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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 26376-2010
Basic terms on natural disaster management
GB/T 14844-1993
Designations of semiconductor materials
GB/T 20878-2007
Stainless and heat-resisting steels - Designation and chemical composition
不锈钢和耐热钢 牌号及化学成分
GB/T 32851-2016
Requirements on air cargo transport services of space blocked and aircraft ULD (container and pallet)chartered for international freight forwarders
GB/T 24803.2-2013
Safety requirements for lifts―Part 2: Safety parameters meeting the global essential safety requirements (GESRs)
电梯安全要求 第2部分:满足电梯基本安全要求的安全参数
GB 23101.3-2010
Implants for surgery - Hydroxyapatite - Part 3: Chemical analysis and characterization of crystallinity and phase purity
外科植入物 羟基磷灰石 第3部分:结晶度和相纯度的化学分析和表征
GB 19417-2003
Detonator with shock-conducting tube
GB/T 12669-2012
General specification for cascade speed control assembly with semiconductor converter
GB 15842-1995
Mobile radio equipment safety requirements and testing methods
GB/T 10046-2008
Silver brazing filler metals
GB/T 18391.2-2009
Information technology - Metadata registries (MDR) - Part 2: Classification
信息技术 元数据注册系统(MDR) 第2部分:分类
GB/T 337.1-2014
Concentrated nitric acid for industrial use
工业硝酸 浓硝酸
GB/T 5142-2005
Reach and straddle fork-lift trucks-Stability tests
前移式和插腿式叉车 稳定性试验
GB/T 51148-2016
Assessment standard for green museum and exhibition building
GB 13613-2011
Electromagnetic environment requirement for sea long range radio navigation stations and monitors
GB/T 6287-1986
Determination of static absorbed water for molecular sieve
GB/T 2523-2008
Measuring method of surface roughness and peak count for cold-rolled metal sheet (strip)
GB/T 33481-2016
Application specification for electronic seal of Party and government organs
GB/T 5009.174-2003
Determination of metolachlor residues in peanut and soybean
GB/T 29798-2013
Information technology - IT resource management specification based on web services
信息技术 基于Web服务的IT资源管理规范
GB/T 16076-1995
Workplace air--Determination of epichlorohydrin--Direct injection gas chromatographic method
GB/T 17454.3-2008
Safety of machinery - Pressure-sensitive protective devices - Part 3: General principles for design and testing of pressure-sensitive bumpers, plates, wires and similar devices
机械安全 压敏保护装置 第3部分: 压敏缓冲器、压敏板、压敏线及类似装置的设计和试验通则
GB/T 32140-2015
Formula feed for soft-shelled turtle(Pelodiscus sinensis)
GB 5413.36-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Infant and young children - Determination of trans fatty acids in foods and dairy products
食品安全国家标准 婴幼儿食品和乳品中反式脂肪酸的测定
GB/T 20715-2006
Calf milk replacer
GB/T 25676.2-2012
Printing machinery - Wide format ink-jet printer - Part 2:Plat media wide format ink-jet printer
印刷机械 宽幅面喷绘机 第2部分:平板型宽幅面喷绘机
GB/T 23314-2009
GB/T 26802.2-2017
Industrial control computer system—General specification—Part 2:Safety requirements for industrial control computer
工业控制计算机系统 通用规范 第2部分:工业控制计算机的安全要求
GB/T 1958-2004
Geometrical Product Specifications(GPS)--Geometrical tolerance--Verification prescription
产品几何量技术规范(GPS) 形状和位置公差 检测规定
GB 19299-2015
National Food Safety Standard-jelly
食品安全国家标准 果冻
GB/T 16156-1996
Biomaterials--Determination of urinary 1-hydroxypyrene--High performance liquid chromatography
生物 尿中1-羟基芘的测定 高效液相色谱(HPLC)法
GB/T 22263.1-2008
Application development guide of logistics public information platform - Part 1:Foundation term
物流公共信息平台应用开发指南 第1部分:基础术语
GB/T 34666.1-2017
Technical specification for compilation for water quality criteria data—Part 1:Pollutants concentration
水质基准数据整编技术规范 第1部分:污染物含量
GB/T 14833-2011
Synthetic - materials track surfaces
GB/T 21205-2007
Specification for the refurbishing of rotating electrical machines
GB/T 4048-2008
Timekeeping instruments - Wristwatches - Dimensions of bracelet-to-case fastening elements
计时仪器 手表壳与表带连接部位的尺寸系列
GB/T 33726-2017
Musical instrument's Chinese generic name
GB/T 30191-2013
Photocatalysis self-cleaning coatings for exterior wall
GB 1886.240-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Potassium glycyrrhetate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 甘草酸一钾
GB/T 16656.54-2010
Industrial automation systems and integration - Product data representation and exchange - Part 54: Integrated generic resource: Classification and set theory
工业自动化系统与集成 产品数据表达与交换 第54部分:集成通用资源:分类和集合论
GB/T 11356.2-1997
Belt drives--Pulley for classical and narrow V-belts drives(system based on effective width)--Geometrical inspection of grooves
带传动 普通及窄V带传动用带轮(有效宽度制) 槽形检验
GB/T 28648-2012
Chemicals - Acute inhalation toxicity testing - Acute toxic class method
化学品 急性吸入毒性试验 急性毒性分类法
GB/T 12729.13-2008
Spices and condiments - Determination of filth
香辛料和调味品 污物的测定
GB 18281.3-2000
Sterilization of health care products--Biological indicators--Part 3:Biological indicators for moist heat sterilization
医疗保健产品灭菌 生物指示物 第3部分:湿热灭菌用生物指示物
GB/T 23609-2009
Seamless copper alloy tube for water desalting applications
GB/T 35458-2017
GB/T 18290.2-2015
Solderless connections— Part 2:Crimped connections—General requirements,test methods and practical guidance
无焊连接 第2部分:压接连接 一般要求、试验方法和使用导则
GB 3836.16-2006
Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres―Part 16: Inspection and maintenance of electrical installation(other than mines)
爆炸性气体环境用电气设备 第16部分: 电气装置的检查和维护(煤矿除外)
GB/T 20887.6-2017
Continuously hot rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile—Part 6: Complex phase steel
汽车用高强度热连轧钢板及钢带 第6部分:复相钢
GB/T 26629-2011
Practice for the investigation and forecast of grain harvest quality
GB/T 9412-1988
Modems for date transmission at 48 kilobits per second using 60~108 kHz group band circuits
用于60~108 kHz基群电路的48 kbit/s数据传输的调制解调器
GB/T 8129-1997
Industrial automation systems--Numerical control of machines--Vocabulary
工业自动化系统 机床数值控制 词汇
GB/T 5509-2008
Inspection of grain and oils - Determination of magnetic metals content of flours
粮油检验 粉类磁性金属物测定
GB/T 19346.1-2017
Amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys measurement methods—Part 1:AC magnetic properties by the use of ring specimens
非晶纳米晶合金测试方法 第1部分:环形试样交流磁性能
GB/T 3922-2013
Textiles―Tests for colour fastness―Colour fastness to perspiration
纺织品 色牢度试验 耐汗渍色牢度
GB/T 19267.11-2008
Physical and chemical examination of trace evidence in forensic sciences - Part 11:High performance liquid chromatography
刑事技术微量物证的理化检验 第11部分:高效液相色谱法
GB/T 14926.5-2001
Laboratory animal--Method for examination of Pasteurella multocida
实验动物 多杀巴斯德杆菌检测方法
GB/T 32517-2016
Installation couplers intended for permanent connection in fixed installations
GB/T 24916-2010
Surface treatment solution - Determination of metal element contents - Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometric method
表面处理溶液 金属元素含量的测定 电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 6131.4-2006
Cylindrical shanks for milling cutters - part 4: Types and sizes of threaded cylindrical shanks
铣刀直柄 第4部分: 螺纹柄的型式和尺寸
GB/T 28998-2012
Multilaminar decorative lumber
GB/T 23923-2009
Tri-wheel vehicles and low-speed goods vehicles - Generator
三轮汽车和低速货车 发电机
GB/T 31400-2015
Fluorinated alkane—Determination of non condensable gas(NCG)—Gas chromatography
氟代烷烃 不凝性气体(NCG)的测定 气相色谱法
GB/T 22545-2008
Good irradiation practice for the control of microorganisms in dried pet foods
GB/T 18904.2-2002
Semiconductor devices--Part 12-2:Optoelectronic devices--Blank detail specification for laser diodes modules with pigtail for fiber optic systems or sub-systems
半导体器件 第12-2部分:光电子器件 纤维光学系统或子系统用带尾纤的激光二极管模块空白详细规范
GB/T 26955-2011
Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials - Macroscopic and microscopic examination of welds
金属材料焊缝破坏性试验 焊缝宏观和微观检验
GB/T 6960.5-2007
Tractors terminology - Part 5: Steering system
拖拉机术语 第5部分:转向系
GB/T 730-2008
Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Quality control of Blue wool reference materials 1 to 7
纺织品 色牢度试验 蓝色羊毛标样 (1~7)级的品质控制
GB/T 3925-1983
Acceptance inspection of class 2 alternatingcurrent watthour meters
GB 50869-2013
Technical code for municipal solid waste sanitary landfill
GB 2494-2014
Bonded abrasive products―Safety requirements
固结磨具 安全要求
GB/T 11042.2-2005
Textiles-Tests for colour fastness-Colour fastness to Vulcanization part2:Sulfur monochloride
纺织品 色牢度试验 耐化硫色牢度 第2部分:一氯化硫
GB/T 11904-1989
Water quality--Determination of potassium and sodium--Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry
水质 钾和钠的测定 火焰原子吸收分光光度法
GB/T 33137-2016
Interface specification for sensor-based product monitoring software integration
GB/T 25243-2010
Gansu alpine fine-wool sheep
GB/T 19101-2003
General principles and methods of establishing terminology corpus
GB/T 29361-2012
Technical specification for file identification of electronic forensic
GB/T 14343-2008
Testing method for linear density of man-made filament yarns
化学纤维 长丝线密度试验方法
GB/T 24348.4-2009
Textile machinery and accessories - Reeds - Part 4: Dimensions and designation of plastic-bound metal reeds
纺织机械与附件 筘 第4部分:树脂固化金属丝扎筘的尺寸和标记
GB/T 17948.3-2006
Functional evaluation of insulation systems for rotating electrical machines - Test procedures for form-wound windings - Thermal evaluation and classification of insulation sysyems used in machines up to and including 50MVA and 15kV
旋转电机绝缘结构功能性评定 成型绕组试验规程 50MVA、15kV及以下电机绝缘结构热评定和分级
GB/T 27774-2011
Vector surveillance and control in emergencies - General rules
病媒生物应急监测与控制 通则
GB/T 936-2008
Color display chromaticity coordinates of white balance point and its tolerance
GB/T 34673-2017
Determination of 9 heavy metal contents in textile dyeing and finishing auxliaries
GB/T 1131.1-2004
Hand reamers--Part 1:Types and dimensions
手用铰刀 第1部分:型式和尺寸
GB/T 17912-2014
Dimensions of refractory bricks for rotary kilns
GB/T 21532-2008
Lyophilized royal jelly powder
GB/T 33672-2017
Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy system for measurement of atmospheric methane
GB/T 25661.1-2010
Plano-machining centres with traveling overhead cross rail - Part 1: Testing of the accuracy
高架横梁移动龙门加工中心 第1部分:精度检验
GB/T 11253-2007
Cold-rolled sheets and strips of carbon structural steels
GB/T 13273-1991
Analytical method for 131I in plant and animal thyroid gland
GB/T 32409-2015
Information technology—Traditional Mongolian software engineering terminology
信息技术 传统蒙古文软件工程术语
GB 12476.1-2013
Electrical apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust―Part 1: General requirements
可燃性粉尘环境用电气设备 第1部分:通用要求
GB 8952-1988
Hygienic specifications of beer factory
GB/T 24677.1-2009
Boom sprayer - Technical requirements
喷杆喷雾机 技术条件
GB 19966-2005
Information technology -- Universal multiple-octet coded character set(Basic Multiling plane)-16-dots matrix font of Chinese ideogram
信息技术 通用多八位编码字符集(基本多文种平面)汉字16点阵字型
GB/T 22906.5-2008
Testing of cores - Part 5: Determination of characteristics of concentric rotation
纸芯的测定 第5部分:同轴旋转特性的测定
GB/T 35394-2017
Non-destructive testing—X-ray digital radiography—System properties
无损检测 X射线数字成像检测 系统特性
GB/T 28103-2011
Detection and identification of Wheat Streak Mosaic virus
GB 19104-2008
Peracetic acid solution
GB/T 11595-1999
Interface between data terminal equipment(DTE) and data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE)for terminals operating in the packet mode and connected to public data networks by dedicated circuit

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