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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 30812-2014
Glass fiber reinforced plastic flue for coal-fired units
GB/T 4698.5-1996
Sponge titanium,titanium and titanium alloys--Determination of molybdenum content--Thiocyanate spectrophotometric method
海绵钛、钛及钛合金化学分析方法 硫氰酸盐分光光度法测定钼量
GB/T 2614-2010
Nickel-Chromium/Nickel-Silicon thermocouple wires
GB 50791-2013
Code for design of geothermal power plants
GB/T 9158-1988
Mechanical test methods for windows
GB/T 33091-2016
Sieve of polyurethane elastomer
GB/T 15528-2013
Methods of measurement on microphones and earphones for speech communications
GB/T 8190.11-2009
Reciprocating internal combustion engines - Exhaust emission measurement - Part 11: Test-bet measurement of gaseous and particulate exhaust emissions from engines used in nonroad mobile machinery under transient test conditions
往复式内燃机 排放测量 第11部分:非道路移动机械用发动机瞬态工况下气体和颗粒排放物的试验台测量
GB/T 5009.153-2003
Determination of phytic acid in vegetable foods
GB/T 13469-2008
Economical operation for centrifugal, mixed flow, axial flow and vortex pump systems
GB/T 17162-1997
Machine tools--Speeds and feeds
机床 速度和进给量
GB/T 12828-2006
Rubber,raw and unvalcanized compounded - Determination of plasticity number and recovery number - Parallel plate method
生胶和未硫化混炼胶 塑性值及复原值的测定 平行板法
GB 28478-2012
General safety requirements of outdoor leisure furniture - Seating and tables
户外休闲家具安全性能要求 桌椅类产品
GB/T 15281-2009
Codes for names of oil and gas fields of China
GB/T 31150-2014
Automotive parts logistics plastic returnable containers―Size and technical parameters requirements
汽车零部件物流 塑料周转箱尺寸系列及技术要求
GB/T 5264-2010
plunger of diesel fuel injection pump - Specifications
柴油机喷油泵柱塞偶件 技术条件
GB/T 34947-2017
Information technology—Generic requirement for Chinese bi-spelling and tri-spelling pinyin inputting
信息技术 汉语拼音双拼和三拼输入通用要求
GB/T 19557.3-2004
Guidelines for the conduct of tests for distinctness,uniformity and stability--Durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.)
植物新品种特异性、一致性和稳定性测试指南 硬粒小麦
GB/T 21356-2008
Non-destructive testing - Qualification and long-term stability of computed radiology systems
无损检测 计算机射线照相系统的长期稳定性与鉴定方法
GB/T 5272-2017
Coupling with elastic spider
GB/Z 20283-2006
Information security technology - Guide for the production of PPs and STs
信息安全技术 保护轮廓和安全目标的产生指南
GB/T 29549.3-2013
Specification for offshore modular drillling rigs on fixed platforms - Part 3:Hook-up,commissioning,and acceptance
海上石油固定平台模块钻机 第3部分:海上安装、调试与验收
GB 25542-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Glycine (glycine)
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 甘氨酸(氨基乙酸)
GB/T 32370-2015
Determination of the length and width for adhesive tapes
GB/T 16608.53-2012
Electromechanical all-or-nothing relays - Part 53: Blank detail specification - Electromechanical all-or-nothing telecom relays of assessed quality - Two change-over contacts, 14mm×9mm base
有或无机电继电器 第53部分:空白详细规范 电信用有质量评定的有或无机电继电器 两组转换触点,14mm×9mm底座
GB/T 22707-2008
Artificial pollution tests on high-voltage insulators to be used on d.c. systems
GB/T 20936.3-2009
Electrical apparatus for the detection and measurement of flammable gases - Part 3: Performance requirements for group I apparatus indicating a volume fraction up to 100 % methane in air
可燃性气体探测用电气设备 第3部分:显示空气中甲烷体积含量至100%的I类探测器的性能要求
GB/T 35573-2017
Calculation method of atmospheric water vapor resource
GB 12348-2008
Emisson standard for industrial enterprises noise at boundary
GB/T 7716-2014
Propylene for Polymerization―Specification
GB 18097-2000
Test method and ajudgment of safety of permissible explosive in inflammable gas
GB/T 17213.16-2005
Industrial-process control valves Part 8-4:Noise considerations-Prediction of noise generated by hydrodynamic flow
工业过程控制阀 第8-4部分:噪声的考虑 液动流流经控制阀产生的噪声预测方法
GB 27607-2011
Mechanical press - Safety requirements
机械压力机 安全技术要求
GB/T 34957-2017
Information technology—Layout of digital keyboard for Korean letter
信息技术 基于数字键盘的朝鲜文字母布局
GB/T 2900.79-2008
Electrotechnical terminology - Electrical and electronic measurements and measuring instruments - Part 3:Types of electrical measuring instruments
电工术语 电工电子测量和仪器仪表 第3部分:电测量仪器仪表的类型
GB/T 33867-2017
Measurement for photosynthetic active radiation—Hemispherical radiometer method
光合有效辐射测量 半球向辐射表法
GB/T 29894-2013
The general method of wood identification
GB/T 12455-2010
The rationality of electricity usage in guesthouse and hotel
GB/T 13004-2016
Periodic inspection and evaluation of seamless steel gas cylinders
GB/T 9425-1988
Blank detail specification for semiconductor inte-grated circuit operational amplifiers
半导体集成电路运算放大器空白详细规范 (可供认证用)
GB/T 14926.57-2008
Laboratory animal - Method for examination of canine parvovirus
实验动物 犬细小病毒检测方法
GB/T 14926.24-2001
Laboratory animal--Method for examination of pneumonia virus of mice(PVM)
实验动物 小鼠肺炎病毒检测方法
GB/T 20127.8-2006
Steel and alloy - Determination of trace element contents Part 8: Determination of antimony content by hydride generation-atomic fluorescence spectrometric method
钢铁及合金 痕量元素的测定 第8部分:氢化物发生-原子荧光光谱法测定锑含量
GB/T 28411-2012
General specification of superalloy investment structural castings
GB/T 23407-2009
Determination of residues of nitroimidazoles and their metabolites in royal jelly - LC-MS/MS method
蜂王浆中硝基咪唑类药物及其代谢物残留量的测定 液相色谱-质谱/质谱法
GB/T 10067.21-2015
Basic specifications for electroheat installations—Part 21: Large capacity electric arc furnace using alternating current
电热装置基本技术条件 第21部分:大型交流电弧炉
GB/T 18849-2011
Powered industrial trucks - Brake performance and component strength
机动工业车辆 制动器性能和零件强度
GB/T 21706-2008
Modular terminal combination electrical equipment
GB/T 4702.5-2008
Chromium metal - Determination of aluminium content - EDTA titrimetric method and flame atomic absorption spectrometric method
金属铬 铝含量的测定 乙二胺四乙酸二钠滴定法和火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 50114-2010
Standard for heating,ventilation and air conditioning drawings
GB/T 18874.5-2002
Cranes--Information to be provided--Part 5:Overhead travelling cranes and portal bridge cranes
起重机 供需双方应提供的资料 第5部分:桥式和门式起重机
GB/T 16462.4-2007
Test conditions for numerically controlled turning machines and turning centres - Part 4: Accuracy and repeatability of positioning of linear and rotary axes
数控车床和车削中心检验条件 第4部分:线性和回转轴线的定位精度及重复定位精度检验
GB/T 30288-2013
Coordinate system for navigation satellite system
GB/T 18115.14-2010
Chemical analysis methods of rare earth impurities in rare earth metals and their oxides - Part 14 : Ytterbium - Determination of lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, lu
稀土金属及其氧化物中稀土杂质化学分析方法 第14部分:镱中镧、铈、镨、钕、钐、铕、钆、铽、镝、钬、铒、铥、镥和钇量的测定
GB/T 32749-2016
General specifications for equipment and intrument by hydrometric cableway measurments
GB/T 3762-1983
Bite type tube fittings--Tipping washer
GB/T 28770-2012
Test methods for solders
GB/T 11906-1989
Water quality--Determination of manganese--Potassium periodate spectrophotometric method
水质 锰的测定 高碘酸钾分光光度法
GB/T 23157-2008
Safety requirements and test methods of buoyant aids for swimming to be hold by children for import and export
GB/T 23716-2009
Human response to vibration - Measuring instrumentation
人体对振动的响应 测量仪器
GB/T 19066.3-2003
Specifications of flexible graphitecorrugated metal gaskets
柔性石墨金属波齿复合垫片 技术条件
GB 2893-2008
Safety colours
GB/T 20169-2015
Mixed rare earth oxide of ion-absorpted type rare earth ore
GB/T 19951-2005
Roadvehicles-Test methods for electrical disturbances from electrostatic discharge
GB/T 26745-2011
Basalt fiber composites for strengthening and restoring structures
GB/T 6020-2008
Butadiene for industrial use - Determination of tert-butyl-catechol (TBC)
GB/T 51057-2015
Technical code for horticultural plastic tunnel engineering
GB/T 6247.2-2013
Rock drilling machines and portable power tools―Terminology―Part 2: Hydraulic tools
凿岩机械与便携式动力工具 术语 第2部分:液压工具
GB/T 25020.2-2010
Steel pole for overhead contact system of electrified railway - Part 2:Square shape tube steel pole
电气化铁路接触网钢支柱 第2部分:方形钢管支柱
GB/T 33369-2016
Aluminium alloy clad sheets,strips and foils for brazing
GB 3836.7-2004
Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres--Part 7:Powder filling“q”
爆炸性气体环境用电气设备 第7部分:充砂型“q”
GB/T 16456.4-2008
End mills with brazed helical hardmetal tips - Part 4:Technical specifications
硬质合金螺旋齿立铣刀 第4部分:技术条件
GB/T 32040-2015
Calculating methods of energy saved for petrochemical enterprise
GB/T 20489-2006
General requirements for perforator materials for oil and gas well
GB/T 29103-2012
Road traffic information service - Traffic information issued by variable message signs
道路交通信息服务 通过可变情报板发布的交通信息
GB/T 24129-2009
Testing method for the non-marking outsole of rubber shoes and sports shoes
GB/T 31494-2015
Technical requirements and test methods for field strength meter of digital television
GB/T 13297-1991
General rules for packaging, marking and certification of precision alloys
GB/T 14376-1993
Water quality--Determination of asymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine--Amino ferrocyanide sodium spectrophotometric method
水质 偏二甲基肼的测定 氨基亚铁氰化钠分光光度法
GB/T 7750-1987
Test method of creep properties of adhesive in shear by tension loading (metal to metal)
胶粘剂拉伸剪切蠕变性能试验方法 (金属对金属)
GB/T 27545-2011
Level circulating mechanical parking system
GB/T 35205.1-2017
Rough-terrain trucks-Safety requirements and verification-Part 1:Variable-reach trucks
越野叉车 安全要求及验证 第1部分:伸缩臂式叉车
GB 19781-2005
Medical laboratories-Requirements for safety
GB/T 22053-2008
Pentane vesicant
GB/T 7736-2008
Ultrasonic inspecting method for macro-structure and imperfection of steel
GB/T 19345.2-2017
Amorphous and nanocrystalline alloy—Part 2: Fe-based nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy strips
非晶纳米晶合金 第2部分:铁基纳米晶软磁合金带材
GB/T 21014-2007
Earth-moving machinery - Hour meters
土方机械 计时表
GB 31625-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Methyl dihydrojasmonate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 二氢茉莉酮酸甲酯
GB 5068-1999
Axles steel for railway locomotive and wagons
GB/T 25356-2010
Airport pavement deicing /anti-icing fluid
GB/T 33575-2017
Freight containers—Electronic seals—Environmental characteristics
集装箱 电子箱封 环境特性
GB/T 15298-1994
Potentiometers for use in electronicequipment--Part 1:Generic specification
电子设备用电位器 第一部分:总规范
GB/Z 32235-2015
Industrial-process measurement, control and automation—Reference model for representation of production facilities (digital factory)
工业过程测量、控制和自动化 生产设施表示用参考模型(数字工厂)
GB/T 3286.1-2012
Methods for chemical analysis of limestone and dolomite - Part 1: The determination of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide content - The complexometric titration method and the flame atomic absorption spectrometric method
石灰石及白云石化学分析方法 第1部分:氧化钙和氧化镁含量的测定 络合滴定法和火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 24467-2009
The rules of constitute hierarchy for product data dictionary of general mechanical parts and components
GB/T 11200.3-2008
Text methods of high-purity sodium hydroxide - Part 3: Determination of calcium content - Flame atomic absorption method
高纯氢氧化钠试验方法 第3部分:钙含量的测定 火焰原子吸收法
GB/T 18290.4-2000
Solderless connections--Part 4:Solderless non-accessible insulation displacement connections--General requirements,test methods and practical guidance
无焊连接 第4部分:不可接触无焊绝缘位移连接 一般要求、试验方法和使用导则
GB/T 9797-2005
Metallic coatings -- Electrodeposited coatings of nickel plus chromium and of copper plus nickel plus chromium
金属覆盖层 镍+铬和铜+镍+铬电镀层
GB/T 27879-2011
Patron external display for toll collection of highway
GB/T 35472.7-2017
Test method for friction element of wet automatic transmission—Part 7: Band friction test procedure
湿式自动变速箱摩擦元件试验方法 第7部分:带式摩擦试验方法

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