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GB Standards english file list

GB 11085-1989
Loss of bulk petroleum liquid products
GB/T 29236-2012
Criteria for evaluating recoverability of telecommunication infrastructure equipment
GB/T 19558-2004
General specifications for integrated circuit(IC)card payphone and system
GB/T 24227-2009
Chromium ores and concentrates - Determination of silicon content - Spectrophotometric method and gravimetric method
铬矿石和铬精矿 硅含量的测定 分光光度法和重量法
GB/T 31591-2015
Paints and varnishes—Determination of mar resistance
色漆和清漆 耐擦伤性的测定
GB/T 19867.5-2008
Welding procedure specification for resistance welding
GB/T 27649-2011
Bamboo and wood laminated composite flooring
GB/T 7178.4-2006
The operating for railway shunting―Part 4: Operating for the simple hump
铁路调车作业 第4部分:简易驼峰作业
GB/T 8427-2008
Textiles - Tests for color fastness - Color fastness to artificial light: Xenon arc fading lamp test
纺织品 色牢度试验 耐人造光色牢度:氙弧
GB 50630-2010
Code for design on fire prevention of nonferrous metals engineering
GB/T 11060.11-2014
Natural gas—Determination of sulfur compounds-Part 11: Determination of hydrogen sulfide content by length-of-stain detector tubes method
天然气 含硫化合物的测定 第11部分:用着色长度检测管法测定硫化氢含量
GB/T 32858-2016
Shaft straighteners—General specification
轴类校直机 通用规范
GB/T 25447-2010
Proton exchange membrane fuel cell test system and activation system
GB/T 22638.6-2008
Test methods for aluminium and aluminium alloy foils - Part 6: Determination of direct current resistance
铝箔试验方法 第6部分:直流电阻的测定
GB/T 5484-2012
Methods for chemical analysis of gypsum
GB 18172.2-2000
10% Chlorothalonil smoke tablets
GB/T 8392-2007
Uneven bars
GB/T 24573-2009
Fire resistance tests for vault and file room doors
GB 439-1990
Aviation jet engine lubricating oils
GB/T 13401-2005
Steel plate butt-welding pipe fittings
GB/T 27970-2011
Test method for weight loss of non-metallic gasket materials upon exposure to elevated temperatures
GB 13615-2009
Electromagnetic environment protection requirements for earth stations
GB 51160-2016
Technical code for fibre reinforced plastics equipment and piping engineering
GB/T 30492-2014
Natural gas―Gas chromatographic requirements for hydrocarbon dewpoint caculation
天然气 烃露点计算的气相色谱分析要求
GB/T 14926.30-2001
Laboratory animal--Method for examinationof rabbit rotavirus(RRV)
实验动物 兔轮状病毒检测方法
GB/T 14486-2008
Dimensional tolerances for moulded plastic parts
GB/T 3615-2016
Aluminium foils for electrolytic capacitor
GB/T 25864-2010
Powder of Beauveria bassiana
GB/T 19650-2006
Method for determination of 478 pesticides and related chemicals residues in animal muscles - GC-MS method
动物肌肉中478种农药及相关化学品残留量的测定 气相色谱-质谱法
GB/T 32146.2-2015
Technical requirements of design and construction for inspection and testing laboratory—Part 2: Electrical laboratory
检验检测实验室设计与建设技术要求 第2部分:电气实验室
GB/T 7468-1987
Water quality--Determination oftotal mercury--Cold atomic absorption spectrophometry
水质 总汞的测定 冷原子吸收分光光度法
GB 30000.15-2013
Rules for classification and labelling of chemicals - Part 15: Oxidizing solids
化学品分类和标签规范 第15部分:氧化性固体
GB/T 2900.17-2009
Electrotechnical terminology - Measuring relays
电工术语 量度继电器
GB/T 18888-2002
Cotton flax
GB/T 21591-2008
Dangerous goods - Test method for tear of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs)
危险品 中型散装容器扯裂试验方法
GB/T 17215.9311-2017
Electricity metering equipment—Dependability—Part 311:Accelerated reliability testing—Elevated temperature and humidity
电测量设备 可信性 第311部分:温度和湿度加速可靠性试验
GB/T 7113.4-2011
Flexible insulating sleeving - Part 4: Glass textile sleeving with acrylic based coating
绝缘软管 第4部分:丙烯酸酯玻璃纤维软管
GB/T 13556-1992
Flexible copper-clad polyester film for printed circuits
GB/T 13033.2-2007
Mineral insulated cables and their terminations with a rated voltage not exceeding 750V - Part 2: Terminations
额定电压750V及以下矿物绝缘电缆及终端 第2部分:终端
GB/T 12467.2-2009
Quality reqirements for fusion welding of metallic materials - Part 2: Comprehensive quality requirements
金属材料熔焊质量要求 第2部分:完整质量要求
GB/T 34500.4-2017
Chemical analysis methods for rare earth waste residue and waste water—Part 4: Determination of copper, zinc, lead, chromium, cadmium, barium, cobalt, manganese, nickel and titanium contents—Inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry
稀土废渣、废水化学分析方法 第4部分:铜、锌、铅、铬、镉、 钡、钴、锰、镍、钛量的测定 电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 30881-2014
Information technology—Metadata registries (MDR)Modules
信息技术 元数据注册系统(MDR)模块
GB/T 33638-2017
Vacuum technology—Turbomolecular pumps—Measurement of rapid shutdown torque
真空技术 涡轮分子泵 急停扭矩的测试
GB/T 26215-2010
Capacitors of damping absorption circuit for HVDC transmission systems converters
GB/T 19070-2003
Test method for electrical controller of wind turbine generator systems
风力发电机组 控制器 试验方法
GB 1886.247-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Potassium bicarbonate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 碳酸氢钾
GB/T 2295-2008
Determination of the ash content of coking solid products
GB/T 17569-2013
Classification for the items of pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants
GB 21906-2008
Discharge standards of water pollutants for pharmaceutical industry chinese traditional medicine category
GB/Z 23283-2009
long-term preservation of electronic document-based information
GB/T 19851.9-2005
Sports equipment and playground for middle school primary school Part 9:Shuttlecocks
中小学体育器材和场地 第9部分:羽毛球拍
GB/T 35306-2017
Test method for carbon and oxygen content of single crystal silicon—Low temperature fourier transform infrared spectrometry
硅单晶中碳、氧含量的测定 低温傅立叶变换红外光谱法
GB 29213-2012
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Potassium Nitrate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 硝酸钾
GB/T 14559-1993
Symbols and units of variant quantities
GB 5296.6-2004
Instructions for use of products of consumer interest--Part 6:Furniture
消费品使用说明 第6部分:家具
GB/T 16482-2009
Yttrium-europium oxide-phosphor grade
GB/T 15370.7-2017
Agricultural tractors—General requirement—Part 7: Three-wheel boat tractors
农业拖拉机 通用技术条件 第7部分:三轮船式拖拉机
GB/T 31213.2-2014
Non-destructive testing―Testing of cast iron equipments and components―Part 2: Test method for acousto-ultrasonic
无损检测 铸铁构件检测 第2部分:声超声检测方法
GB/T 1591-2008
High strength low alloy structural steels
GB/T 33498-2017
Surface chemical analysis—Characterization of nanostructured materials
表面化学分析 纳米结构材料表征
GB/T 7341.1-2010
Electroacoustics - Audiological equipment - Part 1: Pure-tone audiometers
电声学 测听设备 第1部分:纯音听力计
GB/T 20387-2006
Textiles―Determination of the content of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
纺织品 多氯联苯的测定
GB/T 32524.2-2016
Acoustics—Determination of sound power level and directivity character of power capacitor using sound pressure—Part 2: Engineering methods for an essentially free field over a reflecting plane
声学 声压法测定电力电容器单元的声功率级和指向特性 第2部分:反射面上方近似自由场的工程法
GB/T 29617-2013
Determination of density, relative density,and API gravity of liquids by digital density meter
GB/T 2691-1994
Marking codes for resistors and capacitors
GB 19825-2005
Food additive-Diluted benzoyl peroxide
食品添加剂 稀释过氧化苯甲酰
GB 25684.7-2010
Earth-moving machinery - Safety - Part 7: Requirements for scrapers
土方机械 安全 第7部分:铲运机的要求
GB/T 2689.2-1981
Life test and acceleration life test charts--Evaluation of their Weibull distributions
寿命试验和加速寿命试验的图估计法 (用于威布尔分布)
GB/T 21940-2008
Earth-moving machinery - Cutting edges used on tractor-dozers, graders and scrapers - Principal shapes and basic dimensions
土方机械 推土机、平地机和铲运机用刀片 主要形状和基本尺寸
GB/T 17889.4-2012
Ladders - Part 4: Single or multiple hinge-joint ladders
梯子 第4部分:带有单个或多个铰链的梯子
GB 7970-1999
Communication cable paper
GB/T 8565.2-1988
Information processing--Coded character sets for text communication--Part 2:Graphic character sets
信息处理 文本通信用编码字符集 第二部分:图形字符集
GB/T 20914.2-2007
Stamping dies - Gas springs - Part 2: Specification of accessories
冲模 氮气弹簧 第2部分:附件规格
GB/T 22843-2009
Cushion and Pillow
GB 18279.1-2015
Sterilization of health care products—Ethylene oxide—Part 1: Requirements for development,validation and routine control of a sterilization process for medical devices
医疗保健产品灭菌 环氧乙烷 第1部分:医疗器械灭菌过程的开发、确认和常规控制的要求
GB/T 16009-1995
Workplace air--Determination of lead--Dithizone spectrophotometric method
GB 50879-2013
Code for design of thermal energy plant engineering of wood-based panel production
GB 28151-2011
Pyrimethanil wettable powders
GB/T 3325-2008
Metal furniture - General technical requirements
GB/T 33144-2016
Superabrasive—Test method of impact toughness index
超硬磨料 冲击韧性测定方法
GB/T 30033-2013
Ship recycling management systems - Diagrams to show the location of hazardous materials onboard ships
拆船管理系统 船上有害物质位置示意图
GB/T 223.13-2000
Methods for chemical analysis of iron,steel and alloy--The ammonium ferrous sulfate titrationmethod for the determination of vanadium content
钢铁及合金化学分析方法 硫酸亚铁铵滴定法测定钒含量
GB/T 10361-2008
Wheat, rye and respective flours, durum wheat and durum wheat semolina - Determination of the falling number according to Hagberg-Perten
小麦、黑麦及其面粉,杜伦麦及其粗粒粉 降落数值的测定 Hagberg-Perten法
GB/T 31783-2015
Identification for commercial timber and wood products
GB/T 14352.13-2010
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten ores and molybdenum ores - Part 13:Determination of tin content
钨矿石、钼矿石化学分析方法 第13部分:锡量测定
GB/T 6462-2005
Metallic and oxide coatings-Measurement of coating thinckness-Microscopical method
金属和氧化物覆盖层 厚度测量 显微镜法
GB 16386-1996
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management of radiogenic neoplasms
GB/T 28474.2-2012
Pressure/Differential-pressure transmitters for use in industrial-process measure and control systems - Part 2: Methods of evaluating the performance
工业过程测量和控制系统用压力/差压变送器 第2部分:性能评定方法
GB/T 23469-2009
Personal fall protection equipment - Connectors
坠落防护 连接器
GB/T 12690.3-2015
Chemical analysis methods for non-rare earth impurity of rare earth metals and their oxides—Part 3: Determination of water content of rare earth oxides—Gravimetric method
稀土金属及其氧化物中非稀土杂质化学分析方法 第3部分:稀土氧化物中水分量的测定 重量法
GB/Z 18390-2001
Information technology--Guidance onmeasurement techniques for 90mm optical disk cartridges
信息技术 90 mm盒式光盘测量技术指南
GB/T 6721-1986
Statistical standard of economic losses from injury-fatal accidents of enterprise staff and workers
GB/T 17645.102-2008
Industrial automation systems and integration - Parts library - Part 102: View exchange protocol by ISO 10303 conforming specification
工业自动化系统与集成 零件库 第102部分:符合GB/T 16656一致性规范的视图交换协议
GB/T 34997-2017
Chinese office software—API for Web application
中文办公软件 网页应用编程接口
GB/T 26390-2011
Wear-resisting paper for laminate floor covering
GB/T 20757-2006
Method for the determination of fourteen quinolone residues in honey - LC-MS-MS method
蜂蜜中十四种喹诺酮类药物残留量的测定 液相色谱-串联质谱法
GB 16798-1997
Requirements of safety and sanitation for food machinery
GB/T 5009.215-2008
Determination of organotins in foods
GB/T 33641.3-2017
Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry—Seat belts—Part 3:Requirements for assemblies
农林拖拉机和机械 安全带 第3部分:总成要求
GB/T 30348-2013
Requirment on services of international exhibit transportation

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