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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 18012-2008
Natural Rubber latex - Determination of pH
天然胶乳 pH值的测定
GB/T 29185-2012
Brand value - Vocabulary
品牌价值 术语
GB/T 27050.1-2006
Conformity assessment―Supplier's declaration of conformity―part 1: General requirements
合格评定 供方的符合性声明 第1部分:通用要求
GB/T 18714.2-2002
Information technology--Open Distributed Processing--Reference model--Part 2:Foundations
信息技术 开放分布式处理 参考模型 第2部分:基本概念
GB 51052-2014
Code for design of wool textile factory
GB/T 24203-2009
Carbon materials - Determination of the true density or true poroous-boiling method
炭素材料真密度、真气孔率测定方法 煮沸法
GB 14891.7-1997
Hygienic standard for irradiated frozen packaged meat of livestock and poultry
GB/T 31562-2015
Foundry machinery—Determination of cleanliness
铸造机械 清洁度测定方法
GB/T 33318-2016
Gas analysis—Determination of sulfide—Gas chromatography with sulfur chemiluminescence
气体分析 硫化物的测定 硫化学发光气相色谱法
GB 6738-1986
Safety requirements for indicating and recording electrical measuring instruments and their accessories
GB/T 27623.1-2011
Pharmacodynamic test technical specification for aquaculture antimicrobial agent - Part 1: Antibiotics susceptibility test of macro-broth dilution method
渔用抗菌药物药效试验技术规范 第1部分:常量肉汤稀释法药物敏感性试验
GB/T 31983.11-2015
Narrow band power line communication over low-voltage mains—Part 11: 3 kHz to 500 kHz frequency bands and classifications, limits of output level and electromagnetic disturbances
低压窄带电力线通信 第11部分:3 kHz~500 kHz频带划分、输出电平和电磁骚扰限值
GB/T 22339-2008
Technical standards regarding to registation,statistics,assessment and information retrival in environment monitoring for producing areas of crops,animal products and aquatic products
GB/T 8294-2008
Natural rubber latex concentrate - Determination of boric acid content
浓缩天然胶乳 硼酸含量的测定
GB/T 10067.44-2014
Basic specifications for electroheat installations―Part 44: Box-type resistance furnaces
电热装置基本技术条件 第44部分:箱式电阻炉
GB/T 2550-2007
Gas welding equipment - Rubber hose for welding, cutting and allied processes
气体焊接设备 焊接、切割和类似作业用橡胶软管
GB/T 18310.22-2003
Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components--Basic test andmeasurement procedures--Part 2-22:Tests--Change of temperature
纤维光学互连器件和无源器件 基本试验和测量程序 第2-22部分:试验 温度变化
GB/T 12377-1990
Analytical method of microquantity uranium in air by laser-fluoremetry
空气中微量铀的分析方法 激光荧光法
GB/T 25422-2010
Subsoiling plow for grassland
GB/T 3819-1997
Textiles--Determination of the recovery from creasing of a folded specimen by measuring the angle of recovery
纺织品 织物折痕回复性的测定 回复角法
GB 16487.3-2017
Environmental protection control standard for imported solid wastes as raw materials—Wood and wood articles wastes
GB/T 4597-2012
Vocabulary of electronic tubes
GB/T 34401-2017
Classification of commercial network
GB/T 24549-2009
Fuel cell electric vehicles - Safety requirements
燃料电池电动汽车 安全要求
GB/T 13283-2008
Accuracy class of measuring instruments and display instruments for industrial process measurement and control
GB/T 9144-2003
General purpose metric screw threads--Preferable plan
普通螺纹 优选系列
GB/T 33635-2017
Green manufacturing—Green supply chain management in manufacturing enterprises-Guideline
绿色制造 制造企业绿色供应链管理 导则
GB 3377-1982
Multifrequency register signalling system for telephone automatic switching network
GB/T 27939-2011
Plain bearings - Quality control techniques and inspection of geometrical and material quality characteristics
滑动轴承 几何和材料质量特性的质量控制技术和检验
GB/T 12168-2006
Protective covers of insulating material for live working
GB/T 7963-2015
Sintered metal materials, excluding hardmetals—Tensile test pieces
烧结金属材料(不包括硬质合金) 拉伸试样
GB 10500-2009
Sodium sulfide for industrial use
GB/T 29428.2-2014
Operation for earthquake search and rescue team―Part 2:Procedures and methods
地震灾害紧急救援队伍救援行动 第2部分:程序和方法
GB/T 25834-2010
Corrosion of metals and alloys - Accelerate corrosion testing of iron and steel in outdoor atmospheres
金属和合金的腐蚀 钢铁户外大气加速腐蚀试验
GB/T 20944.3-2008
Textiles - Evaluation for antibacterial activity - Part 3: Shake flask method
纺织品 抗菌性能的评价 第3部分:振荡法
GB 11779-2005
The minimum mesh size of the trawl cod-end in the East China Sea and Yellow Sea
东海、黄海区拖网网囊 最小网目尺寸
GB/T 35393-2017
Non-destructive testing—Practice for electromagnetic (eddy-current) sorting of nonferrous metals
无损检测 非铁磁性金属电磁(涡流)分选方法
GB/T 13701-1992
Isotopic analysis of uranium by single-standard gas mass-spectrometer method
GB 29975-2013
National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Identification Allyl disulfide Food Additive Identification Difurfuryl disulbide ether
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 二糠基二硫醚
GB/T 8647.5-2006
The methods for chemical analysis of nickel - Determination of magnesium content - Flame atomic absorption spectrometric method
镍化学分析方法 镁量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 4678.9-2017
Diecasting dies—Components—Part 9: Ejector guide pillar
压铸模 零件 第9部分:推板导柱
GB/T 24828-2009
Methods for quarantine and identification of Pratylenchus penetrans
GB/T 6078.1-1998
Centre drills--Part 1:Centre drills for centre holes without protecting chamfers--Type A--Dimensions
中心钻 第1部分:不带护锥的中心钻 A型 型式和尺寸
GB/T 19215.4-2017
Cable trunking and ducting systems for electrical installations—Part 2: Particular requirements—Section 4:Service poles
电气安装用电缆槽管系统 第2部分:特殊要求 第4节:辅助端
GB/T 9074.4-1988
Cross recessed pan head screw,single coil spring lock washer and plain washer assemblies
GB/T 6324.3-2011
Test method of organic chemical products - Part 3: Determination of permanganate-reducing substances
有机化工产品试验方法 第3部分:还原高锰酸钾物质的测定
GB/T 2367-2016
Sodium nitrite for industrial use
GB/T 22665.3-2008
Measurement of vibrations at the handle of hand-held electric tools - Part 3: Grinders, polishers and disk-type sanders
手持式电动工具手柄的振动测量方法 第3部分:砂轮机、抛光机和盘式砂光机
GB/T 11836-2009
Concrete and reinforced concrete sewer pipes
GB/T 30847.2-2014
System and software engineering—Trusted computing platform trustworthiness measurement—Part 2: Trust chain
系统与软件工程 可信计算平台可信性度量 第2部分:信任链
GB/Z 20996.3-2007
Performance of high-voltage direct current(HVDC) systems - Part 3: Dynamic conditions
高压直流系统的性能 第3部分:动态
GB/T 26182-2010
Household and similar healthful massage chair
GB/T 14912-2005
Specifications for computer-aided mapping of large-scale topographic maps
1:500 1:1000 1:2000 外业数字测图技术规程
GB/T 18149-2000
Centrifugal,mixed flow and axial pumps--Code for hydraulic performance tests--Precision class
离心泵、混流泵和轴流泵 水力性能试验规范 精密级
GB/T 16656.45-2013
Industrial automation systems and integration―Product data representation and exchange―Part 45: Integrated generic resources: Material and other engineering properties
工业自动化系统与集成 产品数据表达与交换 第45部分:集成通用资源:材料和其他工程特性
GB/T 9649.24-2009
Terminology classification and code for geology and mineral resources - Part 24: Geoeconomy
地质矿产术语分类代码 第24部分:地质经济学
GB/T 14728.2-2008
Walking aids manipulated by both arms - Requirements and test methods - Part 2: Rollators
双臂操作助行器具 要求和试验方法 第2部分:轮式助行架
GB 50207-2012
Code for acceptance of construction quality of roof
GB 28938-2012
Discharge standards of water pollutants for bast and leaf fibres textile industry
GB/T 20084-2006
Equipment for crop protection - Sprayers - Connection threading
植物保护机械 喷雾机 连接螺纹
GB/T 339-2001
Synthetic phenol for industrial use
GB/T 32990-2016
Smart perfusion machine for cast-in-situ foam concrete composite wall
GB/T 15800-2009
Rules for investigation and forecast of the cotton bollworm[Helicoverpa armigera(Hvbner)]
GB/T 31190-2014
Technical specifications for collecting laboratory chemical waste
GB/T 6391-2010
Rolling bearings - Dynamic load ratings and rating life
滚动轴承 额定动载荷和额定寿命
GB/T 21646-2008
Technical specification and testing methods for analog public radio interphone on 400MHz band
GB/T 29591-2013
Gum rosin from Pinus.elliottii Engelm
GB/T 14842-2007
Niobium and niobium alloys rods and bars
GB/Z 18732-2002
Determination of limits for industrial,scientific and medical equipment
GB 25584-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Magnesium chloride
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 氯化镁
GB/T 5051-2017
The particle forming machine
GB/T 17447-2012
Aerosol valve
GB/T 6730.20-2016
Iron ores—Determination of phosphorus content—Titrimetric method
铁矿石 磷含量的测定 滴定法
GB/T 23108-2008
Household and similar electrical heating pads - Methods for measuring performance
GB/T 22796-2009
Quilts、quilt cover
GB 12021.2-2015
The maximum allowable values of the energy consumption and energy efficiency grade for household refrigerators
GB 22574-2008
Maximum limits of toluene,xylene,cumene,phenol and aniline for irrigation water quality
GB/T 4458.4-2003
Mechanical drawings--Dimensioning
机械制图 尺寸注法
GB/T 32260.2-2015
Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials—Cold cracking tests for weldments—Arc welding processes—Part 2: Self-restraint tests
金属材料焊缝的破坏性试验 焊件的冷裂纹试验 弧焊方法 第2部分:自拘束试验
GB 28051-2011
Regulation for filling of welded insulated cylinder
GB/T 19906-2005
Product of geographical indication-Baoying lotus root
地理标志产品 宝应荷(莲)藕
GB/T 3091-2008
Welded steel pipes for low pressure liquid delivery
GB/T 30008-2013
Reference line value for energy efficiency design index of energy-saving ships
GB/T 12192-2017
Methods of measurement for transmitters employing F3E or G3E emissions used in the mobile services
GB/T 14521.6-1993
Terms of conveying machinery--Slat conveyor
运输机械术语 板式输送机
GB/T 13965-2010
Instrument components - Vocabulary
仪表元器件 术语
GB/T 16256-2008
Textile fibres - Test method for linear density - Vibroscope method
纺织纤维 线密度试验方法 振动仪法
GB/T 19448.7-2004
Tool holders with cylindricalshank--Part 7:Type F with taper seat
圆柱柄刀夹 第7部分:装锥柄刀具的F型刀夹
GB/T 34610-2017
Water saving enterprises—Coking industry
节水型企业 炼焦行业
GB/T 28454-2012
Information technology - Security techniques - Selection, deployment and operations of intrusion detection systems
信息技术 安全技术 入侵检测系统的选择、部署和操作
GB/T 20440-2006
Technical requirements of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
GB/T 10180-2017
Thermal performance test code for industrial boilers
GB/T 23444-2009
Metal and metal-composite ceilings
GB/T 11885-2015
Automatic rail-weighbridges
GB 4806.11-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Food contact with rubber materials and products
食品安全国家标准 食品接触用橡胶材料及制品
GB/T 223.49-1994
Methods for chemical analysis of iron,steel and alloy--Extraction separation-chlorophosphonazo mA spectro-photometric method for the determination of the total rare earth content
钢铁及合金化学分析方法 萃取分离-偶氮氯膦mA分光光度法测定稀土总量
GB/T 22657.2-2011
Writing specifications on mail item - Part 2:international
邮件封面书写规范 第2部分:国际
GB/T 21989-2008
Plastics - Poly(vinyl chloride)pastes - Determination of apparent viscosity using the severs rheometer
塑料 聚氯乙烯糊 用Severs流变仪测定表观黏度
GB/T 4891-2008
Choice of sample size for estimating the average quality of a lot or process
GB/T 30327-2013
General specification for postpress finishing

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