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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 18223-2000
Woodworking machines--Lifting tables and stages--Nomenclature
木工机床 升降台 术语
GB/T 9951-2008
Information technology - Telecommunication and information exchange between systems - 34 pin DTE/DCE interface connector mateability dimensions and contact number assignments
信息技术 系统间远程通信和信息交换 34插针DTE/DCE接口连接器的配合性尺寸和接触件编号分配
GB/T 2391-2014
Reactive dyes―Determination of degree of fixation
反应染料 固色率的测定
GB/T 25771-2010
Rolling bearings - Bearings for railway locomotive
滚动轴承 铁路机车轴承
GB/T 2469-1996
Pyrites and concentrate--Determination of carbon content--Caustic asbestos gravimetric method
硫铁矿和硫精矿中碳含量的测定 烧碱石棉重量法
GB/T 14796-2008
Raw natural rubber - Colour index test
天然生胶 颜色指数测定法
GB 29708-2013
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of sodium pentachlorophenolate residues in animal foods - Gas chromatographic - mass spectrometric method
食品安全国家标准 动物性食品中五氯酚钠残留量的测定 气相色谱-质谱法
GB 50745-2012
Code for design of fire protection for conventiontional island in nuclear power plants
GB/T 20108-2006
Low temperature unitary air conditioners
GB/T 5758-2001
Determination for particle size range,effective size and uniformity coefficient of ion exchange resins
GB/T 24777-2009
Safety specification for physico-chemical and dangerous properties testing laboratory of chemicals
GB/T 33004-2016
Self-propelled corn harvester—Evaluation index and measurement methods for fuel consumption
自走式玉米收获机械 燃油消耗量指标及测量方法
GB/T 6730.7-1986
Methods for chemical analysis of iron ores--The sulfosalicylic acid photometric method for the determination of metallic iron content
铁矿石化学分析方法 磺基水杨酸光度法测定金属铁量
GB/T 2887-2011
General specification for computer field
GB/T 10092-2009
Statistical interpretation of data - Multiple comparison for test results
数据的统计处理和解释 测试结果的多重比较
GB/T 17093-1997
Hygienic standard for bacterial total in indoor air
GB/T 21666-2008
Urine-absorbing aids - General guidance on evaluation
尿吸收辅助器具 评价的一般指南
GB/T 30791-2014
Paints and varnishes―T-bend test
色漆和清漆 T弯试验
GB/T 15551-2007
Mulberry silk fabrics
GB/T 13130-1991
Specification for interworking of chinese ideogram teletex on public telecommunication networks--Transport service
汉字智能用户电报在公用电信网上的互通技术条件 运输服务
GB 14932.1-2003
Hygienic standard for edible soybean meal
GB/T 26115-2010
Centrifugal pulp pump
离心式 纸浆泵
GB/T 14619-2013
Alumina ceramic substrates for thick film integrated circuits
GB/T 34728-2017
PCR for Mycoplasma agalactiae
GB/T 802.3-2009
Acorn hexagon nuts with flange - Welding type
六角法兰面盖形螺母 焊接型
GB/T 23127-2008
Electric appliances connected to the water mains - Avoidance of backsiphonage and failure of hose-sets
与水源连接的电器 避免虹吸和软管组件失效
GB/T 6809.5-2016
Reciprocating internal combustion engines—Vocabulary of components and systems—Part 5: Cooling systems
往复式内燃机 零部件和系统术语 第5部分:冷却系统
GB 22618-2008
Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl emulsifiable concentrates
GB/T 4678.9-2003
Die-casting die components--Part 9: Ejector guide pillar
压铸模零件 第9部分: 推板导柱
GB 28366-2012
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive -2 - Ethyl-4 - Hydroxy - 5 - Methyl -3 (2H) - Furanone
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 2-乙基-4-羟基-5-甲基-3(2H)-呋喃酮
GB/T 32273-2015
Building construction machinery and equipment—Pedestrian-controlled vibratory plates—Terminology and commercial specifications
建筑施工机械与设备 手扶随行式振动平板夯 术语和商业规格
GB/T 19919-2005
Small craft-Windows,portlights,hatches,deadlights and doors Strength and watertightness requirements
小艇 窗、舷窗、舱口盖、风暴盖和门 强度和密封性要求
GB/T 15030-2009
Steel wire ropes - Sisal main cores
GB/T 31126-2014
Textiles―Determination of perfluorooctane sulfonates and perfluoroalkyl carboxylates
纺织品 全氟辛烷磺酰基化合物和全氟羧酸的测定
GB/T 4497.1-2010
Rubber - Determination of total sulfur content - Part 1:Oxygen combustion flask method
橡胶 全硫含量的测定 第1部分:氧瓶燃烧法
GB/T 35391-2017
Non-destructive testing—Spatial resolution phantom for industrial computed tomography (CT) testing
无损检测 工业计算机层析成像(CT)检测用空间分辨力测试卡
GB/T 16284.1-2008
Information technology - Message handling systems(MHS) - Part 1: System and service overview
信息技术 信报处理系统(MHS) 第1部分: 系统和服务概述
GB 14589-1993
Technical rules for interim storage of low and inter-mediate level solid radioactive waste from nuclear power plant
GB/T 19477-2004
Operating procedures of cattle slaughtering
GB/T 29527-2013
Graphical symbols for common used equipments of powder processing
GB/T 8498-2017
Earth-moving machinery—Basic types—Identification and terms and definitions
土方机械 基本类型 识别、术语和定义
GB/T 20461-2006
Rubber hoses and hose assemblies for automobile power-steering systems ―Specification
汽车动力转向系统用橡胶软管和软管组合件 规范
GB 25518-2010
Underground load-haul-dump - Safety requirements
地下铲运机 安全要求
GB/T 33977-2017
Methods to quantify the steady state, power-frequency electrimagnetic fields generated by HV switchgear assemblies and HV/LV prefabricated substations
GB/T 15566.11-2012
Guidance system for public information - Setting principles and requirement - Part 11: Vehicle parking lot
公共信息导向系统 设置原则与要求 第11部分:机动车停车场
GB 5009.157-2016
National Food Safety Standard - Determination of organic acids in food
食品安全国家标准 食品有机酸的测定
GB/T 1981.2-2009
Varnishes used for electrical insulation - Part 2: Methods of test
电气绝缘用漆 第2部分:试验方法
GB/T 22003-2008
Food safety management systems - Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of food safety management systems
食品安全管理体系 审核与认证机构要求
GB/T 6614-2014
Titanium and titanium alloy castings
GB/T 20978-2007
Soft ice cream machine
GB 26756-2011
The norm of energy consumption per unit products for extruded aluminium and aluminium alloy rods and bars
GB/T 35612-2017
Green product assessment—Wood plastic composites products
绿色产品评价 木塑制品
GB/T 5742-1999
Filling connection for drinking water tanks on ships
GB/T 2900.27-2008
Electrotechnical terminology - Small-power motor
电工术语 小功率电动机
GB/T 29873-2013
Protocol for data communication of energy metrology data public platform
GB/T 34370.3-2017
Nondestructive testing of amusement equipments—Part 3:Magnetic particle testing
游乐设施无损检测 第3部分:磁粉检测
GB/T 12085.10-2010
Optics and optical instruments - Environmental test methods - Part 10: Combined sinusoidal vibration and dry heat or cold
光学和光学仪器 环境试验方法 第10部分:振动(正弦)与高温、低温综合试验
GB 50268-2008
Code for construction and acceptance of water and sewerage pipeline works
GB/T 1094.7-2008
Power transformers - Part 7: Loading guide for oil-immersed power transformers
电力变压器 第7部分:油浸式电力变压器负载导则
GB/T 28387.4-2012
Safety requirements for the design and construction of printing and paper converting machines - Part 4: Bookbinding, paper converting and finishing machines
印刷机械和纸加工机械的设计及结构安全规则 第4部分:书籍装订、纸加工和整饰机械
GB/T 32664-2016
Tools for moulding—Tool specification sheet for injection moulds
成型模 注射模订货技术规范
GB/T 8625-2005
Test method of difficult-flammability for building materials
GB 8200-2001
Bisultap aqueous solution
GB/T 23390-2009
Principle for environmental safety evaluation of aquafeed
GB 32438-2015
General security technical specification of domestic coal-burning stove
GB/T 18300-2011
Specification for automatic control sodium ion exchange
GB 9681-1988
Hygienic standard of products of polyvinyl chloride for food packaging
GB/T 4632-2008
Determination of moisture-holding capacity of coal
GB/T 18027-2008
Components of electric upper limb
GB/T 30269.2-2013
Information technology―Sensor networks―Part 2: Terminology
信息技术 传感器网络 第2部分:术语
GB/T 27067-2006
Conformity assessment - Fundamental of product certification
合格评定 产品认证基础
GB/T 18742.3-2002
Polypropylene piping systems for hot and cold water installations--Part 3:Fittings
冷热水用聚丙烯管道系统 第3部分:管件
GB/T 17984-2010
Twist drills - Technical specifications
麻花钻 技术条件
GB 50992-2014
Authentication standard for earthquake destruction in petrochemical engineering
GB/T 28746-2012
Specification of storage tank of domestic solar water heating system
GB/T 33284-2016
Indoor decorating and refurbshing materials—Limit of harmful substances of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride(PVC-U)profiles for the doors and windows
室内装饰装修材料 门、窗用未增塑聚氯乙烯(PVC-U)型材有害物质限量
GB/T 23699-2009
Principles for selecting and using test persons for testing anthropometric aspects of industrial products and designs
GB/T 22342-2008
Petroleum and natural gas industries - Subsurface safety valve systems - Design, installation, operation and redress
石油天然气工业 井下安全阀系统 设计、安装、操作和维护
GB/T 31943-2015
Continuously cold rolled steel strips for precision welded tubes
GB/T 19799.1-2015
Non-destructive testing—Ultrasonic testing—Specification for calibration block No. 1
无损检测 超声检测 1号校准试块
GB/T 27021-2007
Conformity assessment - Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems
合格评定 管理体系审核认证机构的要求
GB/T 18794.6-2003
Information technology--Open Systems Interconnection--Security frameworks for open systems--Part 6:Integrity framework
信息技术 开放系统互连 开放系统安全框架 第6部分:完整性框架
GB/T 26723-2011
Cold rolled titanium strip coil
GB/T 14205-1993
Cultivating boat of glass fiber reinforced plastics
GB/T 5862-2008
Agricultural tractors and machinery - General purpose quick-action hydraulic couplers
农业拖拉机和机具 通用液压快换接头
GB/T 5563-2013
Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies—Hydrostatic testing
橡胶和塑料软管及软管组合件 静液压试验方法
GB/T 35692-2017
Guideline for system planning of high voltage direct current(HVDC) power transmission project
GB/T 25000.51-2010
Software engineering - Software product quality requirements and evaluation (SQuaRE) - Requirements for quality of commercial off-the-self (COTS) software product and instructions for testing
软件工程 软件产品质量要求和评价(SQuaRE) 商业现货(COTS)软件产品的质量要求和测试细则
GB/T 34585-2017
Battery electric goods vehicles—Specifications
纯电动货车 技术条件
GB/T 5281-1985
Hexagon socket head shoulder screws
GB/T 13288.1-2008
Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products-Surface roughness characteristics of blast-cleaned substrates - Part 1: Specifications and definitions for ISO surface profile comparators for the assessment of abrasive bl
涂覆涂料前钢材表面处理 喷射清理后的钢材表面粗糙度特性 第1部分: 用于评定喷射清理后钢材表面粗糙度的ISO表面粗糙度比较样块的技术要求和定义
GB/Z 6413.1-2003
Calculation of scuffing load capacity of cylindrical,bevel and hypoid gears--Part 1:Flash temperature method
圆柱齿轮、锥齿轮和准双曲面齿轮 胶合承载能力计算方法 第1部分:闪温法
GB/T 29082-2012
Storage requirements for satellite
GB/T 33659-2017
Measurement management and service specifications for markets of agricultural products
GB/T 15136-1994
General principles of measuring methods for quartz clock and watch circuits of semiconductor integrated circuits
GB/T 12228-2006
General purpose industrial valves - Specification of carbon steel forgings
通用阀门 碳素钢锻件技术条件
GB/T 24108-2009
Technical requirement of reliability for geotechnical engineering instrument
GB/T 5959.10-2015
Safety in electroheating installations —Part 10:Particular requirements for electrical resistance trace heating systems for industrial and commercial applications
电热装置的安全 第10部分:对工业和商业用电阻式伴热系统的特殊要求
GB/T 31475-2015
Requirements for solder paste for high-quality interconnections in electronics assembly
GB/T 27532-2011
Diagnostic techniques for canine distemper

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