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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 6879-1995
Performance andtest methods of the 30 channels pulse code modulation multiplex equipment at 2048 kbit/s
2048kbit/s 30路脉码调制复用设备技术要求和测试方法
GB/T 16747-2009
Geometrical product specification (GPS) - Surface texture:Profile method - Surface waviness terms
产品几何技术规范(GPS) 表面结构 轮廓法 表面波纹度词汇
GB/T 31257-2014
Specifications of bungy
GB/T 21651-2008
Secondarily zinc alloy ingots
GB/T 8572-2010
Determination of total nitrogen content for compound fertilizers titrimetric method after distillation
复混肥料中总氮含量的测定 蒸馏后滴定法
GB/T 14951-2007
Measurement method of fuel saving technology for automobiles
GB 51102-2016
Code for design of compressed natural gas(CNG)supply station
GB/T 18904.1-2002
Semiconductor devices--Part 12-1:Optoelectronic devices--Blank detail specification for light emitting/infrared emitting diodes with/without pigtail for fiber optic systems or sub-systems
半导体器件 第12-1部分:光电子器件 纤维光学系统或子系统用带/不带尾纤的光发射或红外发射二极管空白详细规范
GB/T 29657-2013
Yttrium-magnesium alloy
GB/T 16678.1-1996
Information processing systems--Fibre distributed data interface (FDDI)--Part 1:Token ring physical layer protocol (PHY)
信息处理系统 光纤分布式数据接口(FDDI) 第1部分:令牌环物理层协议(PHY)
GB/T 33477-2016
Identifying specification for electronic official document of Party and government organs
GB 25907.3-2010
Information technology - Uyghur, Kazak, Kirgiz coded character set - 16 Dot matrix font - Part 3: Kufi lean
信息技术 维吾尔文、哈萨克文、柯尔克孜文编码字符集 16点阵字型 第3部分:库非白体
GB/T 23114-2008
Plaited bamboo products
GB/T 32136-2015
Grade of agricultural drought
GB/T 18861-2012
Test methods of rolling resistance for motor vehicle tyres and motorcycle tyres - Multi-point test
汽车轮胎和摩托车轮胎滚动阻力试验方法 多点试验
GB 22605-2008
Tebuconazole emulsifiable concentrates
GB/T 23245-2009
Basic terminology of the social relief for vagrants and beggars
GB/T 19912-2005
Safety code for the rubber-tyred transtainer
GB/T 19100-2003
Terminology work--Establishment of concept system
术语工作 概念体系的建立
GB 1886.130-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Ethylheptanoate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 庚酸乙酯
GB/T 17050-1997
Thermal radiation terms
GB/T 35681-2017
Function specification of power demand response system
GB 9684-2011
National Food Safety Standard - Stainless Steel Products
食品安全国家标准 不锈钢制品
GB/T 11219.1-1989
Determination of plutonium in soil--Extraction chromatography method
土壤中钚的测定 萃取色层法
GB/T 34556-2017
Impact test method for aluminium matrix composites
GB/T 3554-2008
Standard test method for oil content of petroleum waxes
GB/T 30070-2013
Seamless alloy steel pipes for seawater service
GB/T 16264.2-2008
Information technology - Open systems interconnection - The directory - Part 2: Models
信息技术 开放系统互连 目录 第2部分: 模型
GB/T 31465.6-2017
Road vehicles—Fuse-links—Part 6: Fuse-links with bolt-in contacts with high voltage
道路车辆 熔断器 第6部分:螺栓式高压熔断器
GB/T 14506.20-2010
Methods for chemical analysis of silicate rocks - Part 20: Determination of zinc content
硅酸盐岩石化学分析方法 第20部分:锌量测定
GB/T 20446-2006
Wood moulding
GB/T 10932-2004
Screw thread micrometer
GB 1886.236-2016
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additives - Propylene Glycol Fatty Acid Esters
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 丙二醇脂肪酸酯
GB/T 28521-2012
Intelligent energy saving system by fresh air for telecommunication stations/sites
GB/T 23511-2009
Petroleum and natural gas industries - General requirements for offshore structures
石油天然气工业 海洋结构的一般要求
GB/T 13919-2015
35mm cinematography—Technical specification of magnetic sound test film
35mm电影 磁性声带检验片技术规范
GB/T 21994.2-2008
Chemical analysis of magnesium fluoride - Part 2: Determination of moisture content - Gravimetric method
氟化镁化学分析方法 第2部分:湿存水含量的测定 重量法
GB/T 35137-2017
The high-frequency reciprocating rig for diesel fuel assessment of lubricity
GB/T 26489-2011
Methods for measuring super amphiphilicity of nanomaterials
GB/T 20966-2007
Determination of particle size distribution for colliery powders
GB 19965-2005
The fluride content of brick tea
GB/T 7676.7-2017
Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments and their accessories—Part 7:Special requirements for multi-function instruments
直接作用模拟指示电测量仪表及其附件 第7部分:多功能仪表的特殊要求
GB/T 5121.14-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of copper and copper alloys - Part 14:Determination of manganese content
铜及铜合金化学分析方法 第14部分:锰含量的测定
GB/T 30392-2013
Vegetable Wax
GB/T 7631.8-1990
Lubricants and related products (class L)--Classification--Part 8:Family X (Greases)
润滑剂和有关产品(L类) 的分类 第8 部分:X 组 (润滑脂)
GB/T 33026-2017
High strength steel wire strand for building structures
GB/T 11358-1999
Belt drives--Flat transmission belts and corresponding pulleys--Dimensions and tolerances
带传动 平带和带轮 尺寸和公差
GB/T 22263.7-2010
Application development guide of logistics public information platform - Part 7:Platform service management
物流公共信息平台应用开发指南 第7部分:平台服务管理
GB/T 32514.4-2016
Resistance welding—Welding current measurement for resistance welding—Part 4: Calibration system
电阻焊 焊接电流的测量 第4部分:校准系统
GB/T 28878.1-2012
Specification of the rotating component in space science experiments - Part 1:General requirements of design
空间科学实验转动部件规范 第1部分:设计总则
GB/T 10826.5-2008
Fuel injection equipment - Vocabulary - Part 5: Common rail fuel injection system
燃油喷射装置 词汇 第5部分:共轨式燃油喷射系统
GB/T 23834.2-2009
Chemical analysis method for stannous sulfate - Part 2: Determination of insoluble substance in hydrochloric acid - Gravimetric method
硫酸亚锡化学分析方法 第2部分:盐酸不溶物的测定 重量法
GB/T 8381.10-2005
Determination of Sulfaquinoxaline in feeds High-performance Liquid chromatography
GB/T 26950.2-2015
Explosive-proof industrial trucks—Part 2: Internal combustion industrial trucks
防爆工业车辆 第2部分:内燃工业车辆
GB/T 2690-2000
Bamboo timber
GB/T 26845-2011
Carpet-Assessment of changes in appearance
GB/T 7727.3-1987
General terminology for ships--Ship hydrostaics andhydrodynamics
船舶通用术语 性能
GB/T 6544-2008
Corrugated fiberboard
GB/Z 17624.2-2013
Electromagnetic compatibility - General - Methodology for the achievement of functional safety of electrical and electronic systems including equipment with regard to electromagnetic phenomena
电磁兼容 综述 与电磁现象相关设备的电气和电子系统实现功能安全的方法
GB/T 17999.1-2008
SPF chicken - Microbiological surveillance - Part 1: General rules for the microbiological surveillance for SPF chicken
SPF鸡 微生物学监测 第1部分:SPF鸡 微生物学监测总则
GB/T 50865-2013
Code for design of photovoltaic generation connecting to distribution network
GB/T 25124-2010
Specification for executive search service
GB/T 2546.1-2006
Plastics―Polypropylene(PP) moulding and extrusion materials―Part 1: Designation system and basis for specifications
塑料 聚丙烯(PP〕模塑和挤出材料 第1部分:命名系统和分类基础
GB/T 33133.1-2016
Information security technology—ZUC stream cipher algorithm—Part 1: Algorithm description
信息安全技术 祖冲之序列密码算法 第1部分:算法描述
GB/T 13894-1992
Petroleum and liquid petroleum products--Measurement of liquid level in tank--Manual method
GB 18322-2002
Limits and measurement methods for smoke at free acceleration from agricultural vehicles
GB/T 29246-2012
Information technology - Security techniques - Information security management systems - Overview and vocabulary
信息技术 安全技术 信息安全管理体系 概述和词汇
GB/T 24237-2009
Iron ore pellets for shaft direct-reduction feedstocks - Determination of the clustering index
直接还原炉料用铁矿球团 成团性的测定方法
GB/T 31593.9-2015
Fire safety engineering—Part 9: Guidance on Evaluation of behaviour and movement of people
消防安全工程 第9部分:人员疏散评估指南
GB/T 22330.6-2008
Standard for specified animal disease free zone - Part 6: African horse sickness free zone
无规定动物疫病区标准 第6部分:无非洲马瘟区
GB/T 27659-2011
seedless watermelon grade
GB/T 2273-2007
Sintered magnesia
GB/T 8485-2008
The graduation and test for airborne sound insulating properties of windows and doors
GB 19336-2003
Abamectin technical
GB/T 11918.1-2014
Plugs,socket-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes―Part 1: General ruquirements
工业用插头插座和耦合器 第1部分:通用要求
GB/T 34681-2017
Paints and varnishes—Determination of the overcoatability and recoatability of a coating
色漆和清漆 涂料配套性和再涂性的测定
GB/T 25457-2010
Piano pin block
GB/T 33592-2017
Specification of operation and controlling for distributed resources connected to power grid
GB/T 6072.4-2012
Reciprocating internal combustion engines - Performance - Part 4: Speed governing
往复式内燃机 性能 第4部分:调速
GB/T 13217.6-2008
Test method for relative tinting strength of liquid ink
GB/T 32405-2015
M2M protocol for logistic information service in mobile network
GB/T 24583.1-2009
Vanadium-Nitrogen alloy - Determination of vanadium content - The ammonium ferrous sulfate titration method
钒氮合金 钒含量的测定 硫酸亚铁铵滴定法
GB/T 11538-2006
Essential oil - Analysis by gas chromatography on capillary columns - General method
精油 毛细管柱气相色谱分析 通用法
GB/T 5009.165-2003
Determination of 2,4-D butylate residues in grains
GB/T 27980-2011
Diagnostic techniques for equine viral arteritis
GB/T 35490-2017
Anti-corrosion technology of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe
GB 14391-2009
Technical requirements for satellite emergency position-indicating radio beacons
GB/T 14120-1993
Dimensions for the mounting of single-hole, bush-mounted, spendle-operated electronic components
GB/T 30502-2014
Traffic signal controller for lanes on urban road
GB/T 2059-2008
Strip of copper and copper alloy
GB/T 34765-2017
Determination of mineral fulvic acids content
GB/T 25874.1-2010
Textile machinery and accessories - Strip steel for dents of reeds - Part 1: Cold rolled strip steel
纺织机械与附件 筘齿用钢片 第1部分:冷轧钢片
GB/T 8321.5-2006
Guideline for safety application of pesticides(Ⅴ)
GB/T 19567.1-2004
Bacillus thuringgiensis technical
GB/T 33919-2017
Specification for exchanging biological digital specimen data
GB/T 9074.4-1988
Cross recessed pan head screw,single coil spring lock washer and plain washer assemblies
GB 30000.24-2013
Rules for classification and labelling of chemicals - Part 24: Reproductive toxicity
化学品分类和标签规范 第24部分:生殖毒性
GB/T 14456.6-2016
Green tea—Part 6: Steamed green tea
绿茶 第6部分:蒸青茶
GB/T 2910.12-2009
Textiles - Quantitative chemical analysis - Part 12: Mixtures of acrylic,certain modacrylic,certain chlorofibres,certain elastanes and certain other fibres (method using dimethylformamide )
纺织品 定量化学分析 第12部分:聚丙烯腈纤维、某些改性聚丙烯腈纤维、某些含氯纤维或某些弹性纤维与某些其他纤维的混合物(二甲基甲酰胺法)
GB/T 15057.3-1994
Limestone for chemical industry--Determination of insoluble matter content of hydrochloric acid--Gravimetric method
化工用石灰石中盐酸不溶物含量的测定 重量法

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