchanged for the application of isolation systems
机械振动与冲击 弹性安装系统 第1部分:用于交换的隔振系统的技术信息
GB 2726-2005
Hygienic standard for cooked meat products
GB/T 16656.505-2010
Industrial automation systems and integration - Product data representation and exchange - Part 505: Application interpreted construct: Drawing structure and administration
工业自动化系统与集成 产品数据表达与交换 第505部分:应用解释构造:图样结构与管理
GB/T 15159-2008
Composite material strips of precious metals and their alloys
GB/T 3903.1-2017
Footwear—Test methods for whole shoe—Flexing resistance
鞋类 整鞋试验方法 耐折性能
GB/T 20213-2006
Expand perlite powder for firecrackers
GB/T 28640-2012
Practices for cold-chain transportation of livestock & poultry meat
GB/T 12496.10-1999
Test methods of wooden activated carbon--Determination of methylene blue adsorption
木质活性炭试验方法 亚甲基蓝吸附值的测定
GB/T 34304-2017
Warning grade of hail suppression operation
GB/T 23603-2009
Test method of titanium and titanium alloy surface contamination layer
GB/T 18241.5-2015
Rubber lining—Part 5:Anticorrosion lining with high temperature resistance for equipment
橡胶衬里 第5部分:耐高温防腐衬里
GB/T 2424.22-1986
Basic environmental testing procedures for electric and electronic products--Guidance for combined temperature (cold and heat) vibration (sinusoidal) tests
电工电子产品基本环境试验规程 温度(低温、高温)和振动 (正弦) 综合试验导则
GB 50177-2005
Code for design of hydrogen and oxygen stations
GB/T 26623-2011
Design requirements of tunnel ventilation system for animal housing
GB/T 21780-2008
Partical size analysis - Sedimentation analysis in the gravitational field - Pipette method
粒度分析 重力场中沉降分析 吸液管法
GB/T 32599-2016
Test method for removal force of attached components on textile products
GB/T 5505-2008
Inspection of grain and oils - Determination of the ash content by incineration
粮油检验 灰分测定法
GB/T 18910.21-2007
Liquid crystal and solid-state display devices - part 2-1: Passive matrix monochrome LCD modules - Blank detail specification
液晶和固态显示器件 第2-1部分:无源矩阵单色液晶显示模块 空白详细规范
GB/T 3648-2013
GB/T 3098.4-2000
Mechanical properties of fasteners--Nuts--Fine pitch thread
紧固件机械性能 螺母 细牙螺纹
GB/T 24907-2010
LED lamps for road lighting performance specifications
道路照明用LED灯 性能要求
GB/T 83-1988
Square set screws with long dog point and rounded end
GB/T 28992-2012
Heat-treated solid wood flooring
GB/T 2406.1-2008
Plastics - Determination of burning behaviour by oxygen index - Part 1: Guidance
塑料 用氧指数法测定燃烧行为 第1部分:导则
GB/T 23917-2009
Low-speed goods vehicles - Test method
低速货车 试验方法
GB 4706.87-2008
Safety of household and similar electrical appliances - Particular requirements for spray extraction appliances,for industrial and commercial use
家用和类似用途电器的安全 工业和商用喷雾抽吸器具的特殊要求
GB/T 31395-2015
Faceplate lathes—Specifications
落地车床 技术条件
GB/T 10394.3-2002
Forage harvesters--Part 3:Test methods
饲料收获机 第3部分:试验方法
GB 50194-2014
Code for safety of power supply and consumption for construction site
GB/T 20035.4-2005
Textile machinery and accessories -- Cones for cross winding -- Part 4: Dimensions,tolerances and designation of cones with half angle 4°20′for winding for dyeing purposes
纺织机械与附件 交叉卷绕用圆锥形筒管 第4部分:半锥角4°20′染色用圆锥形筒管的尺寸、公差和标记
GB/T 26949.10-2011
Industrial trucks - Verification of stability - Part 10: Additional stability tests for trucks operating in the special conditions of stacking with load laterally displaced by powered devices
工业车辆 稳定性验证 第10部分:在由动力装置侧移载荷条件下堆垛作业的附加稳定性试验
GB/T 33216-2016
Steel open die forgings on hammer—Classification of complexity and equivalent coefficient
锤上钢质自由锻件 复杂程度分类及折合系数
GB/T 725-2008
Internal combustion engines - Nomenclature and code of designations
GB 21456-2014
Minimum allowable values of the energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for household induction cookers
GB/T 14401-1993
Signalling between mobile station and base station and mobile services switching centre in public land mobile communication network at 450MHz band
公用陆地移动通信网(450 MHz频段)中移动台-基站-移动电话交换局之间的信令
GB/T 31874-2015
ebXML based transportation rate request and response
GB/T 25240-2010
Pelleted seed of tobacco
GB/T 1677-2008
Determinating the epoxy value of plasticizers
GB 2549-2003
Dichlorvos technical
GB/T 20564.2-2006
Continuously cold rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile - Part 2: Dual phase steel
汽车用高强度冷连轧钢板及钢带 第2部分:双相钢
GB/T 29355-2012
Special care hospital service
GB 2017-1980
Covering technique of the medium-wave broadcastingnetwork
GB/T 24345-2009
Package dyed yarns for woven
GB/T 15314-1994
Specifications for precise engineering survey
GB 9840-2017
Feed additive vitamin D3 (powder form)
饲料添加剂 维生素D3(微粒)

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