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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 5993-2003
Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment--Part 4:Sectional specification--Aluminium electrolytic capacitors with solid and non-solid electrolyte
电子设备用固定电容器 第4部分:分规范 固体和非固体电解质铝电容器
GB/T 11067.3-2006
Methods for chemical analysis of silver - Determination of selenium and tellurium content - Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometric method
银化学分析方法 硒和碲量的测定 电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 26358-2010
Resort rating
GB/T 35143-2017
Smart home for internet of things—Unicode of data and device
物联网智能家居 数据和设备编码
GB/T 2405-2013
GB/T 34927-2017
Motor soft-start device-General technical specifications
电动机软起动装置 通用技术条件
GB 20840.1-2010
Instrument transformers - Part 1: General requirements
互感器 第1部分:通用技术要求
GB/T 33805-2017
Technical requirement of laser confocal biochip scanner
GB/T 20161-2008
Cage induction motors when fed from converters-application guide
GB/T 6313-2004
Pointed-contact micrometer with conical tips
GB/T 7920.10-2006
Road construction and maintenance equipment - Soil stabilizers - Terminology and commercial specifications
道路施工与养护设备 稳定土拌和机 术语和商业规格
GB/T 12273.501-2012
Quartz crystal units A specification in the quality assessment system for electronic components Part 5.1: Blank detail specification- qualification approval
石英晶体元件 电子元器件质量评定体系规范 第5.1部分:空白详细规范 鉴定批准
GB 5009.229-2016
National Food Safety Standard Determination of Acid Value in Foods
食品安全国家标准 食品中酸价的测定
GB/T 13418-1992
Character and entry filing principles
GB/T 14668-1993
Air quality--Determination of ammonia--Nessler’s reagent colorimetric method
空气质量 氨的测定 纳氏试剂比色法
GB/T 18318.5-2009
Textiles - Determination of bending behaviour - Part 5: Pure bending method
纺织品 弯曲性能的测定 第5部分:纯弯曲法
GB/T 31356-2014
Quality evaluation and control guide for commercial coal
GB/T 17547-1998
Information technology--Open systems interconnection--Data link service definition
信息技术 开放系统互连 数据链路服务定义
GB 11640-2011
Seamless aluminum alloy gas cylinders
GB/T 22660.2-2008
Chemical analysis methods of lithium fluoride - Part 2: Determination of moisture content - By gravimetric method
氟化锂化学分析方法 第2部分:湿存水含量的测定 重量法
GB/T 2480-2008
Conventional abrasive - Silicon carbide
普通磨料 碳化硅
GB/T 9127-2007
Tussah silk fabrics
GB/T 29791.2-2013
In vitro diagnostic medical devices - Information supplied by the manufacturer (labelling) - Part 2: In vitro diagnostic reagents for professional use
体外诊断医疗器械 制造商提供的信息(标示) 第2部分:专业用体外诊断试剂
GB/T 28807.3-2017
Railway applications—Compatibility between rolling stock and train detection systems—Part 3:Compatibility with axle counters
轨道交通 机车车辆和列车检测系统的兼容性 第3部分:与计轴器的兼容性
GB/T 4586-1994
Semiconductor devices--Discrete devices--Part 8:Field-effect transistors
半导体器件 分立器件 第8部分:场效应晶体管
GB/T 1447-2005
Fiber-reinforced plastics composites---Determination of tensile properties
GB 5413.24-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of chlorine in foods and dairy products for infants and young children
食品安全国家标准 婴幼儿食品和乳品中氯的测定
GB/T 50452-2008
Technical specifications for protection of historic buildings against man-made vibration
GB/T 17980.18-2000
Pesticide--Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(I)--Insecticides against striped flea beetle on crucifer vegetable
农药 田间药效试验准则(一) 杀虫剂防治十子花科蔬菜黄条跳甲
GB/T 24513.3-2012
Corrosion of metals and alloys - Classification of low corrosivity of indoor atmospheres - Part 3: Measurement of environmental parameters affecting indoor corrosivity
金属和合金的腐蚀 室内大气低腐蚀性分类 第3部分:影响室内大气腐蚀性的环境参数测定
GB/T 32675-2016
Plastics—Phenloic resins—Determination of the pseudo-adiabatic temperature rise of liquid resols when cured under acid conditions
塑料 酚醛树脂 液体甲阶酚醛树脂在酸性条件下固化时假绝热温升的测定
GB/T 23309-2009
Aluminium-magnesium alloy wires for shield in cable
GB/T 14599-2008
Pure oxygen and high purity oxygen and ultra pure oxygen
GB 1903.1-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Nutrition Enhancer- L - Lysine Hydrochloride
食品安全国家标准 食品营养强化剂 L-盐酸赖氨酸
GB/T 16034-1995
Workplace air--Determination of arsenic trioxide and pentoxide--Silver diethyl dithiocarbamate spectrophotometric method
GB/T 20063.10-2006
Graphical symbols for diagrams -Part 10: Fluid power converters
简图用图形符号 第10部分:流动功率转换器
GB/T 14598.2-2011
Measuring relays and protection equipment - Parts 1: Common requirments
量度继电器和保护装置 第1部分:通用要求
GB/T 4958.2-1988
Methods of measurement for equipment used in terrestrial radio-relay systems--Part 3:Simulated systems--Section two--Measurements in the baseband
地面无线电接力系统所用设备的测量方法 第三部分:仿真系统的测量 第二节:基带测量
GB/T 18460.2-2001
Pre-payment vending system using integrated circuit(s)cards with contacts--Part 2:IC card and its management
IC卡预付费售电系统 第2部分:IC卡及其管理
GB/T 3956-2008
Conductors of insulated cables
GB/T 30169-2013
Geographic information―Web feature service
地理信息 基于网络的要素服务
GB/T 16656.41-2010
Industrial automation systems and integration - Product data representation and exchange - Part 41: Integrated generic resource:Fundamentals of product description and support
工业自动化系统与集成 产品数据表达与交换 第41部分:集成通用资源:产品描述与支持原理
GB 51011-2014
Code for construction and acceptance of coal mine preparation equipment installation engineering
GB/T 21615-2008
Dangerous goods - Test method for determination of closed cup flash point of flammable liquids
危险品 易燃液体闭杯闪点试验方法
GB 9666-1996
Hygienic standard for barber shop and beauty shop
GB/T 13876-2007
Agricultural wheeled tractors - Evalution criteria of whole body vibration of the operator
GB/T 28636-2012
Heating and air conditioning system hydraulic balance valve
GB/T 33290.16-2016
Specification for inspecting exit cultural relics—Part 16: Writing brush, ink stick, paper and inkstone
文物出境审核规范 第16部分:笔墨纸砚
GB/T 5406-2002
Testing method of oil permeance for paper
GB/T 23599-2009
Pure culture of straw mushroom
GB/T 31956-2015
Glass fiber reinforced phenolic polymer panel for the construction
GB/T 18148-2015
Earth-moving machinery—Testing method of the compaction performance of rollers and compactors
土方机械 压实机械压实性能试验方法
GB/T 26619-2011
Giant tiger prawn
GB/T 22976-2008
Determination of α-trenbolone, β-trenbolone, nortestosterone and epi-nortestosterone residues in milk and milk powder - LC-MS-MS method
牛奶和奶粉中α-群勃龙、β-群勃龙、19-乙烯去甲睾酮和epi-19-乙烯去甲睾酮残留量的测定 液相色谱-串联质谱法
GB/T 5499-2008
Inspection of grain and oilseeds - Determination of pure kernel yield of unhulled oilseeds
粮油检验 带壳油料纯仁率检验法
GB 17021-1997
Diagnostic standard for Keshan disease
GB 22178-2008
Oxadiazon emulsifiable concentrates
GB/T 3403.3-2013
Plastics - Urea-formaldehyde and urea/melamine-formaldehyde powder moulding compounds(UF-and UF/MF-PMCs)- Part 3: Requirements for selected moulding compounds
塑料 粉状脲-甲醛和脲/三聚氰胺-甲醛模塑料(UF-和UF/MF-PMCs) 第3部分: 选定模塑料的要求
GB/T 10335.1-2017
Coated paper and board—Coated art paper
涂布纸和纸板 涂布美术印刷纸(铜版纸)
GB/T 19352.1-2003
Thermal spraying--Quality requirements of thermally sprayed structures--Part 1:Guidance for selection and use
热喷涂 热喷涂结构的质量要求 第1部分:选择和使用指南
GB/T 19884-2005
Acoustics-In-situ determination of insertion loss of outdoor noise barriers of all types
声学 各种户外声屏障插入损失的现场测定
GB/T 24902-2010
Inspection of grain and oils - Determination of crude fat content in maize - Near-infrared method
粮油检验 玉米粗脂肪含量测定 近红外法
GB/T 34394-2017
Maximum working load for flat pallets
GB/T 28988-2012
Regulations for detection of major sucking pests on floral plants
GB/T 13754-2017
Test methods of thermal output of heating radiators
GB/T 23913.6-2009
Fire-resisting compartment of composite rock wool panel - Part 6: Detail of installation
复合岩棉板耐火舱室 第6部分:安装节点
GB/T 6346.3-2015
Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment—Part 3: Sectional specification—Surface mount fixed tantalum electrolytic capacitors with manganese dioxide solid electrolyte
电子设备用固定电容器 第3部分:分规范 表面安装MnO2固体电解质钽固定电容器
GB/T 5709-1997
纺织品 非织造布 术语
GB/T 15972.32-2008
Specifications for optical fibre test methods - Part 32: Measurement methods and test procedures for mechanical characteristics - Coating strippability
光纤试验方法规范 第32部分:机械性能的测量方法和试验程序 涂覆层可剥性
GB/T 31391-2015
Ultimate analysis of coal
GB/T 17980.141-2004
Pesticide--Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(Ⅱ)--Part 141:Plant growth regulator trials on cucumber
农药 田间药效试验准则(二) 第141部分:黄瓜生长调节剂试验
GB/T 20408-2006
Radio-controlled clocks
GB/T 26946.1-2011
Single side loading fork-lift trucks - Part 1: Stability tests
侧面式叉车 第1部分:稳定性试验
GB/T 7193-2008
Test methods for unsaturated polyester resins
GB 21257-2014
The norm of energy consumption per unit product of caustic soda
GB/T 18039.4-2017
Electromagnetic compatibility—Environment—Compatibility levels in industrial plants for low-frequency conducted disturbances
电磁兼容 环境 工厂低频传导骚扰的兼容水平
GB/T 25236-2010
Grain and oil machine - Slice hammer smasher for inspection
粮油机械 检验用锤片粉碎机
GB/T 4678.3-2017
Diecasting dies—Components—Part 3: Rectangular inserts
压铸模 零件 第3部分:矩形镶块
GB/T 21958-2008
Front drive axle for wheeled tractor
轮式拖拉机 前驱动桥
GB/T 20931.6-2007
Methods for chemical analysis of lithium - Determination of aluminum content - Chromazurol S-cetylpyridine broide spectrophotometric method
锂化学分析方法 铝量的测定 铬天青S-溴化十六烷基吡啶分光光度法
GB/T 29351-2012
Quality requirements for file making of forensic photograph
GB/T 34078.1-2017
General specification of electronic government common platform based on cloud computing—Part 1: Terminology and definition
基于云计算的电子政务公共平台总体规范 第1部分:术语和定义
GB/T 24341-2009
Electrical equipment of industrial machines drawing of electrical diagrams, figure and table
工业机械电气设备 电气图、图解和表的绘制
GB/T 21210-2016
Starting performance of single-speed three-phase cage induction motors
GB/T 17800.1-1999
Helical-scan video tape cassette systems using 8 mm magnetic tape--8 mm video--Part 1:General speci-fications
8 mm磁带螺旋扫描盒式录像系统(8 mm录像) 第1部分:总规范
GB/T 27763-2011
Acoustics - Measurement and parametric description of spatial sound distribution curves in workrooms for evaluation of their acoustical performance
声学 评价工作间声学性能的空间声场分布曲线的测量方法及参量表述
GB/T 9338-2008
Fluorescent whitening agents - Determination of relative whiteness - Instrumental measurement
荧光增白剂 相对白度的测定 仪器法
GB/T 10504-2008
Molecular sieve 3A
GB/T 17369-2014
Thermal insulation for building applications―Guidelines for selecting properties
建筑用绝热材料 性能选定指南
GB/T 7518-2005
Micrographics-Microfilming for ancient books on 35 mm roll film
缩微摄影技术 在35mm卷片上拍摄古籍的规定
GB/T 25655-2010
Information technology - Technical requirement for Chinese Linux desktop operating system
信息技术 中文Linux桌面操作系统技术要求
GB/T 879.3-2000
Spring-type straight pins--Coiled,heavy duty
弹性圆柱销 卷制 重型
GB 10395.5-2013
Agricultural and forestry machinery - Safety - Part 5: Power-driven soil-working machines
农林机械 安全 第5部分:驱动式耕作机械
GB 50712-2011
Code for acceptance of construction quality of acid-making equipment installtion enginering for metallurgical off-gas
GB/T 9718-1988
Information processing--General purpose reels with 8mm centre hole for magnetic tape for interchange instrumentation applications
信息处理 互换计测磁带用 8mm中心孔通用带盘
GB/T 24672-2009
The metal thin-wall tube and its accessories for sprinkling irrigation
GB/T 32955-2016
Stainless steel plate,sheet and strip for container
GB/T 17748-2008
Aluminium-plastic composite panel for curtain wall
GB/T 20788-2006
Tearing choppers
GB/T 28093-2011
Detection and identification of Helminthosporium solani Dur. & Mont.

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