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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 2930.2-2017
Rules of seed testing for forage, turfgrass and other herbaceous plant—The purity analysis
草种子检验规程 净度分析
GB/T 21764-2008
Chemicals - Test method of subchronic dermal toxicity study
化学品 亚慢性经皮毒性试验方法
GB/T 18311.31-2007
Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components - Basic test and measurement procedures - Part 3-31: Examinations and measurements - Coupled power ratio measurement for fibre optic sources
纤维光学互连器件和无源器件 基本试验和测量程序 第3-31部分:检查和测量 纤维光学光源耦合功率比测量
GB/T 13748.22-2013
Chemical analysis methods of magnesium and magnesium alloys - Part 22:Determination of thorium content
镁及镁合金化学分析方法 第22部分:钍含量测定
GB/T 18149-2017
Centrifugal,mixed flow and axial pumps—Code for hydraulic performance tests—Precision class
离心泵、混流泵和轴流泵 水力性能试验规范 精密级
GB/T 13667.2-2003
Technical specification for stacked steel book shelves
GB/T 6719-2009
Specifications for bag house
GB/T 32454-2015
Flight evaluation of launch vehicle
GB 28337-2012
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Menthyl Acetate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 乙酸薄荷酯
GB/T 23216-2008
Determination of 503 pesticides and related chemicals residues in mushrooms - GC-MS method
食用菌中503种农药及相关化学品残留量的测定 气相色谱-质谱法
GB/T 14713-2009
General specification for veneer lathe
GB 4706.63-2008
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Particular requirements for commercial electric rinsing sinks
家用和类似用途电器的安全 商用电漂洗槽的特殊要求
GB/T 31093-2014
Test method for stress of monocrystalline sapphire ingot
GB/T 35411-2017
Requirements of product information presentation in E-commerce platform
GB/T 652-2003
Chemical reagent--Barium chloride dihydrate
化学试剂 氯化钡
GB/T 20021-2005
Heat resistant conveyor belts of duck construction
GB/T 325.2-2010
Packaging container - Steel drums - Part 2:Removable head (open head) drums with a minimum total capacity of 208l, 210l and 216.5l
包装容器 钢桶 第2部分:最小总容量208L、210L和216.5L全开口钢桶
GB/T 12060.16-2017
Sound system equipment—Part 16: Objective rating of speech intelligibility by speech transmission index
声系统设备 第16部分:通过语音传输指数客观评价言语可懂度
GB/T 3668.11-1983
Modular units for machine tool construction--Integral way columns--Dimensions
组合机床通用部件 有导轨立柱尺寸
GB/T 29498-2013
Wood windows and doors
GB/T 33908-2017
Technical specification for testing of liquidus temperature of the electrolyte
GB 25286.8-2010
Non-electrical equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres - Part 8: Protection by liquid immersion “k”
爆炸性环境用非电气设备 第8部分:液浸型“k”
GB/T 16674.2-2016
Hexagon bolts with flange—Fine pitch thread—Small series
六角法兰面螺栓 细牙 小系列
GB/T 1671-2008
Plasticizers - Determination of flash point - Cleveland open cup method
增塑剂闪点的测定 克利夫兰开口杯法
GB/T 6609.16-2004
Chemical analysis methods and determination of physical performance of alumina--Determination of boron trioxide content--Curcumin spectrophotometric method
氧化铝化学分析方法和物理性能测定方法 姜黄素分光光度法测定三氧化二硼含量
GB/T 20540.4-2006
Digital data communication for measurement and control - Fieldbus for use in industrial systems Type 3: PROFIBUS specification - Part 4: Data link layer protocol specification
测量和控制数字数据通信 工业控制系统用现场总线 类型3:PROFIBUS规范 第4部分:数据链路层协议规范
GB/T 14860.1-2012
Transformers and inductors for use in electronic and telecommunication equipment - Part 1:Generic specification
电子和通信设备用变压器和电感器 第1部分:通用规范
GB/T 1931-2009
Method for determination of the moisture content of wood
GB/T 5395-2014
Forestry and gardening machinery—Vibration test code for portable hand-held machines with internal combustion engine—Vibration at the handles
林业及园林机械 以内燃机为动力的便携式手持操作机械振动测定规范 手把振动
GB 3102.7-1993
Quantities and units of acoustics
GB/T 17580.2-1998
Information technology--Open systems interconnection--Virtual terminal basic class protocol--Part 2:Protocol implementation conformance statement
信息技术 开放系统互连 虚拟终端基本类协议 第2部分:协议实现一致性声明
GB 26483-2011
Noise limits of mechanical presses
机械压力机 噪声限值
GB/T 22105.1-2008
Soil quality - Analysis of total mercury、arsenic and lead contents in soils - Atomic fluorescence spectrometry - Part 1:Analysis of total mercury contents in soils
土壤质量 总汞、总砷、总铅的测定 原子荧光法 第1部分:土壤中总汞的测定
GB/T 2861.10-2008
Guide unit for stamping dies - Part 10: Washers
冲模导向装置 第10部分:垫圈
GB/T 21071-2007
Requirement for warehousing service quality
GB/T 29845-2013
Guide for final assembly, packaging,transportation, unpacking, and relocation of semiconductor manufacturing equipment
GB/T 50600-2010
Technical code for seepage control engineering on canal
GB/T 1672-1988
Liquid plasticizers--Determination of volume resisti-vity
GB/T 11026.6-2010
Electrical insulating materials - Thermal endurance properties - Part 6: Ageing ovens - Multi-chamber ovens
电气绝缘材料 耐热性 第6部分:老化烘箱 多室烘箱
GB/T 32830.2-2016
Equipment manufacturing industry—Radio frequency identification for manufacturing process—Part 2 : Technical requirement and application specifications for RFID reader
装备制造业 制造过程射频识别 第2部分:读写器技术要求及应用规范
GB/T 14897.5-1994
Tools for woodworking--Square chisel drill--Termi-nology
木工刀具术语 方凿钻
GB/T 17980.33-2000
Pesticide--Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(I)--Fungicides against pepper anthracnose
农药 田间药效试验准则(一) 杀菌剂防治辣椒炭疽病
GB/T 28281-2012
Plain bearings - Quality characteristics - Statistical process control (SPC)
滑动轴承 质量特性 统计过程控制(SPC)
GB/T 23364.6-2009
Methods for chemical analysis of high purity indium oxide - Part 6: Determination of the loss on ignition - Gravimetric analysis
高纯氧化铟化学分析方法 第6部分:灼减量的测定 称量法
GB/T 11800-2008
Marine explosion-proof type axial flow fans
GB 31887-2015
Cycles—Retro-reflective devices
自行车 反射装置
GB 14536.19-2006
Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use - Particular requirements for electrically operated gas valves, including mechanical requirements
家用和类似用途电自动控制器 电动燃气阀的特殊要求,包括机械要求
GB/T 17317-2011
Rules of the production technology for wheat basic seed
GB/T 15516-1995
Air quality--Determination offormaldehyde--Acetylacetone spectrophotometric method
空气质量 甲醛的测定 乙酰丙酮分光光度法
GB/T 18495-2001
Electric resistance welding--Integrated transformers for welding guns
电阻焊 与焊钳一体式的变压器
GB/T 4390-2008
Wrench openings - Tolerances for general use
扳手开口和扳手孔 常用公差
GB/T 30244-2013
Oscillographic polarograph and its test solution
GB 50360-2016
Code for design coal water mixture engineering
GB/T 17557-2010
Insulating materials for shipboard and offshore units, power, control, instrumentation, telecommunication and data cables
GB/T 33459-2016
RFID tag application criteria for pallet units used in circulation industry
GB/T 1844.4-2008
Plastics - Symbols and abbreviated terms - Part 4: Flame retardants
塑料 符号和缩略语 第4部分: 阻燃剂
GB 10494-1989
Technical specification for crossing signal equipment in wayside
GB/T 4169.16-2006
Components of injection moulds for plastics - Part 16: Shouldered ejector pin
塑料注射模零件 第16部分: 带肩推杆
GB/T 28715-2012
Determination of acidic and neutral protease activity in feed additives - Spetrophotometric method
饲料添加剂酸性、中性蛋白酶活力的测定 分光光度法
GB/T 32117-2015
Cellulose diacetate flake for industrial use
GB/T 3543.1-1995
Rules for agricultural seed testing--General directives
农作物种子检验规程 总则
GB/T 6122.2-2002
Corner-rounding cutters--Part 2:The technical specifications
圆角铣刀 第2部分:技术条件
GB/T 23667-2009
GB/T 19128-2015
Tri-wheel vehicles and low-speed goods vehicles—Retro reflector
三轮汽车和低速货车 回复反射器
GB/T 26692-2011
Frequency-flick-free a.c. supplied electronic ballasts for tubular fluorescent lamps - Performance requirements
管形荧光灯用无频闪电子镇流器 性能要求
GB/T 35478-2017
Fastener—Steel bolts,screws and studs with polyamide locking pre-coating technical specification
紧固件 螺栓、螺钉和螺柱预涂聚酰胺锁紧层技术条件
GB/T 22427.11-2008
Starches and derived products - Determination of total phosphorus content
GB/T 5668-2008
Rotary tiller
GB/T 3899.1-2007
Commercial dyestuffs for textile - The principle of nomenclature
纺织品用染料产品 命名原则
GB/T 4893.4-2013
Test of surface coatings of furniture - Part 4:Determination of adhesion - Cross cut
家具表面漆膜理化性能试验 第4部分:附着力交叉切割测定法
GB/T 18881-2017
Catalyst for light-duty petrol vehicle exhaust purification
GB/T 16570-1996
Motor vehicles--Cradle-mounted in-line fuel injection pumps for diesel engines--Mounting dimensions
汽车柴油机架装直列式喷油泵 安装尺寸
GB/T 19373-2003
Determination of carbamate pesticide residues in feeds--Gas chromatography
饲料中氨基甲酸酯类农药残留量测定 气相色谱法
GB/T 24976.3-2010
Guide of environmental design for electrical accessories - Part 3: Cable reels for household application and similar purposes
电器附件环境设计导则 第3部分:家用和类似用途电缆卷盘
GB/T 7778-2017
Number designation and safety classification of refrigerants
GB/T 7021-1986
Glossary of terms for centrifugal pump
GB/T 29053-2012
Basic terminology of dust and poison control
GB 1886.219-2016
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additives - Amaranth Red Aluminum Lake
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 苋菜红铝色淀
GB/T 23982-2009
Test method for block resistance of wood coatings
GB 2702-1990
Safety boxes for explosives
GB/T 13660-2008
201×7 Strong base polystyrene anion exchange resin
201×7 强碱性苯乙烯系阴离子交换树脂
GB/T 31455.4-2015
Intelligent system of bus rapid transit—Part 4: Technical requirements of depot/platform control system and peripheral equipment
快速公交(BRT)智能系统 第4部分:场站站台控制系统及外围设备技术要求
GB/T 16970-1997
Information processing--Volume and file structure of CD-ROM for information interchange
信息技术 信息交换用只读光盘 存储器(CD-ROM)的盘卷和文卷结构
GB/T 17980.63-2004
Pesticide--Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(Ⅱ)--Part 63:Insecticides against sugarcane beetle
农药 田间药效试验准则(二) 第63部分:杀虫剂防治甘蔗蔗龟
GB/T 14020-2006
Hydrogenated rosin
GB/T 27503-2011
Test solutions of electrolytic conductivity analyzer - Preparation method of sodium chloride solutions
电导率仪的试验溶液 氯化钠溶液制备方法
GB/T 35317-2017
Information classified security protection requirements for systems of IoTPS
GB/T 7672.2-2008
Glass-fiber wound winding wires - Part 2: Glass-fiber wound resin or varnish impregnated, bare or enamelled rectangular copper wire, temperature index 130
玻璃丝包绕组线 第2部分:130级浸漆玻璃丝包铜扁线和玻璃丝包漆包铜扁线
GB 30863-2014
Personal protective equipment―Eye and face protection―Laser eye-protectors
个体防护装备 眼面部防护 激光防护镜
GB/T 34550.2-2017
Method for evaluation of cooling seawater treatment agents—Part 2: Determination of scale inhibition performance
海水冷却水处理药剂性能评价方法 第2部分:阻垢性能的测定
GB/T 25307-2010
High-voltage direct current by-pass switches
GB/T 33495-2017
Regulations of household electronic and electrical appliances maintenance service for rural areas
GB/T 21401-2008
Agricultural irrigation equipment - Aluminium irrigation tubes
农业灌溉设备 铝灌溉管
GB 16410-2007
Domestic gas cooking appliances
GB/T 29425-2012
The dividing principles of natural disaster emergency response and relief
GB/T 32496-2016
Test method for volume fraction of reinforcement in metal matrix composites—Image analysis method
金属基复合材料增强体体积含量试验方法 图像分析法
GB/T 24417-2009
Determination of diisononyl adipate in PVC wrap films - Gas chromatographic method
聚氯乙烯保鲜膜中己二酸二异壬酯的测定 气相色谱法
GB/T 17825.7-1999
Management of CAD documents--Signature rules
CAD文件管理 签署规则
GB/T 27827-2011
Chemicals - Test method of in vivo sister chromatid exchange
化学品 体内姊妹染色单体交换试验方法
GB/T 13555-1992
Flexible copper-clad polyimide film for printed circuits

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