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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 1230-2006
High strength plain washers for steel structures
GB/T 16477.1-2010
Chemical analysis methods of rare-earth ferrosilicon alloy and rare-earth ferrosilicon magnesium alloy - Part 1: Determination of total rare earth content
稀土硅铁合金及镁硅铁合金化学分析方法 第1部分:稀土总量的测定
GB/T 17215.811-2017
Electricity metering equipment (AC)—Acceptance inspection—Part 11: General acceptance inspection methods
交流电测量设备 验收检验 第11部分:通用验收检验方法
GB/T 28617-2012
General guidance for green manufacturing technology - Foundry section
绿色制造通用技术导则 铸造
GB 18585-2001
Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials--Limit of harmful substances of wallpapers
室内装饰装修材料 壁纸中有害物质限量
GB/T 5441.7-1985
Test methods for communication cable--Attenuation coefficient test--Open and short circuit method
通信电缆试验方法 衰减常数试验 开短路法
GB/T 34666.2-2017
Technical specification for compilation for water quality criteria data—Part 2:Aquatic toxicity
水质基准数据整编技术规范 第2部分:水生生物毒性
GB/T 15501-1995
Air quality--Determination of nitrobenzene(mononitro and dinitro-compound)--Reduction by zinc-N-(1-Naphthyl) ethylene diamine dihydrochloride spectrophotometric method
空气质量 硝基苯类 (一硝基和二硝基化合物)的测定 锌还原-盐酸萘乙二胺分光光度法
GB/T 23585-2009
Code of practice for the prevention and reduction of patulin contamination in apple juice and apple juice ingredients in other beverages
GB/T 9542-1988
Programming languages PL/1
GB/T 20975.15-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of aluminium and aluminium alloys - Part 15:Determination of boron content
铝及铝合金化学分析方法 第15部分:硼含量的测定
GB/T 17614.2-2015
Transmitters for use in industrial-process control systems—Part 2: Methods for inspection and roution testing
工业过程控制系统用变送器 第2部分:检查和例行试验方法
GB/T 33669-2017
Monitoring indices of precipitation extremes
GB/T 8757-2006
Determination of carrier concentration in gallium arsenide by the plasma resonance minimum
GB/T 26599.1-2011
Lasers and laser-related equipment - Test methods for laser beam widths, divergence angles and beam propagation ratios - Part 1: Stigmatic and simple astigmatic beam
激光和激光相关设备 激光光束宽度、发散角和光束传输比的试验方法 第1部分:无像散和简单像散光束
GB 1886.239-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Agar
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 琼脂
GB/T 5363-2008
Method of bench test of engine for motorcycles and mopeds
GB/T 311.2-2013
Insulation co-ordination - Part 2: Application guide
绝缘配合 第2部分:使用导则
GB/T 18715-2002
Cargo/goods handling and movement message
GB/T 2679.8-1995
Paper and board--Determination of compressive strength--Ring crush method
GB/T 24882-2010
Technical regulation for controlling pine caterpillars
GB/T 22672-2008
Test procedures for small power synchronous motors
GB/T 35151-2017
Determination of total organic carbon in limestone
GB/Z 21235-2007
Principles and guidelines for the conduct of microbiological risk assessment
GB/T 28968-2012
Electronic toll collection - Technical requirement for facilities of the lane system
电子收费 车道配套设施技术要求
GB/T 20564.10-2017
Continuously cold rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile—Part 10: Twinning induced plasticity steel
汽车用高强度冷连轧钢板及钢带 第10部分:孪晶诱导塑性钢
GB/T 1569-2005
Cylindrical shaft ends
GB/T 23901.4-2009
Non-destructive testing - Image quality of radiographs - Part 4: Experimental evaluation of image quality values and image quality tables
无损检测 射线照相底片像质 第4部分:像质指数和像质表的实验评价
GB/T 31372-2015
Requirements of disassembly and treatment for waste electrical and electronic product—Portable microcomputer
废弃电子电气产品拆解处理要求 便携式微型计算机
GB/T 18310.26-2003
Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components--Basic test and measurement procedures--Part 2-26:Tests--Salt mist
纤维光学互连器件和无源器件 基本试验和测量程序 第2-26部分:试验 盐雾
GB/T 5223.3-2017
Steel bars for the prestressing of concrete
GB/T 16539-1996
Acoustics--Determination of sound power levels of noise sources using vibration velocity--Measurement for seal machinery
声学 振速法测定噪声源声功率级 用于封闭机器的测量
GB/T 26934-2011
Freight containers-radio frequency identification-license plate tag
GB/T 12005.6-1989
Determination of hydrolysis degree ofpartly hydrolysis polyacrylamide
GB/T 32516-2016
Thyristor valves of multistage controlled shunt reactors in extra high-voltage transmission systems
GB/T 711-2008
Hot-rolled quality carbon structural steel plates, sheets and wide strips
GB/T 14734-2008
Safety code for port floating crane
GB 19212.10-2014
Safety of transformers,reactors, power supply units and combinations thereof―Part 10: Particular requirements and tests for transformers and power supply units for class Ⅲ handlamps for tungsten filament lamps
变压器、电抗器、电源装置及其组合的安全 第10部分:Ⅲ类手提钨丝灯用变压器和电源装置的特殊要求和试验
GB/T 20098-2006
General technical requirements for protective boot use at low temperature workplace
GB/T 25217.1-2010
Methods for test, monitoring and prevention of rock burst - Part 1: Classification and laboratory test method on bursting liability of roof strata
冲击地压测定、监测与防治方法 第1部分:顶板岩层冲击倾向性分类及指数的测定方法
GB/T 9145-2003
General purpose metric screw threads--Limits of sizes for the screw threads of medium quality and preferable plan
普通螺纹 中等精度、优选系列的极限尺寸
GB/T 8565.1-1988
Information processing--Coded character sets for text communication--Part 1:General introduction
信息处理 文本通信用编码字符集 第一部分:总则
GB/T 16954-1997
General specification for Ku-band satellite television earth receive-only station
GB/T 29329-2012
Terminology of chemical waste
GB/T 24328.4-2009
Tissue paper and tissue products - Part 4: Determination of wet tensile strength
卫生纸及其制品 第4部分:湿抗张强度的测定
GB/T 21655.1-2008
Textiles - Evaluation of absorption and quick-drying - Part 1:method for combination tests
纺织品 吸湿速干性的评定 第1部分:单项组合试验法
GB/T 31771-2015
Housekeeping service—Specification for service quality of maternal and child life
家政服务 母婴生活护理服务质量规范
GB 50868-2013
Standard for allowable vibration of building engineering
GB/T 15112-2007
Shaft sinking winch
GB/T 27743-2011
Inspection method for transformer of special equipment
GB 11780-2005
The minimum mesh size of the traw1 cod-end in South China Sea
GB/T 33136-2016
Information technology service—Service capability maturity model of data center
信息技术服务 数据中心服务能力成熟度模型
GB/T 9271-2008
Paints and varnishes standard panels for testing
色漆和清漆 标准试板
GB/T 17248.4-1998
Acoustics--Noise emitted by machinery and equipment--Determination of emission sound pressure level at a work station and at other specified position from the sound power level
声学 机器和设备发射的噪声 由声功率级确定工作位置和其他指定位置的发射声压级
GB/T 1616-2014
Hydrogen peroxide for industrial use
GB 13733-1992
Air sampling rule of operation with exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace
GB/T 25635.2-2010
Electrochemical deburring machines - Part 2:Parameters
电解去毛刺机床 第2部分:参数
GB/T 6078.2-1998
Centre drills--Part 2:Centre drills for centre holes with protecting chamfers--Type B--Dimensions
中心钻 第2部分:带护锥的中心钻 B型 型式和尺寸
GB/T 23118-2008
Technical requirement for household and similar tumble washer-dryer
GB 22609-2008
Carbosulfan technical
GB/Z 19579-2012
Guidelines for the criteria of performance excellence
GB/T 19915.4-2005
Quick tri-PCR detection techniques for pathogenic Streptococcus suis type
GB/T 24658-2009
Exhaust silencers of tractor - Specifications
拖拉机排气消声器 技术条件
GB/T 3674-2017
Phthalocyanine blue B
GB/T 28073-2011
Detection and identification of Arabis mosaic virus
GB/T 18153-2000
Safety of machinery--Temperatures of touchable surfaces--Ergonomics data to establish temperature limit values for hot surfaces
机械安全 可接触表面温度 确定热表面温度限值的工效学数据
GB/T 33576-2017
Cross-regional exchange for travel service information
GB 23549-2009
Propiconazole emulsifiable concentrates
GB/T 16264.6-2008
Information technology - Open systems interconnection - The directory - Part 6: Selected attribute types
信息技术 开放系统互连 目录 第6部分: 选定的属性类型
GB/T 30637-2014
Edible kudzu root powder
GB/T 32408-2015
Information technology—Kyrgyz common terms
信息技术 柯尔克孜文常用术语
GB/T 20451-2006
Test method for ball-pan hardness of activated carbon
GB/T 25962-2010
Standard test method for determining the leakage tendencies of automotive wheel bearing grease under accelerated conditions
GB 9948-2013
Seamless steel tubes for petroleum cracking
GB/T 3513-2001
Rubber,vulcanized--Determination of adhesion to single--Pull out test
硫化橡胶与单根钢丝粘合力的测定 抽出法
GB/T 35736-2017
Fingerprint recognition applications for public security—Technical requirements for fingerprint images
公共安全指纹识别应用 图像技术要求
GB/T 4240-2009
Stainless steel wires
GB/T 21994.6-2008
Chemical analysis of magnesium fluoride - Part 6: Determination of silica content - Molybdenum blue photometric method
氟化镁化学分析方法 第6部分:二氧化硅含量的测定 钼蓝分光光度法
GB/T 34764-2017
Determination of copper,iron,zinc,manganese,boron and molybdenum content in fertilizers—Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy
肥料中铜、铁、锰、锌、硼、钼含量的测定 等离子体发射光谱法
GB/T 20969.2-2007
Special environmental condition - Machinery for plateau - Part 2: Requirements for construction machinery on plateau
特殊环境条件 高原机械 第2部分:高原对工程机械的要求
GB 14930.2-2012
National Food Safety Standard-Disinfectant
食品安全国家标准 消毒剂
GB/T 33916-2017
Animal and vegetable fats and oils—Determination of conventional mass per volume (liter weight in air)
动植物油脂 常规单位体积质量(每升在空气中的重量)的测定
GB/T 13620-2009
Determination of coordination area and predication methods of interference between satellite communication earth station and terrestrial microwave station
GB/T 30974.1-2014
Guide for identification and recording of fiber-reinforced composite materials in databases―Part 1: Guide of recording mechanical test data
数据库中纤维增强复合材料标识和收录指南 第1部分:力学试验数据收录指南
GB/Z 18786-2002
Contractor integrated technical information service(CITIS)
GB/T 14571.5-2016
Test method of monoethylene glycol for industrial use—Part 5: Determination of chloride ion—Ion chromatography
工业用乙二醇试验方法 第5部分:氯离子的测定 离子色谱法
GB/T 26306-2010
Free-cutting copper alloy rod and bar
GB/T 3145-1982
Benzene--Determination of crystallizing point
GB/T 10836-2008
Ships and marine technology - Shipboard incinerators - Requirements
造船与船舶技术 船用焚烧炉要求
GB/T 20092-2013
Chinese news markup language
GB/T 8381.4-2005
Method for determination of T-2 toxin in formula feed-Thin layer chromatography
配合饲料中 T-2 毒素的测定 薄层色谱法
GB 16668-2010
General technical specifications for powder extinguishing system and components
GB/T 4458.5-2003
Mechanical drawings--Indication of tolerances for size and of fits
机械制图 尺寸公差与配合注法
GB/T 10107.2-2012
Cycloidal drives ― Part 2: Representation of drawings
摆线针轮行星传动 第2部分:图示方法
GB 50555-2010
Standard for water saving design in civil building
GB/T 17495-2009
The harbour portal crane
GB/T 17999.5-2008
SPF chicken - Microbiological surveillance - Part 5: Agar gel precipitation test for SPF chicken
SPF鸡 微生物学监测 第5部分:SPF鸡 琼脂扩散试验
GB/T 31296-2014
Sulfate-resistant and corrosion-inhibiting admixtures for concrete
GB/T 32789-2016
Tyre noise test—Methods of drum
轮胎噪声测试方法 转鼓法
GB/T 2624.3-2006
Measurement of fluid flow by means of pressure differential devices inserted in circular cross-section conduits running full - Part 3: Nozzles and Venturi nozzles
用安装在圆形截面管道中的差压装置测量满管流体流量 第3部分:喷嘴和文丘里喷嘴

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