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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 1332-1991
Trucks--Engineering approval evaluation program
GB 17512.1-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Erythrosin
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 赤藓红
GB/T 3836.11-2017
Explosive atmospheres—Part 11: Material characteristics for gas and vapourclassification—Test methods and data
爆炸性环境 第11部分:气体和蒸气物质特性分类 试验方法和数据
GB/T 20975.9-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of aluminium and aluminium alloys - Part 9:Determination of lithium content Flame atomic absorption spectrometric method
铝及铝合金化学分析方法 第9部分:锂含量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 11026.4-2012
Elecrical insulating materials - Thermal endurance properties - Part 4: Ageing ovens - Single-chamber ovens
电气绝缘材料 耐热性 第4部分:老化烘箱 单室烘箱
GB/T 34407-2017
Test method for the wall thickness of plastic pipes by ultrasonic
GB/T 9176-2006
Mulberry silkworm dried cocoons
GB/T 1425-1996
Determination of melting temperature range for precious metals and their alloys--Testing method of thermal analysis
贵金属及其合金熔化温度范围的测定 热分析试验方法
GB/T 1777-2009
Superfine palladium powder
GB/T 50331-2002
The standard of water quantity for city's residential use
GB/T 31316-2014
General principles of cathodic protection in sea water
GB/T 4789.19-2003
Microbiological examination of food hygiene--Examination of egg and egg products
食品卫生微生物学检验 蛋与蛋制品检验
GB/Z 26138-2010
Printing machinery - Graphical symbols for printing press systems and finishing systems,including related auxiliary equipment
印刷机械 印刷机系统和印后系统以及相关辅助设备的图形符号
GB/T 32580.302-2016
Railway applications—Fixed installations—Particular requirements for a.c.switchgear—Part 3-2: Measuement,control and protection devices for specific use in a.c. traction systems—Single-phase current transformers
轨道交通 地面装置 交流开关设备的特殊要求 第3-2部分:交流牵引系统专用测量、控制和保护装置 单相电流互感器
GB/T 22689-2008
Recommended test methods for determining the relative resistance of insulating materials to breakdown by surface discharges
GB/T 29762-2013
Carbon fibre - Determination of filament diameter and cross-section area
碳纤维 纤维直径和横截面积的测定
GB 10733-2008
Primary chemical - Sodium chloride
第一基准试剂 氯化钠
GB 9706.10-1997
Medical electrical equipment--Part 2:Particular requirements for safety of therapeutic X-raygenerators
医用电气设备 第二部分:治疗X射线发生装置安全专用要求
GB 4789.10-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Microbiological examination of foods - Examination of Staphylococcus aureus
食品安全国家标准 食品微生物学检验 金黄色葡萄球菌检验
GB/T 16656.502-2005
Industrial automation systems and integration Product data representation and exchange Part 502:Application interpreted construct:Shell-based wireframe
工业自动化系统与集成 产品数据表达与交换 第502部分:应用解释构:基于壳的线框
GB/T 19487-2004
Business process design method general specification for electronic government
电子政务业务流程设计方法 通用规范
GB/T 21645.9-2012
Technical requirements for automatically switched optical network (ASON) - Part 9: External network to network interface(E-NNI)
自动交换光网络(ASON)技术要求 第9部分:外部网络-网络接口(E-NNI)
GB/T 23296.16-2009
Food contact materials - Polymer - Determination of 2,2-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)propane(bisphenol A )in food simulants - High performance liquid chromatography
食品接触材料 高分子材料 食品模拟物中2,2-二(4-羟基苯基)丙烷(双酚A)的测定 高效液相色谱法
GB/T 50958-2013
Code for design of conventional island for nuclear power plant
GB 1886.59-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Petroleum ether
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 石油醚
GB/T 14817-2008
General specification for permanent magnet DC servomotors
GB/T 7073-1997
Textiles--Tests for colour fastness--Colour fastness to mercerizing
纺织品 色牢度试验 耐丝光色牢度
GB/T 13206-2011
GB/T 33200-2016
Specification of constraction and management for comprehensive management of public security center
社会治安综合治理 综治中心建设与管理规范
GB/T 20118-2006
Steel wire ropes for general purpose
GB/T 3903.21-2008
Footwear - Test methods for accessories:Touch and close fasteners - Shear strength before and after repeated closing
鞋类 粘扣带试验方法 反复开合前后的剪切强度
GB/T 31856-2015
Treatment and disposal specification for waste chlorine
GB/T 30138-2013
Design code for exhaust and cooling water heat recovery system of gas electric power plant with reciprocating internal combustion engines
GB/T 15927-2010
Method for chemical analysis of arsenic ores - Determination of arsenic content
砷矿石化学分析方法 砷量测定
GB/T 6014-1999
Butadiene for industrial use--Determination of nonvolatile residues
GB/T 21679-2008
Criterion for forensic DNA database
GB/T 28604-2012
Rubber seals used in living-water and drinking-water supply pipes and fittings
GB/T 15566.8-2007
Guidance system for public information - Setting principles and requirements - Part 8: Hotel
公共信息导向系统 设置原则与要求 第8部分:宾馆和饭店
GB/T 23573-2009
Metal-cutting machine tools - Determination method of dust concentration
金属切削机床 粉尘浓度的测量方法
GB/T 29265.205-2017
Information technology—Information device intelligent grouping and resource sharing—Part 205: Remote access core protocol
信息技术 信息设备资源共享协同服务 第205部分:远程访问基础协议
GB/T 17173.2-2015
Information technology—Open systems interconnection—Distributed transaction processing—Part 2: OSI TP service
信息技术 开放系统互连 分布式事务处理 第2部分:OSI TP服务
GB/T 26568-2011
Magnesium sulfate for agricultural use
GB/T 12060.1-2017
Sound system equipment—Part 1:General
声系统设备 第1部分:概述
GB 9364.6-2001
Miniature fuses--Part 6:Fuse-holders for miniature cartridge fuse-links
小型熔断器 第6部分:小型管状熔断体的熔断器座
GB/T 23135-2008
Drier filter used in refrigerators
GB/T 529-2008
Rubber,vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of tear strength(Trouser,angle and crescent test pieces)
GB/T 3780.1-2015
Carbon black—Part 1:Test method for iodine adsorption number
炭黑 第1部分:吸碘值试验方法
GB/T 30474.2-2013
Holding fixtures of cylindrical abrasive sleeves―Part 2: Holding fixtures for stationary machines
筒形砂套夹紧装置 第2部分:用于固定式磨削机上的夹紧装置
GB 22659-2008
Safety of woodworking machines - Numerically controlled (NC)boring machines and routing machines
木工机床安全 数控钻床和数控镂铣机
GB/T 24869-2010
Quality grading and testing for main sandy forage seed
GB/T 19927-2005
Cranked-link drag chains of welded construction,attachments and sprockets
GB/T 7514-1987
Conversion between the 7-bit coded character set for information processing interchange and the 5-unit code for the telegraph service
GB/T 28956.2-2012
Commercial vehicles - Dimenions of air filter elements - Part 2: Types C and D
道路车辆 商用车用空气滤清器滤芯尺寸 第2部分:C型和D型
GB/T 17280-2017
Standard test method for distillation of crude petroleum—15-theoretical plate column
原油蒸馏标准试验方法 15-理论塔板蒸馏柱
GB/T 18747.2-2002
The determination of shear strength of anaerobic adhesives using pin-and-collar specimens
GB/T 23892.2-2009
Plain bearings - Hydrodynamic plain tilting pad thrust bearings under steady-state conditions - Part 2: Functions for calculation of tilting pad thrust bearings
滑动轴承 稳态条件下流体动压可倾瓦块止推轴承 第2部分:可倾瓦块止推轴承的计算函数
GB/T 34882-2017
Induction hardening and tempering of iron and steel parts
GB/T 31361-2015
Anti-corrosion painting of solvent-free liquid epoxy coating
GB/T 1631-2008
Designation system and basis for specifications of ion exchange resins
GB/T 26925-2011
Water saving enterprises - Fossil fired plant
节水型企业 火力发电行业
GB/T 34011-2017
Thermal insulation products for building applications—Determination of the pull-off resistance of external thermal insulation composite systems(ETICS)(foam block test)
建筑用绝热制品 外墙外保温系统抗拉脱性能的测定(泡沫块试验)
GB/T 20468-2006
Guideline for internal quality control for quantitative measurements in clinical laboratory
GB/T 7025.2-2008
Lifts - Main specifications and the dimensions arrangements for its cars, wells and machine rooms - Part 2: Lifts of class Ⅳ
电梯主参数及轿厢、井道、机房的型式与尺寸 第2部分:Ⅳ类电梯
GB/T 17948.7-2016
Rotating electrical machines—Functional evaluation of insulation systems—General guidelines
旋转电机 绝缘结构功能性评定 总则
GB 16740-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Healthy food
食品安全国家标准 保健食品
GB/T 18932.14-2003
Method for the determination of benzaldehyde residues in honey--HPLC-fluorescence detection method
蜂蜜中苯甲醛残留量的测定方法 液相色谱-荧光检测法
GB/T 25198-2010
Heads for pressure vessels
GB/T 22029-2008
Hot-dip galvanized screw threads - On external screw threads there is the clearance for accommodating the hot-dip galvanized coat
热浸镀锌螺纹 在外螺纹上容纳镀锌层
GB/T 29314-2012
Specification for the reconstruction of motor system for energy-saving
GB/T 20984-2007
Information security technology - Risk assessment specification for information security
信息安全技术 信息安全风险评估规范
GB/T 24318-2009
Determination of total nitrogen content in animal feeding stuffs by combustion according to the dumas principle and calculation of the crude protein content
GB/T 100-1986
Slotted countersunk head wood screws
GB/T 31759-2015
Nature reserve terminology
GB 12686-2004
Glyphosate technical
GB/T 27729-2011
Hand-made, gun-tufted and latex backed carpet
GB 50630-2010
Code for design on fire prevention of nonferrous metals engineering
GB/T 4702.10-1985
Methods for chemical analysis of chromium metal--The cupral spectrophotometric method for the determination of copper content
金属铬化学分析方法 铜试剂分光光度法测定铜量
GB/T 9174-2008
General specification for transport packages of general cargo
GB/T 32858-2016
Shaft straighteners—General specification
轴类校直机 通用规范
GB/T 15445.6-2014
Representation of results of particle size analysis—Part 6: Descriptive and quantitative representation of particle shape and morphology
粒度分析结果的表述 第6部分:颗粒形状和形态的定性及定量表述
GB/T 11018.2-2008
Copper winding wires with silk covering - Part 2: Bunched solderable polyurethane enamelled round copper wires, class130, with silk covering
丝包铜绕组线 第2部分:130级丝包直焊聚氨酯漆包束线
GB/T 9434-1988
Methods of measurement of gas discharge tubes for overvoltage protection
GB/T 25624-2010
Earth-moving machinery - Operator's seat - Dimensions and requirements
土方机械 司机座椅 尺寸和要求
GB/T 8966-2005
Burley Tobacco
GB 15961-2005
Food additive Monascus color
食品添加剂 红曲红
GB/T 9414.3-2012
Maintainability of equipment - Part 3: Verification and collection, analysis and presentation of data
维修性 第3部分:验证和数据的收集、分析与表示
GB/T 24649.1-2009
Air reservoir of pneumatic braking system of tractor-trailers - Specifications
拖拉机挂车气制动系统储气筒 技术条件
GB/T 7397.3-1998
Measuring methods for non-broadcast video tape recorders--Part 3:Audio characteristics for FMrecording
非广播磁带录像机测量方法 第3部分:FM记录的音频特性
GB/T 18029.8-2008
Wheelchairs - Part 8: Requirements and test methods for static, impact and fatigue strengths
轮椅车 第8部分:静态强度,冲击强度及疲劳强度的要求和测试方法
GB/T 28060-2011
Guidelines for phytosanitary regulating wood packaging material
GB 51160-2016
Technical code for fibre reinforced plastics equipment and piping engineering
GB/T 8822.7-1988
Seed zones of Chinese forest trees--Seed zones of Pinus yunnanensis Franch.
中国林木种子区 云南松种子区
GB/T 3003-2006
Refractory - Ceramic fibre and the products
耐火材料 陶瓷纤维及制品
GB 23254-2009
Retro-reflective markings for trucks and trailers
货车及挂车 车身反光标识
GB/T 3615-2016
Aluminium foils for electrolytic capacitor
GB/T 30589-2014
Steel wire rope terminations—ferrule-securing sling
钢丝绳绳端 套管压制索具
GB/T 14745-1993
Packaging--Cushioning materials--Testmethod for creep properties
包装 缓冲材料 蠕变特性试验方法
GB/T 25947-2010
Aluminium ores - Determination of the moisture content of bulk material
铝土矿 散装料水分含量的测定
GB/T 32146.2-2015
Technical requirements of design and construction for inspection and testing laboratory—Part 2: Electrical laboratory
检验检测实验室设计与建设技术要求 第2部分:电气实验室
GB/T 18214.1-2000
Global navigation satellite systems(GNSS)--Part 1:Global positioning system(GPS)--Receiver equipment--Performance standards,methods of testing and required test results
全球导航卫星系统(GNSS) 第1部分:全球定位系统(GPS) 接收设备性能标准、测试方法和要求的测试结果

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