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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 14080-2010
General specification of head stack assembly for hard disk drive
GB 17840-1999
Bullet resistant glazing
GB/T 28461-2012
Carbon fiber prepreg
GB/T 1236-2017
Industrial fan—Performance testing using standardized airways
工业通风机 用标准化风道性能试验
GB/T 23451-2009
Light weight panels for partition wall used in buildings
GB/T 6730.12-2016
Iron ores—Determination of aluminum content—Chrome azurol S spectrophotometric method
铁矿石 铝含量的测定 铬天青S分光光度法
GB/T 1592.2-2008
Agricultural tractors - Rear- mounted power take-off types 1,2 and 3 - Part 2: Narrow-track tractors, dimensions for master shield and clearance zone
农业拖拉机后置动力输出轴 1、2和 3 型 第 2 部分:窄轮距拖拉机防护罩尺寸和空隙范围
GB/T 12224-2015
General requirements for industrial steel valves
钢制阀门 一般要求
GB/T 20389-2006
Determination of acrylonitrile residues in acrylic fibre
GB/T 25123.3-2011
Electric traciton - Rotating electrical machines for rail and road vehicles - Part 3: Determination of the total losses of convertor-fed alternating current motors by summation of the component losses
电力牵引 轨道机车车辆和公路车辆用旋转电机 第3部分:用损耗总和法确定变流器供电的交流电动机的总损耗
GB/T 32258-2015
Steel cross wedge rollings—General specification
钢质楔横轧件 通用技术条件
GB/T 18284-2000
QR code
GB/T 4934.2-2008
Instrument for soil test - Shear apparatus - Part 2:Field vane shear apparatus
土工试验仪器 剪切仪 第2部分:现场十字板剪切仪
GB/T 30334-2013
Service specifications and evaluation indicators for logistics park
GB/T 2349-1980
Fluid power systems and components--Cylinders--Basic series of piston strokes
液压气动系统及元件 缸活塞行程系列
GB/T 12810-1991
Laboratory glassware--Volumetric glassware--Methods for use and testing of capacity
实验室玻璃仪器 玻璃量器的容量校准和使用方法
GB/T 18823-2010
Permitted tolerants for judgment of testing results in feeds
GB/T 14598.23-2017
Electrical relays—Part 21: Vibration, shock, bump and seismic tests on measuring relays and protection equipment—Section 3: Seismic tests
电气继电器 第21部分:量度继电器和保护装置的振动、冲击、碰撞和地震试验 第3篇:地震试验
GB/T 21942-2008
Earth-moving machinery - Loader and front loading excavator buckets - Volumetric ratings
土方机械 装载机和正铲挖掘机的铲斗 容量标定
GB/T 20915.2-2007
Stamping dies - Elastomer pressure springs - Part 2: Specification of accessories
冲模 弹性体压缩弹簧 第2部分:附件规格
GB/T 28819-2012
Aluminium alloy enclosures for gas-filled high-voltage switchgear
GB 34461-2017
Feed additive—L-carnitine
饲料添加剂 L-肉碱
GB/T 9874-2001
Rubber--Determination of lead content by atomic absorption spectrometry
橡胶中铅含量的测定 原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 23768-2009
Inorganic chemicals for industrial use - General rules for flame atomic absorption spectrometry
无机化工产品 火焰原子吸收光谱法通则
GB/T 23751.2-2017
Micro fuel cell power systems-Part 2: Performance test methods
微型燃料电池发电系统 第2部分: 性能试验方法
GB/T 21714.4-2015
Protection against lightning—Part 4:Electrical and electronic systems within structures
雷电防护 第4部分:建筑物内电气和电子系统
GB/T 26797-2011
Weights of classes E1、E2、F1、F2、M1、M1-2、M2、M2-3、and M3
GB 4789.41-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Microbiological examination of food
食品安全国家标准 食品微生物学检验 肠杆菌科检验
GB/T 6150.12-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten concentrates-Determination of silicon dioxide content - The silicomolybdenum blue spectrophotometry and the gravimetry
钨精矿化学分析方法 二氧化硅量的测定 硅钼蓝分光光度法和重量法
GB/T 10362-2008
Inspection of grain and oils - Determination of moisture content of maize
粮油检验 玉米水分测定
GB/T 7988-2013
Viterous and porcelain enamels―Determination of resistance to alkaline liquids
搪玻璃釉 耐碱性溶液腐蚀性能的测定
GB/T 14528-1993
Determination of repairability for ship coatings
GB 19170-2003
Pure culture of Lentinula edodes
GB/T 6509-2005
Method for determination on of low molecular weight compounds content in chip and fibles of polycaproamide
GB/T 25072-2010
Micrographics - Microfilming of newspapers for archival purposes on 35 mm microfilm
缩微摄影技术 在35mm缩微胶片上拍摄存档报纸
GB/T 5099.1-2017
Seamless steel gas cylinders—Part 1: Quenched and tempered steel cylinders with tensile strength less than 1100 MPa
钢质无缝气瓶 第1部分:淬火后回火处理的抗拉强度小于1100MPa的钢瓶
GB/T 14015-1992
Silicon on sapphire epitaxial wafers
GB/T 29163-2012
Technical guidance for the utilization of gangue
GB/T 34287-2017
Greenhouse gas—Methane measurement—Off-axis integrated cavity output spectroscopy method
温室气体 甲烷测量 离轴积分腔输出光谱法
GB/T 24177-2009
Standard test methods for characterizing duplex grain sizes
GB 50421-2007
Code for waste dump design of nonferrous metal mines
GB/T 17645.25-2008
Industrial automation systems and integration - Parts library - Part 25: Logical resources: Logical model of supplier library with aggregate values and explicit content
工业自动化系统与集成 零件库 第25部分:逻辑资源:带聚合值和显式内容的供应商库逻辑模型
GB/T 31540.3-2015
Fire safety engineering guide—Part 3: Structural response and fire spread beyond the enclosure of origin
消防安全工程指南 第3部分:结构响应和室内火灾的对外蔓延
GB/T 223.77-1994
Methods for chemical analysis of iron,steel and alloy--The flame atomic absorption spectrometric method for the determination of calcium content
钢铁及合金化学分析方法 火焰原子吸收光谱法测定钙量
GB/T 5009.137-2003
Determination of antimony in foods
GB/T 20759-2006
Method for the determination of sixteen sulfonamide residues in livestock and poultry muscles - LC-MS-MS method
畜禽肉中十六种磺胺类药物残留量的测定 液相色谱-串联质谱法
GB/T 27595-2011
Adhesives - Test methods for fatigue properties of structural adhesives in tensile shear
胶粘剂 结构胶粘剂拉伸剪切疲劳性能的试验方法
GB/T 32649-2016
High purty arenaceous quartz used in photovoltaic applications
GB/T 8163-2008
Seamless steel tubes for liquid service
GB 6675.1-2014
Toys safety―Part 1: Basic code
玩具安全 第1部分:基本规范
GB/T 25398-2010
Agricultural trailers and trailed equipment - Braking cylinders - Specifications
农用挂车和牵引式机具 制动用液压缸 技术要求
GB/T 22299-2008
Ground paprika - Determination of total natural coloring matter content
辣椒粉 天然着色物质总含量的测定
GB/T 7749-1987
Test method of cleavage strength of adhesive (metal to metal)
胶粘剂劈裂强度试验方法 (金属对金属)
GB/T 15953-1995
Instruments for the measurement of aural acoustic impedance/admittance
GB/T 19547-2004
Sensory analysis--Methodology--Magnitude estimation method
感官分析 方法学 量值估计法
GB/T 21273-2007
Environmentally conscious design - Integrating environmental aspects into design and development of electrotechnical products
环境意识设计 将环境因素引入电工产品的设计和开发
GB/T 4324.17-2012
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten - Part 17: Determination of sodium content - Flame atomic absorption spectrometry
钨化学分析方法 第17部分:钠量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 24521-2009
Method for the determination of specific resistance of coke
GB/T 50975-2014
Code for construction and acceptance of process water piping in uranium enrichment plant
GB/T 27923-2011
Goods classification and code for logistics operation
GB/T 33268-2016
Evaluating and classifyingunit forreward of science and technology
GB 16378-1996
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management of occupational acute sulfur dioxide poisoning
GB/Z 21724-2008
Code on quality and safety control of vegetable for export
GB/T 31926-2015
Zinc and aluminum based coatings on steel sheets and strips—Determination of lead,cadmium and chromium contens—Glow discharge atomic emission spectrometry method
钢板及钢带 锌基和铝基镀层中铅、镉和铬含量的测定 辉光放电原子发射光谱法
GB/T 12956-2008
Fixtures for bathroom
GB/T 26930.11-2014
Carbonaceous materials used in the production of aluminium―Pitch for electrodes―Part 11:Determination of dynamic viscosity
原铝生产用炭素材料 煤沥青 第11部分:动态粘度的测定
GB/T 10069.1-2006
Measurement of airborne noise emitted by rotating electrical machines and the noise limits Part 1: Method for the measurement of airborne noise emitted by rotating electrical machines
旋转电机噪声测定方法及限值 第1部分:旋转电机噪声测定方法
GB/T 25809-2010
Sulphur black S-BR(Soluble sulphur black BR)
GB 18063-2000
Hygienic standard for unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine in water sources
GB 29950-2013
National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Identification Allyl disulfide Food Additive Identification Glycerine
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 甘油
GB/T 35653.1-2017
Geographic information-Content components and encoding rules for imagery and gridded data - Part 1:Content model
地理信息 影像与格网数据的内容模型及编码规则 第1部分:内容模型
GB 14891.7-1997
Hygienic standard for irradiated frozen packaged meat of livestock and poultry
GB/T 24810.1-2009
Cranes - Limiting and indicating devices - Part 1: General
起重机 限制器和指示器 第1部分:总则
GB/T 22164-2017
Public meteorological service—Weather graphic symbols
公共气象服务 天气图形符号
GB/T 19698-2008
Product of geographical indication - Taiping houkui tea
地理标志产品 太平猴魁茶
GB/T 6910-2006
Methods for analysis of water for boiler and for cooling determination of calcium-complexometric titration
锅炉用水和冷却水分析方法 钙的测定 络合滴定法
GB/T 5203-2011
Safety logic assemblies of nuclear reactor characteristics and test methods
GB/T 33598-2017
Recycling of traction battery used in electric vehicle—Dismantling specification
车用动力电池回收利用 拆解规范
GB/T 14924.9-2001
Laboratory animals--Formula feeds--Determination of routine nutrients
实验动物 配合饲料 常规营养成分的测定
GB/T 6974.11-1986
Lifting appliances--Vocabulary--Derrick cranes
起重机械名词术语 桅杆起重机
GB/T 11072-2009
Indium antimonide polycrystal,single crystals and as-cut slices
GB/T 5838.2-2015
Phosphors—Part 2: Types
荧光粉 第2部分:牌号
GB/T 30831.1-2014
Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines―Thermography―Part 1: General procedures
机器状态监测与诊断 热成像 第1部分:总则
GB/T 3819-1997
Textiles--Determination of the recovery from creasing of a folded specimen by measuring the angle of recovery
纺织品 织物折痕回复性的测定 回复角法
GB/T 26159-2010
Hand sizing system of Chinese minors
GB/T 22630-2008
Audio video-apparatus on board electromagnetic compatibility requirement and methods of measurement
GB/T 8050-2007
Polypropylene monofilament or film ropes-Required
GB/T 16494-2013
Chemical reagent—Xylene
化学试剂 二甲苯
GB/T 35575-2017
General technical requirements for electromagnetic shielding film
GB/T 18848-2002
Basic data structure andclassifying codes for women of reproductive age information system
GB/T 12604.4-2005
Non-destructive testing-Terminology-Terms used in acoustic emission testing
无损检测 术语 声发射检测
GB/T 8746-2009
Textiles - Burning behaviour - Determination of ease of ignition of vertically oriented specimens
纺织品 燃烧性能 垂直方向试样易点燃性的测定
GB/T 34898-2017
Micro electromechanical system technology—Test method for the nonlinear vibration of the MEMS resonant sensitive element
微机电系统(MEMS)技术 MEMS谐振敏感元件非线性振动测试方法
GB/T 9110-1988
Crude oil vertical metal tank measurement--Method of calculation of quantities
原油立式金属罐计量 油量计量方法
GB 28654-2012
Trichlorosilane for industrial use
GB/T 34090.1-2017
Interactive advertising—Part 1:Terminology overview
互动广告 第1部分: 术语概述
GB/T 15512-2009
Technical guides for evaluating the saving of iron and steel product in enterprise
GB/T 20004.1-2016
Social organization standardization—Part 1: Guidelines for good practice
团体标准化 第1部分:良好行为指南
GB/T 14455.1-2008
Essential oils - Principles of nomenclature
精油 命名原则
GB/T 31167-2014
Information security technology―Security guide of cloud computing services
信息安全技术 云计算服务安全指南

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