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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 23398-2009
Product of geographical indications - Hami melon
地理标志产品 哈密瓜
GB/T 33170.3-2016
Safety requirements for large-scale activities—Part 3: Field layout and safety guidance signs
大型活动安全要求 第3部分:场地布局和安全导向标识
GB/T 4588.10-1995
Printed boards--Part 10:Specification for flex-rigid double-sided printed boards with through connections
印制板 第10部分:有贯穿连接的刚挠双面印制板规范
GB 7101-2015
National standard on food safety - Beverage
食品安全国家标准 饮料
GB/T 18623-2011
Product of geographical indication - Zhenjiang vinegar
地理标志产品 镇江香醋
GB/T 31815-2015
Self-cleaning coatings for building exteriors
GB/T 21506-2008
5.6 mm Sport cartridge
GB/T 4699.2-2008
Ferrochromium and ferrosilicochromium - Determination of chromium content - The ammonium persulfate oxidation titrimetric method and potentiometric titration method
铬铁和硅铬合金 铬含量的测定 过硫酸铵氧化滴定法和电位滴定法
GB/T 12668.1-2002
Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems--Part 1:General requirements--Rating specifications for low voltage adjustable speed d.c. power drive systems
调速电气传动系统 第1部分:一般要求 低压直流调速电气传动系统 额定值的规定
GB/T 10403-2007
General specification for multipolar and two-speed induction phase shifters
GB/T 30281-2013
Information security technology—Authentication and authorization—eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML)
信息安全技术 鉴别与授权 可扩展访问控制标记语言
GB/T 18114.2-2010
Chemical analysis method of rare earth concentrates - Part 2:Determination of oxide thorium content
稀土精矿化学分析方法 第2部分:氧化钍量的测定
GB/T 16611-1996
Generic specification for data transceiver
GB/T 28761-2012
Metalforming machinery - Method of type designation
锻压机械 型号编制方法
GB/T 34989-2017
Connectors—Safety requirements and tests
连接器 安全要求和试验
GB/T 22889-2008
Leather - Physical and mechanical tests - Determination of surface coating thickness
皮革 物理和机械试验 表面涂层厚度的测定
GB/T 23711.1-2009
Spark test method for pressure vessels lined with fluoroplastics
氟塑料衬里压力容器 电火花试验方法
GB 9656-2003
Safety glazing materials for road vehicles
GB/T 33632-2017
General installation requirements for aero-derivative gas turbine assembly
GB 1796.3-2008
Tyre valves - Part 3: Snap-in valves
轮胎气门嘴 第3部分:卡扣式气门嘴
GB/T 20041.1-2015
Conduit systems for cable management—Part 1: General requirements
电缆管理用导管系统 第1部分:通用要求
GB 11928-1989
Regulations for interim storage of low-and intermediate-level radioactive solid wastes
GB/T 19769.2-2005
Function Blocks for industrial-process measurement and control system--Part2:Software tools requirements
工业过程测量和控制系统用功能块 第2部分:软件工具要求
GB/T 26736-2011
Road vehicles - Brake linings - Test method for resistance to water,saline solution,oil and brake fluid
道路车辆 制动衬片 耐水、盐水、油和制动液性能试验方法
GB/T 32447-2015
Footwear—Critical substances potentially present in footwear and footwear components—Determination of organotin compounds in footwear materials
鞋类 鞋类和鞋类部件中存在的限量物质 有机锡的测定
GB/T 16995-1997
Determination of gel time of thermosetting powder coatings at a given temperature
GB/T 5950-2008
Method for measurement of whiteness of building materials and non-metal mineral products
GB/T 5752-2013
Conveyor belts - Marking
输送带 标志
GB/T 25012-2010
General specification for Fixed water-based local application fire-fighting systems for use in category A machinery spaces
GB/T 5009.41-2003
Method for analysis of hygienic standard of vinegar
GB/T 35217-2017
Cutting panel
GB/T 15613.1-2008
Model acceptance tests of hydraulic turbines, storage pumps and pump-turbines - Part 1: General rules
水轮机、蓄能泵和水泵水轮机模型验收试验 第1部分: 通用规定
GB/T 20307-2006
General rules for nanometer-scale length measurement by SEM
GB/T 29094-2012
Temper designations for copper and copper alloys
GB/T 34832-2017
Information and documentation—China Marc Xchange
信息与文献 CNMARC的XML表示
GB/T 24120-2009
Textiles - Determination of resistance to water/alcohol solution
纺织品 抗乙醇水溶液性能的测定
GB/T 33912-2017
Wrought aluminum and aluminum alloy ingots made of high pure materials
GB/T 31487.3-2015
Direct current de-icing devices—Part 3:Tests
直流融冰装置 第3部分:试验
GB/T 27536-2011
Isolation and identification of swine influenza virus
GB/T 16432-2016
Assistive products for persons with disability—Classification and terminology
康复辅助器具 分类和术语
GB/T 3098.19-2004
Mechanical properties of fasteners--Blind rivets with break pull mandrel
紧固件机械性能 抽芯铆钉
GB/T 21852-2008
Testing of chemicals - Partition coefficient(n-octanol/water)- High performance liquid chromatography(HPLC)method
化学品 分配系数(正辛醇-水) 高效液相色谱法试验
GB/T 7727.1-2008
General terminology for ship - Part 1: Comprehension
船舶通用术语 第1部分:综合
GB/T 12462-1990
World ocean/sea area codes
GB/T 20845-2007
Small craft - Inboard diesel engines - Engine-mounted fuel and electrical components
小艇 舷内柴油机 机装燃油和电气部件
GB 31340-2014
The norm of energy consumption per unit products of tungsten concentrates
GB/T 17367-1998
General regulation on technical assessment and management for water licensing
GB/T 25347-2010
Marine petroleum oil&lubricant supply terms
GB/T 2988-2012
High alumina bricks
GB/T 24455-2009
Hand towel
GB 50595-2010
Code for energy conservation design of non-ferrous metal mines
GB 7251.5-2008
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies - Part 5:Particular requirements for assemblies for power distribution in public networks
低压成套开关设备和控制设备 第5部分: 对公用电网动力配电成套设备的特殊要求
GB/T 1242-2000
Dimensions for panel mounted indicating and recording electrical measuring instruments
GB/T 4085-2005
Semirigid polyvinyl chloride floor tiles
GB/T 27870-2011
Photocatalyst for air purification
GB/T 32826-2016
Guide for modeling photovoltaic power system
GB/T 9853-2008
Chemical reagent - Sodium sulfate anhydrous
化学试剂 无水硫酸钠
GB/T 21294-2014
Testing methods of physical and chemical performance of garments
GB/T 25754-2010
Vacuum technology - Right-angle valve - Dimensions and interfaces for pneumatic actuator
真空技术 直角阀 尺寸和气动装置的接口
GB/T 13747.10-1992
Zirconium and zirconium alloys--Determination of tungsten content--Thiocyanate spectrophotometric method
锆及锆合金化学分析方法 硫氰酸盐分光光度法测定钨量
GB/T 17215.311-2008
Electricity metering equipment(a.c) - Particular Requirements - Part 11: Electromechanical meter for active energy(classes0.5、1and2)
交流电测量设备 特殊要求 第11部分:机电式有功电能表(0.5、1和2级)
GB/T 18310.39-2001
Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components--Basic test and measurement procedures--Part 2-39:Tests--Susceptibility to externalmagnetic fields
纤维光学互连器件和无源器件 基本试验和测量程序 第2-39部分:试验 对外界磁场敏感性
GB/T 20660-2006
Petroleum and natural gas industries - Control and mitigation of fires and explosions on offshore production installations - Requirements and guidelines
石油天然气工业 海上生产设施火灾、爆炸的控制和削减措施 要求和指南
GB 29688-2013
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of chloramphenicol residues in milk - Liquid chromatography - tandem mass spectrometry
食品安全国家标准 牛奶中氯霉素残留量的测定 液相色谱 -串联质谱法
GB 8780-1988
Hygienic standard for dimethyl acetamide in the air of workplace
GB/T 24746-2009
Technical drawings - Symbolic presentation and indication of adhesive, fold and pressed joints
技术制图 粘接、弯折与挤压接合的图形符号表示法
GB 50311-2016
Code for engineering design of generic cabling system
GB/T 5529-1985
Inspection of vegetable oils--Methods for determination of foreign matter
植物油脂检验 杂质测定法
GB/T 28225-2011
Sampling & verifying method on the number of collapsed or damaged rural dwellings in natural disaster-affected areas
GB/T 33454-2016
Operation specification of storage rack
GB/T 22225-2008
General provisions for hazard evaluation of chemicals
GB 8371-2009
Quarantine protocols for rice seeds in producing areas
GB/T 2900.54-2002
Electrotechnical terminology--Radiocommunications:transmitters,receivers,networks and operations
电工术语 无线电通信:发射机、接收机、网络和运行
GB/T 32112-2015
Determination of peroxide in oral care products—High performance liquid chromatography method
口腔护理产品中过氧化物的测定方法 高效液相色谱法
GB/T 21169-2007
Determination of amitraz and metabolite residues in honey - liquid chromatography
GB/T 30780-2014
Food processing machinery―Bread slicers
食品加工机械 面包切片机
GB/T 26099.3-2010
General principles of three-dimensional modeling for mechanical products - Part 3: Assembly modeling
机械产品三维建模通用规则 第3部分:装配建模
GB/T 13916-2013
Unnoted tolerance of shape and position for stamping parts
GB/T 35527-2017
Chemicals—Bioaccumulation in sediment-dwelling benthic oligochaetes
化学品 沉积物中底栖寡毛纲环节动物生物蓄积试验
GB/T 6865-2009
Codes for levels of language proficiency and foreign language test grades
GB/T 19222-2003
Sampling of coal petrology
GB/T 34650-2017
Full face tunnel boring machine—Safety requirements of shield machine
全断面隧道掘进机 盾构机安全要求
GB/T 12564-2008
Generic specification for photomultiplier tubes
GB 20684-2006
Glyphosate aqueous solution
GB 28346-2012
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Cinnamic Aldehyde
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 肉桂醛
GB/T 8050-2017
Fibre ropes—Polypropylene split film, monofilament and multifilament(PP2) and polypropylene high-tenacity multifilament (PP3) 3, 4, 8 and 12 strand ropes
纤维绳索 聚丙烯裂膜、单丝、复丝(PP2)和高强度复丝(PP3)3、4、8、12股绳索
GB/T 14801-2009
Test method for skewness and bow in woven and knitted fabrics
GB 1886.214-2016
National Food Safety Standard - Food additives - Calcium carbonate (including light and heavy calcium carbonate)
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 碳酸钙(包括轻质和重质碳酸钙)
GB/T 31105-2014
Biaxially oriented polypropylene both sides coated film with diversified coating materials
GB/T 13849.5-1993
Local telecommunication cables with polyolefin insulation and polyolefin sheath--Part 5:Moisture barrier polyethylene sheathed and seperated(inner-screened)local telecommunication cables with copper conductors and solid or cellular polyolefin insulation
聚烯烃绝缘聚烯烃护套市内通信电缆 第5部分:铜芯、实心或泡沫(带皮泡沫)聚烯烃绝缘、隔离式(内屏蔽)、挡潮层聚乙烯护套市内通信电缆
GB/T 3624-2010
Titanium and titanium alloy seamless tubes
GB/T 13829.4-2004
Grooved pins--Half-length centre grooved
槽销 中部槽长为1/2全长
GB/T 19012-2008
Quality management - Customer satisfaction - Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations
质量管理 顾客满意 组织处理投诉指南
GB/T 5750.12-2006
Standard examination methods for drinking water - Microbiological parameters
生活饮用水标准检验方法 微生物指标
GB/T 29507-2013
Test method for measuring flatness, thickness and total thickness variation on silicon wafers by automated non-contact scanning
硅片平整度、厚度及总厚度变化测试 自动非接触扫描法
GB/T 13822-2017
Test specimens for nonferrous diecasting alloys
GB 25433-2010
Safety requirements of rubber internal mixers & plastics internal mixers
GB/T 34200-2017
Cold rolled stainless steel plate,sheet and strip for construction roof and curtain
GB/T 14949.3-1994
Manganese ores--Determination of barium oxide content
锰矿石化学分析方法 氧化钡量的测定
GB/T 14999.4-2012
Test methods for superalloys - Part 4: Determination of characterizing banding grains and primary carbides distribution of superalloy rollings
高温合金试验方法 第4部分:轧制高温合金条带晶粒组织和一次碳化物分布测定

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