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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 21566-2008
Dangerous goods - Test method for friction sensitivity of explosives substance
危险品 爆炸品摩擦感度试验方法
GB/T 25982-2010
Permissible levels and test methods of bus internal noise
GB/T 32184-2015
Extruded aluminum alloy flat bars and plates with high conductivity
GB/T 12418-2001
The technical requirements of repairs for steel general purpose containers
GB/T 12589-2007
Chemical reagent - Ethyl acetate
化学试剂 乙酸乙酯
GB/T 10357.6-2013
Test of mechanical properties of furniture - Part 6: Strength and durability of beds
家具力学性能试验 第6部分:单层床强度和耐久性
GB/T 4666-2009
Textiles - Fabrics - Determination of width and length
纺织品 织物长度和幅宽的测定
GB/T 3971.3-1983
The test methods for the technical specifications of multi-frequency register signalling for telephone auto-matic switching network
GB/T 35188-2017
Determination of 131I in marine sediment—β counting method
海洋沉积物中碘-131的测定 β计数法
GB/T 22932-2008
Leather and fur - Chemical tests - Determination of organotin compounds
皮革和毛皮 化学试验 有机锡化合物的测定
GB 17120-2012
Metalforming machinery - Safety requirements
锻压机械 安全技术条件
GB/T 34486-2017
Titanium and titanium alloy powder for laser printer
GB/T 18822-2002
Small craft less than 8m length of hull--Determination of maximum propulsion power rating
艇体长度小于8m的小艇 最大推进额定功率的确定
GB 21550-2008
The restriction of hazardous materials in polyvinyl chloride artificial leather
GB/T 13821-2009
Zinc alloy die castings
GB/T 4697-2017
Hot rolled steel section for mine timbering
GB/T 19834-2005
Oceanographic terminology-Science of marine resources
海洋学术语 海洋资源学
GB/T 7489-1987
Water quality--Determination of dissolved oxygen--Iodometric method
水质 溶解氧的测定 碘量法
GB/T 30989-2014
Technical regulation of high-throughput gene sequencing
GB/T 26318-2010
Logistics network information systems risk and prevention
GB 1886.57-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Glyceryl monocaprylate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 单辛酸甘油酯
GB/T 20629.2-2013
Non-cellulosic paper for electrical purposes - Part 2:Methods of test
电气用非纤维素纸 第2部分:试验方法
GB/T 18972-2003
Classification,investigation and evaluation of tourism resources
GB/T 15805.5-2008
The quarantine methods of fish - Part 5: Spring viraemia of carp virus (SVCV)
鱼类检疫方法 第5部分:鲤春病毒血症病毒(SVCV)
GB 17020-2010
Delimitation and classification of Keshan disease areas
GB/T 35702.1-2017
Power losses in voltage sourced converter (VSC) valves for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) systems—Part 1: General requirements
高压直流系统用电压源换流器阀损耗 第1部分:一般要求
GB/T 20364-2006
Determination of polyether ionophore residues in products of animal origin
GB/T 10716-2012
Synchronous belt drives - Automotive belts - Determination of physical properties
同步带传动 汽车同步带 物理性能试验方法
GB/T 34244-2017
Technical code for liquid sterilizing-grade filter elements
GB/T 17759-2009
Method of inspection for grey fabric surface defects
GB/T 11177-1989
Testing method for compressive shear strength of dowel joint by inorganic adhesives
GB/T 50323-2001
Code for Urban Construction Archives Description
GB/T 31313-2014
Fluorspas—Determination of particle size distribution by sieving
萤石 粒度的筛分测定
GB 19521.10-2004
Safety code for inspection of hazardous properties for dangerous goods of compressed gases
GB/T 21919-2008
Laboratory medicine - Requirements for reference measurement laboratories
检验医学 参考测量实验室的要求
GB/Z 25843-2010
Specifications for control and protection equipment of ±800kV ultra high voltage direct current transmission
GB/T 32577-2016
Measurement procedures of magnetic field levels generated by electronic and electrical apparatus in the railway environment with respect to human exposure
GB/T 20898.1-2007
Immersion suits - Part 1: Constant wear suits,requirements including safety
浸水服 第1部分:常穿服安全要求
GB/T 29759-2013
Sealed insulating solar PV glass unit in building
GB 4706.104-2010
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Particular requirements for heated gullies for roof drainage
家用和类似用途电器的安全 屋顶排水用加热排水槽的特殊要求
GB 1894-2005
Food additive Anhydrous sodium sulphite
食品添加剂 无水亚硫酸钠
GB/T 21642.4-2012
Technical requirements for IP video conference system devices - Part 4: Gatekeeper
基于IP网络的视讯会议系统设备技术要求 第4部分:网守(GK)
GB/T 10201-2008
Regulations of proper usage of electricity in heat treatment industry
GB/T 23296.13-2009
Food contact materials - Determination of vinyl chloride monomer in plastics - Gas chromatography
食品接触材料 塑料中氯乙烯单体的测定 气相色谱法
GB/T 9286-1998
Paints and varnishes--Cross cut test for films
色漆和清漆 漆膜的划格试验
GB 50950-2013
Code for construction and quality acceptance for installation engineering of manufacturing equipments on optical cable plant
GB/T 5530-2005
Animal and vegetable fats and oils-Determination of acid value and acidity
动植物油脂 酸值和酸度测定
GB 1886.55-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Butane
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 丁烷
GB/T 13005-2011
Terminology of gas cylinders
GB/T 12688.6-1990
Styrene for industrial use--Determination of trace sulfur--Oxidative micro-coulometric method
工业用苯乙烯中微量硫的测定 氧化微库仑法
GB/T 33194-2016
Railway applications—Structural requirements of railway vehicle bodies
铁路应用 机车车辆车体结构要求
GB/T 3903.18-2008
Footwear - Test methods for uppers - High temperature behaviour
鞋类 帮面试验方法 高温性能
GB/T 31850-2015
Test method for thermogravimetry(TG) of no-matallic sealing materials
GB/T 30135-2013
Description specification on the risk information of consumer products safety
GB/T 17526-2008
Lacquer wax
GB/T 8822.12-1988
Seed zones of Chinese forest trees--Seed zones of Picea asperata Mast.
中国林木种子区 云杉种子区
GB/T 15924-2010
Method for chemical analysis of tin ores - Determination of tin content
锡矿石化学分析方法 锡量测定
GB/T 18247.7-2000
Product grade for major ornamental plants--Part 7:Turf
主要花卉产品等级 第7部分:草坪
GB/T 20732-2006
Optical fiber diameter analyser
GB/T 14435.1-1993
Frequency sharing between the broadcasting-satellite service and terrestrial services--Guide to frequency sharing between the broadcasting-satellite service (television) and terrestrial services
卫星广播业务和地面业务间的频率共用 卫星广播业务(电视)和地面业务间的频率共用导则
GB/T 28601-2012
Rubber compounding ingredients - Silica,precipitated,hydrated - Determination of gelatin content
橡胶配合剂 沉淀水合二氧化硅 凝胶含量的测定
GB/T 23570-2009
Welding parts for metal cutting machines - General specifications
金属切削机床焊接件 通用技术条件
GB/T 34977-2017
Information security technology—Security technology requirements and testing and evaluation approaches for data storage of mobile intelligent terminals
信息安全技术 移动智能终端数据存储安全技术要求与测试评价方法
GB/T 17146-2015
Test methods for water vapour transmission properties of building materials and products
GB/T 6429-1986
The rule of type designation for quartz crystalunits
GB/T 22274.2-2008
Guidance for GLP monitoring authorities - Part 2: Guidance for the conduct of laboratory inspections and study audits
良好实验室规范监督部门指南 第2部分:执行实验室检查和研究审核的指南
GB/T 26565-2011
Cementitious dry mix thermal insulation
GB/T 33649-2017
Determination of oxygenates and aniline compounds in motor gasoline—Gas chromatography
车用汽油中含氧化合物和苯胺类化合物的测定 气相色谱法
GB/T 8561-2001
Code of professional technical position
GB/T 21231-2007
Acoustics - Method for the measurement of airborne noise emitted by small air-moving devices
声学 小型通风装置辐射空气噪声的测量方法
GB/T 15333-1994
Test method for electrolysis corrosion of electrical insulating adhesive tapes
GB/T 5271.7-2008
Information technology - Vocabulary Part 7: Computer programming
信息技术 词汇 第7部分:计算机编程
GB/T 3504-2015
Europium oxide
GB/T 30472-2013
Technical specification of complete sets of feed processing equipment
GB/T 13858.1-1992
Specification for colour TV modulation and demodulation equipment(1TV+4 sound program)used in middle distance terrestrial analog radio-relay systems
GB/T 24866-2010
Rules for forage and turf grass seed storage
GB/T 28954-2012
Automotive engines - Spin-on filters for lubricating oil - Connect dimensions
汽车发动机 旋装式机油滤清器 连接尺寸
GB/T 35216-2017
Structural plywood
GB 18986-2003
The safety requirements for light bus construction
GB/T 12778-2008
Determination of charpy impact fracture surface for metallic materials
GB/T 15868-1995
Shipborne radio equipment forming part of the (globalmaritime distress and safety system) and marine navigational equipment--General require-ments,methods of testing and required test results
全球海上遇险与安全系统(CMDSS) 船用无线电设备和海上导航设备通用要求测试方法和要求的测试结果
GB/T 23891.2-2009
Plain bearings - Hydrodynamic plain thrust pad bearings under steady-state conditions - Part 2: Functions for the calculation of thrust pad bearings
滑动轴承 稳态条件下流体动压瓦块止推轴承 第2部分:瓦块止推轴承的计算函数
GB/Z 17625.15-2017
Electromagnetic compatibility—Limits—Assessment of low frequency electromagnetic immunity and emission requirements for dispersed generation systems in LV network
电磁兼容 限值 低压电网中分布式发电系统低频电磁抗扰度和发射要求的评估
GB 6245-2006
Fire Pumps
GB/T 31358-2015
General specification for semiconductor lasers
GB/T 26922-2011
Guide for evaluating water saving users in service industry
GB/T 33882-2017
Silver oxygen-free copper drawing stock for commutator
GB/T 702-2008
Hot-rolled steel bars - Dimensions,shape,weight and tolerances
GB/T 17748-2016
Aluminium-plastic composite panel for curtain wall
GB 15579.8-2014
Arc welding equipment—Part 8: Gas consoles for welding and plasma cutting systems
弧焊设备 第8部分:焊接和等离子切割系统的气路装置
GB/T 5009.111-2003
Determination of deoxynivalenolin cereal and cereal products
GB/T 19460-2008
Product of geographical indication - Huangshan maofeng tea
地理标志产品 黄山毛峰茶
GB 16244-1996
Health standard for flax,jute and ramie dusts in the air of workplace
GB/T 25195.3-2010
Cranes - Graphical symbols - Part 3: Tower cranes
起重机 图形符号 第3部分:塔式起重机
GB/T 6433-2006
Determinaiion of crude fat in feeds
GB/T 29311-2012
Electrical insulating materials - A.C. voltage endurance evaluation - Introduction
电气绝缘材料 交流电压耐久性评定 通则
GB/T 24314-2009
GB/T 31756-2015
Heavy turpentine oil
GB/T 19516-2004
The specifications of wired-emergency telephone system of expressway
GB/T 22572-2008
Surface chemical analysis - Secondary-ion mass spectrometry - Method for estimating depth resolution parameters with multiple delta-layer reference materials
表面化学分析 二次离子质谱 用多δ层参考物质评估深度分辨参数的方法

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