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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 26303.1-2010
Measuring method for dimensions and shapes of wrought copper and copper alloy - Part 1: Tube
铜及铜合金加工材外形尺寸检测方法 第1部分 管材
GB/T 10111-2008
Generation of random numbers and procedures applied to sampling inspection for product quality
GB/T 15057.4-1994
Limestone for chemical industry--Determination of iron and aluminium oxides content--Gravimetric method
化工用石灰石中三氧化二物含量的测定 重量法
GB/T 5223.3-2005
Steel bars prestressed concrete
GB/T 20014.8-2013
Good agricultural practice—Part 8: Dairy control points and compliance criteria
良好农业规范 第8部分:奶牛控制点与符合性规范
GB/T 35208-2017
Self-closing valves for LPG cylinders
GB 16348-2010
Radiological protection standards for the examinee in medical X-ray diagnosis
GB/T 4513.6-2017
Monolithic (unshaped) refractory products—Part 6:Measurement of physical properties
不定形耐火材料 第6部分:物理性能的测定
GB/T 18375.6-2004
Prosthetics--Structural testing of lower-limb prostheses--Part 6:Loading parameters of supplementary structural tests
假肢 下肢假肢的结构检验 第6部分:辅助结构检验中的加载参数
GB 8950-1988
Hygienic specifications of cannery
GB 913-2012
GB/T 19143-2017
Analytical method of element for carbon,hydrogen ,oxygen and nitrogen in rock organics
GB/T 17473.6-2008
Test methods of precious metal pastes used for microelectronics - Determination of resolution
微电子技术用贵金属浆料测试方法 分辨率测定
GB/T 17428-2009
Fire resistance test methods of ventilation ducts
GB 1886.259-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Sucrose Polypropylene Ether
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 蔗糖聚丙烯醚
GB/T 15555.8-1995
Solid waste--Determination of total chromium--Titrimetric method
固体废物 总铬的测定 硫酸亚铁铵滴定法
GB/T 20723-2006
General specifications of Arc welding robots
弧焊机器人 通用技术条件
GB/T 31291-2014
Standard for evaluation of duration of load and creep effects of wood and wood-based products
GB/Z 22553-2010
Guidance for the use of repeatability, reproducibility and trueness estimates in measurement uncertainty estimation
GB/T 29734.2-2013
Energy-saving windows and doors for buildings - Part 2: Aluminum-plastic complex windows and doors
建筑用节能门窗 第2部分:铝塑复合门窗
GB/T 35463-2017
Test method for bulk density of wood-plastic composites and products
GB/T 22267-2008
Whole cumin
GB 26445-2010
Transport of dangerous goods - Test methods and criteria relating to article, packaged article or packaged substance for transport
危险货物运输 物品、包装物品或包装物质可运输性试验方法和判据
GB/T 11450.3-1989
Hollow metallic waveguides--Part 3:Relevant specifications for flate rectangular waveguides
空心金属波导 第三部分:扁矩形波导有关规范
GB/T 34647-2017
Temper designation system for titanium and titanium alloy
GB/T 6571-1995
Semiconductordevices--Discrete devices--Part 3:Signal(including switching)and regulator diodes
半导体器件 分立器件 第3部分:信号(包括开关)和调整二极管
GB/T 17897-1999
Test of pitting corrosion resistance of stainless steels in the ferric chloride solution
GB/T 21220-2007
Soft magnetic metallic materials
GB/T 20057-2012
Rolling bearings - Single-row cylindrical roller bearings - Chamfer dimensions for loose rib and non-rib sides
滚动轴承 圆柱滚子轴承 平挡圈和套圈无挡边端倒角尺寸
GB/T 9239.32-2017
Mechanical vibration—Rotor balancing—Part32:Shaft and fitment key convention
机械振动 转子平衡 第32部分:轴与配合件平衡的键准则
GB/T 23278.7-2009
Methods for chemical analysis of sodium stannate - Part 7: Determination of alkali insoluble matter - Gravimetric analysis
锡酸钠化学分析方法 第7部分:碱不溶物的测定 重量法
GB/T 32537-2016
Runouts, undercuts and chamfers for trapezoidal and buttress threads
GB 1886.32-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Sorghum red
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 高粱红
GB/T 12613.6-2011
Plain bearings - Wrapped bushes - Part 6:Checking the inside diameter
滑动轴承 卷制轴套 第6部分:内径检验
GB/T 16667-1996
Monitoring and testing method for energy saving of electrical welding installation
GB 18528-2001
Occupational exposure limit of ultraviolet radiation in the work environment
GB/T 1273-2008
Chemical reagent - Potassium hexacyanoferrate(Ⅱ)trihydrate
化学试剂 三水合六氰铁(Ⅱ)酸钾(亚铁氰化钾)
GB/T 3780.5-2008
Carbon black - Part 5:Determination of specific surface area-CTAB test method
炭黑 第5部分:比表面积的测定 CTAB法
GB 5135.12-2006
Automatic sprinkler system-Part12:Extended coverage sprinkler
自动喷水灭火系统 第12部分:扩大覆盖面积洒水喷头
GB/T 30113.1-2013
Optical measurement methods on flow field in microgravity fluid physics―Part 1:Shadowgraph and Schlieren
空间微重力流体物理 流场光学测量技术规范 第1部分:阴影法、纹影法
GB/T 15224.1-2010
Classification for quality of coal - Part 1: Ash
煤炭质量分级 第1部分:灰分
GB/T 28576-2012
Calculation of industrial rack design
GB/T 50892-2013
Code for engineering design of instrument control system for oil/gas fields and pipelines
GB/T 12984-1991
Ergonomics--Basic terms for visual information processing
人类工效学 视觉信息作业基本术语
GB/T 17037.1-1997
Injection moulding of test specimens of thermoplastic materials--Part 1:General principles and moulding of multipurpose and bar test specimens
热塑性塑料材料注塑试样的制备 第1部分:一般原理及多用途试样和长条试样的制备
GB/T 18659-2002
Measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits--Methods of evaluating the performance of electromagnetic flow-meters for liquids
封闭管道中导电液体流量的测量 电磁流量计的性能评定方法
GB/T 19267.9-2008
Physical and chemical examination of trace evidence in forensic sciences - Part 9:Thin layer chromatography
刑事技术微量物证的理化检验 第9部分:薄层色谱法
GB/T 23562.3-2009
Steel-plate die holders of stamping dies - Part 3: Center-pillar die holders
冲模钢板下模座 第3部分:中间导柱下模座
GB/T 33156-2016
Precision welded tubes for gas spring
GB/T 622-2006
Chemical reagent - Hydrochloric acid
化学试剂 盐酸
GB/T 1593-2015
Agricultural Wheeled tractor—Rear-mounted three-point linkage—Categories 0、1N、1、2N、2、3N、3、4N and 4
农业轮式拖拉机 后置式三点悬挂装置 0、1N、1、2N、2、3N、3、4N和4类
GB/T 26542-2011
Test methods for anti-slip property of ceramic tile
GB/T 31796-2015
Detection and identification of Fusarium tucumaniae and Fusarium virguliforme
GB/T 519-2008
Test methods for measuring physical properties of pneumatic tyres
GB/T 30447-2013
Measurement method for contact angle of nano-film surface
GB/T 16400-2003
Aluminium silicate wool and it’s products for thermal insulation
GB/T 22562-2008
Guide rails for lifts - T-type
GB/T 24513.2-2010
Corrosion of metals and alloys - Classification of low corrosivity of indoor atmospheres - Part 2: Determination of corrosion attack in indoor atmospheres
金属和合金的腐蚀 室内大气低腐蚀性分类 第2部分:室内大气腐蚀性的测定
GB/T 7442-2007
Angle grinders
GB/T 11605-2005
Methods of humidity measurement
GB/T 28929-2012
Specification for service quality of recreation granges
GB/T 17540-2017
General specification for desktop laser printers
GB/T 23871-2009
Code of hygienic practice for fish and fishery products processing establishment
GB/Z 24294.2-2017
Information security technology—Guide of implementation for Internet-based e-government information security—Part2: Access control and secure exchange
信息安全技术 基于互联网电子政务信息安全实施指南 第2部分:接入控制与安全交换
GB/T 30839.43-2015
Energy consumption grading for industrial electroheat installations—Part 43:Box-type resistance furnace
工业电热装置能耗分等 第43部分:箱式电阻炉
GB/T 4857.17-1992
Packaging--Transport packages--General principles for the compilation of performance test schedules
包装 运输包装件 编制性能试验大纲的一般原理
GB/T 7920.15-2003
Asphalt storage,melting and heating units--Termin-ology
沥青储存、熔化和加热装置 术语
GB/T 26900-2011
Bamboo charcoal for air-purification
GB/T 32429-2015
Information technology—Life cycle processes of SOA application
信息技术 SOA 应用的生存周期过程
GB/T 14383-2008
Forged fittings, socket-welding and threaded
GB/T 6931.3-2008
Belt drives vocabulary - Part 3:Synchronous belt drives vocabulary
带传动术语 第3部分:同步带传动术语
GB/T 18115.6-2006
Chemical analysis methods of rare earth impurities in rare earth metals and their oxides Europium-Determination of lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, samarium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium, lutetium and yt
稀土金属及其氧化物中稀土杂质化学分析方法 铕中镧、铈、镨、钕、钐、钆、铽、镝、钬、铒、铥、镱、镥和钇量的测定
GB 15193.10-2014
Food safety national standard vitro mammalian cell DNA damage repair (non procedural DNA synthesis) test
食品安全国家标准 体外哺乳类细胞DNA损伤修复(非程序性DNA合成)试验
GB/T 25171-2010
Animal waste management terminology
GB/T 35539-2017
Restriction endonuclease BamH I
限制性核酸内切酶BamH I
GB/T 8124-2004
Tolerances and general features of gauges for metric trapezoidal screw threads
梯形螺纹量规 技术条件
GB/T 29290-2012
Button general technical requirements and testing methods - Unsaturated polyester resin buttons
钮扣通用技术要求和检测方法 不饱和聚酯树脂类
GB/T 34759-2017
Fluazifop-P-butyl emulsifiable concentrates
GB/T 21543-2008
Feed additives - Flavorings - The general principles
饲料添加剂 调味剂 通用要求
GB/T 24292-2009
Sanitary product - air-laid
GB/T 26804.7-2017
Industrial control computer system—Function module—Part 7: General technical conditions and evaluation methods for video capture module
工业控制计算机系统 功能模块模板 第7部分:视频采集模块通用技术条件及评定方法
GB/T 1995-1998
Petroleum products--Calculation of viscosity index
GB/T 11787-2007
Polyester multiflament ropes
GB/T 31737-2015
Testing method of pourability for pesticides
GB/T 27705-2011
Calculation method of energy equilibrium and energy efficiency in BCTMP system
GB/T 15574-2016
Steel products classification
GB/T 8984-2008
Determination of carbon monoxide,carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon in gases - Gas chromatographic method
气体中一氧化碳、二氧化碳和碳氢化合物的测定 气相色谱法
GB/T 14781-2014
Earth-moving machinery―Rubber-tyred machines―Steering requirements
土方机械 轮胎式机器 转向要求
GB/T 22912-2008
Matou goat
GB/T 25601-2010
The sign of China cultural heritage
GB/T 18041-2000
Civil aviation cargo transpotation terminology
GB 1976-2008
Food additive - Sodium alginate
食品添加剂 褐藻酸钠
GB/T 19811-2005
Plastics-Determination of the degree of disintegration of plastic materials under defined composting conditions in a pilot-scale test
在定义堆肥化中试条件下 塑料材料崩解程度的测定
GB/T 8151.18-2012
Methods for chemical analysis of zinc concentrates - Part 18: Determination of zinc content - Ion-exchange/ Na2EDTA titrimetric method
锌精矿化学分析方法 第18部分:锌量的测定 离子交换-Na2EDTA滴定法
GB/T 24626-2009
Explosion resistant equipment
GB 50577-2010
Code for design of safety and health of cement plant
GB/T 28038-2011
Information technology - Universal multiple-octet coded character set - Universal keyboard layout of the alphanumeric zone for Mongolian
信息技术 通用多八位编码字符集 蒙古文 通用键盘字母数字区布局
GB/T 32809-2016
Remanufacturing—Technological specifications of cleaning for mechanical products
再制造 机械产品清洗技术规范
GB/T 18579-2001
High-carbon chromium bearing steel wires
GB/T 15695-2008
Information technology - Open systems interconnection - Presentation service definition
信息技术 开放系统互连 表示服务定义

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