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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 20089-2006
Machinery and equipment for working the soil - Mouldboard plough working elements - Vocabulary
土壤耕作机械 铧式犁工作部件 词汇
GB/T 5519-2008
Cereals and pulses - Determination of the mass of 1 000 grains
谷物与豆类 千粒重的测定
GB/T 4032-2013
Wrist-chronometers with spring balance oscillator
GB 18580-2001
Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials--Limit of formaldehyde emission of wood-based panels and finishing products
室内装饰装修材料 人造板及其制品中甲醛释放限量
GB/T 24922-2010
Technical specifications of explosion-proof version electric valve actuators
GB/T 21650.2-2008
Pore size distribution and porosity of solid materials by mercury porosimetry and gas adsorption - Part 2: Analysis of mesopores and macropores by gas adsorption
压汞法和气体吸附法测定固体材料孔径分布和孔隙度 第2部分:气体吸附法分析介孔和大孔
GB/T 11450.4-1989
Hollow metallic waveguides--Part 4:Relevant specifications for circular waveguides
空心金属波导 第四部分:圆形波导有关规范
GB/T 29001.3-2012
Numerical control system of machine tool - Protocol specifications for NCUC-Bus fieldbus - Part 3:Data link layer
机床数控系统 NCUC-Bus现场总线协议规范 第3部分:数据链路层
GB/T 14867-2007
Feng-flavour Chinese spirits
GB 51008-2016
Standard for inspection and appraisal of high-rise and complicated steel structures
GB/T 23930-2009
Tri-wheel vehicles and low-speed goods vehicles - Steering gear
三轮汽车和低速货车 转向器
GB/T 31407-2015
Determination of iodopropynyl butylcarbamate in cosmetics—Gas chromatography method
化妆品中碘丙炔醇丁基氨甲酸酯的测定 气相色谱法
GB/T 33475.2-2016
Information technology—High efficiency media coding—Part 2: Video
信息技术 高效多媒体编码 第2部分:视频
GB/T 18714.1-2002
Information technology--Open Distributed Processing--Reference model--Part 1:Overview
信息技术 开放分布式处理 参考模型 第1部分:概述
GB/T 26963.1-2011
Crumb ambient-machine-oriented waste tyre recycling line - Part 1: General requirements
废旧轮胎常温机械法制取橡胶粉生产线 第1部分:通用技术条件
GB/T 23113-2008
Measurement of mercury level in fluorescent lamps
GB/T 32132-2015
DNA identification of wool, cashmere, duck's down, goose's down animal materials—Real-time fluorescence PCR method
动物性材料(羊毛、羊绒、鸭绒、鹅绒)属性DNA鉴定方法 实时荧光PCR法
GB/T 7327-2008
Silicon carbide surge arresters for a.c.systems
GB 2712-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Soy products
食品安全国家标准 豆制品
GB 22604-2008
Tebuconazole emulsion, oil in water
GB/T 25250-2010
Imaging materials - Colour images on paper prints - Determination of indoor water resistance of printed colour images
成像材料 纸质照片上的彩色影像 打印彩色影像室内耐水性测定
GB/T 19911-2005
Shipbuilding-Inland navigation-bucket Dredgers-Scale of bucket capacities
造船 内河 链斗挖泥船挖斗容量标定
GB/T 35667-2017
Metolachlor technical material
GB/T 18310.17-2003
Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components--Basic test and measurement procedures--Part 2-17:Tests--Cold
纤维光学互连器件和无源器件 基本试验和测量程序 第2-17部分:试验 低温
GB/T 29369-2012
Technology regulation for white jelly fungus production
GB/T 8242.3-1987
Terminology for hull equipment--Deck equipment and fittings
船体设备术语 舱面属具
GB/T 34381-2017
Evaluation method for reliability on CNC turret punch press
GB/T 24349.6-2009
Textile machinery and accessories - Cylindrical tubes - Part 6: Dimensions, tolerances and designation of tubes for cross wound packages in winding and twisting
纺织机械与附件 圆柱形筒管 第6部分:卷绕和加捻用交叉卷绕筒管的尺寸、偏差和标记
GB/T 12985-1991
General rules of using percentiles of the body dimensions for products design
GB/T 16264.1-2008
Information technology - Open systems interconnection - The directory - Part 1: Overview of concepts, models and services
信息技术 开放系统互连 目录 第1部分: 概念、模型和服务的概述
GB/T 33705-2017
Soil moisture observation—Frequency domain reflection method
土壤水分观测 频域反射法
GB/T 27781-2011
Field efficacy test methods and criterions of public health insecticides - Spray fluid
卫生杀虫剂现场药效测定及评价 喷射剂
GB/T 20445-2006
Planed sawn timber
GB 1886.232-2016
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additives - Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 羧甲基纤维素钠
GB/T 9410-2008
General specification for antennas used in the mobile communications
GB/T 9129-2003
Specifications of non-metallic flat gaskets for pipe flanges
管法兰用非金属平垫片 技术条件
GB/T 18175-2014
Determination of corrosion inhibition performance of water treatment agents―Rotation specimen method
水处理剂缓蚀性能的测定 旋转挂片法
GB/T 25666-2010
Parallel shank twist drills with carbide tips
GB/T 21994.1-2008
Chemical analysis of magnesium fluoride - Part 1: Preparation and storage of test samples
氟化镁化学分析方法 第1部分:试样的制备和贮存
GB/T 35335-2017
Guidelines for surveillance of Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus
GB/T 14501.5-1993
Spectrophotometric determination of titanium in uranium hexafluoride
六氟化铀中钛的测定 分光光度法
GB 14166-2013
Safety-belts, restraint systems, child restraint systems and ISOFIX child restraint systems for occupants of power-driven vehicles
机动车乘员用安全带、约束系统、儿童约束系统和 ISOFIX 儿童约束系统
GB/T 20964-2007
Dust sampler
GB/T 34308.4-2017
Sports information classification and codes—Part 4: Sports medicine index code
体育信息分类与代码 第4部分:运动医学指标代码
GB/T 24681-2009
Equipment for crop protection - Methods for field measurement of spray drift
植物保护机械 喷雾飘移的田间测量方法
GB 11748-2005
Carbon dioxde Laser Treating Intrument
GB/T 33489-2017
Building specification for exhibition information management system
GB/T 28110-2011
Detection and identification of Bunias orientalis L.
GB/T 4857.18-1992
Packaging--Transport packages--Quantitative data for the compilation of performance test schedules
包装 运输包装件 编制性能试验大纲的定量数据
GB/T 32512-2016
Technical requirements for protection of photovoltaic power station against lightning
GB/T 6031-1998
Rubber,vulcanized or thermoplastic--Determination of hardness (hardness between 10IRHD and 100 IRHD)
硫化橡胶或热塑性橡胶硬度的测定(10~100 IRHD)
GB 24384-2009
External cylindrical grinding machines - Safeguarding specifications
外圆磨床 安全防护技术条件
GB/T 2031-1994
Marine fire-fighting coupeigs
GB/T 30674-2014
Criteria for evaluating enterprises emergency logistics capability
GB/T 10826.4-2008
Fuel injection equipment - Vocabulary - Part 4: High-pressure pipes and end-connections
燃油喷射装置 词汇 第4部分:高压油管和管端连接件
GB/T 26006-2010
Aluminium alloys extruded tubes,bars,rods,and profiles used for ships
GB/T 8338-2005
Camera shutters
GB/T 4236-1984
Steel--Examination by sulphur print (Baumann method)
GB/T 11064.2-2013
Methods for chemical analysis of lithium carbonate,lithium hydroxide monohydrate and lithium chloride - Part 2: Determination of lithium hydroxide content - Acid-alkali titrimetric method
碳酸锂、单水氢氧化锂、氯化锂化学分析方法 第2部分:氢氧化锂量的测定 酸碱滴定法
GB/T 18148-2000
Testing method of the compaction performance of rollers and compactors
GB/T 4909.3-2009
Test methods for bare wires - Part 3: Tensile test
裸电线试验方法 第3部分:拉力试验
GB/T 15904-1995
Rubber--Determination of polyisoprene content
GB/T 17999.10-2008
SPF chicken - Microbiological surveillance - Part 10: Indirect immunofluorescent assay for SPF chicken
SPF鸡 微生物学监测 第10部分:SPF鸡 间接免疫荧光试验
GB 50861-2013
Standard method of measurement for urban transit railway works
GB 18079-2012
Health protection zone for gelatin industry
GB/T 2484-2006
Bonded abrasive products - General requirements
固结磨具 一般要求
GB/T 33129-2016
General code of practice for packaging and cool chain transport of fresh fruits and vegetables
GB/T 13917.4-2009
Laboratory efficacy test methods and criterions of public health insecticides for pesticide registration - Part 4: Mosquito coil
农药登记用卫生杀虫剂室内药效试验及评价 第4部分:蚊香
GB/T 31008-2014
Foot protection―Selection specification for material safety of footwear
足部防护 鞋(靴)材料安全性选择规范
GB/T 3385-2001
Shipbuilding and marine structures--Toughened safety glass panes for rectangular windows and side scuttles--Punch method of non-destructive strength testing
船用舷窗和矩形窗钢化安全玻璃 非破坏性强度试验 冲压法
GB/T 26342-2010
International carrying corpse - Xylogen coffin
国际运尸 木质棺柩
GB 16360-1996
Radiological protection standard for clinical nuclear medicine
GB/T 22330.5-2008
Standard for specified animal disease free zone - Part 5: African swine fever free zone
无规定动物疫病区标准 第5部分:无非洲猪瘟区
GB/T 23371.1-2013
Basic principles for graphical symbols for use on electrical equipment―Part 1: Creation of graphical symbols for registration
电气设备用图形符号基本规则 第1部分:注册用图形符号的生成
GB/T 2260-2007
Codes for the administrative divisions of the People's Republic of China
GB 1900-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Dibutylhydroxytoluene (BHT)
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 二丁基羟基甲苯(BHT)
GB/T 14013-2017
Mobile communication equipments—Transport package
移动通信设备 运输包装
GB/Z 18728-2002
ERP system function structure for manufacture techno-logy specification
GB/T 11417.9-2012
Ophthalmic optics - Contact lenses - Part 9: Ageing by exposure to UV and visible radiation (in vitro method)
眼科光学 接触镜 第9部分:紫外和可见光辐射老化试验(体外法)
GB/T 7697-1996
Glass mosaic
GB/T 33640-2017
Installation quality inspection code of rack and pinion hoists for persons and materials
GB/T 18029.10-2009
Wheelchairs - Part 10: Determination of obstacle-climbing ability of electric wheelchair
轮椅车 第10部分:电动轮椅车越障能力的测定
GB/T 31341-2014
General principles for energy conservation assessment
GB/T 13217.5-2008
Test method for initial dryness of liquid ink
GB/T 32402-2015
Terminology for communications—Data communications—Internet
通信名词术语 数据通信 因特网
GB/Z 26213-2010
Calculations for interior lighting basic method
GB/T 11457-2006
Information technology Software engineering terminology
信息技术 软件工程术语
GB/T 2423.60-2008
Environmental testing - Part 2: Tests - Test U: Robustness of terminations and integral mounting devices
电工电子产品环境试验 第2部分:试验方法 试验U:引出端及整体安装件强度
GB/T 4458.2-2003
Mechanical drawings--Item references and its arrangement for assembling drawings
机械制图 装配图中零、部件序号及其编排方法
GB/T 29780-2013
Hermetic motor-compressors for household and similar application heat pump water heater
GB/T 2292-1997
Coking products--Determination of toluene-insoluble content
GB/T 35220-2017
Guidance for baseline surface radiation station construction
GB 5135.16-2010
Automatic sprinkler system - Part 16:Flexible sprinkler hose with fittings
自动喷水灭火系统 第16部分:消防洒水软管
GB/T 205-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of aluminate cement
GB/T 34884-2017
Rolling bearings—Flexible bearings for harmonic drive gear reducers of industrial robots
滚动轴承 工业机器人谐波齿轮减速器用柔性轴承
GB/T 2397-2012
Disperse dyestuffs - Determination of built up
分散染料 提升力的测定
GB/T 8321.4-2006
Guideline for safety application of pesticides(Ⅳ)
GB/T 33929-2017
Test methods of the performance for MEMS high g accelerometer
GB/T 23296.9-2009
Food contact materials - Polymer - Determination of acrylamide in food simulants - High performance liquid chromatography
食品接触材料 高分子材料 食品模拟物中丙烯酰胺的测定 高效液相色谱法
GB/T 19448.6-2004
Tool holders with cylindrical shank--Part 6:Type E with cylindrical seat
圆柱柄刀夹 第6部分:装圆柱柄刀具的E型刀夹

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