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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 34504-2017
Measurement method for surface metal contamination on sapphire polished substrate wafer
GB/T 28194-2011
Glass - Double liner method for determination thermal coefficient expansion
玻璃 双线法线热膨胀系数的测定
GB/T 33574-2017
Coding of freight containers manufacturer’s serial number
GB/T 21817-2008
Testing of chemicals - Inherent biodegradability - Modified SCAS test
化学品 固有生物降解性 改进的半连续活性污泥试验
GB/Z 19257-2003
Data transmission and interchange in supply chain
GB 24806-2009
Stairlifts for persons with impaired mobility
GB/T 20432.7-2007
Photography - Photographic-grade chemicals - Test methods - Part 7: Determination alkalinity or acidity
摄影 照相级化学品 试验方法 第7部分:碱度或酸度的测定
GB 1886.187-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Sorbitol and sorbitol
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 山梨糖醇和山梨糖醇液
GB/T 30741-2014
Determination of total sulfur in ocean atmospheric dry deposition―Nondispersive infrared absorption spectrometry
海洋大气干沉降物中总硫的测定 非色散红外吸收法
GB/T 17137-1997
Soil quality--Determination of total chromium--Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry
土壤质量 总铬的测定 火焰原子吸收分光光度法
GB/T 26064-2010
Lithium wafers
GB/T 12967.5-2013
Test methods for anodic oxidation coatings of aluminium and aluminium alloys - Part 5:Assessment of resistance of anodic oxidation coatings to cracking by deformation
铝及铝合金阳极氧化膜检测方法 第5部分:用变形法评定阳极氧化膜的抗破裂性
GB/T 19212.16-2017
Safety of transformers,reactors,power supply units and combinations thereof—Part 16: Particular requirements and tests for isolating transformers for the supply of medical locations
变压器、电抗器、电源装置及其组合的安全 第16部分:医疗场所供电用隔离变压器的特殊要求和试验
GB 14192-2005
Safety code of practice for logging operations
GB/T 6150.9-2009
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten concentrates - Determination of copper content - Flame atomic absorption spectrometry
钨精矿化学分析方法 铜量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB 5959.13-2008
Safety in electroheat installations - Part 13: particular requirements for electroheat installation with explosive atmosphere
电热装置的安全 第13部分: 对具有爆炸性气氛的电热装置的特殊要求
GB/T 1819.10-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of tin concentrates—Part 10: Determination of sulfur content—High frequency combustion with infrared absorption method and potassium iodate titrimetric method
锡精矿化学分析方法 第10部分:硫量的测定 高频感应炉燃烧红外吸收法和碘酸钾滴定法
GB/T 3139-2005
Fiber-reinforced plastics composites-Determination of thermal conductivity
GB 28311-2012
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Gardenia Blue
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 栀子蓝
GB/T 19721.2-2017
The issue of marine forecasts and warnings—Part 2: The issue of wave forecasts and warnings
海洋预报和警报发布 第2部分:海浪预报和警报发布
GB/T 671-1998
Chemical reagent--Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate
化学试剂 硫酸镁
GB/T 14363-2009
Measure method of lubricating oil consumption for diesel engines
GB/T 31960.10-2016
Technical specification of power energy efficiency monitoring system—Part 10: Test specification of power energy efficiency monitor terminal
电力能效监测系统技术规范 第10部分:电力能效监测终端检验规范
GB/T 31066-2014
Electro-technical terminology―Control system for hydraulic turbines
电工术语 水轮机控制系统
GB/T 26441-2010
Feed additive - Propyl gallate
饲料添加剂 没食子酸丙酯
GB/T 16923-2008
Normalizing and annealing of steel parts
GB/T 20628.1-2006
Specification for cellulosic papers for electrical purposes - Part 1: Definitions and general requirements
电气用纤维素纸 第1部分:定义和一般要求
GB/T 2900.64-2013
Electrotechnical terminology―Time relays
电工术语 时间继电器
GB/T 18200-2000
Report form and contents for radiation induced occupational diseases
GB 25115.2-2010
Safety requirements for industrial laundry machinery - Part 2: Washing machines and washer-extractors
工业洗涤机械的安全要求 第2部分:洗衣机和洗脱机
GB/T 13738.3-2012
Black tea - Part 3: Souchong black tea
红茶 第3部分:小种红茶
GB/T 50353-2013
Calculation code for construction area of building
GB/T 22166-2008
Non-calibrated round steel link lifting chain and chain slings - Use and maintenance
非校准起重圆环链和吊链 使用和维护
GB/T 7963-1987
Sintered metal materials (excluding hardmetal)--Tensile test pieces
烧结金属材料(不包括硬质合金) 拉伸试样
GB/T 18779.3-2009
Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Inspection by measurement of workpieces and measuring equipment - Part 3: Guidelines for achieving agreements on measurement uncertainty statements
产品几何技术规范(GPS) 工件与测量设备的测量检验 第3部分:关于对测量不确定度的表述达成共识的指南
GB/T 21128-2007
Structural bamboo & wood composite board
GB/T 33081-2016
Mobile elevating work platforms—Symbols for operator controls and other displays
移动式升降工作平台 操作者控制符号和其他标记
GB/T 4995-2014
General-purpose flat pallets for through transit of goods―Performance requirements and selection of tests
联运通用平托盘 性能要求和试验选择
GB/T 5181-2001
Automotive emission--Terms and definitions
GB 17927.2-2011
Upholstered furniture - Assessment of the resistance to ignition of the mattress and the sofa - Part 2: Ignition source:match flame equivalent
软体家具 床垫和沙发 抗引燃特性的评定 第2部分:模拟火柴火焰
GB/T 27302-2008
Food safety management system - Requirements for quick frozen convenience food product establishments
食品安全管理体系 速冻方便食品生产企业要求
GB/T 29831.3-2013
Functionality of system and software - Part 3: Testing method
系统与软件功能性 第3部分:测试方法
GB/T 5282-1985
Slotted pan head tapping screws
GB/T 10051.5-2010
Lifting hooks - Part5: Shank hooks with point
起重吊钩 第5部分:直柄单钩
GB/T 1233-2008
Rubber,unvulcanized - Determinations of pre-vulcanization characteristic using a shearing disc viscometer
未硫化橡胶初期硫化特性的测定 用圆盘剪切粘度计进行测定
GB/T 9459-1988
Hexagon thin slotted nuts--Fine pitch thread--Product grades A and B
六角开槽薄螺母 细牙 A和B级
GB 12695-2003
Good manufacturing practice of drink factory
GB 20287-2006
Microbial inoculants in agriculture
GB/T 28254-2012
Spiral pointed taps
GB/T 34684-2017
p-Chlorotoluene for industrial use
GB/T 23346-2009
Good distribution practice for food
GB/T 33580-2017
Testing and measuring methods of energy consumption for rubber and plastics extruder
GB 29436.3-2015
The norm of energy consumption per unit product of methanol—Part 3:Co- production of ammonia with methanol
甲醇单位产品能源消耗限额 第3部分:合成氨联产甲醇
GB/T 15947-2011
EDIFACT message design rules for EDI
GB/T 32361-2015
Test methods for pore size properties of membrane filters—Bubble point and mean flow pore test
分离膜孔径测试方法 泡点和平均流量法
GB/T 18842-2008
Taper cylindrical involute splines
GB/T 4678.15-2003
Die-casting die components--Part 15: Spacer block
压铸模零件 第15部分:垫块
GB/T 4200-2008
Classified standard of working in the hot environment
GB/T 5195.2-2006
Fluorspar―Determination of carbonate content
萤石 碳酸盐含量的测定
GB/T 30218-2013
Fine blanking dies―Specifications
精冲模 技术条件
GB/T 17303.2-2010
Invoice message - Part 2: Commercial invoice message for international trade
发票报文 第2部分:国际贸易商业发票报文
GB/T 23642-2017
Electrical insulating materials and systems—Electrical measurement of partial discharges(PD) under short rise time and repetitive voltage impulses
电气绝缘材料和系统 瞬时上升和重复电压冲击条件下的局部放电(PD)电气测量
GB/T 28694-2012
Technical requirement of deep carburizing
深层渗碳 技术要求
GB/T 17819-2017
Determination of vitamin B12 in additive premix—High performance liquid chromatography
添加剂预混合饲料中维生素B12的测定 高效液相色谱法
GB/T 22467.2-2008
Universal technical requirements of anti-counterfeiting material - Part 2: Anti-counterfeiting printing inks and anti-counterfeiting stamp inks
防伪材料通用技术条件 第2部分:防伪油墨和印油
GB/T 11915-1989
Water quality--Vocabulary--Part 3~7
水质 词汇 第三部分~第七部分
GB/T 19471.1-2004
Plastics piping systems--Elastomeric-sealing-ring-type socket joints for use with unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride)(PVC-U)pipes--Test method forleaktighness under internal pressure and angular deflection
塑料管道系统 硬聚氯乙烯(PVC-U)管材弹性密封圈式承口接头 偏角密封试验方法
GB/T 23641-2009
Fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester moulding-compounds(SMC and BMC)for electrical purposes
GB/T 5211.12-2007
Determination of resistivity of aqueous extract pigments
GB/T 15670.7-2017
Toxicological test methods for pesticides registration—Part 7: Dermal irritation/corrosion test
农药登记毒理学试验方法 第7部分:皮肤刺激性/腐蚀性试验
GB/T 18838.5-2015
Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products—Specifications for metallic blast-cleaning abrasives—Part 5: Steel cut wire shot
涂覆涂料前钢材表面处理 喷射清理用金属磨料的技术要求 第5部分:钢丝切丸
GB 5226.3-2005
Sefety of machinery-Eletrical equipment of machines-Part 11:Requirements for HV equipment for voltages above 1000Va.c.or 1500Vd.c.and not exceeding 36kV
机械安全 机械电气设备 第11部分:电压高于1000Va.c.或1500Vd.c.但不超过36kV的高压设备的技术条件
GB/T 26663-2011
Large type hydraulic pressure safety coupling
GB/T 1222-2016
Spring steels
GB/T 5628-2008
Flared couplings - Union
GB/T 4325.6-2013
Methods for chemical analysis of molybdenum - Part 6: Determination of arsenic content - Atomic fluorescence spectrometry
钼化学分析方法 第6部分:砷量的测定 原子荧光光谱法
GB/T 14275-1993
Fiber optic modulators--Part 2:Sectional specification--Waveguide electrooptic modulators
纤维光学调制器 第二部分:分规范 波导电光调制器 (可供认证用)
GB/T 24960-2010
Refrigerated light hydrocarbon fluids - Measurement of liquid levels in tanks containing liquefied gases - Electrical capacitance gauges
冷冻轻烃流体 液化气储罐内液位的测量 电容液位计
GB/T 13985-2008
Operating force and strength of camera
GB/T 15459-2006
Determination of shatter indices of coal
GB/T 29026-2012
Spring loaded safety valve for cryogenic service
GB/T 4772.2-1999
Dimensions and output series for rotating electrical machines--Part 2:Frame numbers 355 to 1000 and flange numbers 1180 to 2360
旋转电机尺寸和输出功率等级 第2部分:机座号355~1000和凸缘号1180~2360
GB/T 23957-2009
Light calcium carbonate for tooth-paste industry
GB 50543-2009
Code for design of energy conservation of building and sanitary ceramic plant
GB/T 31433-2015
General specification for building curtain walls, windows and doors
GB/T 15242.3-1994
Hydraulic fluid power--Cylinder rod and piston seals for reciprocating applications of Co-axial seals--Dimensions and tolerances of housings
GB/T 13325-1991
Noise emitted by machinery and equipment--Guidelines for the preparation of test codes of engineering grade requiring noise measurements at the operator’s or by stander’s position
机器和设备辐射的噪声 操作者位置噪声测量的基本准则 (工程级)
GB/T 26985-2011
Standard test method for pour point of crude oils
GB/T 32739-2016
Metadata for soil science data
GB/T 21459.2-2008
Specification guidelines for fungal pesticide powders(DP)
GB/T 7549-2008
Synchronizing universal coupling with ball and socket
GB 21240-2007
Safety rules for the construction and installation of hydraulic lifts
GB 30606-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Ferrous glycinate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 甘氨酸亚铁
GB 18599-2001
Standard for pollution on thestorage and disposal site for general industrial solid wastes
GB/T 25276-2010
Triacetyl cellulose (TAC) films for liquid crystal display(LCD)- Determination of thickness
液晶显示器(LCD)用三醋酸纤维素酯(TAC)膜 厚度测定方法
GB/T 15769-1995
Terminology for film technology
GB/T 29398-2012
Detection and identification of Eupatorium adenophorum Spreng.
GB/T 22813-2008
Tissue wrapping paper
GB/T 24377-2009
Textile machinery and accessories - Metallic card clothing - Definitions of dimensions, types and mounting
纺织机械与附件 金属针布 尺寸定义、齿型和包卷
GB 16655-2008
Safety of machinery - Integrated manufacturing systems - Basic requirements
机械安全 集成制造系统 基本要求

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