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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 34477-2017
Metallic materials—Sheet and strip—Dent resistance test method
金属材料 薄板和薄带 抗凹性能试验方法
GB/T 6159.5-2011
Micrographics - Vocabulary - Part 5: Quality of images,legibility,inspection
缩微摄影技术 词汇 第5部分:影像的质量、可读性和检查
GB/T 11701-1989
The general rules for marine accommodation ladders
GB/T 13566.1-2008
Fertilizers - Determination of bulk density - Part 1: Loose density
肥料 堆密度的测定 第1部分:疏松堆密度
GB/T 519-2017
Test methods for measuring physical properties of pneumatic tyres
GB/T 16667-1996
Monitoring and testing method for energy saving of electrical welding installation
GB/T 11626-2009
Ships and marine technology - Launching appliances for davit-launched lifeboats
船舶和海上技术 吊放式救生艇降放装置
GB/T 13213-2006
Canned pork minced
GB/T 30844.1-2014
Variable-frequency drive of 1 kV and below—Part 1: Technical conditions
1 kV及以下通用变频调速设备 第1部分:技术条件
GB/Z 32458-2015
Centrifugal pumps handling viscous liquids—Performance corrections
输送粘性液体的离心泵 性能修正
GB/T 26176-2010
Soymilk maker
GB/T 17825.2-1999
Management of CAD documents--Basic format
CAD文件管理 基本格式
GB/T 6275-1986
Ammonium hydrogen carbonate for industrial use
GB/T 16579-2013
D001 macroporous strongly acidic styrene type cation exchange resins
GB/T 21379-2008
Classification and coding of the attribute of traffic management information - City road
交通管理信息属性分类与编码 城市道路
GB/T 35277-2017
Information security technology—Security technical requirements and testing and evaluation approaches for antivirus gateway products
信息安全技术 防病毒网关安全技术要求和测试评价方法
GB/T 17037.1-1997
Injection moulding of test specimens of thermoplastic materials--Part 1:General principles and moulding of multipurpose and bar test specimens
热塑性塑料材料注塑试样的制备 第1部分:一般原理及多用途试样和长条试样的制备
GB/T 9580-2009
Evaluation of standard reference carbon black
GB 1094.11-2007
Power transforments - Part 11: Dry-type transformers
电力变压器 第11部分:干式变压器
GB 34169-2017
Commercial coal quality—Civil bulk coal
商品煤质量 民用散煤
GB 28883-2012
Composite seamless steel tubes for pressure
GB/T 9003-1988
Methods of measurement for the fundamental characteristics of mixing console
GB/T 34064-2017
Common automation device—Profile guideline
通用自动化设备 行规导则
GB/T 15782-2009
Code for silvicultural overall design
GB/T 97.3-2000
Plain washers for clevis pins
GB/T 31186.2-2014
Specification of description for basic information of bank's customer―Part 2: Name
银行客户基本信息描述规范 第2部分:名称
GB/T 13130-1991
Specification for interworking of chinese ideogram teletex on public telecommunication networks--Transport service
汉字智能用户电报在公用电信网上的互通技术条件 运输服务
GB/T 22726-2008
Specification for multichannel digital audio coding technology
GB/T 2900.97-2016
Electrotechnical terminology—Nuclear instrumentation: physical phenomena, basic concepts, instruments, systems, equipment and detectors
电工术语 核仪器:物理现象、基本概念、仪器、系统、设备和探测器
GB/T 6276.6-2010
Determination of ammonium hydrogen carbonate for industrial use - Part 6: Iron content o - Phenathroline spectrophotometric method
工业用碳酸氢铵的测定方法 第6部分:铁含量 邻菲啰啉分光光度法
GB 13140.3-2008
Connecting devices for low voltage circuitsfor household and similar purposes - Part 2: Particular requirements for connecting devices as separate entities with screwless-type clamping units
家用和类似用途低压电路用的连接器件 第2部分:作为独立单元的带无螺纹型夹紧件的连接器件的特殊要求
GB/T 18364.2-2005
Filling receptacle of LPG vehicle-Part 2:Insert
汽车用液化石油气加气口 第2部分:快插式
GB/T 29585-2013
Detection and identification of Anguina agrostis (Steinbuch) Filipjev
GB 25578-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-talcum powder
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 滑石粉
GB/T 16895.17-2002
Eletrical installations of buildings--Part 5:Selection and erection of electrical equipment--Section 548:Earthing arrangements and equipotential bonding for information technology installations
建筑物电气装置 第5部分:电气设备的选择和安装 第548节:信息技术装置的接地配置和等电位联结
GB/T 17394.2-2012
Metallic materials - Leeb hardness test - Part 2: Verification and calibration of hardness testers
金属材料 里氏硬度试验 第2部分:硬度计的检验与校准
GB/T 15041-2008
High pressure short arc xenon lamps
GB 50797-2012
Code for design of photovoltaic power station
GB/T 22766.5-2009
After-sales service for household and similar electrical appliances - Part5:Particular requirements for water heater
家用和类似用途电器售后服务 第5部分:电热水器的特殊要求
GB/T 20147-2006
CIE standard colorimetric observers
GB/Z 31103-2014
Systems engineering―A guide for the application of GB/T 22032 (System life cycle processes)
系统工程 GB/T 22032(系统生存周期过程)应用指南
GB/T 33034-2016
Detection and identification of Saperda octopunctata Scopoli
GB 28007-2011
Children’s furniture - General technical requirements
GB/T 12690.7-2003
Chemical analysis methods for non-rare earth impurities of rare earth metals and their oxides--Determination of silicon content--Molybdenum blue spectrophotometric method
稀土金属及其氧化物中非稀土杂质化学分析方法 硅量的测定 钼蓝分光光度法
GB 14589-1993
Technical rules for interim storage of low and inter-mediate level solid radioactive waste from nuclear power plant
GB/T 3074.3-2008
Method for the determination of the oxidation resistance of graphite electrodes
GB/T 30001.1-2013
Information technology - Mobile payment based on radio frequency - Part 1: Radio-frequency interface
信息技术 基于射频的移动支付 第1部分:射频接口
GB/T 21717-2008
Technical specification about the type parameter and performance of small hydraulic turbines
小型水轮机型式参数及性能 技术规定
GB/T 13681.2-2010
Hexagon weld nuts with flange
GB/T 1740-2007
Determination of resistance to heat and humidity of paint films
GB/T 28448-2012
Information security technology - Testing and evaluation requirement for classified protection of information system
信息安全技术 信息系统安全等级保护测评要求
GB/T 6002.7-2003
Textile machinery terminology--Part 7: Rotor type open-end spinning machines
纺织机械术语 第7部分: 转杯纺纱机
GB/T 34721-2017
Acceptance generality of panel components manufacturing line of panel type furniture
GB/T 23435-2009
Cleaning fluids for electronic fuel injection automobile nozzle
GB/T 11413-2015
Test method for bond strength of leather shoes heels
GB/T 23172-2008
Plaited rattan products
GB/T 9364.11-2016
Miniature fuses—Part 11: Fuse-links for LED lamps
小型熔断器 第11部分:LED灯用熔断体
GB/T 21078.3-2011
Banking - Personal identification number (PIN) management and security - Part 3: Guidelines for PIN handling in open networks
银行业务 个人识别码的管理与安全 第3部分:开放网络中PIN处理指南
GB 4541-2008
Self-igniting light for lifebuoy
GB/T 32320-2015
The basic requirements of bank branches services
GB/T 4857.9-2008
Packaging - Basic tests for transport packages - Part 9:Water spray test
包装 运输包装件基本试验 第9部分:喷淋试验方法
GB/T 19972-2005
Sterilization of health care products -- Biological indicators --Guidance for the selection, use and interpretation of results
医疗保健产品灭菌 生物指示物 选择、使用及检验结果判断指南
GB/T 30321-2013
Geographic information―Location-based services―Multimodal routing and navigation
地理信息 基于位置服务 多模式路径规划与导航
GB/T 6324.2-2004
Test method of organic chemical products--Part 2:Determination of dry residue after evaporation on a water bath for volatile organic liquids
有机化工产品试验方法 第2部分:挥发性有机液体水浴上蒸发后干残渣的测定
GB/T 18482-2010
Specification for start-up test of reversible pumped-storage units
GB/T 35365-2017
Welding wires of titanium alloy for submersible application
GB/T 17551-1998
Identification cards--Optical memory cards--General characteristics
识别卡 光记忆卡 一般特性
GB/T 28804-2012
Copper-free silver mirror on flat glass
GB/T 16583-2008
Identification of saturated rubbers in unsaturated rubbers
GB/T 34690.5-2017
Graphic technology—Digitalized process control for offset printing—Part 5: Soft proofing
印刷技术 胶印数字化过程控制 第5部分:软打样
GB/T 23753-2009
Specification and technical requirements for 330kV and 500kV oil- immersed shunt reactors
GB/T 20505-2006
Anodizing of aluminium and its alloys - Measurement of reflectance characteristics of aluminium surfaces using integrating - Sphere instruments
铝及铝合金阳极氧化 阳极氧化膜表面反射特性的测定 积分球法
GB/T 21223.2-2015
Guide for the statistical analysis of ageing test data—Part 2: Validation of procedures for statistical analysis of censored normally distributed data
老化试验数据统计分析导则 第2部分:截尾正态分布数据统计分析的验证程序
GB/T 33863.3-2017
OPC unified architecture—Part 3:Address space model
OPC统一架构 第3部分:地址空间模型
GB/T 26782.3-2011
Satellite navigation based ship monitoring and management system - Part 3: Technical requirements for shipborne terminal
卫星导航船舶监管信息系统 第3部分:船载终端技术要求
GB 5009.31-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of p - hydroxybenzoic acid esters in foods
食品安全国家标准 食品中对羟基苯甲酸脂类的测定
GB/T 6113.105-2008
Specification for radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus and methods - Part 1-5: Radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus - Antenna calibration test sites for 30MHz to 1000MHz
无线电骚扰和抗扰度测量设备和测量方法规范 第1-5部分: 无线电骚扰和抗扰度测量设备 30MHz~1000MHz天线校准用试验场地
GB/T 17980.2-2000
Pesticide--Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(I)--Insecticides against rice leafroller
农药 田间药效试验准则(一) 杀虫剂防治稻纵卷叶螟
GB/T 7690.4-2013
Reinforcements - Test method for yarns - Part 4: Determination of stiffness
增强材料 纱线试验方法 第4部分:硬挺度的测定
GB/T 22070-2008
Aqua-ammonia absorption refrigerating unit
GB/T 25061-2010
Information security technology - Public key infrastructure - XML digital signature syntax and processing specification
信息安全技术 公钥基础设施 XML数字签名语法与处理规范
GB/T 21035-2007
Feed safety evaluation - Feeding teratogenicity test
饲料安全性评价 喂养致畸试验
GB/T 29150-2012
The equipment for renewing the plant cover
GB/T 14115-1993
General principles of measuring methods of Sample/Hold amplifiers for semiconductor integrated circuits
GB/T 34235-2017
Dipped polyester canvas technical requirements and evaluation methods
GB/T 24165-2009
Determination of the content of polychlorinated biphenyls in dye products
GB/T 18472-2001
Test signals for digitally encoded colour television system
GB/T 31526-2015
Evaluation and classification of service quality for electronic commerce platform
GB 50271-2009
Code for construction and acceptance of metal-cutting machine installation engineering
GB/T 27581-2011
Electromagnetic interference shielding Film - Electroless copper plating solution - Method of determining concentration of Ni2+ and Cu2+
电磁屏蔽膜 化学镀铜溶液 镍离子和铜离子含量测定方法
GB/T 11379-2008
Metallic coatings - Electroplated coatings of chromium for engineering purposes
金属覆盖层 工程用铬电镀层
GB/T 32705-2016
Safety requirements for laboratory instrument and equipment—Power supply for instrument and equipment
实验室仪器及设备安全规范 仪用电源
GB/T 8082-2008
Raw natural rubber - Standard rubber - Packing, marks, storage andtransportion
天然生胶 标准橡胶 包装、标志、贮存和运输
GB 10395.10-2006
Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry―Technical means for ensuring safety―Part 10: Walk-behind powered rotary tillers
农林拖拉机和机械 安全技术要求 第10部分:手扶微型耕耘机
GB 5009.17-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of total mercury and organic mercury in foods
食品安全国家标准 食品中总汞及有机汞的测定
GB/T 15057.11-1994
Limestone for chemical industry--Determination of size
GB/T 25387.2-2010
Full-power converter of wind turbine generator systems - Part 2: Test method
风力发电机组 全功率变流器 第2部分:试验方法
GB/T 5620-2002
Road vehicles--Braking of automotive vehicles and their trailers--Vocabulary
道路车辆 汽车和挂车 制动名词术语及其定义
GB/T 7594.7-1987
Rubber insulation and sheath of electric cables and wires--Part 7:Heavy duty flame-retardant rubber sheath 65℃
电线电缆橡皮绝缘和橡皮护套 第7部分:65℃重型不延燃橡皮护套
GB/T 4103.8-2012
Methods for chemical analysis of lead and lead alloys - Part 8: Determination of tellurium content
铅及铅合金化学分析方法 第8部分:碲量的测定

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