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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 2462-1996
Pyrites and concentrate--Determination of effective sulfur content--Combustion neutralization method
硫铁矿和硫精矿中有效硫含量的测定 燃烧中和法
GB/T 29365-2012
Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) - Test methods of artificial weathering
塑木复合材料 人工气候老化试验方法
GB/T 24349.2-2009
Textile machinery and accessories - Cylindrical tubes - Part 2: Dimensions, tolerances and designation of tubes for open-end spinning machines
纺织机械与附件 圆柱形筒管 第2部分:自由端纺纱机用筒管的尺寸、偏差和标记
GB/T 5009.18-2003
Determination of fluorine in foods
GB/T 35442-2017
Para-aramid staple fiber
GB/T 17455-2008
Non-destructive testing - Metallographic replica techniques of surface examination
无损检测 表面检测的金相复型技术
GB/T 27777-2011
Standards for safety application of rodenticides - Anticoagulant
杀鼠剂安全使用准则 抗凝血类
GB/T 20716.1-2006
Road vehicles - Connectors for the electrical connection of towing and towed vehicles - Part 1: Connectors for braking systems and running gears of vehicles with 24V nominal supply voltage
道路车辆 牵引车和挂车之间的电连接器 第1部分:24V标称电压车辆的制动系统和行走系的连接
GB/T 9386-2008
Specification for computer software test documentation
GB/T 30559.2-2017
Energy performance of lifts, escalators and moving walks - Part 2: Energy calculation and classification for lifts (elevators)
电梯、自动扶梯和自动人行道的能量性能 第2部分:电梯的能量计算与分级
GB/T 17089-1997
Workplace air--Determination of N,N-dimethylaniline--Solvent desorption gas chromatographic method
GB/T 17951.2-2014
Cold-rolled non-oriented electrical steel strip delivered in the semi-processed state
GB/T 19565-2017
GB/T 25662-2010
Numerical control spiral bevel gear milling machines - Testing of the accuracy
数控弧齿锥齿轮铣齿机 精度检验
GB/T 19599.1-2004
Testing method for fishing nets of synthetic fibre--Weight of netting
合成纤维渔网片试验方法 网片重量
GB/T 8650-2015
Evaluation of pipeline and pressure vessel steels for resistance to hydrogen-induced cracking
GB/T 22263.2-2008
Application development guide of logistics public information platform - Part 2:System architecture
物流公共信息平台应用开发指南 第2部分:体系架构
GB 13014-2013
Quenching and self-tempering ribbed bars for the reinforcement of concrete
GB/T 21206-2007
Characteristics of line post insulators
GB/T 24678.2-2009
Equipment for crop protection - The stretcher-mounted power sprayer with wide-swath and long-range
植物保护机械 担架式宽幅远射程喷雾机
GB/T 13579-2017
Tyre shaping and curing press
GB/T 28106-2011
Detection and identification of Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens pv. oortii Collins & Jones
GB 24315-2009
The marker of school bus
GB/T 34230-2017
Test method of leaching for coal and coal refuse
GB/T 11443.1-1989
Domestic satellite communication earth stations--General technical requirements--Part 1:Common performance
国内卫星通信地球站总技术要求 第一部分:通用要求
GB/T 30670-2014
Satin of brocade―Zhuang hua
GB 5959.11-2000
Safety in electroheat installations--Part 11:Particular requirements for installations for electromagnetic stirring,transport or pouring of metal liquids
电热设备的安全 第十一部分:对液态金属电磁搅拌、输送或浇注设备的特殊要求
GB/T 34117-2017
Specifications for moisture separator reheaters in conventional island of nuclear power plant
GB/T 12729.2-2008
Spices and condiments - Sampling
香辛料和调味品 取样方法
GB/T 26002-2010
Stainless steel pliable corrugated tubing and fittings used in gas piping systems
GB 3862-2006
Food additive - Natural menthol
食品添加剂 天然薄荷脑
GB/T 24603-2016
Boosting pressure water supply equipment for rectangular tank
GB/T 11064.13-2013
Methods for chemical analysis of lithium carbonate,lithium hydroxide monohydrate and lithium chloride - Part 13: Determination of aluminum content - Chromazurol S-cetylpyridine bromide spectrophotometric method
碳酸锂、单水氢氧化锂、氯化锂化学分析方法 第13部分:铝量的测定 铬天青S-溴化十六烷基吡啶分光光度法
GB/T 4909.11-2009
Test methods for bare wires - Part 11: Test for adherence of coating
裸电线试验方法 第11部分:镀层附着性试验
GB/T 14926.6-2001
Laboratory animal--Method for examination of Bordetella bronchiseptica
实验动物 支气管鲍特杆菌检测方法
GB/T 19267.1-2008
Physical and chemical examination of trace evidence in forensic sciences - Part 1: Infrared absorption spectrometry
刑事技术微量物证的理化检验 第1部分:红外吸收光谱法
GB 18071.7-2012
Health protection zone for basic chemistry industry - Part 7:Yellow phosphorus industry
基础化学原料制造业卫生防护距离 第7部分:黄磷制造业
GB/T 6132-2006
Milling cutters Interchangeability dimensions for cutter arbors
GB/T 13917.10-2009
Laboratory efficacy test methods and criterions of public health insecticides for pesticide registration - Part 10: Analogous site
农药登记用卫生杀虫剂室内药效试验及评价 第10部分:模拟现场
GB/T 31006-2014
General specification of bar code for automatic sorting packing boxes
GB 50729-2012
Code for acceptance of construction quality of ±800kV & under HVDC converter substation
GB/T 26336-2010
Industrial communication networks - Installation of communication networks in industrial premises
工业通信网络 工业环境中的通信网络安装
GB/T 12911-1991
Paper and board--Determination of the ink absor-bency
GB/T 32998-2016
Surface chemical analysis—Auger electron spectroscopy—Reporting of methods used for charge control and charge correction
表面化学分析 俄歇电子能谱 荷电控制与校正方法报告的规范要求
GB/T 18905.6-2002
Software engineering--Product evaluation--Part 6:Documentation of evaluation modules
软件工程 产品评价 第6部分:评价模块的文档编制
GB/T 22546-2008
Feed additive basic zinc chloride
饲料添加剂 碱式氯化锌
GB/T 22485-2013
Taxi operation-service standard
GB/T 6960.6-2007
Tractor terminology - Part 6: Hydraulic hitch system and drawbar, hook
拖拉机术语 第6部分: 液压悬挂系及牵引、拖挂装置
GB 18209.2-2010
Electrical safety of machinery - Indication, marking and actuation - Part 2: Requirements for marking
机械电气安全 指示、标志和操作 第2部分:标志要求
GB/T 11042.3-2005
Textiles-Tests for colour fastness-Colour fastness to Vulcanization part3:Open steam
纺织品 色牢度试验 耐硫化色牢度 第3部分:直接蒸气
GB/T 11417.5-2012
Ophthalmic optics - Contact lenses - Part 5: Testing methods for optical properties
眼科光学 接触镜 第5部分: 光学性能试验方法
GB/T 1800.1-2009
Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Limits and fits - Part 1: Bases of tolerances, deviations and fits
产品几何技术规范(GPS) 极限与配合 第1部分:公差、偏差和配合的基础
GB/T 19127-2003
Agricultural vehicles--Vehicle identificationcode
农用运输车 车辆识别标识
GB/T 31330-2014
The performance test procedures of recirculating ball power steering lips seals?
GB/T 34509.1-2017
In-orbit field radiometric calibration for optical remote sensor of land observation satellite—Part 1:Visible-near infrared
陆地观测卫星光学遥感器在轨场地辐射定标方法 第1部分:可见光近红外
GB/T 14344-2008
Testing method for tensile of man-made filament yarns
化学纤维 长丝拉伸性能试验方法
GB/Z 26209-2010
Determination of the spectral responsivity of optical radiation detectors
GB/T 17948.4-2006
Functional evaluation of insulation systems for rotating electrical machines - Test procedures for form-wound windings - Electrical evaluation of insulation sysyems used in machines up to and including 50MVA and 15kV
旋转电机绝缘结构功能性评定 成型绕组试验规程 50MVA、15kV及以下电机绝缘结构电评定
GB/T 2423.48-2008
Environmental testing for electric and electronic products - Part 2:Test methods - Test Ff: Vibration- Time-history method
电工电子产品环境试验 第2部分:试验方法 试验Ff:振动-时间历程法
GB/T 6730.7-2016
Iron ores—Determination of metallic iron content—Sulfosalicylic acid spectrophotometric method
铁矿石 金属铁含量的测定 磺基水杨酸分光光度法
GB/T 29776-2013
Textiles - Determination of resistance to certain insect pests
纺织品 防虫蛀性能的测定
GB/T 3259-1992
Transliterating rules of Chinese phonetic--Alphabet on titles for books and periodicals in Chinese
GB/T 32267-2015
Terminology of performance testing for analytical instrument
GB 5009.33-2010
食品安全国家标准 食品中亚硝酸盐与硝酸盐的测定
GB/T 1143-2004
Morse taper shank countersinks for angles 60° and 90°,120° inclusive
GB/T 21533-2008
Determination of starch srupy in honey - Ion chromatography
蜂蜜中淀粉糖浆的测定 离子色谱法
GB/T 23615.2-2012
Accessorial material for architectural aluminum alloy profiles - part 2: Material for thermal barrier polyurethane
铝合金建筑型材用辅助材料 第2部分:聚氨酯隔热胶材料
GB/T 1127-2007
Woodruff keyseat cutters
GB/T 23296.5-2009
Food contact materials - Polymer - Determination of dimethylaminoethanol in food simulants - Gas chromatography
食品接触材料 高分子材料 食品模拟物中2-(N,N-二甲基氨基)乙醇的测定 气相色谱法
GB/T 35722.2-2017
Intelligent automatic electrical controls system for household appliances and similar use—Special requirements of intelligent automatic electrical controls system for induction cookers
家用和类似用途智能电自动控制器系统 电磁炉用智能电自动控制器系统的特殊要求
GB 1886.74-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Potassium citrate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 柠檬酸钾
GB/T 3848-2017
Hardmetals—Determination of (the magnetization) coercivity
硬质合金 矫顽(磁)力测定方法
GB/T 13863-2011
Test methods for laser radiation power and its instability
GB 20031-2005
General technical specifications for foam fire extinguishing systems and components
GB/T 14202-1993
Iron ores (sinter and pellets)--Determination of bulk density
铁矿石(烧结矿、球团矿) 容积密度测定方法
GB/T 3903.35-2008
Footwear - Test methods for shanks - Fatigue resistance
鞋类 勾心试验方法 抗疲劳性
GB/T 33784-2017
Specification of programmable logic device software documentation
GB/T 22906.6-2008
Test of cores - Part 6: Determination of bending strength by three-point method
纸芯的测定 第6部分:弯曲强度的测定(三点法)
GB/T 30152-2013
Testing code for photovoltaic generation system connected to distribution network
GB/T 11848.5-1999
Determination of carbonate in uranium ore concentrate by titration in non-aqueous solvent
铀矿石浓缩物中碳酸根的测定 非水滴定法
GB 4806.9-2016
National Food Safety Standard- Metal Materials and Articles used in Food-contact
食品安全国家标准 食品接触用金属材料及制品
GB 19160-2008
Packing containers - Plastic jerrican for packages of dangerous goods
包装容器 危险品包装用塑料罐
GB/T 16477.2-2010
Chemical analysis methods of rare earth ferrosilicon alloy and rare earth ferrosilicon magnesium alloy - Part 2: Determination of calcium, magnesium and manganese contents - Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
稀土硅铁合金及镁硅铁合金化学分析方法 第2部分:钙、镁、锰量的测定 电感耦合等离子体发射光谱法
GB/T 861.2-1987
Serrated lock washers internal teeth
GB/T 2689.3-1981
Life test and acceleration life test--Simple linear deflection-free--Evaluation ofWeibull distributions
GB/T 19802-2005
Non-destructive testing-Industrial radiographic illuminators-Minimum requirements
无损检测 工业射线照相观片灯 最低要求
GB/T 28618-2012
Remanufacturing - General technical requirements for mechanical products
机械产品再制造 通用技术要求
GB/T 15130.1-1994
Information processing--Data interchange on 90mm (35in) flexible disk cartridges using modified frequency modulation recording at 15916 ftprad, on 80 tracks on each side--Part1:Dimensional, physical and magnetic characteristics
信息处理 数据交换用90 mm改进调频制记录的位密度为15916 磁通翻转/弧度、每面80条磁道的软磁盘 第一部分:尺寸、物理性能和磁性能
GB/T 23586-2009
Soy sauce and pot-roast meat products
GB/T 35132.1-2017
Automation systems and integration—Evaluating energy efficiency and other factors of manufacturing systems that influence the environment—Part 1:Overview and general principles
自动化系统与集成 制造系统能源效率以及其他环境影响因素的评估 第1部分:概述和总则
GB/T 17615-2015
Nickel-Chromium-Silicon/Nickel-Silicon-Magnesium thermocouple wires
GB/T 3098.14-2000
Mechanical properties of fasteners--Widening test on nuts
紧固件机械性能 螺母扩孔试验
GB/T 34190-2017
Surface coating weight (thickness) of electrical steel—X-ray spectrometric method
电工钢表面涂层的重量(厚度) X射线光谱测试方法
GB/T 15682-2008
Inspection of grain and oils - Method for sensory evaluation of paddy or rice cooking and eating quality
粮油检验 稻谷、大米蒸煮食用品质感官评价方法
GB/T 26600-2011
Microscopes - Immersion liquids for light microscopy
显微镜 光学显微术用浸液
GB/T 20329-2006
Milling cutters with tenon drive - Interchangeability dimensions of the seating of the cutter on the arbors
GB/T 5374-2008
Test method of reliability for motorcycles and mopeds
GB 50126-2008
Code for construction of industrial equipment and pipeline insulation engineering
GB/T 3217-2013
Permanent magnet (magnetically hard) materials - Methods of measurement of magnetic properties
永磁(硬磁)材料 磁性试验方法
GB/T 32660.1-2016
Metallic materials—Webster hardness test—Part 1: Test method
金属材料 韦氏硬度试验 第1部分:试验方法

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