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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 26101-2010
General technology requirements of virtual assembly
GB/T 10337-2008
Raw material and pulp - Determination of acid - soluble lignin
GB/T 12997-1991
Water quality--Technical regulation on the design of sampling programmes
水质 采样方案设计技术规定
GB/T 14048.19-2013
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear―Part 5-7: Control circuit devices and switching elements―Requirements for proximity devices with analogue output
低压开关设备和控制设备 第5-7部分:控制电路电器和开关元件 用于带模拟输出的接近设备的要求
GB/T 6104-2005
Powered industrial trucks-Terminology
机动工业车辆 术语
GB/T 5271.11-2000
Information technology--Vocabulary--Part 11:Processing units
信息技术 词汇 第11部分:处理器
GB/T 7185-2009
Hydraulic steering gear of inland vessel
GB/T 35472.1-2017
Test method for friction element of wet automatic transmission—Part 1:Terms and definitions
湿式自动变速箱摩擦元件试验方法 第1部分:术语和定义
GB/T 4678.7-2017
Diecasting dies—Components—Part 7: Straight guide bush
压铸模 零件 第7部分:直导套
GB 28349-2012
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Ethyl Cinnamate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 肉桂酸乙酯
GB/T 17626.7-2008
Electromagnetic compatibility - Testing and measurement techniques - General guide on harmonics and interharmonics measurements and instrumentation, for power supply systems and equipment connected thereto
电磁兼容 试验和测量技术 供电系统及所连设备谐波、谐间波的测量和测量仪器导则
GB/T 14834-2009
Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of tendency to adhere to and corrode metals
硫化橡胶或热塑性橡胶 与金属粘附性及对金属腐蚀作用的测定
GB/T 34119-2017
Railway applications—Electrical connector for rolling stock
轨道交通 机车车辆用电连接器
GB/T 31108-2014
Classification and codes of jewelry inlay information
GB/T 20750-2006
Determination of flunixin meglumine residue in bovine muscle tissue - LC-UV method
牛肌肉中氟胺烟酸残留量的测定 液相色谱-紫外检测法
GB/T 12579-2002
Determination of foaming characteristics of lubricating oils
GB/T 2291-2016
Method for preparation of coal tar pitch specimens
GB/T 3785.1-2010
Electroacoustics - Sound level meters - Part 1: Specifications
电声学 声级计 第1部分:规范
GB/T 29509.2-2013
Methods for chemical analysis of gold-loaded carbon - Part 2:Determination of silver content - Flame atomic absorption spectrometry
载金炭化学分析方法 第2部分:银量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB 8779-1988
Hygienic standard for lithium hydride in the air of workplace
GB/T 22289-2008
Requrirement for processing chilled pork
GB 25462-2010
The discharge standard of water pollutants for yeast industry
GB/T 4958.14-1992
Methods of measurement for equipment usedin terrestrial radio-relay systems--Part 1:Measurements common to sub-systems and simulated radio-relay systems--Section two--Measurements in the radio-frequency range
地面无线电接力系统所用设备的测量方法 第一部分:分系统和仿真无线电接力系统通用的测量 第二节 射频范围的测量
GB/T 21263-2007
Product of geographical indication - Niulanshan erguotou Liquor
地理标志产品 牛栏山二锅头酒
GB 8319-2003
Food additive--Oil of mentha arvensis,partially dementholized
食品添加剂 亚洲薄荷素油
GB/T 15120.6-2012
Identification cards - Recording technique - Part 6: Magnetic stripe-High coercivity
识别卡 记录技术 第6部分:磁条-高矫顽力
GB/T 1940-2009
Method of testing in toughness of wood
GB 50172-2012
Code for construction and acceptance of battery electric equipment installation engineering
GB/T 6115.4-2014
Series capacitors for power systems―Part 4:Thyristor-controlled series capacitors
电力系统用串联电容器 第4部分:晶闸管控制的串联电容器
GB/T 32985-2016
Specification for construction and operation management of bus rapid transit system
GB 26537-2011
Steet fiber reinforced concrete manhole cover
GB/T 12922-2008
Elastic damping leaf coupling
GB/T 2885.2-2008
Narrow gauge mine cars - Part 2: Dumping car
矿用窄轨车辆 第2部分: 翻斗式矿车
GB/T 5009.38-2003
Method for analysis of hygienic standard of vegetables and fruits
GB/T 29856-2013
Characterization of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes using near infrared photoluminescence spectroscopy
GB 9706.29-2006
Medical electrical equipment―Part 2: Particular requirements for the safety and essential performance of anaesthetic systems
医用电气设备 第2部分:麻醉系统的安全和基本性能专用要求
GB/T 1149.7-2010
Internal combustion engines - Piston rings - Part 7: Rectangular rings made of cast iron
内燃机 活塞环 第7部分:矩形铸铁环
GB/T 28295-2012
General specification of superalloy tubes
GB/T 19586-2008
Product of geographical indication - Turpan raisin
地理标志产品 吐鲁番葡萄干
GB/T 14356-1993
Positioning for ship’s side scuttles
GB/T 23373-2009
Determination of butylated hydroxyl anisole(BHA)、dibutylated hydroxyl toluene(BHT)and tertiary butyl hydroquinone(TBHQ) in foods
GB/T 2976-2004
Metallic materials--Wire--Wrapping test
金属材料 线材 缠绕试验方法
GB/T 34880.1-2017
Test conditions for the 5-axis simultaneous machining centers—Part 1: Testing of the accuracy for horizontal machine
五轴联动加工中心检验条件 第1部分:卧式机床精度检验
GB 32046-2015
The norm of energy consumption per unit products of copper drawing stock for electrical purpose
GB/T 6730.63-2006
Iron ores―Determination of aluminum,calcium,magnesium,manganese,phosphorus,silicon and titanium content―Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometric method
铁矿石 铝、钙、镁、锰、磷、硅和钛含量的测定 电感耦合等离子体发射光谱法
GB/T 67-2016
Slotted pan head screws
GB/T 17725-2011
Shipbuilding - Shiplines - Numberical repesentation of elements of the hull geometry
造船 船体型线 船体几何元素的数字表示
GB/T 17351-1998
Dual spacing of vechicle wheels
汽车车轮 双轮中心距
GB/T 4501-2008
Laboratory test method for truck and bus tyres capabilities
GB/T 32256-2015
Steel forgings for rings for reduction gears—General specification
钢质减速齿环锻件 通用技术条件
GB/T 30247-2013
Information technology―digital rights management―Terminology
信息技术 数字版权管理 术语
GB/T 5076-1985
Measurement of the dimensionsof a cylindrical component having two axial terminations
GB/T 22593-2008
Water treatment reagent - General rules for the determination of limiting viscosity number
水处理剂 极限粘数测定方法通则
GB/T 15276-1994
Information processing systems--Information exchange between systems--Synchronous transmission signal quality at DTE/DCE interfaces
信息处理系统 系统间信息交换 DTE/DCE接口处同步传输的信号质量
GB/T 17851-2010
Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) - Geometrical tolerancing - Datums and datum system
产品几何技术规范(GPS) 几何公差 基准和基准体系
GB/T 78-2007
Hexagon socket set screws with cone point
GB/T 35592-2017
Security technology requirements for sensing terminals access to IoTPS
GB/T 28727-2012
Gas analysis - Determination of sulfides - Gas chromatograph with flame photometric detector
气体分析 硫化物的测定 火焰光度气相色谱法
GB/T 12363-2005
Classification of forging functions
GB/T 1236-2000
Industrial fans--Performance testing using standardized airways
工业通风机 用标准化风道进行性能试验
GB/T 23679-2009
Freight containers - Mechanical seals
集装箱 机械箱封
GB/T 34334-2017
Test method of mirror shape for solar collector
GB/T 19381-2015
Physical function requirements and testing for pharmaceutical closures of butyl rubber
GB/T 15817-1995
Determination of mineral sulfate content in detergents--Gravimetric method
洗涤剂中无机硫酸盐含量的测定 重量法
GB/T 33978-2017
Proton exchange membrane fuel cell modules for road vehicles
GB/T 26704-2011
GB/T 14454.12-2008
Fragrance/Flavor substances - Method for determination of trace chlorinated compounds
香料 微量氯测定法
GB/T 5720-2008
Test methods for rubber O-rings
GB 4696-2016
Maritime buoyage system, China
GB/T 5126-2013
Eddy current inspection method for cold drawn thin wall tubes of aluminum and aluminum alloy
GB/T 18488.2-2006
The electrical machines and controllers for electric vehicles - Part 2: Test methods
电动汽车用电机及其控制器 第2部分:试验方法
GB/T 18310.18-2001
Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components--Basic test and measurement procedures--Part 2-18:Tests--Dry heat--High temperatureendurance
纤维光学互连器件和无源器件 基本试验和测量程序 第2-18部分:试验 干热 高温耐久性
GB/T 24985-2010
Test methods for reliability on household and similar room air conditioners
GB 16220-1996
Health standard for beauveria bassiana inthe air of workplace
GB/T 35379-2017
Classification & general requirements of wooden door
GB/T 29065-2012
Road vehicles - Brake lining friction materials - Evaluation method of corrosion effects on painted backing plates and brake shoes
道路车辆 制动衬片摩擦材料 涂漆背板和制动蹄耐腐蚀性能评价方法
GB/T 21568-2008
Dangerous goods - Test method for tensile break stress of packaging
危险品 包装拉断力试验方法
GB/T 23994-2009
Limit of certain harmful elements of coatings for consumer products contacting with human body
GB/T 34577-2017
Technical guide for by-pass working on distribution line
GB/T 31464-2015
The grid operation code
GB/T 12717-2007
Test method of acetates for industrial use
GB/T 2820.9-2002
Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets--Part9:Measurement and evaluation of mechanical vibrations
往复式内燃机驱动的交流发电机组 第9部分:机械振动的测量和评价
GB 50416-2007
Code for design of chambers around pit-bottom of coal mine
GB/T 27515-2011
Technical regulation for rotational mowing on natural grassland
GB/T 7673.5-2008
Paper covered wires - Part 5: Paper covered stranded conductors
纸包绕组线 第5部分: 纸绝缘多股绞合导线
GB/T 32647-2016
Specification for flat panel display glass substrates
GB/T 4698.11-1996
Sponge titanium,titanium and titanium alloys--Determination of chromium content in the absence of Vanadium--Ammonium ferrous sulfate titration method
海绵钛、钛及钛合金化学分析方法 硫酸亚铁铵滴定法测定铬量(不含钒)
GB 30978-2014
Minimum allowable values of the energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for water dispensers
GB/T 22934-2008
Glass containers - Resistance to vertical load - Test method
玻璃容器 耐垂直负荷试验方法
GB/T 25319-2010
Fuel cell power system used for motor vehicles - Technical specification
汽车用燃料电池发电系统 技术条件
GB 21552-2008
Fireworks and firecracker - Black powder banger (Product of firecracker)
烟花爆竹 黑火药爆竹(爆竹类产品)
GB/T 192-2003
General purpose metric screw threads--Basic profile
普通螺纹 基本牙型
GB/T 29455-2012
Economic operation of illumination equipments
GB/T 19836-2005
Instrumentation for electric vehicles
GB/T 24425.3-2009
Prevailing torque type wire thread inserts
GB/T 17143.3-1997
Information technology--Open systems interconnection--Systems management--Part 3:Attributes for representing relationships
信息技术 开放系统互连 系统管理 第3部分:表示关系的属性
GB 50973-2014
Code for construction and quality acceptance of gas turbine of combined cycle unit
GB/T 27841-2011
Chemical products for industrial use - Determination of hydrosolubility of solids and liquids with high solubility - Flask method
工业用化学品 具有高溶解性的固体和液体水溶性测定 烧瓶法
GB/T 15805.7-2008
The quarantine methods of fish - Part 7: Myxosoma cerebralis
鱼类检疫方法 第7部分:脑粘体虫
GB/T 9768-2008
Regulation of application and maintenance of tyre

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