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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 7257-2013
Measurement methods of parameter for helium-neon laser
GB/T 25045-2010
Basalt fiber roving
GB/T 249-2017
The rule of type designation for discrete semiconductor devices
GB/T 13667.2-2003
Technical specification for stacked steel book shelves
GB/T 5593-2015
Structure ceramic materials used in electronic component and device
GB/T 29123-2012
Specifications for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in demonstration
GB/T 19505-2008
Product of geographical indication - Lushuihe Korean pine seeds and kernel
地理标志产品 露水河红松籽仁
GB/T 24146-2009
Rubber hoses and hose assemblies for use in oil burners - Specification
用于油燃烧器的橡胶软管和软管组合件 规范
GB/T 6569-2006
Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) - Test method for flexural strength of monolithic ceramics at room temperature
GB/T 31512-2015
Economic operation of water-source heat pump systems
GB/T 27565-2011
Alkyl ketene dimer for industrial use
GB/T 19202-2017
Tropical cyclone naming
GB/T 652-2003
Chemical reagent--Barium chloride dihydrate
化学试剂 氯化钡
GB/T 7937-2008
Fluid power systems and components - Connectors and associated components - Nominal pressures
液压气动管接头及其相关元件 公称压力系列
GB/T 11301-1989
Blankdetail specification for variable tuning capacitors type A fitted with integralpreset capacitors type C in electronic equipments
电子设备用装有整体C 类预调电容器的A 类调谐可变电容器空白详细规范
GB/T 34415-2017
Cavity ring-down spectroscopy system for measurement of atmospheric carbon dioxide
GB 4706.46-2014
Household and similar electrical appliances―Safety―Particular requirements for milking machines
家用和类似用途电器的安全 挤奶机的特殊要求
GB/T 22579-2008
Guidance on the development of lists of maximum allowable temperatures for polymeric compounds used in electotechnical equipment
GB/T 25374-2010
Metal-cutting machine tools - Measuring method of cleanliness
金属切削机床 清洁度的测量方法
GB/T 7739.4-2007
Methods for chemical analysis of gold concentrates - Part 4:Determination of copper contents
金精矿化学分析方法 第4部分:铜量的测定
GB/T 9390-2017
Terminlogy for navigation
GB/T 12224-2005
General requirements for industrial steel valves
钢制阀门 一般要求
GB/T 19701.2-2016
Implants for surgery—Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene—Part 2: Moulded forms
外科植入物 超高分子量聚乙烯 第2部分:模塑料
GB/T 3884.7-2012
Methods for chemical analysis of copper concentrates - Part 7: Determination of lead content - Na2EDTA titration method
铜精矿化学分析方法 第7部分:铅量的测定 Na2EDTA滴定法
GB/T 6609.16-2004
Chemical analysis methods and determination of physical performance of alumina--Determination of boron trioxide content--Curcumin spectrophotometric method
氧化铝化学分析方法和物理性能测定方法 姜黄素分光光度法测定三氧化二硼含量
GB/T 24488-2009
Test method for electrochemical properties of magnesium alloys sacrificial anode
GB/T 14376-1993
Water quality--Determination of asymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine--Amino ferrocyanide sodium spectrophotometric method
水质 偏二甲基肼的测定 氨基亚铁氰化钠分光光度法
GB/T 27895-2011
Natural gas - Determination of the hydrocarbon dew point - Cooled mirror method
天然气烃露点的测定 冷却镜面目测法
GB/T 14410.7-2008
Flight mechanics - Concepts,quantities and symbols - Part 7:Flight points and flight envelopes
飞行力学 概念、量和符号 第7部分:飞行点和飞行包线
GB/T 17580.2-1998
Information technology--Open systems interconnection--Virtual terminal basic class protocol--Part 2:Protocol implementation conformance statement
信息技术 开放系统互连 虚拟终端基本类协议 第2部分:协议实现一致性声明
GB/T 9978.1-2008
Fire-resistance tests-Elements of building construction-Part 1: General requirements
建筑构件耐火试验方法 第1部分:通用要求
GB/T 18294.3-2006
Technical identification method for fire - Part 3:Gas chromatography analysis
火灾技术鉴定方法 第3部分:气相色谱法
GB/T 24218.18-2014
Textiles―Test methods for nonwovens―Part 18: Determination of breaking strength and elongation (grab method)
纺织品 非织造布试验方法 第18部分:断裂强力和断裂伸长率的测定(抓样法)
GB/T 25780-2010
GB/T 12789.1-1991
Criteria for nuclear reactor instrumentation--Part 1:General principles
核反应堆仪表准则 第一部分:一般原则
GB 50667-2011
Code for installation and quality inspection of dyeing and finishing equipment
GB/T 15298-1994
Potentiometers for use in electronicequipment--Part 1:Generic specification
电子设备用电位器 第一部分:总规范
GB/T 32918.2-2016
Information security technology—Public key cryptographic algorithm SM2 based on elliptic curves—Part 2: Digital signature algorithm
信息安全技术 SM2椭圆曲线公钥密码算法 第2部分:数字签名算法
GB 29921-2013
National Food Safety Standard Limit of Pathogen in Foods
食品安全国家标准 食品中致病菌限量
GB/T 21560.6-2008
Low-voltage power supplies, d.c. output - Part 6: Requirements for low-voltage power supplies assessed performance
低压直流电源 第6部分:评定低压直流电源性能的要求
GB/T 17980.33-2000
Pesticide--Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(I)--Fungicides against pepper anthracnose
农药 田间药效试验准则(一) 杀菌剂防治辣椒炭疽病
GB/T 24793-2009
Photography - Processing wastes - Determination of silver content
摄影 加工废液 银含量的测定
GB/T 1221-2007
Heat-resistant steel bars
GB/T 3405-2011
Petroleum benzene
GB/T 15844.3-1995
Reliability requirements and test methods for radio transceiver employing F3E emission used in the mobile services
GB/T 10394.4-2009
Forage harvesters - part 4:Safety and performance
饲料收获机 第4部分:安全和作业性能要求
GB/T 6390-1986
Colour standard for use in the geological map
地质图用色标准 比例尺1∶500000~1∶1000000
GB/T 30800-2014
The requirement of produce management for frozen drink products
GB/T 22920-2008
Electrolytic capacitor paper
GB/T 18495-2001
Electric resistance welding--Integrated transformers for welding guns
电阻焊 与焊钳一体式的变压器
GB/T 26126-2010
Specifications of pulverized coal for small and medium-sized industrial boilers
GB 21370-2008
The norm of energy consumption per unit product of carbon materials
GB/T 50451-2017
Code for design of pumping station and pipeline under coal mine
GB/T 19820-2005
Hydraulic cotton bale press
GB 7808-1987
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management of occupational melanosis
GB/T 4854.9-2016
Acoustics—Reference zero for the calibration of audiometric equipment—Part 9: Preferred test conditions for the determination of reference hearing threshold levels
声学 校准测听设备的基准零级 第9部分:确定基准听阈级的优选测试条件
GB/T 15045-2013
Fatty alkyl dimethyl tertiary amines
GB/T 13996-1992
Technical specification for digital line systems on optical fibre cables
GB 16230-1996
Health standard for isopropyl alcohol (IPA) in the air of workplace
GB/T 8039-2009
Benzol products of coal carbonization-determination of total sulphur content-reduction and spectrophotometric method
GB/T 32185-2015
Titanium alloy large-sized bars
GB/T 6122.2-2002
Corner-rounding cutters--Part 2:The technical specifications
圆角铣刀 第2部分:技术条件
GB 28379-2012
Minimum allowable values of water efficiency and water efficiency grades for flush valve for water closets
GB/T 15756-2008
General purpose metric screw threads - Limits of sizes
普通螺纹 极限尺寸
GB/T 15088-2009
Road vehicles - Fifth wheel kingpins - Strength test
道路车辆 牵引销 强度试验
GB/T 20353-2006
Product of geographical indication - Huai Flos Chrysanthemum
地理标志产品 怀菊花
GB/T 35357-2017
Test method for asbestos content of marine paint
GB/T 31135-2014
Fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester powder moulding compounds(UP-PMC)for electrical purposes
GB/T 4698.23-1996
Sponge titanium,titanium and titanium alloys--Determination of palladium content--Stannous choride--Potassium iodide spectrophotometric method
海绵钛、钛及钛合金化学分析方法 氯化亚锡-碘化钾分光光度法测定钯量
GB/T 4960.7-2010
Glossary of terms for nuclear science and technology Part 7: Nuclear materials control and safeguards
核科学技术术语 第7部分:核材料管制与核保障
GB/T 10574.13-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of tin-lead solders—Part 13:Determination of antimony,bismuth,iron,arsenic,copper,silver,zinc,aluminium,cadmium,phosphorous and gold contents—Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometric method
锡铅焊料化学分析方法 第13部分:锑、铋、铁、砷、铜、银、锌、铝、镉、磷和金量的测定 电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 19373-2003
Determination of carbamate pesticide residues in feeds--Gas chromatography
饲料中氨基甲酸酯类农药残留量测定 气相色谱法
GB/T 6728-2017
Cold forming hollow sectional steel for general structure
GB/T 29536-2013
Testing method for the forming limit diagram (FLD) of metal tube
金属管材成形极限图(FLD) 试验方法
GB/T 21898-2008
Method of specification for textile colors
GB 25527-2010
Mine site mixed and charged explosive trucks - Safety requirements
矿用混装炸药车 安全要求
GB/T 20886-2007
Yeast used for food processing
GB 1886.6-2016
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Calcium sulfate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 硫酸钙
GB/T 17154.1-1997
ISDN user-network interface layer 3 specification and testing method for basic call control--Part 1:Layer 3 specification for basic call control
ISDN用户-网络接口第三层基本呼叫控制技术规范及测试方法 第1部分:第三层基本呼叫控制技术规范
GB/T 15862-2012
General specification of ion implantation equipment
GB/T 17980.63-2004
Pesticide--Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(Ⅱ)--Part 63:Insecticides against sugarcane beetle
农药 田间药效试验准则(二) 第63部分:杀虫剂防治甘蔗蔗龟
GB/T 20042.4-2009
Proton exchange membrane fuel cell - Part 4: Test method for electrocatalysts
质子交换膜燃料电池 第4部分:电催化剂测试方法
GB/T 35702.2-2017
Power losses in voltage sourced converter (VSC) valves for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) systems—Part 2: Modular multilevel converters
高压直流系统用电压源换流器阀损耗 第2部分:模块化多电平换流器
GB/T 7125-2014
Test method for thickness of adhesive tapes
GB 26875.1-2011
Remote-monitoring system of urban fire protection - Part 1: User information transmission device
城市消防远程监控系统 第1部分:用户信息传输装置
GB/T 10095.2-2008
Cylindrical gears - System of accuracy - Part 2: Definitions and allowable values of deviations relevant to radial composite deviations and runout information
圆柱齿轮 精度制 第2部分:径向综合偏差与径向跳动的定义和允许值
GB/T 4094.2-2017
Electric vehicles—Symbols for controls, indicators and tell-tales
电动汽车 操纵件、指示器及信号装置的标志
GB/T 2900.57-2008
Electrotechnical terminology - Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity - Operation
电工术语 发电、输电及配电 运行
GB/T 5183-2005
Fork lift trucks-Fork arms-Dimensions
叉车 货叉 尺寸
GB 50327-2001
Code for construction of decoration of housings
GB/T 29882-2013
Testing method for classification of hazardous materials - Partition coefficient of 1-octanol/water
杂项危险物质和物品分类试验方法 正辛醇/水分配系数
GB/T 12085.3-2010
Optics and optical instruments - Environmental test methods - Part 3: Mechanical stresses
光学和光学仪器 环境试验方法 第3部分:机械作用力
GB/T 32578-2016
Railway application—Fixed installations—Electric traction overhead contact lines
轨道交通 地面装置 电力牵引架空接触网
GB/T 28393-2012
Road construction and road maintenance machinery and equipment - Synchronous chips seal truck
道路施工与养护机械设备 沥青碎石同步封层车
GB/T 17473.4-2008
Test methods of precious metals pastes used for microelectronics - Determination of adhesion
微电子技术用贵金属浆料测试方法 附着力测定
GB/T 17825.7-1999
Management of CAD documents--Signature rules
CAD文件管理 签署规则
GB/T 2429-1988
Aviation fuels--Calculation of net heat of combustion
GB/T 23395-2009
Product of geographical indication - Lushi heimuer (Auricularia auricula)
地理标志产品 卢氏黑木耳
GB/T 20721-2006
General specifications of automatic guided vehicles
自动导引车 通用技术条件
GB 7098-2015
National Food Safety Standard Canned food
食品安全国家标准 罐头食品

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