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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 51097-2015
Code for design of soil and water conservation forest engineering
GB/Z 26138-2010
Printing machinery - Graphical symbols for printing press systems and finishing systems,including related auxiliary equipment
印刷机械 印刷机系统和印后系统以及相关辅助设备的图形符号
GB/T 21015-2007
Technical specifications for paddy drying
GB/T 33393-2016
Footwear—Test methods for whole shoes—Measurement of thermal and water-vapour resistance under steady-state conditions
鞋类 整鞋试验方法 稳态条件下热阻和湿阻的测定
GB/T 29762-2013
Carbon fibre - Determination of filament diameter and cross-section area
碳纤维 纤维直径和横截面积的测定
GB/T 32066-2015
Coal based Fischer-Tropsch synthesis—Liquid wax
煤基费托合成 液体蜡
GB 4789.10-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Microbiological examination of foods - Examination of Staphylococcus aureus
食品安全国家标准 食品微生物学检验 金黄色葡萄球菌检验
GB/T 21645.9-2012
Technical requirements for automatically switched optical network (ASON) - Part 9: External network to network interface(E-NNI)
自动交换光网络(ASON)技术要求 第9部分:外部网络-网络接口(E-NNI)
GB/T 11213.7-2008
Test methods of sodium hydroxide for chemical fiber use -Part 7:Determination of copper content-spectrometric method
化纤用氢氧化钠试验方法 第7部分:铜含量的测定 分光光度法
GB/T 5293-1999
Carbon steel electrodes and fluxs for submergedarc welding
GB/T 23296.16-2009
Food contact materials - Polymer - Determination of 2,2-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)propane(bisphenol A )in food simulants - High performance liquid chromatography
食品接触材料 高分子材料 食品模拟物中2,2-二(4-羟基苯基)丙烷(双酚A)的测定 高效液相色谱法
GB/T 35129-2017
RFID system used in food manufacturing—Environmental suitability requirements
面向食品制造业的射频识别系统 环境适应性要求
GB 1886.59-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Petroleum ether
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 石油醚
GB/T 9798-2005
Metallic coatings -- Electrodeposited coatings of nickel
金属覆盖层 镍电沉积层
GB/T 22305.1-2017
Cardamom—Part 1:Whole capsules
小豆蔻 第1部分:整果荚
GB/T 13206-2011
GB/T 3903.21-2008
Footwear - Test methods for accessories:Touch and close fasteners - Shear strength before and after repeated closing
鞋类 粘扣带试验方法 反复开合前后的剪切强度
GB/T 3533.1-2017
Standardization benefit evaluation—Part 1: General principles of economic benefit evaluation
标准化效益评价 第1部分:经济效益评价通则
GB/T 30138-2013
Design code for exhaust and cooling water heat recovery system of gas electric power plant with reciprocating internal combustion engines
GB/T 18160-2008
Specifications of amusement rides space gyro category
GB 6932-2001
Domestic gas instantaneous water heater
GB 1589-2016
Limits of dimensions, axle load and masses for motor vehicles,trailers and combination vehicles
汽车、挂车及汽车列车外廓尺寸、 轴荷及质量限值
GB/T 15927-2010
Method for chemical analysis of arsenic ores - Determination of arsenic content
砷矿石化学分析方法 砷量测定
GB/T 14082-1993
Generic specification of 9-track digital magnetic head for digital magnetic tape unit
GB/T 3634.1-2006
Hydrogen―Part 1: Industrial hydrogen
氢气 第1部分:工业氢
GB/T 28604-2012
Rubber seals used in living-water and drinking-water supply pipes and fittings
GB/T 23573-2009
Metal-cutting machine tools - Determination method of dust concentration
金属切削机床 粉尘浓度的测量方法
GB/T 35631-2017
Specification for XML description of map symbol
GB/T 17173.2-2015
Information technology—Open systems interconnection—Distributed transaction processing—Part 2: OSI TP service
信息技术 开放系统互连 分布式事务处理 第2部分:OSI TP服务
GB/T 22376.1-2008
Adhesives - Methods of preparing bulk specimens - Part 1: Two-pawrt systems
胶粘剂 本体试样的制备方法 第1部分:双组份体系
GB/T 18742.1-2002
Polypropylene piping systems for hot and cold water installations--Part 1:General
冷热水用聚丙烯管道系统 第1部分:总则
GB/T 34316-2017
Security technology protection system requirements for ports
GB/T 26568-2011
Magnesium sulfate for agricultural use
GB/T 14991-1994
Deformable permanent-magnet steels
GB/T 3199-2007
Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy products - Packing,marking,transporting and storing
GB/T 529-2008
Rubber,vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of tear strength(Trouser,angle and crescent test pieces)
GB/T 33488.3-2017
Test method of pressure equipments of thermoplastics welded for chemicals—Part 3: Radiographic examination
化工用塑料焊接制承压设备检验方法 第3部分:射线检测
GB/T 30474.2-2013
Holding fixtures of cylindrical abrasive sleeves―Part 2: Holding fixtures for stationary machines
筒形砂套夹紧装置 第2部分:用于固定式磨削机上的夹紧装置
GB/T 30428.4-2016
Information system for digitized supervision and management of city—Part 4: Performance evaluation
数字化城市管理信息系统 第4部分:绩效评价
GB/T 24869-2010
Quality grading and testing for main sandy forage seed
GB/T 3793-1983
Descriptive rules for entries of retrieval periodicals
GB/T 18794.4-2003
Information technology--Open Systems Interconnection--Security frameworks for open systems--Part 4:Non-repudiation framework
信息技术 开放系统互连 开放系统安全框架 第4部分:抗抵赖框架
GB/T 28956.2-2012
Commercial vehicles - Dimenions of air filter elements - Part 2: Types C and D
道路车辆 商用车用空气滤清器滤芯尺寸 第2部分:C型和D型
GB/T 15541-1995
Methods of measurement for transmitting frequency
GB/T 13393-2008
Guide to acceptance sampling inspection
GB/T 23892.2-2009
Plain bearings - Hydrodynamic plain tilting pad thrust bearings under steady-state conditions - Part 2: Functions for calculation of tilting pad thrust bearings
滑动轴承 稳态条件下流体动压可倾瓦块止推轴承 第2部分:可倾瓦块止推轴承的计算函数
GB/T 31361-2015
Anti-corrosion painting of solvent-free liquid epoxy coating
GB/T 12618.5-2006
Open end blind rivets with break pull mandrel and protruding head―property class 20,21 22
开口型平圆头抽芯铆钉 20、21、22级
GB/T 26925-2011
Water saving enterprises - Fossil fired plant
节水型企业 火力发电行业
GB/T 11301-1989
Blankdetail specification for variable tuning capacitors type A fitted with integralpreset capacitors type C in electronic equipments
电子设备用装有整体C 类预调电容器的A 类调谐可变电容器空白详细规范
GB/T 7025.2-2008
Lifts - Main specifications and the dimensions arrangements for its cars, wells and machine rooms - Part 2: Lifts of class Ⅳ
电梯主参数及轿厢、井道、机房的型式与尺寸 第2部分:Ⅳ类电梯
GB 50846-2012
Code for design of communication engineering for fiber to the home in residential districts and residential buildings
GB/Z 19398-2003
Industrial automation systems and integration--Operating conditions for discrete part manufacturing-equipment in industrial environments
工业自动化系统与集成 离散部件制造设备在工业环境中的工作条件
GB 16740-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Healthy food
食品安全国家标准 保健食品
GB/T 4975-1995
Displacement compressors vocabulary--General
容积式压缩机术语 总则
GB/T 21283.4-2008
Rotary shaft lip-type seals incorporating thermoplastic sealing elements - Part 4: Performance test procedures
密封元件为热塑性材料的旋转轴唇形密封圈 第4部分:性能试验程序
GB/T 33052-2016
Microporous functional membrane—Measurement for Porosity—Absorption method by cetane
微孔功能薄膜 孔隙率测定方法 十六烷吸收法
GB/T 25198-2010
Heads for pressure vessels
GB/T 9653-2006
Series parameter for cotton press
GB/T 29314-2012
Specification for the reconstruction of motor system for energy-saving
GB/T 24318-2009
Determination of total nitrogen content in animal feeding stuffs by combustion according to the dumas principle and calculation of the crude protein content
GB 14763-2005
Limits and measurement methods for fuel evaporative Pollutants from heavy-duty vehicles equipped with P.I engines(Trap method)
装用点燃式发动机重型汽车 燃油蒸发污染物排放限值及测量方法(收集法)
GB/T 31759-2015
Nature reserve terminology
GB/T 16620-1996
Terminology of forest tree breeding and seed management
GB/T 22696.1-2008
Electrical equipment safety - Risk assessment and risk reduction - Part 1: General requirements
电气设备的安全 风险评估和风险降低 第1部分:总则
GB/T 22571-2017
Surface chemical analysis—X-ray photoelectron spectrometers—Calibration of energy scales
表面化学分析 X射线光电子能谱仪 能量标尺的校准
GB/T 27729-2011
Hand-made, gun-tufted and latex backed carpet
GB 10963.2-2008
Circuit-breakers for overcurrent protection for household and similar installation - Part 2: Circuit-breakers for a.c. and d.c.operation
家用及类似场所用过电流保护断路器 第2部分:用于交流和直流的断路器
GB/T 689-1998
Chemical reagent--Pyridine
化学试剂 吡啶
GB/T 9174-2008
General specification for transport packages of general cargo
GB/T 30475.3-2017
Filters for compressed air—Test methods—Part 3: Particulates
压缩空气过滤器 试验方法 第3部分:颗粒
GB/T 15445.6-2014
Representation of results of particle size analysis—Part 6: Descriptive and quantitative representation of particle shape and morphology
粒度分析结果的表述 第6部分:颗粒形状和形态的定性及定量表述
GB/T 16886.10-2005
Biological evaluation of medical devices-Part 10:Tests for irritation and delayed-type hypersensitivity
医疗器械生物学评价 第10部分:刺激与迟发型超敏反应试验
GB/T 12789.1-1991
Criteria for nuclear reactor instrumentation--Part 1:General principles
核反应堆仪表准则 第一部分:一般原则
GB/Z 32490-2016
Surface chemical analysis—X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy—Procedures for determining backgrounds
表面化学分析 X射线光电子能谱 确定本底的程序
GB/T 25624-2010
Earth-moving machinery - Operator's seat - Dimensions and requirements
土方机械 司机座椅 尺寸和要求
GB/T 17004-1997
Anti-counterfeiting technological terminology
GB/T 8242.4-1987
Terminology for hull equipment--Life-saving appliances
船体设备术语 救生设备
GB/T 32338-2015
Petroleum and natural gas industries—Drilling and well servicing equipment—Mud-pump
石油天然气工业 钻井和修井设备 钻井泵
GB/T 5884-1986
Count testing of ramie fiber
GB/T 9414.3-2012
Maintainability of equipment - Part 3: Verification and collection, analysis and presentation of data
维修性 第3部分:验证和数据的收集、分析与表示
GB/T 1483.3-2008
Gauges for lamp caps and lampholders - Part 3: Gauges for prefocus caps and lampholders
灯头、灯座检验量规 第3部分:预聚焦式灯头、灯座的量规
GB/T 18202-2000
Hygienic standard for ozone in indoor air
GB/T 24649.1-2009
Air reservoir of pneumatic braking system of tractor-trailers - Specifications
拖拉机挂车气制动系统储气筒 技术条件
GB/T 20123-2006
Steel and iron -- Determination of total carbon and sulfur content -- Infrared absorption method after combustion in an induction furnace (routine method)
钢铁 总碳硫含量的测定 高频感应炉燃烧后红外吸收法(常规方法)
GB/T 35710-2017
Rated power evaluation guide for 35kV and below power transformers
GB/T 28060-2011
Guidelines for phytosanitary regulating wood packaging material
GB 23254-2009
Retro-reflective markings for trucks and trailers
货车及挂车 车身反光标识
GB/T 34961.2-2017
Information technology—Implementation and operation of customer premises cabling—Part 2: Planning and installation
信息技术 用户建筑群布缆的实现和操作 第2部分:规划和安装
GB/T 30589-2014
Steel wire rope terminations—ferrule-securing sling
钢丝绳绳端 套管压制索具
GB/T 21685-2008
Woodworking machines - Muti-spindle boring machines - Nomenclature
木工机床 多轴钻床 术语
GB/T 5271.28-2001
Information technology--Vocabulary--Part 28:Artificial intelligence--Basic concepts and expert system
信息技术 词汇 第28部分:人工智能 基本概念与专家系统
GB/T 15670.17-2017
Toxicological test methods for pesticides registration—Part 17: Mammalian spermatogonial/spermatocyte chromosome aberration test
农药登记毒理学试验方法 第17部分:哺乳动物精原细胞/精母细胞染色体畸变试验
GB/T 25947-2010
Aluminium ores - Determination of the moisture content of bulk material
铝土矿 散装料水分含量的测定
GB/T 15832-2007
General requirement of forestry wheeled tractors and crawler tractors
林业轮式和履带拖拉机 通用技术条件
GB/T 13996-1992
Technical specification for digital line systems on optical fibre cables
GB/T 10067.8-2016
Basic specifications for electroheat installations—Part 8: Electroslag remelting furnaces
电热装置基本技术条件 第8部分:电渣重熔炉
GB 5009.205-2013
National Food Safety Standard-TEQ Determination of dioxin and its analogues
食品安全国家标准 食品中二噁英及其类似物毒性当量的测定
GB/T 397-2009
Specification of coal for coke making
GB/T 2314-2008
General technical requirements for electric power fittings

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