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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 14987-1994
High permability alloys with high hardness and high electrical resistance
GB/T 23392.2-2009
Technical specification for the forecast of diseases and insects on cruciferous plants - Part 2: Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora (Jones) Bergey et al.
十字花科蔬菜病虫害测报技术规范 第2部分:软腐病
GB/T 12496.16-1999
Test methods of wooden activated carbon--Determination of chloride content
木质活性炭试验方法 氯化物的测定
GB 6932-2015
Domestic gas instantaneous water heater
GB/T 35354-2017
Ships and marine technology—Large yachts—Deck crane and access gangways strength requirements
船舶和海上技术 大型游艇 甲板起重机和登船梯强度要求
GB/T 23118-2008
Technical requirement for household and similar tumble washer-dryer
GB/T 18442.5-2011
Static vacuum insulated cryogenic pressure vessel - Part 5: Inspection and test
固定式真空绝热深冷压力容器 第5部分:检验与试验
GB/T 18798.1-2017
Instant tea in solid form—Part 1: Sampling
固态速溶茶 第1部分:取样
GB 22609-2008
Carbosulfan technical
GB/T 4654-2008
The general technical specifications for non-metallic basic body infrared heater
GB/T 30274-2013
Information security techniques—Public Key Infrastructure―Specification of testing on application interfaces of electronic signature card
信息安全技术 公钥基础设施 电子签名卡应用接口测试规范
GB/T 33990-2017
Inspection and acceptance for lunar digital map quality
GB/T 15536-1995
Information processing--SGML support facilities--SGML document interchange format(SDIF)
信息处理 SGML支持设施 SGML文件交换格式(SDIF)
GB/T 19915.4-2005
Quick tri-PCR detection techniques for pathogenic Streptococcus suis type
GB/T 18024.6-2010
Graphical symbols for the technical documentation of coal mine machinery - Part 6:Graphical symbols for surface mine machinery
煤矿机械技术文件用图形符号 第6部分:露天矿机械图形符号
GB/T 3367.4-2000
Glossary of termsfor railway locomotive--Names of component parts for diesel locomotive body andbogie
铁道机车名词术语 内燃机车车体和转向架零部件名词
GB/T 13870.2-2016
Effects of current on human beings and livestock—Part 2: Special aspects
电流对人和家畜的效应 第2部分:特殊情况
GB/T 28751-2012
The method of editing energy balance table for enterprises
GB/T 16264.6-2008
Information technology - Open systems interconnection - The directory - Part 6: Selected attribute types
信息技术 开放系统互连 目录 第6部分: 选定的属性类型
GB/T 23704-2009
Information technology - Automatic identification and data capture techniques - Bar code print quality test specification - Two-dimensional symbols
信息技术 自动识别与数据采集技术 二维条码符号印制质量的检验
GB/T 19971-2015
Sterilization of health care products—Vocabulary
医疗保健产品灭菌 术语
GB/T 4760-1995
Acoustics--Measurement procedure for silencers
声学 消声器测量方法
GB/T 20451-2006
Test method for ball-pan hardness of activated carbon
GB/T 26728-2011
Efficient single cylinder diesel engines - Requirements
高效单缸柴油机 技术条件
GB/T 10424-2002
Sintered metal friction materials--Determination of compressive strength
烧结金属摩擦材料 抗压强度的测定
GB/T 591-2008
Marine cast iron flanged stop check valves
GB/T 5661-2013
End-suction centrifugal pumps―Dimensions of cavities for mechanical seals and for soft packing
轴向吸入离心泵 机械密封和软填料用空腔尺寸
GB 50235-2010
Code for construction of industrial metallic piping engineering
GB/T 21994.6-2008
Chemical analysis of magnesium fluoride - Part 6: Determination of silica content - Molybdenum blue photometric method
氟化镁化学分析方法 第6部分:二氧化硅含量的测定 钼蓝分光光度法
GB/T 25005-2010
Sensory analysis - Methods for sensory evaluation of instant noodles
感官分析 方便面感官评价方法
GB/T 32762-2016
Luyuan chicken
GB/T 16618-1996
General principles for thermal insulation technique of industrial furnaces
GB/T 20969.2-2007
Special environmental condition - Machinery for plateau - Part 2: Requirements for construction machinery on plateau
特殊环境条件 高原机械 第2部分:高原对工程机械的要求
GB/T 29087-2012
Non-quenched and tempered steel wire rod for cold heading
GB 2759.1-2003
Hygienic standard for frozen drinks
GB/T 24113.1-2009
Electrical equipment of machines - Computer control systems for plastics machinery - Part 1: General requirements
机械电气设备 塑料机械计算机控制系统 第1部分:通用技术条件
GB/T 31482-2015
Brand valuation—Electronic commerce
品牌价值评价 电子商务
GB/T 8822.6-1988
Seed zones of Chinese forest trees--Seed zones of Pinus massoniana Lamb.
中国林木种子区 马尾松种子区
GB/T 27534.4-2011
Rules for animal genetic resource survey - Part 4: Sheep
畜禽遗传资源调查技术规范 第4部分:绵羊
GB/T 16998-1997
Hot-melt adhesives--Determination of thermal stab-ility
GB/T 10836-2008
Ships and marine technology - Shipboard incinerators - Requirements
造船与船舶技术 船用焚烧炉要求
GB/T 7717.10-2008
Acrylonitrile for industrial use - Part 10: Determination of content of peroxides - Spectrophotometric method
工业用丙烯腈 第10部分: 过氧化物含量的测定 分光光度法
GB 31252-2014
Electrical receptacles and switches with fire monitoring and alarm function
GB/T 51086-2015
Standard for terminology of pharmaceutical laboratory engineering
GB/T 5009.184-2003
Determination of buprofezin in cereals and vegetables
GB/T 8381.4-2005
Method for determination of T-2 toxin in formula feed-Thin layer chromatography
配合饲料中 T-2 毒素的测定 薄层色谱法
GB/T 25343.2-2010
Railway applications - Welding of railway vehicles and components - Part 2: Quality requirements and certification of welding manufacturer
铁路应用 轨道车辆及其零部件的焊接 第2部分:焊接制造商的质量要求及认证
GB/T 10751-1989
Marine oval-shaped steel pipe flanges, weld-on
GB/T 33382-2016
Inner armoured rubber hoses and hose assemblies for conveying dredging soil
GB/T 29474-2012
General technical specification for the interior decoration material of mobile laboratory
GB/T 32061-2015
Testing method of laminated glass interlayer shear modulus
GB/T 17999.5-2008
SPF chicken - Microbiological surveillance - Part 5: Agar gel precipitation test for SPF chicken
SPF鸡 微生物学监测 第5部分:SPF鸡 琼脂扩散试验
GB/T 24448-2009
Scrap steel nail-making machine
GB/T 19602-2004
1,1-Difluoroethane for industrial use(HFC-152a)
GB/T 2624.3-2006
Measurement of fluid flow by means of pressure differential devices inserted in circular cross-section conduits running full - Part 3: Nozzles and Venturi nozzles
用安装在圆形截面管道中的差压装置测量满管流体流量 第3部分:喷嘴和文丘里喷嘴
GB/T 27863-2011
Packaging for dangerous goods - The requirement for impact surface of impact test by dropping
危险货物包装 跌落试验冲击台要求
GB/T 20438.3-2017
Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems—Part 3: Software requirements
电气/电子/可编程电子安全相关系统的功能安全 第3部分:软件要求
GB/T 9851.1-2008
Terminology of graphic technology - Part 1: Fundamental terms
印刷技术术语 第1部分: 基本术语
GB/T 20974-2014
Rigid phenolic foam for thermal insulation(PF)
GB/T 7727.5-2017
General terminology for ships—Part 5:Ship environment
船舶通用术语 第5部分:船舶环境
GB/T 6721-1986
Statistical standard of economic losses from injury-fatal accidents of enterprise staff and workers
GB/T 22332-2008
Diagnostic techniques for duck virus enteritis
GB/T 25749.3-2010
Safety of machinery - Evaluation of the emission of airborne hazardous substances - Part 3: Test bench method for the measurement of the emission rate of a given pollutant
机械安全 空气传播的有害物质排放的评估 第3部分:测量给定污染物排放率的试验台法
GB/T 33664-2017
Replication quality inspection and evaluation specifications for optical disc publication(CD、DVD)
GB/T 2385-2007
Dyes intermediates - General method for the determination of crystallizing point
染料中间体 结晶点的测定通用方法
GB 29681-2013
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of Levamisole Residue in Milk by High Performance Liquid Chromatography
食品安全国家标准 牛奶中左旋咪唑残留量的测定 高效液相色谱法
GB 14883.5-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of radioactive substance polonium - 210 in food
食品安全国家标准 食品中放射性物质钋-210的测定
GB/T 12566-1990
Interface for signal chain of sound and television broadcasting transmitting equipments
GB/T 24740-2009
Technical product documentation - Symbol of mechanical manufacture orientation and clamping
技术产品文件 机械加工定位、夹紧符号表示法
GB 6771-2000
Regulations relating to fire preventive and fighting measures for electric locomotives
GB/T 28221.2-2011
Basic public services for post-disaster transitional resettlement area - Part 2: Environment
灾后过渡性安置区基本公共服务 第2部分:环境
GB/T 24679.1-2017
Equipment for crop protection—Knapsack sprayers—Part 1: Test methods
植物保护机械 背负式喷雾器 第1部分:试验方法
GB/T 13254-2008
Caprolactam for industrial use
GB 7411-2009
Quarantine protocol for cotton seeds in producing areas
GB/T 30773-2014
Determination of residual phenol content in phenolic resins by gas chromatography
气相色谱法测定 酚醛树脂中游离苯酚含量
GB/T 34262-2017
Terms and classification of egg and egg products
GB/T 11762-2006
GB/T 26094-2010
Inductive length measuring instrument
GB/T 14926.64-2001
Laboratory animal--Method for examination of Simian Poxvirus(SPV)
实验动物 猴痘病毒检测方法
GB/T 17215.304-2017
Electricity metering equipment (a.c.)—Particular requirements—Part 4: Static meters connected via electronic transformer
交流电测量设备 特殊要求 第4部分:经电子互感器接入的静止式电能表
GB/T 13748.7-2013
Chemical analysis methods of magnesium and magnesium alloys - Part 7:Determination of zirconium content
镁及镁合金化学分析方法 第7部分:锆含量的测定
GB/T 2972-2016
Test method for uniformity of zinc coating on zinc-coated steel wire by the copper sulphate dip
GB/T 20643.2-2008
Specific environment condition - Environmental test methods - Part2 Artificial environment test method and guidance - Electric and electronic products(including communication products)
特殊环境条件 环境试验方法 第2部分:人工模拟试验方法及导则 电工电子产品(含通信产品)
GB/T 6730.66-2009
Iron ores - Determination of total iron content - Automatic potentiometric titration method
铁矿石 全铁含量的测定 自动电位滴定法
GB/T 13747.7-1992
Zirconium and zirconium alloys--Determination of manganese content--Potassium periodate spectrophotometric method
锆及锆合金化学分析方法 高碘酸盐分光光度法测定锰量
GB/T 8622-2006
Determination of urease activity in soya bean products for feeds
GB 28339-2012
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Dimethyl Sulfide
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 二甲基硫醚
GB/T 18911-2002
Thin-film terrestrial photovoltaic(PV) modules--Design qualification and type approval
地面用薄膜光伏组件 设计鉴定和定型
GB/T 14735-2009
Specification for the operation of the hook used in the port for cargo handling
GB/T 31096-2014
Specifications of coal combustion-aid additives
GB/T 22662.8-2008
Chemical analysis methods of potassium fluotitanate - Part 8: Determination of chloride content - Distillation-mercury nitration volumetric method
氟钛酸钾化学分析方法 第8部分:氯含量的测定 硝酸汞容量法
GB/T 3310-2010
Ultrasonic testing method of copper and copper alloy bars
GB/T 50811-2012
Standard for the operation safety assessment of gas system
GB/Z 20830-2007
PROFIsafe-Profile for Safety Technology on PROFIBUS DP and PROFINET IO
GB/T 29500-2013
Wood-plastic composite boards for concrete-form
GB/T 33041-2016
Decay and termite hazard zone for above-ground applications of wood in China
GB/T 19138-2003
Testing method of in acetone material insolublefor pesticides
GB/T 14733.6-2005
Terminology for electrotechnical space radiocommunication
电工术语 空间无线电通信
GB 25323-2010
The norm of energy consumption per unit products of recycling lead
GB/T 14860.4-2012
Transformers and inductors for use in electronic and telecommunication equipment - Part 4: Sectional specification for power transformers for switched mode power supplies (SMPS) on the basis of the capability approval procedure
电子和通信设备用变压器和电感器 第4部分:按能力批准程序评定质量的开关电源变压器分规范

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