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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 34976-2017
Information security technology—Security technical requirements and testing and evaluation approachs for operating system of smart mobile terminals
信息安全技术 移动智能终端操作系统安全技术要求和测试评价方法
GB/T 5121.28-2010
Method for chemical analysis of copper and copper alloys - Part 28:Determination of Chromium,Iron,Manganese,Cobalt,Nickel,Zinc,Arsenic, Selenium,Silver,Cadmium,Tin,Antimony,Tellurium,Lead and Bismuth content - Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrum me
铜及铜合金化学分析方法 第28部分:铬、铁、锰、钴、镍、锌、砷、硒、银、镉、锡、锑、碲、铅、铋量的测定 电感耦合等离子体质谱法
GB/T 19524.1-2004
Determination of fecal coliforms in fertilizers
GB/T 5832.2-2016
Gas analysis—Determination of water—Part 2: Dew point method
气体分析 微量水分的测定 第2部分:露点法
GB/T 22436-2008
Series of mounting dimensions for wheel hub of motorcycles and mopeds
GB/T 29546-2013
Methods of static load deflection measurement for straight-side presses
GB/T 32220-2015
Taper bush—types, size and basic parameters
锥套 型式、尺寸和基本参数
GB/T 4333.4-2007
Ferrosilicon - Determination of aluminium content - The chromazurol S spectrophotometric method ,the EDTA titrimetric method and the flame atomic absorption spectrometric method
硅铁 铝含量的测定 铬天青S分光光度法、EDTA滴定法和火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB 25537-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Sodium lactate (solution)
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 乳酸钠(溶液)
GB/T 1646-2012
GB/T 14088-1993
Marine halon fire extinguishing system--Technical specifications
GB/T 2085.3-2009
Aluminum powder - Part 3: Comminuted aluminum powder
铝粉 第3部分:粉碎铝粉
GB/T 35311-2017
Content-oriented chinese news photo metadata specification
GB/T 7631.17-2014
Lubricants,industrial oils and related products(class L)-Classification—Part 17: Family E(Internal combustion engine oils)
润滑剂、工业用油和相关产品(L类)的分类 第17部分:E组(内燃机油)
GB 10408.2-2000
Detectors for intruder alarm systems--Part 2:Ultrasonic Doppler detectors for use in buildings
入侵探测器 第2部分:室内用超声波多普勒探测器
GB/T 34590.3-2017
Road vehicles—Functional safety—Part 3: Concept phase
道路车辆 功能安全 第3部分:概念阶段
GB/T 13807.1-2008
Connections with waisted stud - Tape classification
腰状杆螺柱连接副 型式分类
GB 26969-2011
Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for domestic solar water heating systems
GB/T 14367-2006
Acoustics―Determination of sound power levels of noise sources―Guidelines for the use of basic standards
声学 噪声源声功率级的测定 基础标准使用指南
GB/T 2900.73-2008
Electrotechnical terminology - Earthing and protection against electric shock
电工术语 接地与电击防护
GB/T 34003-2017
Detection method of impurity elements in boron nitride
GB/T 29889-2013
DNA microarray for disease susceptibility DNA polymorphisms
GB/T 15000.5-1994
Directives for the work of reference materials(5)--Technologic rules for reference materials of chemical composition
标准样品工作导则(5) 化学成分标准样品技术通则
GB 31604.23-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Food contact materials and products-Determination of diaminotoluene in composite food contact materials
食品安全国家标准 食品接触材料及制品 复合食品接触材料中二氨基甲苯的测定
GB/T 12162.4-2010
X and gamma reference radiation for calibrating dosemeters and doserate meters and for determining their response as a function of photon energy - Part 4: Calibration of area and personal dosemeters in low energy X reference radiation fields
用于校准剂量仪和剂量率仪及确定其能量响应的X和γ参考辐射 第4部分:低能X射线参考辐射场中场所和个人剂量仪的校准
GB/T 11798.7-2001
Motorvehicle safety testing equipment--Technical requirements of verification--Part 7:Technical requirements of verification for Axle(Wheel) load scales
机动车安全检测设备 检定技术条件 第7部分:轴(轮)重仪检定技术条件
GB/T 875-1986
Thin head semi-tubular rivets
GB/T 21423-2008
Tri-wheel vehicles fuel tank - Safety property requirements and test methods
三轮汽车燃油箱 安全性能要求和试验方法
GB/T 28406-2012
Regulations for valuation on agriculture land
GB 19762-2007
The minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and evaluating values of energy conservation of centrifugal pump for fresh water
GB/T 23402-2009
Product of geographical indication - Zengcheng simiao rice
地理标志产品 增城丝苗米
GB/T 35218-2017
Tractor reliability-Bench test procedures
拖拉机可靠性 台架试验方法
GB 7956.6-2015
Fire fighting vehicles—Part 6:Compressed air foam system fire fighting vehicle
消防车 第6部分:压缩空气泡沫消防车
GB/T 15549-1995
Sensory analysis--Methodology--Initiation and training of assessors in the detection and recognition of odours
感官分析 方法学 检测和识别气味方面评价员的入门和培训
GB/T 4698.19-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of titanium sponge, titanium and titanium alloys—Part 19:Determination of molybdenum content—Thiocyanate-differential spectrophotometry
海绵钛、钛及钛合金化学分析方法 第19部分:钼量的测定 硫氰酸盐示差光度法
GB/T 18691.4-2011
Agricultural irrigation equipment - Irrigation valves - Part 4: Air valves
农业灌溉设备 灌溉阀 第4部分:进排气阀
GB/T 4701.4-2008
Ferrotitanium - Determinatino of manganese content - Arsenite-salt and sodium-salt titrimetric method and periodate photometric method
钛铁 锰含量的测定 亚砷酸盐 亚硝酸盐滴定法和高碘酸盐光度法
GB/T 18810-2002
Husked rice
GB 50013-2006
Code for design of outdoor water supply engineering
GB/T 22771-2008
Graphic technology - Prints and printing inks - Assessment of light fastness using filtered xenon arc light
印刷技术 印刷品与印刷油墨用滤光氙弧灯评定耐光性
GB/T 30285-2013
Information security technology—Construction and sustain management specifications of disaster recovery center
信息安全技术 灾难恢复中心建设与运维管理规范
GB/T 32610-2016
Technical specification of daily protective mask
GB 14536.9-2008
Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use - Particular requirements for electrically operated water valves, including mechanical requirements
家用和类似用途电自动控制器 电动水阀的特殊要求(包括机械要求)
GB/T 18114.6-2010
Chemical analysis methods of rare earth concentrates - Part 6:Determination of silicon oxide content
稀土精矿化学分析方法 第6部分:二氧化硅量的测定
GB/T 19662-2005
Industrial automation systems-Manufacturing Message Specification Terminology
工业自动化系统 制造报文规范 术语
GB/T 5394-1995
Portable chain saws--Methods of production testin forest
油锯 林区生产试验方法
GB/T 28765-2012
Packaging material - Test methods for organic vapor transmission rate for plastic film, sheet and package
包装材料 塑料薄膜、片材和容器的有机气体透过率试验方法
GB/T 23711.5-2009
Expansion and contraction test method for pressure vessels lined with fluoroplastics
氟塑料衬里压力容器 热胀冷缩试验方法
GB/T 18964.2-2003
Plastics--Impact-resistant polystyrene(PS-I) moulding and extrusion materials--Part 2: Preparation of test specimens and determination of properties
塑料 抗冲击聚苯乙烯(PS-I)模塑和挤出材料 第2部分: 试样制备和性能测定
GB 440-1977
Aviation lubricating oil No.20
GB/T 20090.12-2015
Information technology—Advanced coding of audio and video—Part 12: Synthetic scene
信息技术 先进音视频编码 第12部分:综合场景
GB/T 15103-2008
Winches for forestry
GB/T 26740-2011
Road vehicles - Brake linings - Disc brake pads - Evaluation of surface and material flaws after testing
道路车辆 制动衬片 盘式制动衬块 试验后表面和材料缺陷的评价方法
GB/T 20203-2006
Technical specification for irrigation projects with low pressure pipe conveyance
GB/T 16643-1996
Rolling bearings--Combined needle roller thrust roller bearings--Boundary dimensions
滚动轴承 滚针和推力圆柱滚子组合轴承 外形尺寸
GB/T 5989-2008
Refractory products - Determination of refractoriness-under-load - Differential method with rising temperature
耐火材料 荷重软化温度试验方法 示差升温法
GB/T 50290-2014
Technical code for application of geosynthetics
GB/T 6006.1-2013
Test method for glass mats - Part 1: Determination of styrene solubility
玻璃纤维毡试验方法 第1部分:苯乙烯溶解度的测定
GB/T 33229-2016
Coated aluminum and aluminum alloy strips for electrical components
GB/T 25016-2010
General specification for air condition of ship
GB 19458-2004
Safety code for inspection of hazardous properties for dangerous goods--General specifications
危险货物危险特性检验安全规范 通则
GB/T 31886.2-2015
Test method about the influence of gaseous contaminant(s) in reaction gas on the performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cells——Part 2:Gaseous contaminant(s) in hydrogen
反应气中杂质对质子交换膜燃料电池性能影响的测试方法 第2部分:氢气中杂质
GB/T 21770-2008
Chemicals(organophosphorus substances) - Test method of delayed neurotoxicity following acute exposure
化学品(有机磷化合物) 急性染毒的迟发性神经毒性试验方法
GB/T 29098-2012
Road traffic management data dictionary - Traffic signal control
道路交通管理数据字典 交通信号控制
GB/T 18494.2-2007
Convertor transformers - Part 2: Transformers for HVDC applications
变流变压器 第2部分:高压直流输电用换流变压器
GB/T 17024-1997
Semiconductor devices--integratedcircuits--Part 2:Digital integrated circuits--Section three--Blank detail specification for HCMOS digital integrated circuits series 54/74HC,54/74HCT,54/74HCU
半导体器件 集成电路 第2部分:数字集成电路 第三篇 HCMOS数字集成电路54/74HC、54/74HCT、54/74HCU系列空白详细规范
GB/T 24124-2009
C850 system phenolic resins cotton cloth laminated sheets
GB/T 31490.4-2015
Community informationization—Part 4: Data element dictionary
社区信息化 第4部分:数据元素字典
GB/T 35160.5-2017
Test methods for agglomerated stone—Part 5:Determination of thermal shock
合成石材试验方法 第5部分:热激变性能的测定
GB/T 27540-2011
Method of the real-time RT-PCR for the detection of classical swine fever virus
GB 18240.5-2005
Fiscal cash register-Part 5:Specification of fiscal printer
税控收款机 第5部分:税控打印机规范
GB/T 7731.6-2008
Ferrotungsten - Determination of arsenic content - The molybdenum blue photometrie method and inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry
钨铁 砷含量的测定 钼蓝光度法和电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 34592-2017
Steering force steering angle detector for steering wheel of automobile
GB/T 23222-2008
Grade and investigation method of tobacco diseases and insect pests
GB 31620-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Β-apo-8'-carotene aldehyde
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 β-阿朴-8′-胡萝卜素醛
GB/T 8656-1998
Styrene-butadiene rubber(SBR)--Emulsion and solution-polymerized types--Evaluation procedures
GB/T 33763-2017
Test method for dislocation density of sapphire single crystal
GB 4706.71-2008
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Particular requirements for stationary circulation pumps for heating and service water installations
家用和类似用途电器的安全 供热和供水装置固定循环泵的特殊要求
GB/T 25351-2010
Technical specifications for performance of vehicle using ethanol gasoline
GB/T 20027-2005
Rubber-or plastics-coated fabrics -- Determiation of bursting strength
橡胶或塑料涂覆织物 破裂强度的测定
GB/T 4738-2015
Test method for acid, alkaline resistance for ceramic materials of daily use
GB/T 7515-1987
Information processing--Coding of machine readable characters (MICR and OCR)
信息处理用机器可读字符编码 (磁墨水字符识别和光学字符识别的字符)
GB/T 3094-2012
Cold drawn shaped steel tubes
GB/T 9760-1988
Paints and varnishes--Preparation of acid extracts from paints in liquid or powder form
色漆和清漆 液体或粉末状色漆中酸萃取物的制备
GB/T 24463.1-2009
Interactive electronic technical manuals - Part 1: Interoperability architecture
交互式电子技术手册 第1部分:互操作性体系结构
GB/T 18247.2-2000
Product grade for major ornamental plants--Part 2:Flowering potted plants
主要花卉产品等级 第2部分:盆花
GB/T 35280-2017
Information security technology—Requirement and code of conduct for security testing bodies of information technology products
信息安全技术 信息技术产品安全检测机构条件和行为准则
GB/T 16722.3-2008
Technical product documentation - Handling of computer-based technical information - Phases in the product design process
技术产品文件 计算机辅助技术信息处理 产品设计过程中的状态
GB/T 27874-2011
Measurement method of energy saving products for marine
GB/T 20546-2006
Banking and related financial services - Information interchange - Documentary credit form
银行业务和相关金融服务 信息交换 跟单信用证格式
GB/T 9864-2008
Method for determination of silver in photographic films, papers, emulsions, fixing baths, effluents, sludges or residues
GB/T 34926-2017
Corrugated copper metallic sheath mica tape mineral insulated cables and their terminations with a rated voltage up to and including 0.6/1kV
GB/T 21672-2014
Frozen breaded shrimp or prawn
GB 18580-2017
Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials—Limit of formaldehyde emission of wood-based panels and finishing products
室内装饰装修材料 人造板及其制品中甲醛释放限量
GB/T 25758.2-2010
Non-destructive testing - Characteristics of focal spots in industrial X-ray systems for use in non-destructive testing - Part 2: Pinhole camera radiographic method
无损检测 工业X射线系统焦点特性 第2部分:针孔照相机射线照相方法
GB/T 8361-2001
The surface of cold drawn rounds steel--Method for the ultrasonic inspection
GB/T 18916.25-2016
Norm of water intake—Part 25:Viscose fiber products
取水定额 第25部分:粘胶纤维产品
GB/T 22108.2-2008
Pneumatic fluid power - Compressed air filters - Part 2: Test methods to determine the main characteristics to be included in supplier's literature
气动压缩空气过滤器 第2部分: 评定商务文件中包含的主要特性的测试方法
GB 29692-2013
National Food Safety Standard - Determination of Residual Quinolones in Milk - High Performance Liquid Chromatography
食品安全国家标准 牛奶中喹诺酮类药物多残留的测定 高效液相色谱法
GB/T 21078.1-2007
Banking - Personal Identification Number management and security - Part 1: Basic principles and requirements for online PIN handling in ATM and POS systems
银行业务 个人识别码的管理与安全 第1部分: ATM和POS系统中联机PIN处理的基本原则和要求

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