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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 18850-2002
Industrial wire screens--Technical requirements and testing
工业用金属丝筛网 技术要求和检验
GB/T 34231-2017
Determination of loss on ignition for coal combustion residues
GB/T 11064.3-2013
Methods for chemical analysis of lithium carbonate,lithium hydroxide monohydrate and lithium chloride - Part 3: Determination of lithium chloride content - Potentiometric method
碳酸锂、单水氢氧化锂、氯化锂化学分析方法 第3部分:氯化锂量的测定 电位滴定法
GB/T 34131-2017
Technical standard for battery management system of electrochemical energy storage station
GB/T 4909.4-2009
Test methods for bare wires - Part 4: Torsion test
裸电线试验方法 第4部分:扭转试验
GB/T 21548-2008
Methods of measurement of the high speed semiconductor lasers directly modulated for optical fiber communication systems
GB/T 24218.10-2016
Textiles—Test methods for nonwovens—Part 10: Lint and other particles generation in the dry state
纺织品 非织造布试验方法 第10部分:干态落絮的测定
GB/T 5487-1995
Test method for knock characteristics of motor fuels by the Research method
GB 18080.1-2012
Health protection zone for textile industry - Part 1:Cotton, chemical fiber textile and dyeing finishing industry
纺织业卫生防护距离 第1部分:棉、化纤纺织及印染精加工业
GB/T 12140-2007
Pastry terms
GB/T 18997.2-2003
Polyethylene/Aluminum/Polyethylene composite pressure pipe--Part 2:PE/AL/PE pipe butt-welded by aluminum pipe
铝塑复合压力管 第2部分:铝管对接焊式铝塑管
GB/T 13371-1992
Determination of copper,iron,nickel,magnesium,manganese, zinc and silver in uranium dioxide powders and pellets by atomic absorption spectrophotometry
二氧化铀粉末和芯块中铜、铁、镍、镁、锰、锌、银的测定 原子吸收分光光度法
GB/T 13917.5-2009
Laboratory efficacy test methods and criterions of public health insecticides for pesticide registration - Part 5: Vaporizing mat
农药登记用卫生杀虫剂室内药效试验及评价 第5部分: 电热蚊香片
GB/T 31009-2014
Foot protection―Safety requirement and test method for footwear
足部防护 鞋(靴)安全性要求及测试方法
GB/T 26343-2010
Technical standard for physical examination for students
GB/T 22919.2-2008
Aquafeed - Part 2: Formula feed for cobia(Rachycentron canadum)
水产配合饲料 第2部分:军曹鱼配合饲料
GB/T 16646-1996
Information technology--Open systems interconnection--Local area networks--Medium access control (MAC) service definition
信息技术 开放系统互连 局域网媒体访问控制(MAC)服务定义
GB/T 4965-1985
Classification and designation for getter
GB/T 235-2013
Metallic materials - Sheet and strip - Reverse bend test
金属材料 薄板和薄带 反复弯曲试验方法
GB 2099.6-2008
Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes - Part 2: Particular requirements for fused plugs
家用和类似用途插头插座 第2部分:带熔断器插头的特殊要求
GB 19594-2004
Fireworks and firecracker--Aerial shell
烟花爆竹 礼花弹
GB 50345-2012
Technical code for roof engineering
GB 19079.19-2010
Operation conditions and technical requirements for gymnasium and playground - Part 19:Tuozhan place
体育场所开放条件与技术要求 第19部分:拓展场所
GB/T 19816.5-2005
Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products-Test methods for metallic blast-cleaning abrasives-Part 5:Determination of percentage defective particles and of microstructure
涂覆涂料前钢材表面处理 喷射清理用金属磨料的试验方法 第5部分:缺陷颗粒百分比和微结构的测定
GB/T 32994-2016
Rotary kiln for cement industy
GB/T 11436-2012
Chemical analysis methods for products and semi-finished products made of soft ferrite materials
GB/T 18029.2-2009
Wheelchairs - Part 2: Determination of dynamic stability of electric wheelchairs
轮椅车 第2部分:电动轮椅车动态稳定性的测定
GB/T 17025-1997
Potentiometers for use in electronic equipment--Part 4:Sectional specification--Single-turn rotary power potentiometers
电子设备用电位器 第4部分:分规范 单圈旋转功率电位器
GB/T 31342-2014
Technical guidelines of energy audit on public institutions
GB/T 15729-2008
Hand torque tools - General requirements
GB 19640-2005
Hygienic standard for breakfast cereal
GB/Z 26214-2010
Glare evaluation system for use within outdoor sports and area lighting
GB/T 20346.1-2006
Equipment for distributing fertilizers - Test methods - Part 1: Full width fertilizer distributors
施肥机械 试验方法 第1部分: 全幅宽施肥机
GB/T 2424.15-2008
Environmental testing - Guide for combined temperature/low air pressure tests
电工电子产品环境试验 第3部分:温度/低气压综合试验导则
GB 17716-1999
Black carp
GB/T 29781-2013
General requirements for electric vehicle charging station
GB/T 34520.7-2017
Test methods for continuous silicon carbide fiber—Part 7 :High temperature strength retention rate
连续碳化硅纤维测试方法 第7部分:高温强度保留率
GB 5199-2010
Information technology - Chinese ideogram coded character set (basic set) - 15×16 dot matrix font
信息技术 汉字编码字符集(基本集) 15×16点阵字型
GB/T 21887-2008
GB/T 6730.35-2016
Iron ores—Determination of copper content—Oxalic acid bis-cyclohexylidene hydragide (cuprizone) spectrophotometric method
铁矿石 铜含量的测定 双环己酮草酰二腙分光光度法
GB/T 2398-2012
Disperse dyestuffs - Determination of property of staining cotton
分散染料 对棉沾色性能的测定
GB/T 20880-2007
Edible glucose
GB/T 32263-2015
Highly purified compound—Reagent for pesticide residue analysis—Method of the gas chromatography with electron capture detector(ECD)
高纯化合物 农残分析用化合物的测定 气相色谱-电子捕获检测器(ECD)法
GB/T 23297-2009
Shipbuilding - Shiplines - Identification of geometric data
造船 船体型线 几何数据的标识
GB/T 18272.5-2000
Industrial-process measurement and control--Evaluation of system properties for the purpose of system assessment--Part 5:Assessment of system dependability
工业过程测量和控制 系统评估中系统特性的评定 第5部分:系统可信性评估
GB 1886.8-2015
National Food Safety Standards –Food additives-Sodium sulfite
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 亚硫酸钠
GB/T 14108-2011
Marine magnetic compass of class A
GB/T 1499.1-2017
Steel for the reinforcement of concrete—Part 1:Hot rolled plain bars
钢筋混凝土用钢 第1部分:热轧光圆钢筋
GB/T 3903.40-2008
Footwear - Test methods for uppers - Defomability
鞋类 帮面试验方法 形变性
GB/T 30158-2013
Determination of nickel released from accessories on textile products
GB/T 10066.6-2008
Test methods for electroheat installations - Part 6: Industrial microwave heating installations- test methods for the determination of power output
电热装置的试验方法 第6部分:工业微波加热装置输出功率的测定方法
GB/T 34608-2017
Water saving enterprises—Iron ore mining and mineral processing industry
节水型企业 铁矿采选行业
GB/T 16552-2010
Gems - Nomenclature
珠宝玉石 名称
GB/T 5170.15-2005
Inspection methods for basic parameters of environmental testing equipments for electric and electronic products hydraulic vibrating type machines for vibration(sinusoidal)test
电工电子产品环境试验设备 基本参数检定方法 振动(正弦)试验用液压振动台
GB/T 9414.8-2001
Guide on maintainabilityof equipment--Part 9:Statistical methods in maintainability evaluation
设备维修性导则 第九部分:维修性评价的统计方法
GB/T 33878-2017
Steel cross wedge rollings—Technological design principle
钢质楔横轧件 工艺编制原则
GB/T 28625-2012
Test chart for color copiers
GB 4806.5-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Glassware
食品安全国家标准 玻璃制品
GB/T 23591-2009
Lanthanum-cerium-terbium oxide
GB/T 17737.313-2015
Coaxial communication cables—Part 1-313: Mechanical test methods—Adhesion of dielectric and sheath
同轴通信电缆 第1-313部分:机械试验方法 介质和护套的附着力
GB/T 17468-2008
The guide for choice power transformers
GB/T 26605-2011
Dimethyl ether for motor vehicle fuel
GB/T 20716.2-2006
Road vehicles - Connectors for the electrical connection of towing and towed vehicles - Part 2: Connectors for braking systems and running gears of vehicles with 12V nominal supply voltage
道路车辆 牵引车和挂车之间的电连接器 第2部分:12V标称电压车辆的制动系统和行走系的连接
GB 19154-2003
Permanently installed suspended access equipment
GB/T 7469-1987
Water quality--Determination of the total mercury--Potassium permanganate-pootassium peralfate descomposed method--Dithizone spectrophotometric method
水质 总汞的测定 高锰酸钾-过硫酸钾消解法 双硫腙分光光度法
GB/T 27758.3-2017
Industrial automation systems and integration—Diagnostics, capability assessment and maintenance applications integration—Part 3: Applications integration description method
工业自动化系统与集成 诊断、能力评估以及维护应用集成 第3部分:应用集成描述方法
GB/T 5432-2008
Test method for density of glass by buoyancy
玻璃密度测定 浮力法
GB/T 3260.4-2013
Methods for chemical analysis of tin―Part 4:Determination of lead content―Flame atomic absorption spectrometric method
锡化学分析方法 第4部分:铅量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 34155-2017
Jingangmycin A technical material
GB/T 24888-2010
Technical requirements of data share for emergency command in earthquake occurrence site
GB/T 22264.1-2008
Mounted digital display electric measuring instruments - Part1: Definitions and general requirements common to all parts
安装式数字显示电测量仪表 第1部分:定义和通用要求
GB 50041-2008
Code for design of boiler plant
GB/T 28974-2012
Detection and identification of Potato virus A-Nanoparticles-enlarged in colloidal gold immunochromatographic assay
马铃薯A病毒检疫鉴定方法 纳米颗粒增敏胶体金免疫层析法
GB/T 21208-2007
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Controllers for drivers of stationary fire pumps
低压开关设备和控制设备 固定式消防泵驱动器的控制器
GB/T 5009.131-2003
Determination of phosmet residues in vegetable foods
GB/T 32656-2016
Data format of the calendar and schedule
GB/T 23906-2009
Non-destructive testing - Rings for magnetic particle testing
无损检测 磁粉检测用环形试块
GB/T 31378-2015
Test method for surface hardness of flat panel display (FPD) polarizing film
GB/T 26940-2011
Dried oyster
GB/T 7141-2008
Plastics - Methods of heat aging
GB 19725.1-2014
Agricultural and forestry machinery―Safety requirements and testing for portable,hand-held,powered brush-cutters and grass-trimmers―Part 1: Machines fitted with an integral combustion engine
农林机械 便携式割灌机和割草机安全要求和试验 第1部分:侧挂式动力机械
GB/T 12729.3-2008
Spices and condiments - Preperation of a ground sample for analysis
香辛料和调味品 分析用粉末试样的制备
GB/T 19538-2004
Hazard analysis and critical control point(HACCP)system and guidelines for its application
GB/T 25222-2010
Inspection of grain and oils - Determination of phosphide residues in grain-spectrophotometric method
粮油检验 粮食中磷化物残留量的测定 分光光度法
GB 3906-2006
Alternating-current metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear for rated voltages above 3.6 kV and up to and including 40.5 kV
GB/T 6921-1986
Determination of the concentration of airborne particulate matters
GB 50982-2014
Technical code for monitoring of building and bridge structures
GB/T 29336-2012
Multi-layer coextruded tube for cosmetics
GB/T 963-1988
Spacers for self-locking nuts,angle,anchor
GB/T 33274-2016
Classification and terminology of burnable incense
GB/T 24332-2009
Capillary ultra-high-pressure mercury vapor lamps
GB/T 31777-2015
Digital music metadata
GB/T 19267.12-2008
Physical and chemical examination of trace evidence in forensic sciences - Part 12:Thermoanalysis
刑事技术微量物证的理化检验 第12部分:热分析法
GB/T 31933-2015
Test method for the corrosion of steel bar embedded in concrete in chloride enviroment
GB/T 27748.3-2011
Stationary fuel cell power system - Part 3:Installation
固定式燃料电池发电系统 第3部分:安装
GB/T 6133.1-2006
Tool chucks for flated parallel shank tools - part 1: Dimensions of the driving system of tool shanks
削平型直柄刀具夹头 第1部分:刀具柄部传动系统的尺寸
GB/T 14084-1993
General specification of Chinese and English electronic typewriter for office management
GB/T 9283-2008
Solvent for coating - Determination of distillation range
GB 18056-2000
Hygienic standard for methylmercaptan in air of residential areas
GB/T 1652-2014
Naphthol AS

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