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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 26645.1-2011
Determination of particle size distribution by gravitational liquid sedimentation methods - Part 1: General principles and guidelines
粒度分析 液体重力沉降法 第1部分:通则
GB 16487.5-2005
Environmental protection control standard for imported solid wastes as raw materials -- Waste and scrap of fibres
进口可用作原料的固体废物环境保护控制标准 废纤维
GB/T 32743-2016
Technical specification for white tea processing
GB/T 14115-1993
General principles of measuring methods of Sample/Hold amplifiers for semiconductor integrated circuits
GB/T 5532-2008
Animal and vegetable fats and oils - Determination of iodine value
动植物油脂 碘值的测定
GB/T 4325.13-2013
Methods for chemical analysis of molybdenum - Part 13: Determination of calcium content - Flame atomic absorption spectrometry
钼化学分析方法 第13部分:钙量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 21720-2008
Administrant & Technical practice for markets of agricultural products
GB/T 7676.9-1998
Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments and their accessories--Part 9:Recom-mended test methods
直接作用模拟指示电测量仪表及其附件 第9部分:推荐的试验方法
GB/T 24944-2010
Low-speed goods vehicles - General specifications
低速货车 通用技术条件
GB/T 17581-2007
Evacuated tube solar collectors
GB/T 29008-2012
Wheeled tractors for agricultural and forestry - Performance requirements of service braking device
农林轮式拖拉机 行车制动装置的性能要求
GB/T 898-1988
Double end studs--bm=1.25d
双头螺柱 bm=1.25d
GB/T 15057.11-1994
Limestone for chemical industry--Determination of size
GB/T 23940-2009
Analytical methods of persulfate products for industrial use
GB 50838-2015
Technical code for urban utility tunnel engineering
GB/T 31415-2015
Paints and varnishes—Performance requirements for protective paint systems for offshore and related structures
色漆和清漆 海上建筑及相关结构用防护涂料体系性能要求
GB/T 23178-2008
Eddy-flow micro-bubble flotation column
GB/T 18230.6-2000
Hexagon nuts for structural bolting,style 1,hot-dip galvanized (oversize tapped)--Product grades A and B--Property classes 5,6 and 8
栓接结构用1型六角螺母 热浸镀锌(加大攻丝尺寸) A和B级 5、6和8级
GB/T 26971-2011
Test methods for remote-storage double-loop domestic solar water heating systems
GB/T 33363-2016
Hot-dip galvanized steel strand for prestress
GB 4706.11-2008
Household and similar electrical appliances-Safety - Particular requirements for instantaneous water heaters
家用和类似用途电器的安全 快热式热水器的特殊要求
GB/T 7403.1-2008
Lead acid traction batteries - Part 1: Technical conditions
牵引用铅酸蓄电池 第1部分:技术条件
GB/T 19975-2005
Test method of tensile properties for high tenacity filament yarn
GB/T 32026-2015
Silver coated glass mirror—Environmental test methods
镀银玻璃镜 耐环境腐蚀的测试方法
GB 30439.7-2014
Safety requirements for industrial automation products―Part 7: Safety requirements for loop regulator
工业自动化产品安全要求 第7部分:回路调节器的安全要求
GB/T 15555.4-1995
Solid waste--Determination of chromium(VI)--1,5-Diphenylcarbohydrazide spectrophotometric method
固体废物 六价铬的测定 二苯碳酰二肼分光光度法
GB/T 25258-2010
Perchlorovinyl resin anticorrosive coatings
GB/T 9862-1988
Method for determining the speed and average gradient of black-and-white aerial camera films
GB/T 6130-2001
Segmental circular metal cutting saws
GB/T 895.1-1986
Roundwire snap rings for hole
GB/T 29373-2012
Traceability requirements for agricultural products - Fruits and vegetables
农产品追溯要求 果蔬
GB/T 34663-2017
General technical requirements for electric resistance heaters used in explosive gas atmospheres
GB/T 16603-2008
Nylon drawn yarn
GB/T 24358-2009
Classification and fundamental requirements of logistics center
GB/T 20509-2006
Copper and copper alloys drawing stock for the contacting materials of electric locomotives
GB/T 34568-2017
Iron ores for blast furnace and direct reduction feedstocks-Determination of bulk density
高炉和直接还原用铁矿石 体积密度的测定
GB/T 6360-1995
Specification for laser radiation power and energy measuring equipment
GB/T 27792-2011
Classification for laminated composite gasket materials
GB/T 21645.10-2017
Technical requirements for automatically switched optical network(ASON)—Part 10:Multi-layer and multi-region control plane
自动交换光网络(ASON)技术要求 第10部分:多层多域控制平面
GB/T 9487-2008
Diesel engines - Exhaust gas measurement under free acceleration
GB 1534-2003
Peanut oil
GB/Z 32002-2015
Information and documentation—Work process analysis for records
信息与文献 文件管理工作过程分析
GB/T 18431-2014
Steam and hot water type lithium bromide absorption water chiller
GB/T 22073-2008
Thermal turbines for industrial applications (steam turbines, gas expansion turbines) - General requirements
工业用途热力涡轮机(汽轮机、气体膨胀涡轮机) 一般要求
GB/T 25670-2010
End mills with brazed angular hardmetal tips
GB/T 21039.1-2007
Semiconductor devices - Discrete devices - Part 4-1: Microwave diodes and transistors - Microwave field effect transistors - Blank detail specification
半导体器件 分立器件 第4-1部分:微波二极管和晶体管 微波场效应晶体管空白详细规范
GB/T 16653-1996
ISDN data link layer specification for frame mode bearer services
综合业务数字网帧模式承载业务 数据链路层规范
GB 15084-2013
Motor vehicles - Devices for indirect vision - Requirements of performance and installation
机动车辆 间接视野装置 性能和安装要求
GB/T 18015.7-2017
Multicore and symmetrical pair/quad cables for digital communications—Part 7: Symmetrical pair/quad cables with transmission characteristics up to 1 200MHz—Sectional specification for digital and analog communication cables
数字通信用对绞或星绞多芯对称电缆 第7部分:具有1200MHz及以下传输特性的对绞或星绞对称电缆 数字及模拟通信电缆分规范
GB/T 7631.5-1989
Lubricants and related products (class L)--Classification--Part 5:Family M (Metal working)
润滑剂和有关产品(L类)的分类 第5 部分:M组(金属加工)
GB/T 24687-2009
Minitype grains winnower
GB/T 4789.24-2003
Microbiological examinationof food hygiene--Examination of candy,cake and preserved fruits
食品卫生微生物学检验 糖果、糕点、蜜饯检验
GB/T 34177-2017
Quartz glass wafer for lithography
GB/T 28118-2011
Plastics and aluminum foil laminated films and pouches for food packaging
GB/T 24369.3-2017
Characterization of gold nanorods—Part 3: Measurement method of surface charge density
金纳米棒表征 第3部分:表面电荷密度测量方法
GB/T 11424-2008
Oil of Litsea cubeba
GB 24408-2009
Limit of harmful substances of exterior wall coatings
GB 10395.6-2006
Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Technical means for ensuring safety - Part 6: Equipment for crop protection
农林拖拉机和机械 安全技术要求 第6部分:植物保护机械
GB/T 27935.1-2016
Graphic technology—Prepress digital data exchange—Use of PDF-Part 1: Complete exchange using CMYK data(PDF/X-1 and PDF/X-1a)
印刷技术 印前数据交换 PDF的使用 第1部分:使用CMYK数据的完整数据交换(PDF/X-1和PDF/X-1a)
GB/T 17031.2-1997
Textiles--Effect of dry heat on fabrics under low pressure--Part 2:Determination ofdimensional change in fabrics exposed to dry heat
纺织品 织物在低压下的干热效应 第2部分:受干热的织物尺寸变化的测定
GB/T 30683-2014
Technical specification for water-saving of outdoor artificial ski resort
GB/T 26014-2010
aluminium alloy extruded profiles used for decoration excluding architecture
GB/T 19493-2004
Terminology of environmental pollution control equipment
GB/T 11075-2013
Lithium carbonate
GB/T 18316-2008
Specifications for inspection and acceptance of quality of digital surveying and mapping achievements
GB/T 4935.2-2009
Instrument for soil test - Oedometer - Part 2: Pneumatic oedometer
土工试验仪器 固结仪 第2部分:气压式固结仪
GB/T 3810.4-2006
Test methods of ceramic tiles Part 4: Determination of modulus of rupture and breaking strength
陶瓷砖试验方法 第4部分:断裂模数和破坏强度的测定
GB/T 13455-1992
Plastics--Aminoplastic moulding materials--Determination of volatile matter
GB 18614-2012
Fire extinguishing agent heptafluoropropane(HFC227ea)
GB 50781-2012
Technical code for Chemical System of Electronic Factory
GB/T 13942.2-2009
Durability of wood - Part 2: Method for field test of natural durability
木材耐久性能 第2部分:天然耐久性野外试验方法
GB/T 33021-2016
Analytical method for organic wood preservatives —Triazoles and carbendazim
有机型木材防腐剂分析方法 三唑及苯并咪唑类
GB/T 31016-2014
Mobile laboratory―General specification for collecting and pre-treating of sample
移动实验室 样品采集与处理通用技术规范
GB/T 22394-2008
Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines - General guidelines on data interpretation and diagnostics techniques
机器状态监测与诊断 数据判读和诊断技术的一般指南
GB/T 6414-1999
Castings--System of dimensional tolerances and machining allowances
铸件 尺寸公差与机械加工余量
GB/T 26351-2010
Test methods of cockroach resistance to insecticides - Test methods of insensitive acetylcholinesterase for Blattella germanica
蜚蠊抗药性检测方法 德国小蠊不敏感乙酰胆碱酯酶法
GB/T 328.25-2007
Test methods for building sheets for waterproofing - part 25: Bitumen,plastic and rubber sheets for waterproofing-resistance to static loading
建筑防水卷材试验方法 第25部分:沥青和高分子防水卷材 抗静态荷载
GB/T 2381-2013
Dyestuffs and intermediate of dyestuffs - Determination of content of insoluble matters
染料及染料中间体 不溶物质含量的测定
GB 19302-2010
National food safety standard Fermented milk
食品安全国家标准 发酵乳
GB/T 30357.6-2017
Oolong tea—Part 6:Dancong
乌龙茶 第6部分:单丛
GB/T 10123-2001
Corrosion of metals and alloys--Basicterms and definitions
金属和合金的腐蚀 基本术语和定义
GB/T 12060.11-2012
Sound system equipment - Part 11:Application of connectors for the interconnection of sound system equipment
声系统设备 第11部分:声系统设备互连用连接器的应用
GB/T 34712-2017
Determination for the flagging of adhesive tape
GB/T 13501-2008
Test methods for insulation compatibility of electric motors for hermetic refrigeration compressors
GB/T 18292-2009
Economical operation of domestic boilers
GB/T 13043-2006
Bus and coach - Engineering approval evaluation process
GB/T 823-2016
Small pan head screws with cross recess
GB/T 31349-2014
Technical requirements of measurement and verification of energy savings—Central air-conditioning system
节能量测量和验证技术要求 中央空调系统
GB 11120-2011
Lubricating oils for turbines
GB/T 32307-2015
Assessment and control methods of spacecraft magnetic property
GB/T 2463-2008
Pyrites and concentrate - Determination of total iron content - Cerium sulfate volumetric and potassium dichromate volumetric methods
硫铁矿和硫精矿中全铁含量的测定 硫酸铈容量法和重铬酸钾容量法
GB/T 18755.1-2002
Industrial automation systems--Manufacturing automation programming environment (MAPLE)--Functional architecture
工业自动化系统 制造自动化编程环境(MAPLE) 功能体系结构
GB/T 29785-2013
Determination of hexabromocyclododecane in electrical and electronic products - Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
电子电气产品中六溴环十二烷的测定 气相色谱-质谱联用法
GB/T 21363-2008
Positive displacement refrigerant compressor condensing unit
GB/T 7594.4-1987
Rubber insulationand sheath of electric cables and wires--Part 4:Ordinary duty rubber sheath 65℃
电线电缆橡皮绝缘和橡皮护套 第4部分:65℃一般橡皮护套
GB 5413.16-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of folic acid (folate activity) in infant foods and dairy products
食品安全国家标准 婴幼儿食品和乳品中叶酸(叶酸盐活性)的测定
GB/Z 20541.1-2006
Digital data communication for measurement and control - Fieldbus for use in industrial control systems Type 10:PROFINET Specification - Part 1: Application layer service definition
测量和控制数字数据通信 工业控制系统用现场总线 类型10:PROFINET规范 第1部分:应用层服务定义
GB/T 35239-2017
Test method of evaluating the clearance capacity of formaldehyde scavenger for wood-based panels and finishing products
GB/T 2423.34-2012
Environmental testing - Part 2: Test methods - Test Z/AD: Composite temperature/humidity cyclic test
环境试验 第2部分:试验方法 试验Z/AD:温度/湿度组合循环试验
GB/T 34775-2017
Testing method of flowability for water dispersible granules of pesticide

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