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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 26610.4-2014
Guideline for implementation of risk-based inspection of pressure equipment system―Part 4:Quantitative analysis approach of failure likelihood
承压设备系统基于风险的检验实施导则 第4部分:失效可能性定量分析方法
GB/T 25806-2010
Vat brown G(C.I. Vat brown 68)
GB/T 14410.1-2008
Flight mechanics-Concepts, quantities and symbols Part 1: Axis systems and motion state variables
飞行力学 概念、量和符号 第1部分:坐标轴系和运动状态变量
GB/T 1819.17-2006
Methods for chemical analysis of tin concentrates―Determination of mercury content―The cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometric method
锡精矿化学分析方法 汞量的测定 冷原子吸收光谱法
GB 18457-2001
Stainless steel needle tubing for manufactureof medical devices
GB 29947-2013
National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Identification Allyl disulfide Food Additive Identification Terpine resin
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 萜烯树脂
GB/T 19557.2-2017
Guidelines for the conduct of tests for distinctness, uniformity and stability—Wheat(Triticum aestivum L.)
植物品种特异性、一致性和稳定性测试指南 普通小麦
GB/T 24809.4-2009
Cranes - Requirements for mechanisms - Part 4: Jib cranes
起重机 对机构的要求 第4部分:臂架起重机
GB/T 33657-2017
Nanotechnologies—Electrical operating parameter test specification of wafer level nano-scale phase change memory cells
纳米技术 晶圆级纳米尺度相变存储单元电学操作参数测试规范
GB/T 5158.2-2011
Metallic powders - Determination of oxygen content by reduction methods - Part 2: Loss of mass on hydrogen reduction(hydrogen loss)
金属粉末 还原法测定氧含量 第2部分:氢还原时的质量损失(氢损)
GB/T 21548-2008
Methods of measurement of the high speed semiconductor lasers directly modulated for optical fiber communication systems
GB/T 32377-2015
Dynamic punch-shear properties test method for fibre reinforced composites
GB/T 11066.7-2009
Methods for chemical analysis of gold - Determination of silver, copper, iron, lead, antimony, bismuth, palladium, magnesium, tin, nickel, manganese and chromium contents - Spark atomic emission spectrometry
金化学分析方法 银、铜、铁、铅、锑、铋、钯、镁、锡、镍、锰和铬量的测定 火花原子发射光谱法
GB/T 12140-2007
Pastry terms
GB/T 18648-2002
Diagnostic techniques for African swine fever
GB/T 30828-2014
Middle strength steel wire for prestressed concrete
GB/T 3730.3-1992
Motor vehicles and towed vehicles--Dimensions of vehicles--Terms and definitions
汽车和挂车的术语及其定义 车辆尺寸
GB/T 26156.1-2010
Intelligent adjusters for industrial-process measurement and control systems - Part 1: General specification
工业过程测量和控制系统用智能调节器 第1部分:通用技术条件
GB/T 35657-2017
Guideline for verification and validation of chemical analysis method and internal quality control-Metal component analysis based on sample digestion
化学分析方法验证确认和内部质量控制实施指南 基于样品消解的金属组分分析
GB/T 16467-2013
Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment―Part 19-1: Blank detail specification—Fixed metallized polyethylene-terephthalate film dielectric surface mount d.c.capacitors―Assessment level EZ
电子设备用固定电容器 第19-1部分:空白详细规范 表面安装金属化聚乙烯对苯二甲酸酯膜介质直流固定电容器 评定水平EZ
GB/T 22919.2-2008
Aquafeed - Part 2: Formula feed for cobia(Rachycentron canadum)
水产配合饲料 第2部分:军曹鱼配合饲料
GB/T 13885-2017
Determination of the contents of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium and zinc in feeds—Method using atomic absorption spectrometry
饲料中钙、铜、铁、镁、锰、钾、钠和锌含量的测定 原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 8704.9-2009
Ferrovanadium - Determination of manganese content - The potassium periodate oxidation photometric method and flame atomic absorption spectrometric method
钒铁 锰含量的测定 高碘酸钾光度法和火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB 2099.6-2008
Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes - Part 2: Particular requirements for fused plugs
家用和类似用途插头插座 第2部分:带熔断器插头的特殊要求
GB/T 15623.1-2003
Hydraulic fluid power--Electrically modulated hydraulic control valves--Part 1:Test methods for four-way directional flow control valves
液压传动 电调制液压控制阀 第1部分:四通方向流量控制阀试验方法
GB/T 33987-2017
Technical specifications of S/X/Ka tri-band ground receiving system for LEO remote sensing satellite
GB/T 19816.5-2005
Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products-Test methods for metallic blast-cleaning abrasives-Part 5:Determination of percentage defective particles and of microstructure
涂覆涂料前钢材表面处理 喷射清理用金属磨料的试验方法 第5部分:缺陷颗粒百分比和微结构的测定
GB 28645.2-2012
Safety code for inspection of dangerous goods - Nonspillage electric storage
危险品检验安全规范 密封蓄电池
GB/T 13679-2016
Manganese base brazing filler metal
GB/T 14435.1-1993
Frequency sharing between the broadcasting-satellite service and terrestrial services--Guide to frequency sharing between the broadcasting-satellite service (television) and terrestrial services
卫星广播业务和地面业务间的频率共用 卫星广播业务(电视)和地面业务间的频率共用导则
GB/T 15492-2009
Functional classification of wheelchair basketball and swimming for disabled athletes
GB/T 31164-2014
Weather warning of forest fire-danger
GB/T 5745-2010
Marine disc separator
GB/T 15729-2008
Hand torque tools - General requirements
GB/T 747-2003
Pulps--Determination of acid-insoluble lignin
纸浆 酸不溶木素的测定
GB/T 20346.1-2006
Equipment for distributing fertilizers - Test methods - Part 1: Full width fertilizer distributors
施肥机械 试验方法 第1部分: 全幅宽施肥机
GB/T 29563-2013
Management specification of wood protection
GB/T 15333-1994
Test method for electrolysis corrosion of electrical insulating adhesive tapes
GB 25556-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Potassium hydrogen tartrate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 酒石酸氢钾
GB 50209-2010
Code for acceptance of construction quality of building ground
GB/T 16832-2012
International trade documents forms design-Basic layout
国际贸易单证用格式设计 基本样式
GB/T 21887-2008
GB/T 7517-2004
Micrographics--Microfilming for ancient books on 16mm roll film
缩微摄影技术 在16mm卷片上拍摄古籍的规定
GB/T 32759-2016
Quality evaluation on live lean type pigs
GB/T 21709.19-2009
Standardized manipulations of acupuncture and moxibustion - Part 19: Wrist-ankle acupuncture
针灸技术操作规范 第19部分:腕踝针
GB/T 20880-2007
Edible glucose
GB/T 8239-2014
Normal concrete small block
GB/T 17638-1998
Geosynthetics--Synthetic staple fibers needlepunched nonwoven geotextiles
土工合成材料 短纤针刺非织造土工布
GB/T 15868-1995
Shipborne radio equipment forming part of the (globalmaritime distress and safety system) and marine navigational equipment--General require-ments,methods of testing and required test results
全球海上遇险与安全系统(CMDSS) 船用无线电设备和海上导航设备通用要求测试方法和要求的测试结果
GB/T 223.58-1987
Methods for chemical analysis of iron,steel and alloy--The extraction-absorption catalytic polarographic method for the determination of manganese content
钢铁及合金化学分析方法 亚砷酸钠-亚硝酸钠滴定法测定锰量
GB 27881-2011
Safety requirements for working on high voltage equipment underwater
GB/T 2951.31-2008
Common test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric and optical cables - Part 31:Methods specific to PVC compounds - Pressure test at high temperature - Test for resistance to cracking
电缆和光缆绝缘和护套材料通用试验方法 第31部分:聚氯乙烯混合料专用试验方法 高温压力试验-抗开裂试验
GB/T 29908-2013
Classification and test method of air-blast resistance performance for curtain walls,windows and doors
GB/T 12916-2010
Specification for marine metallic propeller
GB/T 10066.6-2008
Test methods for electroheat installations - Part 6: Industrial microwave heating installations- test methods for the determination of power output
电热装置的试验方法 第6部分:工业微波加热装置输出功率的测定方法
GB/T 51083-2015
Standard for urban water conservation evaluation
GB/T 5170.15-2005
Inspection methods for basic parameters of environmental testing equipments for electric and electronic products hydraulic vibrating type machines for vibration(sinusoidal)test
电工电子产品环境试验设备 基本参数检定方法 振动(正弦)试验用液压振动台
GB/T 17987-2000
Base for bitumen felts--Polyester nonwovens
沥青防水卷材用基胎 聚酯非织造布
GB 16244-1996
Health standard for flax,jute and ramie dusts in the air of workplace
GB/T 28425-2012
Intelligent transport systems - Message set template
智能运输系统 消息集模板
GB/T 33379-2016
Binders for paints and varnishes—Amino resins—General methods of test
色漆和清漆用漆基 氨基树脂 通用试验方法
GB/T 3910-1983
Office machines and data processing equipments--Line spacings and character spacings
办公机器和数据处理设备 行间距和字符间距
GB/T 23416.6-2009
The safety technical specification of pest control for vegetables - Part 6: Green vegetables
蔬菜病虫害安全防治技术规范 第6部分: 绿叶菜类
GB/T 32058-2015
Test method of resistance projectile impact and bird impact for high speed multiple unit windshield and coach body exterior protected construction
GB/T 10605-2015
Center driving rotary-rake thickener
GB/T 19630.1-2011
Organic products - Part 1: Production
有机产品 第1部分:生产
GB/T 17468-2008
The guide for choice power transformers
GB/T 4768-2008
Mould-proof packaging
GB/T 20716.2-2006
Road vehicles - Connectors for the electrical connection of towing and towed vehicles - Part 2: Connectors for braking systems and running gears of vehicles with 12V nominal supply voltage
道路车辆 牵引车和挂车之间的电连接器 第2部分:12V标称电压车辆的制动系统和行走系的连接
GB/T 18526.6-2001
Code of good irradiation practice for the control of microflora in pickled meat products with distillers grain
GB/T 545-1996
Admiralty anchor
GB/T 30299-2013
General technical specifications for energy recovery devices in reverse osmosis system
GB/T 35364-2017
TA31 titanium alloy forgings for submersible
GB/T 18294.5-2010
Technical identification methods for fire - Part 5: Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis
火灾技术鉴定方法 第5部分:气相色谱-质谱法
GB/T 34358-2017
Dimension measurement of hot free forgings and rolled rings
GB/T 28784.3-2012
Mechanical vibration - Measurement of vibration on ships - Part 3: Pre-installation vibration measurement of shipboard equipment
机械振动 船舶振动测量 第3部分:船上设备安装前的振动测量
GB/T 22264.1-2008
Mounted digital display electric measuring instruments - Part1: Definitions and general requirements common to all parts
安装式数字显示电测量仪表 第1部分:定义和通用要求
GB/T 33689-2017
General rules for testing methods of coal preparation
GB/T 6730.3-1986
Methods for chemical analysis of iron ores--The gravimetric method for the determination of hygroscopic moisture content in analytical samples
铁矿石化学分析方法 重量法测定分析试样中吸湿水量
GB/T 23730.2-2009
China standard audiovisual number - Part 2: Version identifier
中国标准视听作品号 第2部分:版本标识符
GB/T 21208-2007
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Controllers for drivers of stationary fire pumps
低压开关设备和控制设备 固定式消防泵驱动器的控制器
GB/T 7301-2002
Feed additive--Nicotinamide
饲料添加剂 烟酰胺
GB/T 17178.1-1997
Information technology--Open systems interconnection--Conformance testing methodology and framework--Part 1:General concepts
信息技术 开放系统互连 一致性测试方法和框架 第1部分:基本概念
GB 14883.2-2016
食品安全国家标准 食品中放射性物质氢-3的测定
GB/T 20474-2015
Asphalt shingles made from glass felt
GB/T 26763-2011
Flight operational quality assurance events and deviation limits for Boeing and Airbus aircraft
GB/T 6109.14-2008
Enamelled round winding wire - Part 14: Polyamide-imide enamelled round copper wire,class 200
漆包圆绕组线 第14部分:200级聚酰胺酰亚胺漆包铜圆线
GB/T 6839-2013
Testing method for lubrication of sewing threads
GB/T 26231-2017
Information technology—Open systems interconnection—National numbering system and operation code for object identifier(OID)
信息技术 开放系统互连 对象标识符(OID)的国家编号体系和操作规程
GB/T 25039-2010
Determination and calculation of heat balance for fibreglass unit melter
GB/T 12729.3-2008
Spices and condiments - Preperation of a ground sample for analysis
香辛料和调味品 分析用粉末试样的制备
GB/T 19427-2003
Method for the determination of rutin,myricetin,quercetin,kaempferol,apigenin,pinocembrin,chrysin,galangin contents in propolis--LC-MS-MS detection method and LC-UV detection method
蜂胶中芦丁、杨梅酮、槲皮素、莰菲醇、芹菜素、松属素、苛因、高良姜素含量的测定方法 液相色谱-串联质谱检测法和液相色谱-紫外检测法
GB/T 4958.9-1988
Methods of measurement for equipment used in terrestrial radio-relay systems--Part 2:Mesurements for sub-systems--Section nine--Stand-by channel switching equipment
地面无线电接力系统所用设备的测量方法 第二部分:分系统的测量 第九节 备用通道倒换设备
GB/T 34166-2017
Measumement of natural gas flow by means of standard nozzle meters
GB 3906-2006
Alternating-current metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear for rated voltages above 3.6 kV and up to and including 40.5 kV
GB/T 29117-2012
Evaluating guide for resource conserving schools
GB/T 29618.515-2017
Field device tool (FDT) interface specification—Part 515: Communication implementation for common object model—MODBUS fieldbus specification
现场设备工具(FDT)接口规范 第515部分:通用对象模型的通信实现 MODBUS现场总线规范
GB/T 24141.1-2009
Rubber hoses and tubing for fuel circuits for internal combustion engines - Specification - Part 1: Diesel fuels
内燃机燃油管路用橡胶软管和纯胶管 规范 第1部分:柴油燃料
GB/T 11443.4-1989
Domestic satellite communication earth stations--General technical requirements--Part 4:Television/ frequency modulation carrier channel
国内卫星通信地球站总技术要求 第四部分:电视 /调频载波通道
GB/T 29024.2-2016
Determination of particle size distribution—Single particle light interaction methods—Part 2: Light scattering liquid-borne particle counter
粒度分析 单颗粒的光学测量方法 第2部分:液体颗粒计数器光散射法

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