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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 19951-2005
Roadvehicles-Test methods for electrical disturbances from electrostatic discharge
GB/T 26793-2011
Coulometry micro water teller
GB/T 16105-1995
Workplace air--Determination of vanadium pentoxide--N-cinnamoyl-o-tolyl-hydroxylamine spectrophotometric method
GB/T 6135.2-2008
Parallel shank twist drills - Part 2: The types and dimensions for parallel shank stub series twisl drills and parallel shank jobber series twist drills
直柄麻花钻 第2部分:直柄短麻花钻和直柄麻花钻的型式和尺寸
GB/T 7920.12-2013
Road construction and road maintenance machinery and equipment―Asphalt pavers―Terminology and commercial specifications
道路施工与养护机械设备 沥青混凝土摊铺机 术语和商业规格
GB/T 5889-1986
Method of quantitative analysis of ramie chemical components
GB/T 7761-2003
Rubber--Determination of adhesion to rigid materials using conical shaped parts
橡胶 用锥形件测定与刚性材料的粘合强度
GB/T 16456.4-2008
End mills with brazed helical hardmetal tips - Part 4:Technical specifications
硬质合金螺旋齿立铣刀 第4部分:技术条件
GB/T 25068.3-2010
Information technology - Security techniques - IT network security - Part 3: Securing communications between networks using security gateways
信息技术 安全技术 IT网络安全 第3部分:使用安全网关的网间通信安全保护
GB 50911-2013
code for monitoring measurement of urban rail transit engineering
GB/T 20489-2006
General requirements for perforator materials for oil and gas well
GB/T 29157-2012
Production life cycle assessment specification for float glass(Product category rules)
GB/T 16315-1996
Polyimide woven glass fabric copper-clad laminated sheet of defined flammability for printed circuits
GB/T 33170.2-2016
Safety requirements for large-scale activities—Part2:Personnel management and control
大型活动安全要求 第2部分:人员管控
GB/T 24171.2-2009
Metallic materials - Sheet and strip - Determinations of forming limit curves - Part 2: Determinations of forming limit curves in laboratory
金属材料 薄板和薄带 成形极限曲线的测定 第2部分:实验室成形极限曲线的测定
GB/T 31536-2015
Analytical method of chemical composition for copper series arsenic removal agent at room temperature
GB/T 31814-2015
Frozen scallop
GB 7916-1987
Hygienic standard for cosmetics
GB/T 8061-2004
Micrometer with dial comparator
GB/T 22053-2008
Pentane vesicant
GB/T 27589-2011
Paper container set for food
GB/T 21014-2007
Earth-moving machinery - Hour meters
土方机械 计时表
GB/T 8117.2-2008
Rules for steam turbine thermal acceptance tests - Part 2: Method B - Wide range of accuracy for various types and sizes of turbines
汽轮机热力性能验收试验规程 第2部分: 方法B 各种类型和容量的汽轮机宽准确度试验
GB 5009.76-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of arsenic in food additives
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂中砷的测定
GB/T 16733-1997
Stage division and code of procedure for development of national standards
GB/T 1885-1998
Petroleum measurement tables
GB/T 25392-2010
Agricultural engineering - Electrical and electronic equipment - Testing resistance to environmental conditions
农业工程 电气和电子设备 对环境条件的耐久试验
GB/T 18142-2017
Information technology—Representation of data elements values-Notation of the format
信息技术 数据元素值表示 格式记法
GB/T 4324.10-2012
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten - Part 10: Determination of copper content - Flame atomic absorption spectrometry
钨化学分析方法 第10部分:铜量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 33578.2-2017
Guideline of risk based inspection of complete units—Part 2:Catalytic cracking units
成套装置基于风险的检验细则 第2部分:催化裂化装置
GB/T 11200.3-2008
Text methods of high-purity sodium hydroxide - Part 3: Determination of calcium content - Flame atomic absorption method
高纯氢氧化钠试验方法 第3部分:钙含量的测定 火焰原子吸收法
GB/T 24516.1-2009
Corrosion of metals and alloys - Atmospheric corrosion - Determination of meteorologic factors
金属和合金的腐蚀 大气腐蚀 地面气象因素观测方法
GB/T 32446-2015
General technical requirements for glass furniture
GB 6695-1998
20% Fenvalerate emulsifiable concentrates
GB/T 18034-2000
Specification for the platinum rhodium thermocouple thin wires used in mini-thermocouples
GB/T 9797-2005
Metallic coatings -- Electrodeposited coatings of nickel plus chromium and of copper plus nickel plus chromium
金属覆盖层 镍+铬和铜+镍+铬电镀层
GB/T 27917.3-2011
Express service - Part 3: Service procedures
快递服务 第3部分:服务环节
GB/Z 21702-2008
Code on quality and safety control of fishery products for export
GB/T 26237.9-2014
Information technology―Biometric data interchange formats―Part 9: Vascular image data
信息技术 生物特征识别数据交换格式 第9部分:血管图像数据
GB/T 11632-1989
Technical specifications of material of pressure hull structure for submersibles and underwater equipments
GB/T 15579.9-2017
Arc welding equipment—Part 9: Installation and use
弧焊设备 第9部分:安装和使用
GB/T 18159-2008
Specifications of amusement rides coaster category
GB/T 25803-2010
Disperse violet HFRL(C.I. Disperse violet 26)
GB/T 4130-2017
Acoustics—Low frequency calibration methods of hydrophones
声学 水听器低频校准方法
GB/T 18575-2001
Shaking table test method of earthquakeresistant performance for building curtain wall
GB/T 3630-2006
Niobium sheet,strip and foil
GB 29944-2013
National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Identification N-[N-(3, 3-dimethyl butyl)]-L-α-asparagin-L-phenylalanine1-methyl ester (neotam)
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 N-[N-(3,3-二甲基丁基)]-L-α-天门冬氨-L-苯丙氨酸1-
GB/T 1527-2017
Drawn tube of copper and copper alloys
GB/T 24808-2009
Electromagnetic compatibility - Product family standard for lifts, escalators and moving walks - Immunity
电磁兼容 电梯、自动扶梯和自动人行道的产品系列标准 抗扰度
GB/T 16296.2-2016
Acoustics—Audiometric test methods—Part 2: Sound-field audiometry with pure-tone and narrow-band test signals
声学 测听方法 第2部分:用纯音及窄带测试信号的声场测听
GB/T 22375-2008
Guide for manufacture,application and recycle of pressure sensitive adhesive products
GB/T 4959-2011
Methods of measurement for the characteristics of sound reinforcement in auditoria
GB/T 7635.2-2002
National central product classification and code--Part 2:Non-transportable product
全国主要产品分类与代码 第2部分:不可运输产品
GB/T 3164-2007
Vacuum technology - Graphical symbols
真空技术 图形符号
GB/T 11038-2009
Welding specification for pressure parts of marine auxiliary boiler and pressure vessel
GB/T 30825-2014
Pyrometry for heat treatment
GB/T 259-1988
Petroleum products--Determination of water soluble acids and alkalis
GB/T 26153.2-2010
Flexible manufacturing system of off-line programming robots - Part 2 :Belt grinding manufacturing system
离线编程式机器人柔性加工系统 第2部分:砂带磨削加工系统
GB/T 13127-1991
Specification for interworking of chinese ideogram teletex on public telecommunication networks--The terminal equipment
汉字智能用户电报在公用电信网上的互通技术条件 终端设备
GB/T 15935-2013
Information technology—Mag netic stripes on savings books
信息技术 存折本的磁条
GB/T 50594-2010
Standard for water function zoning
GB/T 2261.3-2003
Classification and codesof basic personal information--Part 3: Codes for state of health
个人基本信息分类与代码 第3部分: 健康状况代码
GB/T 13390-2008
Metallic powder-Determination of the specific surface area - Method of nitrogen adsorption
金属粉末比表面积的测定 氮吸附法
GB/T 8704.3-2009
Ferrovanadium - Determination of sulfur content - The infrared absorption method and the combustion-neutralization titration method
钒铁 硫含量的测定 红外线吸收法及燃烧中和滴定法
GB/T 32825-2016
Specifications and technical requirements for three-phase dry-type tridimensional wound-core distribution transformers
GB/T 12618.4-2006
Open end blind rivets with break pull mandrel and protruding head―property class 51
开口型平圆头抽芯铆钉 51级
GB 28644.2-2012
Limited quantities and packing requirements of dangerous goods
GB/T 15418-2009
Guidelines for the archives classification indexing
GB/T 31161-2014
Classification for the solar proton event intensity
GB/T 1819.2-2004
Methods for chemical analysis of tin concentrates--Determination of tin content--The potassium iodate titrimetric method
锡精矿化学分析方法 锡量的测定 碘酸钾滴定法
GB/T 21283.3-2008
Rotary shaft lip-type seals incorporating thermoplastic sealing elements - Part 3 :Storage,handling and installation
密封元件为热塑性材料的旋转轴唇形密封圈 第3部分:贮存、搬运和安装
GB/T 5680-2010
Austenitic manganese steel castings
GB/T 9579-2006
Rubber compounding ingredients―Carbon black―Method of evaluation in styrene-butadiene rubbers
橡胶配合剂 炭黑 在丁苯橡胶中的鉴定方法
GB/T 29562.1-2013
Energy efficiency test procedures of motors for crane - Part 1: YZP series of variable-frequency adjustable-speed 3-phase asynchronous motors
起重机械用电动机能效测试方法 第1部分:YZP系列变频调速三相异步电动机
GB 50295-2016
Code for design of cement plant
GB 14585-1993
Regulations for safe management of radioactive wastes from the mining and milling of uranium and thorium ores
GB 25553-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Polyoxyethylene (20) sorbitan monostearate (Tween 60)
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 聚氧乙烯(20)山梨醇酐单硬脂酸酯(吐温60)
GB/T 33453-2016
Specifications for database construction of fundamental geographic information
GB/T 22694-2008
Fixed residual current protective socket-outlets without integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses(FRCS)
GB/T 16783.2-2012
Petroleum and natural gas industries - Field testing of drilling fluids - Part 2: Oil-based fluids
石油天然气工业 钻井液现场测试 第2部分:油基钻井液
GB/T 32111-2015
Rubber clamp ring for cutting cold-rolling sheet
GB 1094.5-2008
Power transformers - Part 5: Ability to withstand short circuit
电力变压器 第5部分:承受短路的能力
GB/T 21709.15-2009
Standardized manipulations of acupuncture and moxibustion - Part 15: Eye acupuncture
针灸技术操作规范 第15部分:眼针
GB/T 7997-2014
Hardmetals—Vickers hardness test
硬质合金 维氏硬度试验方法
GB/T 17884-1999
Electronic ripple control receiver for tariff and load control
GB/T 16855.100-2005
Safety of machinery-Safety-related parts of control systems-Part 100:Guidelines for the use and application of GB/T 16855.1
机械安全 控制系统有关安全部件 第100部分:GB/T 16855.1的应用指南
GB 27791-2011
City gas pressure regulating installation
GB/T 35526-2017
Chemicals—A short-term screening assay for (anti) androgenic properties—Hershberger bioassay in rats
化学品 (抗)雄性性征短期筛选试验 大鼠Hershberger生物检测法
GB/T 2951.13-2008
Common test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric and optical cables - Part 13:Methods for general application - Measurement for determining the density - Water absorption tests - Shrinkage test
电缆和光缆绝缘和护套材料通用试验方法 第13部分: 通用试验方法 密度测定方法 吸水试验 收缩试验
GB/T 29905-2013
Laboratory method of determining the leachability of wood preservatives
GB/T 34651-2017
Full face tunnel boring machine—Earth pressure balance shield machine
全断面隧道掘进机 土压平衡盾构机
GB/T 1483.2-2008
Gauges for caps and lampholders - Part 2:Gauges for pin caps and lampholders
灯头、灯座检验量规 第2部分:插脚式灯头、灯座的量规
GB/T 12703.6-2010
Textile - Evaluation for electrostatic properties - Part 6:Fibre resistance leak
纺织品 静电性能的评定 第6部分:纤维泄漏电阻
GB/T 33622-2017
Flexible cellular polymeric materials—Low-temperature flex test
软质泡沫聚合材料 低温柔性试验方法
GB 18458.1-2001
Infusion sets for specialpurpose--Part 1:Infusion sets with precision filters for single use
专用输液器 第1部分:一次性使用精密过滤输液器
GB/T 20122-2006
Corrosion of metals and alloys -- Evaluation of stress corrosion cracking by the drop evaporation test
金属和合金的腐蚀 滴落蒸发试验的应力腐蚀开裂评价
GB/T 28422-2012
Electronic toll collection - Key information coding
电子收费 关键信息编码
GB 1886.213-2016
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additives - sulfur dioxide
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 二氧化硫
GB/T 23416.3-2009
The safety technical specification of pest control for vegetables - Part 3: Gourd vegetables
蔬菜病虫害安全防治技术规范 第3部分:瓜类
GB/T 2677.5-1993
Fibrous raw material--Determinationof one percent sodium hydroxide solubility

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