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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 24227-2009
Chromium ores and concentrates - Determination of silicon content - Spectrophotometric method and gravimetric method
铬矿石和铬精矿 硅含量的测定 分光光度法和重量法
GB/T 32580.301-2016
Railway applications—Fixed installations—Particular requirements for a.c.switchgear—Part 3-1: Measurement, control and protection devices for specific use in a.c. traction system— Application guide
轨道交通 地面装置 交流开关设备的特殊要求 第3-1部分:交流牵引系统专用测量、控制和保护装置 应用指南
GB/T 31591-2015
Paints and varnishes—Determination of mar resistance
色漆和清漆 耐擦伤性的测定
GB/T 14456.2-2008
Green tea - Part 2:Dayezhong green tea
绿茶 笫2部分:大叶种绿茶
GB/T 27649-2011
Bamboo and wood laminated composite flooring
GB/T 19256.6-2006
Electronic business eXtensible Markup Language (ebXML) - Part 6: Business process specification schema
基于XML的电子商务 第6部分:业务过程规范模式
GB/T 4789.16-2003
Microbiological examination of food hygiene--Identification of common mycotoxin producing fungi
食品卫生微生物学检验 常见产毒霉菌的鉴定
GB/T 8427-2008
Textiles - Tests for color fastness - Color fastness to artificial light: Xenon arc fading lamp test
纺织品 色牢度试验 耐人造光色牢度:氙弧
GB/T 11060.11-2014
Natural gas—Determination of sulfur compounds-Part 11: Determination of hydrogen sulfide content by length-of-stain detector tubes method
天然气 含硫化合物的测定 第11部分:用着色长度检测管法测定硫化氢含量
GB/T 25447-2010
Proton exchange membrane fuel cell test system and activation system
GB/T 21583-2008
Dangerous goods - Test method for stacking of large packaging
危险品 大包装堆码试验方法
GB/T 5484-2012
Methods for chemical analysis of gypsum
GB 50957-2013
Code for design of liquid biofuel plant
GB/T 11914-1989
Water quality--Determination of thechemical oxyyen demand--Dichromate method
水质 化学需氧量的测定 重铬酸盐法
GB/T 12763.9-2007
Specifications for oceanographic survey - Part 9: Guidelines for marine ecological survey
海洋调查规范 第9部分:海洋生态调查指南
GB/T 19481-2004
Qualifications to be certified as a hospitality professional manager
GB/T 24573-2009
Fire resistance tests for vault and file room doors
GB/T 33199.1-2016
Mechanical vibration—Torsional vibration of rotating machinery— Part 1: Land-based steam and gas turbine generator sets in excess of 50 MW
机械振动 旋转机械扭振 第1部分:50MW以上陆地安装的透平和燃气轮机发电机组
GB/T 27970-2011
Test method for weight loss of non-metallic gasket materials upon exposure to elevated temperatures
GB/T 31855-2015
Treatment and disposal specification for waste hydrogen sulfide
GB 13615-2009
Electromagnetic environment protection requirements for earth stations
GB/T 22944-2008
Determination of clenbuterol residues in honey - LC-MS-MS method
蜂蜜中克伦特罗残留量的测定 液相色谱-串联质谱法
GB/T 30492-2014
Natural gas―Gas chromatographic requirements for hydrocarbon dewpoint caculation
天然气 烃露点计算的气相色谱分析要求
GB 21748-2008
Safety requirement for the educational equipment - Basic requirements for equipment and spare parts
教学仪器设备安全要求 仪器和零部件的基本要求
GB/T 25864-2010
Powder of Beauveria bassiana
GB/T 19851.12-2005
Sports equipment and playground for middle school primary school Part 12:Checkout-equipment for physique-health of students
中小学体育器材和场地 第12部分:学生体质健康测试器材
GB 30000.15-2013
Rules for classification and labelling of chemicals - Part 15: Oxidizing solids
化学品分类和标签规范 第15部分:氧化性固体
GB/T 6003.3-1999
Test sieves of electroformed sheets
GB/T 29265.206-2017
Information technology—Information device intelligent grouping and resource sharing—Part 206: Remote access service platform
信息技术 信息设备资源共享协同服务 第206部分:远程访问服务平台
GB/T 2900.17-2009
Electrotechnical terminology - Measuring relays
电工术语 量度继电器
GB/T 33714-2017
Nanotechnology—Test method for size of nanoparticles—Atomic force microscopy
纳米技术 纳米颗粒尺寸测量 原子力显微术
GB/T 13322-1991
Metallic coating--Cd-Ti plating of low hydrogan embrittlement
金属覆盖层 低氢脆镉钛电镀层
GB/T 15843.1-2008
Information technology - Security techniques - Entity authentication - Part 1: General
信息技术 安全技术 实体鉴别 第1部分: 概述
GB/T 7113.4-2011
Flexible insulating sleeving - Part 4: Glass textile sleeving with acrylic based coating
绝缘软管 第4部分:丙烯酸酯玻璃纤维软管
GB/T 3766-2015
Hydraulic fluid power—General rules and safety requirements for systems and their components
液压传动 系统及其元件的通用规则和安全要求
GB/T 20380.3-2006
Starch and derived products - Heavy metals content - Part 3: Determination of lead content by atomic absorption spectrometry with electrothermal atomization
淀粉及其制品 重金属含量 第3部分:电热原子吸收光谱法测定铅含量
GB/T 12467.2-2009
Quality reqirements for fusion welding of metallic materials - Part 2: Comprehensive quality requirements
金属材料熔焊质量要求 第2部分:完整质量要求
GB/T 30881-2014
Information technology—Metadata registries (MDR)Modules
信息技术 元数据注册系统(MDR)模块
GB 8871-2001
Eenergy saver for AC contactors
GB/T 26215-2010
Capacitors of damping absorption circuit for HVDC transmission systems converters
GB/T 35206-2017
Thin section examination of shale and mudstone
GB/T 21933.2-2008
Ferronickel - Determination of silicon content - Gravimetric method
镍铁 硅含量的测定 重量法
GB/T 17569-2013
Classification for the items of pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants
GB/T 34860-2017
General specification for slotless permanent-magnet motor
GB/T 20903-2007
Classification of condiment
GB/Z 23283-2009
long-term preservation of electronic document-based information
GB/T 34017-2017
Compound type heating radiator
GB/T 18746-2002
GB 29213-2012
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Potassium Nitrate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 硝酸钾
GB/T 17948.5-2016
Rotating electrical machines—Functional evaluation of insulation systems—Test procedures for form-wound windings—Multifactor evaluation by endurance under simultaneous thermal and electrical stresses
旋转电机 绝缘结构功能性评定 成型绕组试验规程 热、电综合应力耐久性多因子评定
GB/T 16482-2009
Yttrium-europium oxide-phosphor grade
GB/T 31213.2-2014
Non-destructive testing―Testing of cast iron equipments and components―Part 2: Test method for acousto-ultrasonic
无损检测 铸铁构件检测 第2部分:声超声检测方法
GB/T 10335.5-2008
Coated paper and board - Coated linerboard
涂布纸和纸板 涂布箱纸板
GB/T 7341.1-2010
Electroacoustics - Audiological equipment - Part 1: Pure-tone audiometers
电声学 测听设备 第1部分:纯音听力计
GB/T 6058-2005
Test method for preparation and internal pressure testing of filament-wound pressure vessels
GB/T 18910.2-2003
Liquid crystal and solid-state display devices--Part 2:Liquid crystal display modules sectional specification
液晶和固态显示器件 第2部分:液晶显示模块分规范
GB/T 29617-2013
Determination of density, relative density,and API gravity of liquids by digital density meter
GB/T 14288-1993
Determination of minimum ignition energy of combustible gases and flammable liquid vapors
GB/T 7918.3-1987
Standard methods of microbiological examination for cosmetics--Fecal coliforms
化妆品微生物标准检验方法 粪大肠菌群
GB 25684.7-2010
Earth-moving machinery - Safety - Part 7: Requirements for scrapers
土方机械 安全 第7部分:铲运机的要求
GB 50629-2010
Code for design of rolling process for plate and strip mill
GB/T 17626.6-2008
Electromagnetic compatibility - Testing and measurement techniques - Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields
电磁兼容 试验和测量技术 射频场感应的传导骚扰抗扰度
GB/T 17889.4-2012
Ladders - Part 4: Single or multiple hinge-joint ladders
梯子 第4部分:带有单个或多个铰链的梯子
GB/T 32857-2016
Application guide for layer of protection analysis(LOPA)
GB/T 20749-2006
Method for determination of β-estradiol residues in bovine urine gas chromatography-negative-ion chemical ionization mass spectrometry method
牛尿中β-雌二醇残留量的测定 气相色谱-负化学电离质谱法
GB 10665-2004
Calcium carbide
GB/T 22843-2009
Cushion and Pillow
GB 18279.1-2015
Sterilization of health care products—Ethylene oxide—Part 1: Requirements for development,validation and routine control of a sterilization process for medical devices
医疗保健产品灭菌 环氧乙烷 第1部分:医疗器械灭菌过程的开发、确认和常规控制的要求
GB/T 15262-1994
Ambient air--Determination of sulfur dioxide--Formaldehyde absorbing-pararosaniline spectrophotometry
环境空气 二氧化硫的测定 甲醛吸收-副玫瑰苯胺分光光度法
GB 28151-2011
Pyrimethanil wettable powders
GB/T 3325-2008
Metal furniture - General technical requirements
GB/T 22288-2008
Determination of melamine, ammeline, ammelide and cyanuric acid in original plant products - GC-MS method
植物源产品中三聚氰胺、三聚氰酸一酰胺、三聚氰酸二酰胺和三聚氰酸的测定 气相色谱-质谱法
GB/T 30033-2013
Ship recycling management systems - Diagrams to show the location of hazardous materials onboard ships
拆船管理系统 船上有害物质位置示意图
GB/T 21262-2007
Product of geographical indication - Yongchun Mie Xiang
地理标志产品 永春篾香
GB 15563-2005
Seismic charge
GB/T 6662-1986
Methods of measurement for equipment used in terrestrial radio-relay systems--Part 1:Measurements common to sub-systems and simulated systems--Section three--Measurements in the intermediate-frequency range
地面无线电接力系统所用设备的测量方法 第一部分:分系统和仿真系统通用的测量 第三节:中频范围的测量
GB/T 14352.13-2010
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten ores and molybdenum ores - Part 13:Determination of tin content
钨矿石、钼矿石化学分析方法 第13部分:锡量测定
GB 51159-2016
Code for design of yarn dyed and denim fabric plant
GB/T 15778-1995
Classification and codes for forestry resources--Natural reserves
林业资源分类与代码 自然保护区
GB/T 28474.2-2012
Pressure/Differential-pressure transmitters for use in industrial-process measure and control systems - Part 2: Methods of evaluating the performance
工业过程测量和控制系统用压力/差压变送器 第2部分:性能评定方法
GB/T 7358-1998
Electrical installations in ships--Systemdesign--General
船舶电气设备 系统设计 总则
GB/T 3461-2016
Molybdenum powder
GB/T 23469-2009
Personal fall protection equipment - Connectors
坠落防护 连接器
GB/T 32146.1-2015
Technical requirement of design and construction for inspection and testing laboratory—Part 1: General specification
检验检测实验室设计与建设技术要求 第1部分:通用要求
GB/T 12690.3-2015
Chemical analysis methods for non-rare earth impurity of rare earth metals and their oxides—Part 3: Determination of water content of rare earth oxides—Gravimetric method
稀土金属及其氧化物中非稀土杂质化学分析方法 第3部分:稀土氧化物中水分量的测定 重量法
GB/T 1292-2008
Chemical reagent - Ammonium acetate
化学试剂 乙酸铵
GB/T 26390-2011
Wear-resisting paper for laminate floor covering
GB 9706.28-2006
Medical electrical equipment―Part 2: Particular requirements for the safety of lung ventilators―Critical care ventilators
医用电气设备 第2部分: 呼吸机安全专用要求 治疗呼吸机
GB 16212-1996
Health standard for nitroglycerine in the air of workplace
GB/T 5009.215-2008
Determination of organotins in foods
GB/T 30348-2013
Requirment on services of international exhibit transportation
GB/T 18212-2000
Calculation of maximum external diameter of cables for indoor installations
GB/T 35731-2017
Code of practice for maintenance and test of distributed control system in fossil fuel power plant
GB/T 20014.25-2010
Good agricultural practice - Part 25: Flowers and ornamentals control points and compliance criteria
良好农业规范 第25部分:花卉和观赏植物控制点与符合性规范
GB/T 16484.13-2017
Chemical analysis methods for rare earth chloride and light rare erath carbonate--Part 13: Determination of ammonium chloride content
氯化稀土、碳酸轻稀土化学分析方法 第13部分:氯化铵量的测定
GB/T 19585-2008
Product of geographical indication - Turpan grape
地理标志产品 吐鲁番葡萄
GB/T 28837-2012
Requirement on services of quarantine treatments of wood packing material
GB/T 33620-2017
Textiles—Testing and evaluation of sound absorption property
纺织品 吸音性能的检测和评价
GB/T 6730.46-2006
Iron ores - Determination of arsenic content - Arseno-molybdenum blue spectrophotometric method after the distillation separation
铁矿石 砷含量的测定 蒸馏分离-砷钼蓝分光光度法
GB/T 4132-1996
Definitions of terms relating to thermal insulatingmaterials

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