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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 12621-2008
Standard test method for stress relaxation of gaskets for pipe flanges
GB/T 26305-2010
The method for chemical of nickel oxide - Determination of nickel content - Electrolytic depositiono method
氧化镍化学分析方法 镍量的测定 电沉积法
GB 20694-2006
Emamectin B1 emulsifiable concentrates
GB/T 20090.2-2013
Information technology―Advanced coding of audio and video―Part 2: Video
信息技术 先进音视频编码 第2部分:视频
GB/T 5009.99-2003
Method for analysisof hygienic standard of polycarbonate resin used as food containers and packaging materials
GB 16557-2010
Safety signs for life-saving on sea-going ship
GB 50895-2013
Code for installation and quality acceptance of flue gas desulphurization mechanical equipment engeering
GB/T 19086-2008
Product of geographical indication - Wenshan sanqi
地理标志产品 文山三七
GB/T 10107.1-2012
Cycloidal drives ― Part 1: Basic terminology
摆线针轮行星传动 第1部分:基本术语
GB/T 33159-2016
Steel cord test method
GB/T 5795-2006
China Standard Book Number
GB/T 17494-2009
Diagnostic techniques of indirect ELISA technique for equine infectious anemia disease
GB/T 31295-2014
The core to wind turbine blade―Determination of dimensional stability at elevated temperatures with flexural load and with compressive load
风电叶片用芯材 弯曲载荷和压缩载荷下高温尺寸稳定性的测定
GB/T 4854.1-2004
Acoustics--Reference zero for the calibration of audiometric equipment--Part1:Reference equivalent threshold sound pressure levels for pure tones and supra-aural earphones
声学 校准测听设备的基准零级 第1部分:压耳式耳机纯音基准等效阈声压级
GB 11667-1989
Hygienic standard for inhalable particulate matter in ambient air of residential areas
GB/T 31799-2015
Detection and identification of Solanum elaeagnifolium Cav.
GB/Z 24987-2010
Paper, board and pulps - Estimation of uncertainty for test methods
纸、纸板和纸浆 测试方法不确定度的评定
GB/T 17516.2-1998
V-and ribbed belts drive--Dynamic test to determine pitch zone location--Part 2:V-ribbedbelts
V带和多楔带传动 测定节面位置的动态试验方法 第2部分:多楔带
GB/T 22517.2-2008
Technical requirements and test methods for sports field - Part 2: Swimming
体育场地使用要求及检验方法 第2部分:游泳场地
GB/T 29738-2013
Graduations and test method for performance of exterior windows and doors, curtain walls impacted by windborne debris in windstorm
GB/T 6476-2007
Surface grinding machines with vertical grinding wheel spindle and reciprocating table - Testing of the accuracy
立轴矩台平面磨床 精度检验
GB 3150-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-sulfur
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 硫磺
GB/T 10411-2005
D.C.traction power supply system for urban rail transit
GB/T 34819-2017
Cosmetic ingredients—Methylisothiazolinone
化妆品用原料 甲基异噻唑啉酮
GB/T 20165-2012
Rare earth polishing powder
GB/T 33713-2017
Process control and measurement methods for heatset web offset printing
GB/T 23281-2009
Metal forming machinery -noise measurement method of sound pressure levels
GB/T 17959-2000
Information technology--Telecommunications and information exchangebetween systems--50-Pole interface connector mateability dimensions and contact number assignments
信息技术 系统间远程通信和信息交换 50插针接口连接器配合性尺寸和接触件编号分配
GB 1886.36-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Spearmint oil
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 留兰香油
GB/T 32432-2015
Domestic steel cookware
GB/T 14283-2008
General specifications of spot-welding robots
点焊机器人 通用技术条件
GB/T 12688.1-2011
Test method of styrene for industrial use - Part 1: Determination of purity and hydrocarbon impurities - Gas chromotography
工业用苯乙烯试验方法 第1部分:纯度和烃类杂质的测定 气相色谱法
GB/T 4146-1984
Textile terms and terminology (Parts of chemical fibers)
纺织名词术语 (化纤部分)
GB/T 12374-1990
Standard method for examination of nitrate in air of residential areas--Reduction of the cadmium column--Spectrophotometry of N-(1-naphthyl) ethylene diaminehydrochloride
居住区大气中硝酸盐检验标准方法 镉柱还原-盐酸萘乙二胺分光光度法
GB/T 17486-2006
Hydraulic fluid power - Filters - Evaluation of differential pressure versus flow characteristics
液压过滤器 压降流量特性的评定
GB/T 3805-2008
Extra-low voltage(ELV) - Limit values
特低电压 (ELV) 限值
GB/T 30117.2-2013
Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems—Part 2: Guidance on manufacturing requirements relating to non-laser optical radiation safety
灯和灯系统的光生物安全 第2部分:非激光光辐射安全相关的制造要求指南
GB/T 34053.4-2017
Specifications of quality inspection for printed paper products—Part 4: Primary and secondary school textbooks
纸质印刷产品印制质量检验规范 第4部分:中小学教科书
GB/T 15318-2010
Monitoring and testing for energy saving of heat treatment electric furnace
GB/T 18402-2001
Pulps--Determination of drainability (drainge time method)
GB/T 16857.2-2017
Geometrical product specifications (GPS)—Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring machines (CMM)—Part 2: CMMs used for measuring linear dimensions
产品几何技术规范(GPS) 坐标测量机的验收检测和复检检测 第2部分: 用于测量线性尺寸的坐标测量机
GB/T 21499-2008
Rice - Determinaton of the potential milling yield from paddy and from husked rice
大米 稻谷和糙米潜在出米率的测定
GB/T 28580-2012
Quality requirements for port logistics service
GB/T 33891-2017
Organic media for greening
GB/T 10230.2-2007
Tap changers - Part 2: Application guide
分接开关 第2部分:应用导则
GB/T 23563.3-2009
Ball-bearing guide steel-plate die sets of stamping dies - Part 3: Center-pillar die sets
冲模滚动导向钢板模架 第3部分:中间导柱模架
GB/T 16263.5-2015
Information technology—ASN.1 Encoding rules—Part 5: Mapping W3C XML schema definitions into ASN.1
信息技术 ASN.1编码规则 第5部分:W3C XML模式定义到ASN.1的映射
GB/T 15736-2016
General requirments for gas turbine auxiliary equipment
GB/T 26547-2011
Rotary tools for threaded fasteners - Performance test method
螺纹紧固件用回转式工具 性能试验方法
GB/T 4751-2002
Specification for check and acceptance of the quality for household anerobie digesters
GB/T 5208-2008
Determination of flash point - Rapid equilibrium closed cup method
闪点的测定 快速平衡闭杯法
GB/T 22884-2008
Leather - Bovine wet blue - Specification
皮革 牛蓝湿革 规范
GB/T 30451-2013
Ordered mesoporous silica
GB/T 13697-1992
Uranium dioxide pellet--Determination of carbon
GB 17888.4-2008
Safety of machinery - Permanent means of access to machinery - Part 4: Fixed ladders
机械安全 进入机械的固定设施 第4部分∶ 固定式直梯
GB/T 3468-1983
General editorial rule for retrieval periodicals
GB/T 14854.1-1993
Measuring methods for broadcast video tape
GB/T 24817.2-2010
Lifting appliances - Controls layout and characteristics - Part 2: Mobile cranes
起重机械 控制装置布置形式和特性 第2部分:流动式起重机
GB/T 1000.2-1988
Pin insulators of ceramic material for high voltage overhead lines--Dimensions and characteristics
GB/T 19765-2005
Geometrical Product Specifications(GPS)-Standard reference temperature for geometrical product specification and verification
GB/T 28935-2012
Assembled swimming pool
GB/T 19292.1-2003
Corrosion of metals and alloys--Corrosivity of atmospheres--Classification
金属和合金的腐蚀 大气腐蚀性 分类
GB 50580-2010
Code for design of continuous casting engineering
GB/T 23875-2009
Spray-dried animal blood cells for feedstuffs
GB/T 3091-2015
Welded steel pipes for low pressure liquid delivery
GB/T 32812-2016
Metal working fluid—Limit requirements and determination methods of hazardous substance
金属加工液 有害物质的限量要求和测定方法
GB/T 15602-2008
Industrial screens and screening - Vocabulary
工业用筛和筛分 术语
GB 15849-1995
Sealed radioactive sources--Leakage test methods
GB/T 26904-2011
Storage practice for peaches
GB/T 20303.4-2006
Cranes - Cabins - Part 4: Jib cranes
起重机 司机室 第4部分:臂架起重机
GB/T 6974.1-2008
Cranes - Vocabulary - Part 1: General
起重机 术语 第1部分:通用术语
GB 15193.20-2014
Food safety national standard vitro mammalian cell TK gene mutation test
食品安全国家标准 体外哺乳类细胞TK基因突变试验
GB/T 17980.115-2004
Pesticide--Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(Ⅱ)--Part 115:Fungicides against downy mildew of Chinese cabbage
农药 田间药效试验准则(二) 第115部分:杀菌剂防治大白菜霜霉病
GB/T 25175-2010
Technical requirements for collection and recycling of bulky waste
GB/T 21847-2008
Chemical products for industrial use - Determination of inflammation of gases
工业用化工产品 气体可燃性的确定
GB/T 16078-1995
Workplace air--Determination of methyl chloride--Direct injection gas chromatographic method
GB/T 29294-2012
Performance requirements for LED downlights
GB/T 51147-2015
Technical code for wastewater treatment facilities from nitroamine explosives
GB/T 20840.8-2007
Instrument transformers - Part 8: Electronic current transformers
互感器 第8部分:电子式电流互感器
GB/T 24297-2009
The test method for thermal deflection rate of spiral and helix coils of thermostat bimetal
GB/T 31740.2-2015
Tea products—Part 2: Tea polyphenols
茶制品 第2部分:茶多酚
GB/T 33438-2016
Test method for the crash rider protection of motorcycles and mopeds
GB/T 27709-2011
Calculation method of energy equilibrium and energy efficiency in four stages bleaching system with chlorine dioxide
GB/T 32097-2015
Sorbitol and sorbitol solution for industry
GB/T 902.1-2008
Weld studs for manual welding
GB/T 17724-1999
Shipbuilding--Pipework--Information transfer
造船 管路系统 信息传递
GB/T 16158-1996
Classification and codes of inland navigation ship
GB/T 14837.2-2014
Rubber and rubber products―Determination of the composition of vulcanizates and uncured compounds by thermogravimetry―Part 2: Acrylonitrile-butadiene and halobutyl rubbers
橡胶和橡胶制品 热重分析法测定硫化胶和未硫化胶的成分 第2部分:丙烯腈-丁二烯橡胶和卤化丁基橡胶
GB 7000.2-2008
Luminaires - Part 2-22: Particular requirements-luminaires for emergency lighting
灯具 第2-22部分:特殊要求 应急照明灯具
GB/T 25605-2010
Earth-moving machinery - Dumpers - Terminology and commercial specifications
土方机械 自卸车 术语和商业规格
GB/T 3903.6-2005
Footwear-Determination of slip resistance
GB/T 35541-2017
pfu DNA polymerase
pfu DNA聚合酶
GB/T 8151.3-2012
Methods for chemical analysis of zinc concentrates - Part 3: Determination of iron content - Na2EDTA titrimetric method
锌精矿化学分析方法 第3部分:铁量的测定 Na2EDTA滴定法
GB/T 16552-2017
珠宝玉石 名称
GB/T 24630.2-2009
Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Flatness - Part 2: Specification operators
产品几何技术规范(GPS) 平面度 第2部分:规范操作集
GB/T 6398-2000
Standard test method for fatigue crack growth rates of metallic materials
GB/T 1175-1997
Casting zinc alloys
GB/T 33747-2017
Agricultural service—Quality requirement for agricultural science and technology information service
农业社会化服务 农业科技信息服务质量要求
GB/T 17179.1-2008
Information technology - Protocol for providing - The connectionless-mode network service - Part 1:Protocol specification
信息技术 提供无连接方式网络服务的协议 第1部分:协议规范
GB/T 28042-2011
Transaction subject based upon electronic commerce activities - The specification for personal credit archive
基于电子商务活动的交易主体 个人信用档案规范

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