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GB Standards english file list

GB 16369-1996
Radiological protection standard for using of medical electron accelerator
GB/T 9825-2008
Oilseed residues - Determination of ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid
GB/T 20824-2007
Zhi Ma-flavour Chinese spirits
GB/T 20641-2014
Empty enclosures for Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies―General requirements
低压成套开关设备和控制设备 空壳体的一般要求
GB/T 3362-2017
Test methods for tensile properties of carbon fiber multifilament
GB 10333-1989
Hygienic standard for active carbon dust in the air of workplace
GB/T 6093-2001
Geometrical product specifications(GPS)--Length standards--Gauge blocks
几何量技术规范(GPS) 长度标准 量块
GB/T 25744-2010
Metallographic examination for carburizing quenching and tempering of steel parts
GB/T 33710-2017
Mobile laboratory—Method for classification and gradation
移动实验室 分类分级方法
GB 29518-2013
Diesel engines NOx reduction agent - Aqueous urea solution (AUS 32)
柴油发动机氮氧化物还原剂 尿素水溶液(AUS 32)
GB/T 5070-2015
Chemical analysis of refractories containing chrome
GB 11714-1997
Rules of coding for the representation of organization
GB/T 24736.4-2009
Management guide for tooling design - Part 4: Proof rule for tooling
工艺装备设计管理导则 第4部分:工艺装备验证规则
GB/T 4016-1983
Petroleum products technical terminology
GB 6940-2008
Guan Zhong donkey
GB 15322.6-2003
Combustible gas detectors--Part 6: Portable detectors for combustible man-made gas
可燃气体探测器 第6部分: 测量人工煤气的便携式可燃气体探测器
GB/T 3854-2005
Test method for hardness of reinforced plastics by means of a Barcol impresser
GB/T 28215-2011
Glass for thermometer bulbs
GB/T 6122-2017
Corner-rounding cutters
GB 5768.3-2009
Road traffic signs and markings - Part 3: Road traffic markings
道路交通标志和标线 第3部分:道路交通标线
GB/T 30765-2014
Morphological and structural terminology of grain and oil seed
粮油名词术语 原粮油料形态学和结构学
GB/T 14366-2017
Acoustics—Estimation of noise-induced hearing loss
声学 噪声性听力损失的评估
GB/T 3291.1-1997
Textiles--Terms of textile material properties and test--Part 1:Fibre and yarn
纺织 纺织材料性能和试验术语 第1部分:纤维和纱线
GB/T 26087-2010
Small craft - Anchoring,mooring and towing - Strong points
小艇 锚泊、系泊和拖曳 强力点
GB/T 34095-2017
Information security technology—Technology requirements for electronic payment of mobile terminal security based on short-range radio communication technology
信息安全技术 用于电子支付的基于近距离无线通信的移动终端安全技术要求
GB/T 17111-2008
Cutting tool - Designation of high-speed steel groups
切削刀具 高速钢分组代号
GB 12526-1990
Specifications for long range electro-optical distance measurement
GB/T 4789.23-2003
Microbiological examination of food hygiene--Examination of cold dish and bean products
食品卫生微生物学检验 冷食菜、豆制品检验
GB/T 20645-2006
Specific environmental condition - Technical requirements of low-voltage apparatuses for plateau
特殊环境条件 高原用低压电器技术要求
GB/T 13748.10-2013
Chemical analysis methods of magnesium and magnesium alloys - Part 10:Determination of silicon content - Molybdenum blue spectrophotometric method
镁及镁合金化学分析方法 第10部分:硅含量的测定 钼蓝分光光度法
GB/T 19142-2016
Packaging for export commodity—General rule
出口商品包装 通则
GB/T 6619-2009
Test methods for bow of silicon wafers
GB 28332-2012
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Hexyl Butyrate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 丁酸己酯
GB/T 22199-2008
Sealed lead-acid battery used for moped
GB/T 14652.1-2009
Small craft - Fire-resistant fuel hoses
小艇 耐火燃油软管
GB/T 19492-2004
Classifications for petroleum resources/reserves
GB/T 21155-2007
Earth-moving machinery - Machine-mounted forward and reverse audible warning alarm - Sound test method
土方机械 前进和倒退音响报警 声响试验方法
GB/T 31088-2014
General guideline of circular economy management for industrial parks
GB/T 3146.1-2010
Industrial aromatic hydrocarbons and related materials - Determination of distillation range - Part 1: Distillation method
工业芳烃及相关物料馏程的测定 第1部分:蒸馏法
GB 50647-2011
Code for planning of intersections on urban roads
GB/T 29493.6-2013
Determination of harmful substances in textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries - Part 6: Determination of isocyanate groups in polyurethane prepolymers
纺织染整助剂中有害物质的测定 第6部分:聚氨酯预聚物中异氰酸酯基含量的测定
GB/T 32897-2016
General specifications for integrated protection and control equipment in smart substation
GB/T 13524.2-1992
Standard of artistic porcelain--Artistic ware
陈设艺术瓷器 器皿瓷
GB 25286.1-2010
Non-electrical equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres - Part 1: Basic method and requirements
爆炸性环境用非电气设备 第1部分:基本方法和要求
GB/T 12454-2008
A method of evaluating the visual environment
GB 20555-2006
Oriental river prawn
GB/T 14618-2012
Frequency sharing criteria between line-of-sight radio-relay communications systems and space radio communications systems
GB/T 6361-1999
Series of type-spectrums for parabolic antennas used in microwave relay communication systems
微波接力通信系统 抛物面天线型谱系列
GB/T 1928-2009
General requirements for physical and mechanical tests of wood
GB/T 5275.6-2014
Gas analysis―Preparation of calibration gas mixtures using dynamic volumetric methods―Part 6: Critical orifices
气体分析 动态体积法制备校准用混合气体 第6部分:临界锐孔
GB 26451-2011
Emission standards of pollutants from rare earths industry
GB 51201-2016
Code for construction and quality acceptance of immersed runnel
GB/T 18910.41-2008
Liquid crystal display devices Part 4-1: Matrix colour LCD modules- Essential ratings and characteristics
液晶显示器件 第4-1部分:彩色矩阵液晶显示模块 基本额定值和特性
GB/T 2852-2008
Ball-bearing die sets for stamping dies
GB/T 5342.1-2006
Face milling cutter with indexable inserts - Part 1: Shell face milling cutter
可转位面铣刀 第1部分:套式面铣刀
GB/T 29841.3-2013
Satellite positioning personal position information service system(PPISS)- Part 3: Information security specification
卫星定位个人位置信息服务系统 第3部分:信息安全规范
GB/T 4341.3-2016
Metallic materials—Shore hardness test—Part 3: Calibration of reference blocks
金属材料 肖氏硬度试验 第3部分:标准硬度块的标定
GB/T 10079-2001
Single-stage reciprocating refrigerant compressors
GB/T 10661-2010
Fluorescent whitening agent VBL(C.I. Fluorescent whitening agent 85)
GB/T 32170.2-2015
Guide to standardization of administrative service centre—Part 2: Standard system
政务服务中心标准化工作指南 第2部分:标准体系
GB/T 28278.2-2012
Plain bearings - Hydrostatic plain journal bearings without drainage grooves under steady-state conditions - Part 2: Characteristic values for calculation of oil-lubricated plain journal bearings without drainage grooves
滑动轴承 稳态条件下不带回油槽流体静压径向滑动轴承 第2部分:不带回油槽油润滑径向滑动轴承计算的特性值
GB/T 22488-2008
Principle of aquafeed safety evaluation - Sub-acute toxicity test
水产饲料安全性评价 亚急性毒性试验规程
GB/T 23364.1-2009
Methods for chemical analysis of high purity indium oxide - Part 1: Determination of arsenic content - Atomic fluorescence spectrometry
高纯氧化铟化学分析方法 第1部分:砷量的测定 原子荧光光谱法
GB/T 5677-2007
Radiographic testing for steel castings
GB 31826-2015
The norm of energy consumption per unit product of polypropylene
GB/T 35421-2017
Identification system for internet of things—Ecode encoding specifications for RFID tag
物联网标识体系 Ecode在射频标签中的存储
GB/T 18754-2002
UV-excitation fluorecent anti-counterfeiting intaglio printing ink
GB 8031-2005
Industrial electric detonator
GB/T 17261-2011
Steel spherical tanks type and dimension data base
GB/T 9252-2017
Method for pressure cycling test of gas cylinders
GB/T 4337-2008
Metallic materials - Fatigue testing - Rotating bar bending method
金属材料 疲劳试验 旋转弯曲方法
GB/T 30240.1-2013
Guidelines for the use of english in public service areas—Part 1: General rules
公共服务领域英文译写规范 第1部分:通则
GB/T 6398-2017
Metallic materials—Fatigue testing—Fatigue crack growth method
金属材料 疲劳试验 疲劳裂纹扩展方法
GB/T 17431.1-2010
Lightweight aggregates and its test methods - Part 1:Lightweight aggregates
轻集料及其试验方法 第1部分:轻集料
GB 1886.283-2016
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additives - ethyl vanillin
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 乙基香兰素
GB/T 1406.5-2008
Types and dimensions of lamp caps - Part 5:Bayonet caps
灯头的型式和尺寸 第5部分:卡口式灯头
GB/T 18932.18-2003
Method for the determination of hydroxymethylfurfural in honey--HPLC-UV detection method
蜂蜜中羟甲基糠醛含量的测定方法 液相色谱-紫外检测法
GB/T 16262.4-2006
Information technology - Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) - Part 4: Parameterization of ASN.1 specifications
信息技术 抽象语法记法一(ASN.1) 第4部分:ASN.1规范的参数化
GB/T 28712.6-2012
Type and basic parameters of heat exchanger - Part 6:air cooled heat exchanger
热交换器型式与基本参数 第6部分:空冷式热交换器
GB/T 23662-2009
Rubber seals for use between concrete motorway paving sections
GB/T 19122-2015
Tri-wheel vehicles and low-speed goods vehicles—Symbols for controls,indicators and tell tales
三轮汽车和低速货车 操纵件、指示器及信号装置的符号
GB/T 5169.11-2017
Fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products—Part 11: Glowing/hot-wire based test methods—Glow-wire flammability test method for end-products (GWEPT)
电工电子产品着火危险试验 第11部分:灼热丝/热丝基本试验方法 成品的灼热丝可燃性试验方法(GWEPT)
GB/T 26685-2011
Methods of measurement for digital terrestrial television receiver
GB/T 13747.11-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of zirconium and zirconium alloys—Part 11: Determination of molybdenum content—Thiocyanate spectrophotometry
锆及锆合金化学分析方法 第11部分:钼量的测定 硫氰酸盐分光光度法
GB/T 21473-2008
Tinting system colorant
GB/T 5651-2008
Flared couplings - Seat insert
GB 13750-2004
Vibratory pile driving and extracting equipment--Safety operation rules
振动沉拔桩机 安全操作规程
GB 4785-2007
Prescription for installation of the external lighting and light-signalling devices for motor vehicles and their trailers
GB/T 4774-2013
Terminology of filtration and separation
过滤与分离 名词术语
GB 50190-1993
Code for design of anti-microvibration of multistory factory floor
GB/T 14515-1993
Specification for single and double sided flexible printed boards with through connections
GB/T 3668.7-1983
Modular units for machine tool construction--Centre bases and columns--Dimensions
组合机床通用部件 中间底座和立柱尺寸
GB/T 24975.5-2010
Guide of environmental design for low-voltage apparatus - Part 5: Fuse
低压电器环境设计导则 第5部分:熔断器
GB/T 32559-2016
Infrared diamond-like carbon coating
GB/T 29048-2012
Operating forces - Test method - Windows
GB/T 22833-2008
Painting paper
GB/T 23978-2009
Liquid dyes - Determination of chloride ion - Ion chromatography
液体染料 氯离子含量的测定 离子色谱法
GB 16325-2005
Hygienic standard for dried fruits
GB 17466.21-2008
Boxes and enclosures for electrical accessories for household and similar fixed electrical installations - Part 21: Particular requirements for boxes and enclosures with provision for suspension means
家用和类似用途固定式电气装置的电器附件安装盒和外壳 第21部分:用于悬吊装置的安装盒和外壳的特殊要求
GB/T 31453-2015
Monitoring and testing code for energy conservation of oilfield production system

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