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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 30915-2014
A-hydroxy polyether polyols
GB/T 22266-2008
Curry powder
GB/T 18310.2-2001
Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components--Basic test andmeasurement procedures--Part 2-2:Tests--Mating durability
纤维光学互连器件和无源器件 基本试验和测量程序 第2-2部分:试验 配接耐久性
GB/T 26246-2010
General specification of case for microcomputer
GB/T 21219-2007
Magnetic materials - Classification
磁性材料 分类
GB 50667-2011
Code for installation and quality inspection of dyeing and finishing equipment
GB/T 18505-2013
Dynamic balance test method for motor vehicle tyres
GB/T 32918.2-2016
Information security technology—Public key cryptographic algorithm SM2 based on elliptic curves—Part 2: Digital signature algorithm
信息安全技术 SM2椭圆曲线公钥密码算法 第2部分:数字签名算法
GB 10395.16-2010
Agricultural and forestry machinery - Safety - Part 16: Potato harvesters
农林机械 安全 第16部分:马铃薯收获机
GB/T 2829-2002
Sampling proceduresand tables for periodic inspection by attributes (Apply to inspection of process stability)
GB 29386-2012
Deltamethrin emulsifiable concentrates
GB/T 12730-2008
Narrow V-belt for general drive
GB/T 16588-2009
Belt drives - Pulleys and V-ribbed belts for industrial applications - PH, PJ, PK, PL and PM profiles:dimensions
带传动 工业用多楔带与带轮 PH、PJ、PK、PL和PM型:尺寸
GB/T 31246-2014
Water treatment chemicals—Technical specification and test method of cationic polyacrylamides
水处理剂 阳离子型聚丙烯酰胺的技术条件和试验方法
GB 5135.11-2006
Automatic sprinkler system-Part 11:grooved couplings and fittings
自动喷水灭火系统 第11部分:沟槽式管接件
GB/T 8263-2010
Abrasion-resistant white iron castings
GB/T 13474-1992
The method of editing tidal tables and tidal stream charts for ship
GB/T 19220-2003
Standard of green wholesale market of product
GB 14883.9-1994
Examination of radioactive materials for foods--Determination of iodine-131
食品中放射性物质检验 碘-131的测定
GB/T 50451-2017
Code for design of pumping station and pipeline under coal mine
GB/T 29649-2013
Determining the biobased content of biobased materials - Liquid scintillation counters(LSC)method
生物基材料中生物基含量测定 液闪计数器法
GB/T 9170-1988
Lubricating oils and fueloils--Determination of total nitrogen--Modified Kjeldahl method
GB/T 19267.8-2008
Physical and chemical examination of trace evidence in forensic sciences - Part 8:Microspectrophotometry
刑事技术微量物证的理化检验 第8部分:显微分光光度法
GB/T 4854.9-2016
Acoustics—Reference zero for the calibration of audiometric equipment—Part 9: Preferred test conditions for the determination of reference hearing threshold levels
声学 校准测听设备的基准零级 第9部分:确定基准听阈级的优选测试条件
GB 25905.2-2010
Information technology - universal multi-octet coded character set - Sibe, Manchu nominal characters, presentation forms and composite characters - 32 dot matrix fonts - Part 2: Zhenghei Ti
信息技术 通用多八位编码字符集 锡伯文、满文名义字符、显现字符与合体字 32点阵字型 第2部分:正黑体
GB/T 618-2006
Chemical reagent - General method for the determination of crystallizing point
化学试剂 结晶点测定通用方法
GB/T 32185-2015
Titanium alloy large-sized bars
GB/T 18795-2012
Technology requirement for making standard samples of tea
GB/T 23234-2009
Fruit grades of hippophae rhamnoides L.subsp.sinensis Rousi.
GB/T 13829.2-2004
Grooved pins--Full-length parallel grooved,with chamfer
槽销 带倒角及全长平行沟槽
GB/T 15273.4-1995
Information processing--8-Bit single-byte coded graphic character sets--Part 4:Latin alphabet No.4
信息处理 八位单字节编码图形字符集 第四部分:拉丁字母四
GB 1886.12-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Butylhydroxyanisole (BHA)
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 丁基羟基茴香醚(BHA)
GB/T 22561-2008
Vacuum heat treatment
GB/T 35357-2017
Test method for asbestos content of marine paint
GB 8195-2011
Health protection zone for petroleum processing industry
GB/T 7409.3-2007
Excitation system for synchronous electrical machines - Technical requirements of excitation system for large and medium synchronous generators
同步电机励磁系统 大、中型同步发电机励磁系统技术要求
GB/T 3506-2008
Machine taps with helical flutes
GB/T 10574.13-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of tin-lead solders—Part 13:Determination of antimony,bismuth,iron,arsenic,copper,silver,zinc,aluminium,cadmium,phosphorous and gold contents—Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometric method
锡铅焊料化学分析方法 第13部分:锑、铋、铁、砷、铜、银、锌、铝、镉、磷和金量的测定 电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 30062-2013
Terminology of steel pipes and tubes
GB/T 11378-2005
Metallic coatings-Measurement of coating thickness-Profilometric method
金属覆盖层 覆盖层厚度测量 轮廓仪法
GB/T 6728-2017
Cold forming hollow sectional steel for general structure
GB/T 14506.12-2010
Methods for chemical analysis of silicate rocks - Part 12: Determination of fluorine content
硅酸盐岩石化学分析方法 第12部分:氟量测定
GB/T 16139-1995
Dose conversion coefficients for use inprotection against neutron radiation
GB 1886.6-2016
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Calcium sulfate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 硫酸钙
GB/T 28513-2012
Application profile-Sign language and lip-reading real-time conversation using low bit-rate video communication
GB/T 14382-2008
Tee strainers for fluids for pipes
GB/T 16850.2-1999
Basic specification for optical fibre amplifier test methods--Part 2:Test methods for powerparameters
光纤放大器试验方法基本规范 第2部分:功率参数的试验方法
GB/T 23503-2009
Determination of deoxynivalenol in food - High performance liquid chromatographic method with immunoaffinity column clean-up
食品中脱氧雪腐镰刀菌烯醇的测定 免疫亲和层析净化高效液相色谱法
GB/T 13709-2015
Blank detail specification of X-ray tubes for industry
GB/T 18115.5-2006
Chemical analysis methods of rare earth impurities in rare earth metals and their oxides Samarium-Determination of lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium, lutetium and yt
稀土金属及其氧化物中稀土杂质化学分析方法 钐中镧、铈、镨、钕、铕、钆、铽、镝、钬、铒、铥、镱、镥和钇量的测定
GB/T 35702.2-2017
Power losses in voltage sourced converter (VSC) valves for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) systems—Part 2: Modular multilevel converters
高压直流系统用电压源换流器阀损耗 第2部分:模块化多电平换流器
GB/T 26477.1-2011
Cranes - Design calculation for rail wheels and associated trolley track supporting structure - Part 1: General
起重机 车轮和相关小车承轨结构的设计计算 第1部分:总则
GB/T 16465-1996
Sectional specification for film integrated circuits and hybrid film integrated circuits on the basis of the capability approval procedures
GB/T 5089-2008
General technical requirements for fan A.C. motors
GB/T 4094.2-2017
Electric vehicles—Symbols for controls, indicators and tell-tales
电动汽车 操纵件、指示器及信号装置的标志
GB/T 30384-2013
Dehydrated green pepper
GB/T 21542-2008
Determination of enramycin in feeds - Microbiological method
饲料中恩拉霉素的测定 微生物学法
GB/T 4639-2000
Cinematography--Monophonic 35mm negative photographic sound record on 35 mm motion-picture film--Position and maximum width dimensions
GB 50327-2001
Code for construction of decoration of housings
GB/T 21782.12-2010
Coating powders - Part 12:Determination of compatibility
粉末涂料 第12部分:相容性的测定
GB/T 11606-2007
Methods of environmental test for analytical instruments
GB/T 32578-2016
Railway application—Fixed installations—Electric traction overhead contact lines
轨道交通 地面装置 电力牵引架空接触网
GB/T 28869.1-2012
Cores made of soft magnetic materials - Measuring methods - Part 1:Generic specification
软磁材料制成的磁心 测量方法 第1部分:通用规范
GB/T 16848-1997
Accuracy of double enveloping worm gearing withstraight line generatrix
GB/T 23827-2009
Road traffic sign plate and support
GB/T 2658-2015
General specification for AC miniature blower
GB/T 22911-2008
Swamp eel
GB/T 11711-2002
Marine automatic radar plotting aids(ARPA)--Performance requirements,methods of testing and required test results
GB/T 26837-2011
Non-destructive testing instruments - Stationary type and movable type industrial X-ray radiographic equipment
无损检测仪器 固定式和移动式工业X射线探伤机
GB 19651.3-2008
Miscellaneous lampholders - Part 2-2: Particular requirements - Connectors for LED-modules
杂类灯座 第2-2部分:LED模块用连接器的特殊要求
GB/T 6498-2008
Test method for Micronaire value of cotton fibers
GB/T 9833.8-2013
Compressed tea - Part 8: Mi zhuan tea
紧压茶 第8部分:米砖茶
GB/T 19810-2005
Polyethylene(PE)pipe and fittings-Determination of the tensile strength and failure mode of test pieces from a butt-fused joint
聚乙烯(PE)管材和管件 热熔对接接头 拉伸强度和破坏形式的测定
GB/T 17192.4-1998
Information technology--Computer graphics--Interfacing techniques for dialogues with graphical devices(CGI)--Functional specification--Part 4:Segment
信息技术 计算机图形 与图形设备会话的接口技术(CGI) 功能说明 第4部分:图段
GB/T 50951-2013
Design document preparation standard of construction project for nonferrous mine
GB/T 25118-2010
Railway application - Electric equipment for rolling stock - Rules for power resistors of open construction
轨道交通 机车车辆电气设备 开启式功率电阻器规则
GB 7542-2003
Rubber brake hoses for railway locomotive and car
GB/T 33195-2016
Identification for the speed of vehicle involved in road traffic accident
GB/T 29238-2012
The parameter and measurement of energy saving for the mobile equipment
GB/T 15692-2008
Terms of pharmaceutical machinery
制药机械 术语
GB/T 31851-2015
Test method for alkane plasticizer in structural silicone sealants
GB/T 24229-2009
Chromium ores and concentrates - Determination of aluminium content - Complexometric method
铬矿石和铬精矿 铝含量的测定 络合滴定法
GB/T 31593.1-2015
Fire safety engineering—Part 1: Assessment, verification and validation of calculation methods
消防安全工程 第1部分:计算方法的评估、验证和确认
GB/T 20337-2006
Milling cutters mounted on centring arbors having a 7:24 taper - lnsered tooth cutters
GB/T 27651-2011
Use category and specification for preservative-treated wood
GB/T 8452-2008
Test method for verticality of glass bottles
GB/T 5009.30-2003
Determination of butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene in foods
GB/T 11062-2014
Natural gas―Calculation of calorific values,density,relative density and Wobbe index
天然气 发热量、密度、相对密度和沃泊指数的计算方法
GB/T 21873-2008
Rubber seals - Joint rings for water supply, drainage and sewerage pipelines - Specification for materials
橡胶密封件 给、排水管及污水管道用接口密封圈 材料规范
GB/T 34978-2017
Information security technology—Technology requirements for personal information protection of smart mobile terminal
信息安全技术 移动智能终端个人信息保护技术要求
GB/T 25449-2010
Specification for fuel bundles of PHWR plant
GB/T 20870.1-2007
Semiconductor devices - Part 16-1: Microwave integrated circuits - Amplifiers
半导体器件 第16-1部分:微波集成电路 放大器
GB/T 33594-2017
Charging cables for electric vehicles
GB/T 5561-2012
Surface active agents - Determination of viscosity and flow properties using a rotational viscometer
表面活性剂 用旋转式粘度计测定粘度和流动性质的方法
GB/T 3524-2015
Hot-rolled carbon and low alloy structural steel strips
GB/T 24575-2009
Test method for measuring surface sodium,aluminum,potassium,and iron on silicon and epi substrates by secondary ion mass spectrometry
GB/T 2674-2004
Hexalobular socket raised countersunk head screws
GB/T 9827-1988
GB/T 27972-2011
Dry-hanging hollow ceramic slab
GB 9706.7-2008
Medical electrical equipment - Part 2-5: Particular requirements for the safety of ultrasonic physiotherapy equipment
医用电气设备 第2-5部分:超声理疗设备安全专用要求

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