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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 50562-2010
Code for basic terms of coal mine construction engineering
GB/T 5009.219-2008
Determination of the residues of chlorcholine chloride in cereals
GB/T 30350-2013
Television audience measurement guidelines
GB/T 4958.17-1992
Methods of measurement for equipment used in terrestrial radio-relay systems--Part 2:Measurements for sub-systems--Section six--Diversity,twin-path and hot stand-by equipment
地面无线电接力系统所用设备的测量方法 第二部分:分系统的测量 第六节 分集、双路和热备用设备
GB/T 32796-2016
Cold rolling ferritic stainless steel sheet and strip for automotive exhaust system
GB/T 20441.1-2010
Electroacoustics - Measurement microphones - Part 1: Specifications for laboratory standard microphones
电声学 测量传声器 第1部分:实验室标准传声器规范
GB/T 17105-2008
Classification of dense shaped refractory products - Alumina-silica
GB/T 19551-2004
Textile machinery--Warp sizing machines--Maximum usable width
纺织机械 浆纱机 最大有效宽度
GB/T 28839-2012
Declaring rule for wood packing materials of importing and exporting cargo
GB/T 20643.3-2006
Special environmental condition - Environmental test method - Part 3: Artificial environmental test method and guidance - Polymer material
特殊环境条件 环境试验方法 第3部分:人工模拟试验方法及导则 高分子材料
GB/T 23789-2009
Foods with low-sodium content
GB/T 22319.7-2015
Measurement of quartz crystal unit parameters—Part 7: Measurement of activity dips of quartz crystal units
石英晶体元件参数的测量 第7部分:石英晶体元件活性跳变的测量
GB/T 26805.5-2011
Industrial control computer system - Software - Part 5: User software document
工业控制计算机系统 软件 第5部分:用户软件文档
GB/T 22196-2008
Electrical installations in ships - System design - Electric and electrohydraulic steering gear
船舶电气设备 系统设计 电动和电动液压操舵装置
GB 51128-2015
Code for design of gas storage & transportation and distribution system for iron steel enterprises
GB/T 6320-2008
Mechanical dial comparators
GB/T 8597-2013
Rolling bearings - Rust proof packaging
滚动轴承 防锈包装
GB/T 21151-2007
Technical specification of main axial fan-mine
煤矿用轴流主通风机 技术条件
GB/T 33421-2016
Liquid acid dyes—Determination of shade and relative strength
液体酸性染料 色光和强度的测定
GB/T 25092-2010
Dry-type air-core smoothing reactors for HVDC applications
GB 18067-2000
Hygienic standard for phenol in air of residential areas
GB/T 32085.1-2015
Automobiles—Cabin air filter—Part 1: Test for particulate filtration
汽车 空调滤清器 第1部分:粉尘过滤测试
GB/T 29180.2-2012
The investigative methods and procedures for electrical fire - Part 2:Methods for dissolution and separation of physical evidence
电气火灾勘验方法和程序 第2部分:物证的溶解分离提取方法
GB/T 24198-2009
Ferronickel - Determination of nickel, silicon, phosphorus, manganese, cobalt, chromium, and copper contents - Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry(Routine method)
镍铁 镍、硅、磷、锰、钴、铬和铜含量的测定 波长色散X-射线荧光光谱法(常规法)
GB/T 31558-2015
5-axis simultaneous CNC spiral bevel gear grinding machines—Testing of the accuracy
五轴联动数控螺旋 锥齿轮磨齿机 精度检验
GB/T 12417.2-2008
Non-active surgical implants - Osteosynthesis and joint replacement implants - Part 2: Particular requirements for joint replacement implants
无源外科植入物 骨接合与关节置换植入物 第2部分:关节置换植入物特殊要求
GB/T 35439-2017
General requirement of safety, reliability and maintainability assurance for the application payloads of space station
GB/T 27618-2011
Guidelines for surveillance of pests
GB 20552-2006
Pacific oyster
GB/T 14926.13-2001
Laboratory animal--Method for examination of Klebsiella pneumonia
实验动物 肺炎克雷伯杆菌检测方法
GB/T 34668-2017
Safety requirements and test methods for electrical self-balancing vehicles
GB/T 8289-2008
Natural rubber latex concentrate - Centrifuged or creamed, ammonia-preserved types - Specification
浓缩天然胶乳 氨保存离心或膏化胶乳 规格
GB/T 10066.5-2014
Test methods for electroheat installations—Part 5:Plasma equipment for electroheat and electrochemical applications
电热装置的试验方法 第5部分:电热和电化学用等离子体设备
GB/T 33560-2017
Information security technology—Cryptographic application identifier criterion specification
信息安全技术 密码应用标识规范
GB/T 25418-2010
Rice direct seeder with soil cover
GB/T 18898.2-2008
Erbium-Doped fiber amplifier - L-band erbium doped fiber amplifier
掺铒光纤放大器 L波段掺铒光纤放大器
GB 1886.185-2016
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additives - succinic acid monoglyceride
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 琥珀酸单甘油酯
GB/T 4340.3-2012
Metallic materials - Vickers hardness test - Part 3:Calibration of reference blocks
金属材料 维氏硬度试验 第3部分:标准硬度块的标定
GB/T 5340.3-2006
End mill with indexable inserts - Part 3: Technical requirements
可转位立铣刀 第3部分:技术条件
GB/T 18854-2002
Hydraulic fluid power--Calibration of liquid automatic particle counters
液压传动 液体自动颗粒计数器的校准
GB/T 24538-2009
Personal fall protection equipment - Energy absorbers
坠落防护 缓冲器
GB/T 35324-2017
Grain and oil machinery—Grind mill
粮油机械 凸齿脱胚磨
GB/T 27937.2-2011
MPR publication - Part 2: Specification of MPR code symbols
MPR出版物 第2部分:MPR码符号规范
GB/T 22484-2008
Passenger transport services for bus/trolleybus
GB/T 13241-2017
Iron ores—Determination of reducibility
铁矿石 还原性的测定方法
GB 10205-2009
Monoammonium phosphate and diammonium phosphate
GB/T 28826.2-2014
Information technology―Common biometric exchange formats framework―Part 2:Procedures for the operation of the biometric registration authority
信息技术 公用生物特征识别交换格式框架 第2部分:生物特征识别注册机构操作规程
GB/T 5578-2007
Fixed power plant turbine specifications
GB/T 18998.3-2003
Chlorinated poly(vinyl chloride)(PVC-C) piping systems for industrial applications--Part 3: Fittings
工业用氯化聚氯乙烯(PVC-C)管道系统 第3部分: 管件
GB/T 14235.4-1993
Testing method for linear contraction of pattern materials in investment casting
熔模铸造模料 线收缩率测定方法
GB/T 33547-2017
Circulating canned motor-pumps—Specification for performance evaluation
管道屏蔽电泵 性能评价规范
GB/T 7422.1-1987
16×12, 16×8, 16×4 Dot matrix font set of Mongo-lian characters for information interchange
GB/T 25829-2010
Permissisible variations for chemical composition of superalloy products
GB 7655.2-2005
Food additive Brilliant blue Aluminum lake
食品添加剂 亮蓝铝色淀
GB/T 31897.201-2016
Luminaire performance—Part 2-1: Particular requirements for LED luminaires
灯具性能 第2-1部分:LED灯具特殊要求
GB 29970-2013
National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Identification Allyl disulfide Food Additive Identification 2,5-dimethylpyrazine
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 2,5-二甲基吡嗪
GB/T 24822-2009
The specifications for household and similar electrical appliances
GB/T 1406.2-2008
Types and dimentions of lamp caps - Part 2:Pin lamp caps
灯头的型式和尺寸 第2部分:插脚式灯头
GB 19605-2004
Chlorpyrifos emulsifiable concentrates
GB/T 15176-1994
Generic specification for socketsand accessories for electronic plug-in devices
GB/T 6159.7-2011
Micrographics - Vocabulary - Part 7: Computer micrographics
缩微摄影技术 词汇 第7部分:计算机缩微摄影技术
GB/T 16262.1-2006
Information technology - Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) - Part 1: Specification of basic notation
信息技术 抽象语法记法一(ASN.1) 第1部分:基本记法规范
GB/T 11700-2009
Small craft - Marine propulsion reciprocating internal combustion engines - Power measurements and declarations
小艇 船用推进往复式内燃机 功率的测定和标定
GB/T 30844.2-2014
Variable-frequency drive of 1kV and below—Part 2:Test methods
1 kV及以下通用变频调速设备 第2部分:试验方法
GB 50333-2013
Architectural technical code for hospital clean operating department
GB/T 26177-2010
Methods of characterizing the performance of radiometers and photometers
GB/T 21470-2008
Machining allowances and tolerances for steel open die forgings on hammer - Disks, columns, rings and seamless cylindrical sleeves
锤上钢质自由锻件机械加工余量与公差 盘、柱、环、筒类
GB 19643-2005
Hygienic standard for marine algae algae products
GB/T 33079-2016
Continuous shiploader for bulk materials—Type and basic parameter
散状物料连续装船机 型式和基本参数
GB/T 15728-1995
Glass--Resistance to attack by a boiling hydrochloric acid--gravimetric method of test and classification
GB/T 16580-2013
D201 macroporous strongly basic styrene type anion exchange resins
GB 4706.23-2007
Household and similar electrical appliances-Safety - Part 2: Particular requirements for room heaters
家用和类似用途电器的安全 第2部分:室内加热器的特殊要求
GB/T 9649.10-2009
Terminology classification and code of geology mineral resources - Part 10: Petrology
地质矿产术语分类代码 第10部分:岩石学
GB 17740-1999
General ruler for earthquake magnitude
GB 28884-2012
Seamless steel tubes for large volume gas cylinder
GB/T 22831-2008
Jackard board
GB 16196-1996
Health standard for condensed silica dust in the air of workplace
GB/T 15784-2009
Programming method for converted timber machine
GB/T 11463-1989
Reliability test for electronic measuring instruments
GB/T 31186.3-2014
Specification of description for basic information of bank's customer―Part 3: Discriminating ID
银行客户基本信息描述规范 第3部分:识别标识
GB 17440-2008
Safety regulations for the protection of dust expolsion for grain processing, storage and transportation system
GB/T 34686-2017
Succinic acid for industrial use
GB/T 6276.7-2010
Determination of ammonium hydrogen carbonate for industrial use - Part 7: Arsenic content - Silver diethyl dithiocarbamate photometric method
工业用碳酸氢铵的测定方法 第7部分:砷含量 二乙基二硫代氨基甲酸银分光光度法
GB/T 1972-2005
Disc spring
GB/T 18275.1-2000
Specifications for automobile braking transmission device being overhauled--Air braking
汽车制动传动装置修理技术条件 气压制动
GB/T 2662-2017
Clothes with fillings
GB/T 29586-2013
Detection and identification of Eriosoma lanigerum (Hausmann)
GB/T 32359-2015
Test and evaluation methods of reverse osmosis equipment for seawater desalination
GB/T 2900.7-1996
Electrotechnical terminology--Electrical carbon
电工术语 电炭
GB 25579-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Zinc sulfate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 硫酸锌
GB/T 851-1988
Washers with split
GB/T 15445.1-2008
Representation of results of particle size analysis - Part 1: Graphical representation
粒度分析结果的表述 第1部分:图形表征
GB/T 17394.3-2012
Metallic materials - Leeb hardness test - Part 3: Calibration of reference blocks
金属材料 里氏硬度试验 第3部分:标准硬度块的标定
GB/T 20258.3-2006
Data dictionary for fundamental geographic information features - Part 3:Data dictionary for fundamental geographic information features of 1:25 000 1:50 000 1:100 000 scale
基础地理信息要素数据字典 第3部分:1:25 000 1:50 000 1:100 000基础地理信息要素数据字典
GB/T 9577-2001
Rubber and plastics hose and hose assemblies--Rules for marking,package and transportation
橡胶和塑料软管及软管组合件 标志、包装和运输规则
GB/T 35238-2017
Technical specification for control of wheat stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis West.)
GB/T 22766.6-2009
After-sales service for household and similar electrical appliances - Part6:Particular requirements for range hood
家用和类似用途电器售后服务 第6部分:吸油烟机的特殊要求
GB/Z 31233-2014
Implementation guide of random sampling for discrete items
GB/T 18872-2017
Determination of vitamin K3 in feeds—High performance liquid chromatography
饲料中维生素K3的测定 高效液相色谱法
GB/T 17116.1-1997
Pipe supports and hangers--Part 1:Technical specification
管道支吊架 第1部分:技术规范

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