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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 21150-2007
stall regulation wind turbine generator system
GB/T 28457-2012
Testing specification for applications of SSL protocol
GB/T 50979-2014
Technical code for rubber dam engineering
GB 16196-1996
Health standard for condensed silica dust in the air of workplace
GB/T 23447-2009
Shower outlets for bathing
卫生洁具 淋浴用花洒
GB/T 3327-2016
Furniture—Main sizes of storage units
家具 柜类主要尺寸
GB/T 11982.1-2015
Polyvinyl chloride floor coverings—Part 1: Heterogeneous polyvinyl chloride floor coverings
聚氯乙烯卷材地板 第1部分:非同质聚氯乙烯卷材地板
GB/T 24338.2-2011
Railway applications - Electromagnetic compatibility - Part 2: Emission of the whole railway system to the outside world
轨道交通 电磁兼容 第2部分:整个轨道系统对外界的发射
GB/T 31930-2015
Metallic materials—Ductility testing—Compression test for porous and cellular metals
金属材料 延性试验 多孔状和蜂窝状金属压缩试验方法
GB/T 19468-2004
Determination of chlorates content in pyrotechnic composition
GB/T 12417.1-2008
Non-active surgical implants - Osteosynthesis and joint replacement implants - Part 1: Particular requirements for osteosynthesis implants
无源外科植入物 骨接合与关节置换植入物 第1部分:骨接合植入物特殊要求
GB/T 4925-2008
Fishing nets - Method of test for the determination of strength and breaking elongation of netting of synthetic fiber
渔网 合成纤维网片强力与断裂伸长率试验方法
GB 20517-2006
self-contained smoke alarms
GB/T 30330-2013
China online information exchang for publications-Product information format specification for books
中国出版物在线信息交换 图书产品信息格式规范
GB/T 2900.7-1996
Electrotechnical terminology--Electrical carbon
电工术语 电炭
GB/T 18655-2010
Vehicles, boats and internal combustion engines - Radio disturbance characteristics - Limits and methods of measurement for the protection of on-board receivers
车辆、船和内燃机 无线电骚扰特性 用于保护车载接收机的限值和测量方法
GB/T 35633-2017
General requirements of geographical names expressing in public maps
GB/T 28814-2012
The guide for composition of the ±800kV converter station operating code
GB/T 34400-2017
Consumer product recall—Guidelines for manufacturers
消费品召回 生产者指南
GB/T 18882.2-2008
Chemical analysis methods for mixed rare earth oxide of ion-absorpted type RE ore - Determination of aluminum oxide content
离子型稀土矿混合稀土氧化物化学分析方法 三氧化二铝量的测定
GB/T 23764-2009
Test method of photocatalytic materials for self-cleaning
GB/T 33718-2017
Guide for credit index of business contracts
GB/T 5340.2-2006
End mill with indexable inserts - Part 2: End mill with Morse taper shank
可转位立铣刀 第2部分:莫氏锥柄立铣刀
GB/T 21562.3-2015
Railway applications—Specification and demonstration of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS)—Part 3:Guide to the application for rolling stock RAM
轨道交通 可靠性、可用性、可维修性和安全性规范及示例 第3部分:机车车辆RAM的应用指南
GB/T 921-1986
Round wire circlips
GB/T 17116.1-1997
Pipe supports and hangers--Part 1:Technical specification
管道支吊架 第1部分:技术规范
GB/T 4740-1999
Standard test method for compressive resistance ceramic materials
GB/T 26795-2011
Numerical batch control water meter
GB/T 5838.43-2015
Phosphors—Part 4-3: Phosphor for oscilloscope tubes and display tubes
荧光粉 第4-3部分:示波管和显示管用荧光粉
GB/T 6135.4-2008
Parallel shank twist drills - Part 4: The types and dimensions for extra long parallel shank twist drills
直柄麻花钻 第4部分:直柄超长麻花钻的型式和尺寸
GB/T 7983-2013
Conveyor belts―Transverse flexibility(troughability)―Test method
输送带 横向柔性(成槽性) 试验方法
GB/T 22483-2008
Codes of mountain range and peak names of China
GB/T 25068.5-2010
Information technology - Security techniques - IT network security - Part 5: Securing communications across networks using virtual private networks
信息技术 安全技术 IT网络安全 第5部分:使用虚拟专用网的跨网通信安全保护
GB/T 35424-2017
Classification and coding of construction vessel
GB/T 5553-2007
Surface active agents - Determination of water repellency of waterprooting agents
表面活性剂 防水剂 防水力测定法
GB 18596-2001
Discharge standard of pollutants for livestock and poultry breeding
GB 7655.1-2005
Food additive Brilliant blue
食品添加剂 亮蓝
GB/T 29159-2012
The glass tube for all-glass evacuated solar collector tubes
GB/T 34503-2017
Tungsten tubes
GB/T 24173-2009
Steel sheets - Secondary work embrittlement testing method
钢板 二次加工脆化试验方法
GB/T 34085-2017
Gas for electronic industry—Trifluoromethane
电子工业用气体 三氟甲烷
GB/T 31538-2015
Grouting pipe embedment for concrete joint waterproofing
GB/T 27591-2011
Paper bowl
GB/T 20090.16-2016
Information technology—Advanced coding of audio and video—Part 16: Broadcasting video
信息技术 先进音视频编码 第16部分:广播电视视频
GB/T 1406.1-2008
Types and dimensions of lamp caps - Part 1:Screw caps
灯头的型式和尺寸 第1部分:螺口式灯头
GB/T 8142-2008
Methods of sampling lac products
GB 7798-1987
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management of occupational chromium induced nasal disease
GB/T 18717.3-2002
Ergonomic design for the safety of machinery--Part 3:Anthropometric data
用于机械安全的人类工效学设计 第3部分:人体测量数据
GB/T 16260.4-2006
Software engineering - Product quality - Part 4: Quality in use metrics
软件工程 产品质量 第4部分:使用质量的度量
GB 5226.6-2014
Electrical safety of machinery―Electrical equipment of machines―Part 6: Requirements for construction machinery
机械电气安全 机械电气设备 第6部分:建设机械技术条件
GB/T 25394-2010
Equipment for vine cultivation and wine making - Mash pumps - Methods of test
葡萄栽培和葡萄酒酿制设备 果浆泵 试验方法
GB/T 4324.1-2012
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten - Part 1: Determination of lead content - Flame atomic absorption spectrometry
钨化学分析方法 第1部分:铅量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 21469-2008
Machining allowances and tolerances for steel open die forgings on hammer - General requirement
锤上钢质自由锻件机械加工余量与公差 一般要求
GB/T 24517-2009
Corrosion of metals and alloys - Outdoors exposure test methods for periodic water spray
金属和合金的腐蚀 户外周期喷淋暴露试验方法
GB/T 18311.1-2003
Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components--Basic test and measurement procedures--Part 3-1:Examinations and measurements--Visual examination
纤维光学互连器件和无源器件 基本试验和测量程序 第3-1部分:检查和测量 外观检查
GB 50684-2011
Code for design of wastewater treatment and reuse in chemical industry
GB/T 9409-1988
Specifications for colour TV demodulation equipment (1 TV+1 sound program) used in long-haul terres-trial analog radio-relay systems
长距离地面模拟微波接力系统 彩色电视解调机 (一路电视一路伴音) 技术条件
GB 4706.2-2007
household and similar electrical appliances-Safety - Part 2: Particular requirements for electric irons
家用和类似用途电器的安全 第2部分:电熨斗的特殊要求
GB/T 27919-2011
Specifications for IMU/GPS supported aerial photography
GB/T 32931-2016
Technical specifications for ammonia-based flue gas desulphurization, defluorination and dedusting in aluminum electrolysis process
GB/Z 21716.1-2008
Health informatics - Public key infrastructure(PKI) - Part 1: Overview of digital certificate services
健康信息学 公钥基础设施(PKI) 第1部分:数字证书服务综述
GB/T 26610.3-2014
Guideline for implementation of risk-based inspection of pressure equipment system―Part 3: Qualitative approach to risk
承压设备系统基于风险的检验实施导则 第3部分:风险的定性分析方法
GB/T 22830-2008
Watercolor painting paper
GB/T 25805-2010
Vat grey 3B(C.I. Vat black 16)
GB/T 9350-2003
Plastics--Homopolymer andcopolymer resins of vinyl chloride--Determination of pH of aqueous extract
塑料 氯乙烯均聚和共聚树脂水萃取液pH值的测定
GB 16917.22-2008
Residual current operated circuit-breakers with integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses (RCBO) - Part 22:Applicability of the general rules to RCBO functionally dependent of line voltage
家用和类似用途的带过电流保护的剩余 电流动作断路器(RCBO) 第22部分:一般规则对动作功能与电源电压有关的RCBO的适用性
GB/T 19721.2-2005
The issue of marine forecasts and warnings Part 2:The issue of wave forecasts and warnings
海洋预报和警报发布 第2部分:海浪预报和警报发布
GB 29946-2013
National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Identification Allyl disulfide Food Additive Identification Cellulose
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 纤维素
GB/T 24809.3-2009
Cranes - Requirements for mechanisms - Part 3: Tower cranes
起重机 对机构的要求 第3部分:塔式起重机
GB/T 34706-2017
Determination of organotins content in coatings—Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry method
涂料中有机锡含量的测定 气质联用法
GB/T 5158.1-2011
Metallic powders - Determination of oxygen content by reduction methods - Part 1: General guidelines
金属粉末 还原法测定氧含量 第1部分:总则
GB/T 5273-2016
Dimensional standardisation of terminals for high-voltage apparatus
GB 12441-2005
Finishing fire retardant paint
GB/T 11901-1989
Water quality--Determination of suspended substance--Gravimetric method
水质 悬浮物的测定 重量法
GB/T 15421-2008
Codes for international trade mode
GB/T 11066.6-2009
Methods for chemical analysis of gold - Determination of magnesium, nickel, manganese, palladium contents - Flame atomic absorption spectrometry
金化学分析方法 镁、镍、锰和钯量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 32200-2015
Characteristic parameter and measurement of projection screens
GB/T 20258.2-2006
Data dictionary for fundamental geographic information features Part 2: Data dictionary for fundamental geographic information features of 1:5000 1:10000 scale
基础地理信息要素数据字典 第2部分:1:5000 1:10000 基础地理信息要素数据字典
GB/T 30827-2014
Technical conditions for external prestressing tendons
GB/T 6219-1998
Semiconductor devices--Discrete devices--Part 8:Field-effect transistors--Section One:Blank detail specification for single-gate field-effect transistors up to 5W and 1GHz
半导体器件 分立器件 第8部分:场效应晶体管 第一篇 1 GHz、5 W以下的单栅场效应晶体管 空白详细规范
GB/T 26155.1-2010
Intelligent electrical actuators for industrial-process measurement and control systems - Part 1: General specification
工业过程测量和控制系统用智能电动执行机构 第1部分:通用技术条件
GB/T 16448-2013
Tobacco seed - Rule for naming of cultivar
烟草种子 品种命名原则
GB/T 35529-2017
Rubber diaphragm for city gas pressure regulators
GB/T 1340-1988
Supports for self-locking nuts,anchor floating,Gang channel
GB/T 21818-2008
Testing of chemicals - Inherent biodegradability - Modified MITI test (II)
化学品 固有生物降解性 改进的MITI试验(II)
GB/T 8704.8-2009
Ferrovanadium - Determination of aluminium content - The chromazurol S spectrophotometric method and EDTA titrimetric method
钒铁 铝含量的测定 铬天青S分光光度法和EDTA滴定法
GB/T 34350-2017
External inspection methodology for internal corrosion of liquid petroleum pipelines
GB/T 20432.8-2007
Photography - Photographic-grade chemicals - Test methods - Part 8: Determination of volatile matter
摄影 照相级化学品 试验方法 第8部分:挥发性物质的测定
GB/T 18157-2000
Packing list message
GB 28645.1-2012
Safety code for inspection of dangerous goods - Chemical oxygen generation
危险品检验安全规范 化学氧气发生器
GB/T 13477.19-2017
Test method for building sealants—Part 19:Determination of change in mass and volume
建筑密封材料试验方法 第19部分:质量与体积变化的测定
GB/T 15454-2009
Industrial circulating cooling water - Determination of sodium,potassium, magnesium and calcium - Ion chromatography
工业循环冷却水中钠、铵、钾、镁和钙离子的测定 离子色谱法
GB 19147-2016
Automobile diesel fuels
GB/T 14234-1993
Surface roughness for plastic parts
GB/T 31163-2014
Terminology of solar energy resources
GB/T 13269-1991
Atmospheric air--Test dust standard sample--Fly ash
大气 试验粉尘标准样品 煤飞尘
GB/T 5743-2010
Marine autopilot
GB 5959.2-2008
Safety in electroheat installations - Part 2: Particular requirements for arc furnace installations
电热装置的安全 第2部分:对电弧炉装置的特殊要求
GB/T 3766-2001
Hydraulic fluid power--General rules relating tosystems
GB/T 3140-2005
Fiber-reinforced plastics composites-Determination of mean specific heat capacity

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