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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 3871.18-2006
Agricultural tractors - Test procedures - Part 18: Hydraulic power at tractor/implement interface
农业拖拉机 试验规程 第18部分:拖拉机与机具接口处液压功率
GB 29942-2013
National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Identification Vitamin E (dl-α-tocopherol)
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 维生素E(dl-α-生育酚)
GB/T 11219.2-1989
Determination of plutonium in soil--Ion exchange method
土壤中钚的测定 离子交换法
GB/T 24802-2009
Rubber plasticizer A
GB/T 4799-2011
The type designation for lasers
GB/T 22407-2008
Photography - Processing chemicals - Specifications for sodium tetraborate decahydrate
摄影 加工用化学品 十水合四硼酸钠
GB/T 11019-2009
Nickel coated round copper wire
GB/T 3386.2-2007
Electrical and pneumatic analogue chart recorders for use in industrial-process control systems - Part 2: Guidance for inspection and routine testing
工业过程控制系统用电动和气动模拟图纸记录仪 第2部分:检查和例行试验导则
GB/T 17881-1999
Technical specifications of SDH transmission interface for broadcasting and television optical backbone network
GB/T 30823-2014
Nickel-alloy probe test method for determination cooling characteristics of industrial quenching oil
GB 51177-2016
Design code for shiplift
GB/T 26152-2010
E-business order message based on XML
GB/T 3810.1-2016
Test methods of ceramic tiles—Part 1: Sampling and basis for acceptance
陶瓷砖试验方法 第1部分:抽样和接收条件
GB/T 15877-2013
Semiconductor integrated circuits—Specification of DIP leadframes produced by etching
半导体集成电路 蚀刻型双列封装引线框架规范
GB/T 32151.9-2015
Requirements of the greenhouse gas emission accounting and reporting —Part 9: Ceramic production enterprise
温室气体排放核算与报告要求 第9部分:陶瓷生产企业
GB/T 8683-2009
Textiles - Woven fabric - Definitions of general terms and basic weaves
纺织品 机织物 一般术语和基本组织的定义
GB/T 13568-2008
Woodworking machines - Table bandsawing machines - Nomenclature and acceptance conditions
木工机床 细木工带锯机 术语和精度
GB 18457-2001
Stainless steel needle tubing for manufactureof medical devices
GB 12708-1991
The colours of light signals on aids to navigation
GB/T 13214-2006
Canned corned beef and mutton
GB 28635-2012
Precast concrete paving units
GB/T 16601.1-2017
Lasers and laser-related equipment—Test methods for laser-induced damage threshold—Part 1: Definitions and general principles
激光器和激光相关设备 激光损伤阈值测试方法 第1部分:定义和总则
GB/T 15361-2009
Quayside container crane
GB/T 31159-2014
Terminology of atmospheric aerosol observation
GB/T 34531-2017
Periodic inspection and evaluation of liquefied dimethyl ether steel cylinders
GB/T 5551-2010
Surface active agents - Determination for total calcium ion and magnesium ion contents in dispersing agents
表面活性剂 分散剂中钙、镁离子总含量的测定方法
GB/T 21380-2008
Nighttime photometric performance and test method of retroreflective pedestrian markings
GB/T 18648-2002
Diagnostic techniques for African swine fever
GB/T 19154-2017
Building maintenance unit
GB 11602-2007
The safe rules for handing in container port
GB/T 29560-2013
Portal slewing crane
GB 1886.261-2016
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additives - phloretin food additives phloretin
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 根皮素
GB 25551-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Sorbitan monolaurate (Span 20)
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 山梨醇酐单月桂酸酯(司盘20)
GB/T 16763-2012
Shaped insulating refractory products - Classification
GB/T 22727.1-2008
Limits and methods of measurement of certain hazardous substances in telecommunication product Part 1: Telecommunication terminal
通信产品有害物质安全限值及测试方法 第1部分:电信终端产品
GB/T 15623.1-2003
Hydraulic fluid power--Electrically modulated hydraulic control valves--Part 1:Test methods for four-way directional flow control valves
液压传动 电调制液压控制阀 第1部分:四通方向流量控制阀试验方法
GB/T 13896-1992
Water quality--Determination of lead--Oscillopolarography
水质 铅的测定 示波极谱法
GB/T 35107-2017
Determination of soluble humic acid content for mineral humic acid fertilizers
GB/T 21709.12-2009
Standardized manipulations of acupuncture and moxibustion - Part 12: Fire acupuncture
针灸技术操作规范 第12部分:火针
GB 13140.4-2008
Connecting devices for low voltage circuits for household and similar purposes - Part 2: Particular requirements for connecting devices as separate entities with insulation piercing clamping units
家用和类似用途低压电路用的连接器件 第2部分:作为独立单元的带刺穿绝缘型夹紧件的连接器件的特殊要求
GB/T 7994.1-2014
Test method of glass-lined equipments—Part 1: Hydraulic pressure test
搪玻璃设备试验方法 第1部分:水压试验
GB/T 18385-2005
Electric vehicles Power performance Test method
电动汽车 动力性能 试验方法
GB/T 7676.4-2017
Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments and their accessories—Part 4:Special requirements for frequency meters
直接作用模拟指示电测量仪表及其附件 第4部分:频率表的特殊要求
GB 27789-2011
Thermoplastic polyolefin sheets for waterproofing
GB/T 14323-1993
Personal warning devices for X and gamma radiation
GB/T 33526-2017
Genetically modified organism detection method by digital PCR
GB/T 2951.11-2008
Common test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric and optical cables - Part 11:Methods for general application - Measurement of thickness and overall dimensions - Tests for determining the mechanical properties
电缆和光缆绝缘和护套材料通用试验方法 第11部分:通用试验方法 厚度和外形尺寸测量 机械性能试验
GB/T 29903-2013
Technical requirements of cleaner production for wood-based panel industry
GB/T 747-2003
Pulps--Determination of acid-insoluble lignin
纸浆 酸不溶木素的测定
GB/T 32538.2-2016
Agricultural vehicles—Mechanical connections on towed vehicles—Part 2: Coupling ring 40 with socket
农业车辆 被牵引车辆的机械连接装置 第2部分:带座孔的40连接环
GB/T 12703.4-2010
Textile - Evaluation for electrostatic properties - Part 4: Resistivity
纺织品 静电性能的评定 第4部分:电阻率
GB/T 1504-2008
Cast iron rolls
GB/T 20148-2006
Spatial distribution of daylight-CIE standard general sky
日光的空间分布 CIE一般标准天空
GB/T 28420-2012
Electronic toll collection - Data and technical specification of OBE-SAM
电子收费 OBE-SAM数据格式和技术要求
GB/T 15273.1-1994
Information processing--8-Bit single-byte coded graphic character sets--Part 1:Latin alphabet No.1
信息处理 八位单字节编码图形字符集 第一部分:拉丁字母一
GB/T 23416.1-2009
The safety technical specification of pest control for vegetables - Part 1: General principles
蔬菜病虫害安全防治技术规范 第1部分:总则
GB/T 10238-2015
Oil well cement
GB/T 7517-2004
Micrographics--Microfilming for ancient books on 16mm roll film
缩微摄影技术 在16mm卷片上拍摄古籍的规定
GB/T 19228.2-2011
Stainless steel press-fitting assemblies - Part 2:Light gauge stainless steel tubes for press-fittings
不锈钢卡压式管件组件 第2部分:连接用薄壁不锈钢管
GB/T 21718-2008
Fundamental technical requirements for small hydraulic turbines
GB 50894-2013
Code for design of environment protection for machinery industry
GB/T 4728.8-2008
Graphical symbols for diagrams - Part 8:Measuring instruments, lamps and signalling devices
电气简图用图形符号 第8部分:测量仪表、灯和信号器件
GB/T 1741-2007
Test method for determining the resistance of paints film to mold
GB/T 17638-1998
Geosynthetics--Synthetic staple fibers needlepunched nonwoven geotextiles
土工合成材料 短纤针刺非织造土工布
GB/T 30294-2013
Poly (butylene succinate)
GB/T 15814.3-1995
Reagent of fireworks and firecrackers--Thermal compatibility test--Method of DTA and DSC
烟花爆竹药剂 热相容性试验 差热分析或差示扫描热量热法
GB/T 33158-2016
Thermal insulating products for building applications—Determination of behaviour under cyclic loading
建筑用绝热制品 循环载荷性能的测定
GB/T 18268.23-2010
Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use - EMC requirements - Part 23: Particular requirements - Test configuration, operational conditions and performance criteria for transducers with integrated or remote signal conditioning
测量、控制和实验室用的电设备 电磁兼容性要求 第23部分:特殊要求 带集成或远程信号调理变送器的试验配置、工作条件和性能判据
GB/T 31798-2015
Detection and identification of Plenodomus biglobosus (Shoemaker & H. Brun) Gruyter, Aveskamp & Verkley
GB/T 7594.7-1987
Rubber insulation and sheath of electric cables and wires--Part 7:Heavy duty flame-retardant rubber sheath 65℃
电线电缆橡皮绝缘和橡皮护套 第7部分:65℃重型不延燃橡皮护套
GB/T 28779-2012
Rolling bearings - Insert bearing units - Classification
滚动轴承 带座外球面球轴承 分类
GB/T 23173-2008
Classificaton of musical instruments
GB/T 23724.1-2009
Cranes - Inspections - Part 1: General
起重机 检查 第1部分:总则
GB 4543-2008
Pyrotechnic distress signals for ships
GB/T 17987-2000
Base for bitumen felts--Polyester nonwovens
沥青防水卷材用基胎 聚酯非织造布
GB/T 20277-2015
Information security technology—Testing and evaluation approaches of network and terminal separation products
信息安全技术 网络和终端隔离产品测试评价方法
GB 16218-1996
Health standard for dichloromethane in the air of workplace
GB/T 19973.1-2005
Sterilization of medical devices -- Microbiological methods -- Part 1: Estimation of population of microorganisms on products
医用器材的灭菌 微生物学方法 第一部分:产品上微生物总数的估计
GB/T 26758-2011
The specification for energy conservation of lead, zinc smelting enterprise
GB/T 34820-2017
Cosmetic ingredients—Glycol distearate
化妆品用原料 乙二醇二硬脂酸酯
GB/T 6109.10-2008
Enamelled round winding wire - Part 10: Solderable polyurethane enamelled round copper wire,class 155
漆包圆绕组线 第10部分:155级直焊聚氨酯漆包铜圆线
GB/T 6730.70-2013
Iron ores - Determination of total iron content - Titrimetric method after tin(Ⅱ) chloride reduction
铁矿石 全铁含量的测定 氯化亚锡还原滴定法
GB/T 33776.603-2017
Forestry internet of things—Part 603: General specification of devices in wireless sensor networks
林业物联网 第603部分:无线传感器网络组网设备通用规范
GB/T 25028-2010
Wheel Loader - Booster using for brake system - Technical specifications
轮胎式装载机 制动系统用加力器 技术条件
GB/T 16594-2008
General rules for measurement of length in micron scale by SEM
GB/T 18526.6-2001
Code of good irradiation practice for the control of microflora in pickled meat products with distillers grain
GB/T 4689.20-1996
Leather--Determination of adhesion of finish
皮革 涂层粘着牢度测定方法
GB/T 32431-2015
Information technology—SOA service delivery assurance specification
信息技术 SOA 服务交付保障规范
GB/T 20506-2006
Anodizing of aluminium and its alloys - Measurement of reflectivity characteristics of aluminium surfaces using abridged goniophotometer or goniophotometer
铝及铝合金阳极氧化 阳极氧化膜表面反射特性的测定 遮光角度仪或角度仪法
GB/T 29112-2012
Terminology for the prevention of pollution from ships
GB/T 24136-2009
Rubber-or plastics-coated fabrics - Detetmination of resistance to liquids
橡胶或塑料涂覆织物 耐液体性能的测定
GB/T 31501-2015
Information security technology—Authentication and authorization—Specification for authorization application programming decision interface
信息安全技术 鉴别与授权 授权应用程序判定接口规范
GB/T 20118-2017
Steel wire ropes for general purposes
GB/T 6730.48-1986
Methods for chemical analysis of iron ores--The dithio diantipyryl methane photometric method for the determination of bismuth content
铁矿石化学分析方法 二硫代二安替吡啉甲烷光度法测定铋量
GB/T 27554-2011
Rolling bearings - Insert bearing units - Identification code
滚动轴承 带座外球面球轴承 代号方法
GB/T 22071.1-2008
Test guide for instrument transformers - Part 1: current transformers
互感器试验导则 第1部分: 电流互感器
GB/T 7301-2002
Feed additive--Nicotinamide
饲料添加剂 烟酰胺
GB/T 17143.1-1997
Information technology--Open systems interconnection--Systems management--Part 1:Object management function
信息技术 开放系统互连 系统管理 第1部分:客体管理功能
GB/T 18171-2017
Chlorothalonil aqueous suspension concentrates
GB/T 7814-2008
Isopropyl alcohol for industrial use

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