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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 19844-2005
Leaf spring
GB/T 4669-2008
Textiles - Woven fabrics - Determination of mass per unit length and mass per unit area
纺织品 机织物 单位长度质量和单位面积质量的测定
GB/T 15855.1-1995
Flat round head drive rivets
GB/T 30276-2013
Information security technology—Vulnerability management criterion specification
信息安全技术 信息安全漏洞管理规范
GB/T 1634.1-2004
Plastics--Determination of temperature of deflection under load--Part 1:General test method
塑料 负荷变形温度的测定 第1部分:通用试验方法
GB/T 18028-2010
Mathematical,physical and chemical symbols of Chinese Braille
GB/T 29265.1-2017
Information technology—Information device intelligent grouping and resource sharing—Part 1: Architecture and reference model
信息技术 信息设备资源共享协同服务 第1部分:系统结构与参考模型
GB/T 15825.6-2008
Sheet metal formability and test methods - Part 6: Conical cup test
金属薄板成形性能与试验方法 第6部分:锥杯试验
GB/T 28753-2012
Determining of coalbed gas content - Heating desorption
煤层气含量测定 加温解吸法
GB/T 33639-2017
CNC hydraulic punching and drilling composite machine for plates
GB/T 20375-2006
Modified starch - Determination of content of carboxymethyl groups in carboxymethyl starch
变性淀粉 羧甲基淀粉中羧甲基含量的测定
GB/T 23706-2009
Geographic information - Core profile of the spatial schema
地理信息 核心空间模式
GB 16236-1996
Health standard for cyclonite(RDX) in the air of workplace
GB/T 20001.2-2015
Rules for drafting standards—Part 2: Symbol standards
标准编写规则 第2部分:符号标准
GB/T 32412-2015
Information technology—Special and quotative Uyghur, Kazakh and Kirghiz function characters
信息技术 维吾尔文、哈萨克文、柯尔克孜文特定功能符与引用功能符
GB/T 26731-2011
Treatment and processing of waste tyre
GB/T 5916-2008
Formula feeds for replacement pullets, layers and broilers
GB/T 21929-2008
Test method for flash point by tag closed cup tester
GB/T 5678-2013
Sampling methods of spectrochemical analysis for cast alloys
GB/T 17678.1-1999
Requirements for optical disk storage,filing and archival management of CAD electronic records--Part 1:Filing and archival management of CAD electronic records
CAD电子文件光盘存储、归档与档案管理要求 第一部分:电子文件归档与档案管理
GB 9681-1988
Hygienic standard of products of polyvinyl chloride for food packaging
GB/T 35128-2017
Core components for group enterprise operating management information system
GB/T 20899.6-2007
Methods for chemical analysis of gold ores - Part 6: Determination of zinc contents
金矿石化学分析方法 第6部分:锌量的测定
GB/T 25007-2010
Hazard analysis and critical point(HACCP) for application quick-frozen foods
GB/T 4698.8-1996
Sponge titanium,titanium and titanium alloys--Determination of aluminium content--Separation with sodium hydroxide-EDTA complexometric titration method
海绵钛、钛及钛合金化学分析方法 碱分离-EDTA络合滴定法测定铝量
GB/T 34858-2017
Regulation of health education in higher education
GB/T 29089-2012
Spherical tin-solder powder
GB/T 34144-2017
Guidance on material efficiency considerations in environmentally conscious design of electrical and electronic products
GB/T 24115-2009
Textiles - Determination of the tetrachloroethylene residues after dry cleaned
纺织品 干洗后四氯乙烯残留量的测定
GB/T 31484-2015
Cycle life requirements and test methods for traction battery of electric vehicle
GB/T 14794-2016
Steam reciprocating pump
GB/T 5783-2000
Hexagon head bolts--Full thread
六角头螺栓 全螺纹
GB/T 10284-2008
Forestry machinery - Portable pneumatic fire extinguisher - Measurement of noise
林业机械 便携式风力灭火机 噪声的测定
GB 3971.2-1983
Interoffice junction digital line signalling system for telephone automatic switching network
GB/T 27534.6-2011
Rules for animal genetic resource survey - Part 6: Horse(Donkey)
畜禽遗传资源调查技术规范 第6部分:马(驴)
GB/T 17170-1997
Test method for deep level EL2 concentration of undoped semiinsulating monocrystal gallium arsenide by measurement infra-red absorption method
GB/T 5796.3-2005
Trapezoidal screw threads-Part 3:Basic dimensions
梯形螺纹 第3部分:基本尺寸
GB/T 7717.1-2008
Acrylonitrile for industrial use - Part 1: Specification
工业用丙烯腈 第1部分: 规格
GB 31335-2014
The norm of the energy consumption per unit product of iron ore surface mining
GB/T 25343.4-2010
Railway applications - Welding of railway vehicles and components - Part 4: Production requirements
铁路应用 轨道车辆及其零部件的焊接 第4部分:生产要求
GB/T 13477.12-2002
Test method for building sealants--Part 12:Determination of adhesion/cohesion properties at constant temperature
建筑密封材料试验方法 第12部分:同一温度下拉伸-压缩循环后粘结性的测定
GB/T 17614.2-2008
Transmitters for use industrial-process control systems - Part 2: Methods for inspection and routine testing
工业过程控制系统用变送器 第2部分: 检查和例行试验方法
GB/T 29476-2012
General technical specification for mobile laboratory instruments and equipments
GB 50559-2010
Code for design of environmental protection of glass plant
GB/T 20742-2006
Method for the determination of 2-thiouracil, methyl thiouracil, propyl thiouracil, tapazole and 2-mercaptobenzimidazole residues in bovine thyroid and muscles - LC-MS-MS method
牛甲状腺和牛肉中硫脲嘧啶、甲基硫脲嘧啶、正丙基硫脲嘧啶、它巴唑、巯基苯并咪唑残留量的测定 液相色谱-串联质谱法
GB/T 24450-2009
Classification and codes of socio-economic objectives
GB/T 32793-2016
Methods for chemical analysis of nickel sinter and nickel oxide—Determination of nickel, cobalt, copper, iron, zinc, manganese contents—Electrolytic gravimetric method and Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometric method
烧结镍、氧化镍化学分析方法 镍、钴、铜、铁、锌、锰含量测定 电解重量法-电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 27865-2011
Packaging for dangerous goods - Packagings,intermediate bulk containers and large packagings - Guidelines for the application of GB/T 19001
危险货物包装 包装、中型散装容器、大包装 GB/T 19001的应用指南
GB/T 10097-2003
Textile machineryand accessories--Worsted and woollen cards-- Width of cylinder and width on thewire
纺织机械与附件 精纺、粗纺梳毛机 锡林宽度和针布宽度
GB/T 9851.3-2008
Terminology of graphic technology - Part 3: Terms for typography
印刷技术术语 第3部分: 凸版印刷术语
GB/T 22277-2008
Advisory document for good laboratory practice - The role and responsibilities of the sponsor in the application of the principles of GLP
良好实验室规范建议性文件 在良好实验室规范原则的应用中委托方的任务和职责
GB/T 21154-2014
Earth-moving machinery―Methods of measuring the masses of whole machines, their equipment and components
土方机械 整机及其工作装置和部件的质量测量方法
GB/T 21244-2007
Paper cores
GB/T 25750-2010
Lockable gas spring technical specification
GB 29683-2013
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of acetaminophen residues in animal foods - High performance liquid chromatography
食品安全国家标准 动物性食品中对乙酰氨基酚残留量的测定 高效液相色谱法
GB/T 51125-2015
Code for joint construction and sharing of telecommunications stations
GB/T 5009.56-2003
Method for analysis of hygienic standard of pastry
GB/T 24741.2-2009
Technical drawings - Simplified representation of the assembly of parts with fasteners - Prat 2: Rivets for aerospace equipment
技术制图 紧固组合的简化表示法 第2部分:航空航天设备用铆钉
GB/T 33418-2016
Test method of chemical indicator for ethylene oxide sterilization processes
GB/T 12903-2008
Personal protective equipment terminology
GB/T 28221.5-2011
Basic public services for post-disaster transitional resettlement area - Part 5: Culture and sports
灾后过渡性安置区基本公共服务 第5部分:文化体育
GB/T 32082-2015
Marine colorized pipe identification
GB 8317-2006
Food additive - Ethyl lactate
食品添加剂 乳酸乙酯
GB 7465-2009
High activity cobalt-60 sealed radioactive sources
GB/T 30775-2014
Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes of PE protective film
GB/T 4160-2004
Steel-strain ageing sensibility test(Charpy impact method)
GB/T 26096-2010
Peak inductance micrometer
GB/T 35535-2017
Detection of genetically modified components in soybean and canola—Membrane-based gene-chip method
大豆、油菜中外源基因成分的测定 膜芯片法
GB/T 19545.4-2008
Walking aids manipulated by one arm - Requirements and test methods - Part 4: Walking sticks with three or more legs
单臂操作助行器具 要求和试验方法 第4部分:三脚或多脚手杖
GB/T 13748.9-2013
Chemical analysis methods of magnesium and magnesium alloys - Part 9:Determination of iron content - Orthopenanthroline spectrophotometric method
镁及镁合金化学分析方法 第9部分:铁含量测定 邻二氮杂菲分光光度法
GB/T 17423-1998
Series 1 freight containers--Interface connections for tank containers
系列1集装箱 罐式集装箱的接口
GB/T 34680.1-2017
Evaluation model and general evaluation indicator system for smart cities—Part 1: General framework and requirements for developing evaluation sub-indicators
智慧城市评价模型及基础评价指标体系 第1部分:总体框架及分项评价指标制定的要求
GB/T 672-2006
Chemical reagent - Magnesium chloride hexahydrate
化学试剂 六水合氯化镁(氯化镁)
GB/T 6730.68-2009
Iron ores - Determination of loss on ignition - Gravimetric method
铁矿石 灼烧减量的测定 重量法
GB/T 26548.5-2017
Hand-held portable power tools—Test methods for evaluation of vibration emission—Part 5: Drills and impact drills
手持便携式动力工具 振动试验方法 第5部分:钻和冲击钻
GB/T 9309-1988
Office machines and data processing equipment--Functionkey symbols on typewriters
办公机器和数据处理设备 打字机功能键符号
GB 28341-2012
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - 3-(Methylthio) Propionaldehyde
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 3-甲硫基丙醛
GB 1886.182-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Isomaltulose
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 异麦芽酮糖
GB/T 14737-2009
Specification for the operation of sling used in the port for cargo handling
GB/T 22585-2008
Envelope with transparent window
GB/T 31098-2014
Evaluation on the effect of sulfur fixation during coal combustion
GB/T 15970.2-2000
Corrosionof metals and alloys--Stress corrosion testing--Part 2:Preparation and use of bent-beam specimens
金属和合金的腐蚀 应力腐蚀试验 第2部分:弯梁试样的制备和应用
GB/T 7739.9-2007
Methods for chemical analysis of gold concentrates - Part 9: Determination of carbon contents
金精矿化学分析方法 第9部分:碳量的测定
GB/T 3374.1-2010
Vocabulary of gear terms - Part 1: Definitions related to geometry
齿轮 术语和定义 第1部分:几何学定义
GB/T 35767-2017
Specifications for basic product of the reference stations using global navigation satellite system
GB/T 12230-2005
General purpose industrial valves-Specification of stainless steel castings
通用阀门 不锈钢铸件技术条件
GB/T 29502-2013
Purple ore
GB/T 2520-2017
Cold-reduced electrolytic tinplate
GB 25327-2010
The norm of energy consumption per unit products of alumina enterprise
GB/T 33531-2017
Specification of employment assistance service
GB/T 18327.1-2001
Plain bearings--Basic symbols
滑动轴承 基本符号
GB/T 14427-2008
Analysis of water used in boiler and cooling system - Determination of iron
锅炉用水和冷却水分析方法 铁的测定
GB/T 14975-2012
Seamless stainless steel tubes for structure
GB/T 31596.6-2016
Social insurance terminology—Part 6: Maternity insurance
社会保险术语 第6部分:生育保险
GB/T 18412.3-2006
Textiles―Determination of the pesticide residues―Part 3: Organophosphrous pesticides
纺织品 农药残留量的测定 第3部分:有机磷农药
GB/T 11820-1989
The requirements for urban optical fiber cable systems joined to national public telecommunication network
GB/T 1934.2-2009
Method for determination of the swelling of wood
GB/T 5455-2014
Textiles―Burning behaviour―Determination of damaged Length,afterglow time and afterflame time of vertically oriented specimens
纺织品 燃烧性能 垂直方向损毁长度、阴燃和续燃时间的测定
GB/T 14378-1993
Water quality--Determination of diethylenetriamine--Salicyiclaldehyde spectrophotometric method
水质 二乙烯三胺的测定 水杨醛分光光度法
GB 26503-2011
Rapid prototyping machines - Technical requirements for safeguarding
快速成形机床 安全防护技术要求

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