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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 31009-2014
Foot protection―Safety requirement and test method for footwear
足部防护 鞋(靴)安全性要求及测试方法
GB/T 13431-1992
Performance requirements for 120-channel submarine coaxial cable carrier telephone equipment
GB/T 26343-2010
Technical standard for physical examination for students
GB 31604.31-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Food contact materials and products-Determination of vinyl chloride and determination of migration amount
食品安全国家标准 食品接触材料及制品 氯乙烯的测定和迁移量的测定
GB/T 235-2013
Metallic materials - Sheet and strip - Reverse bend test
金属材料 薄板和薄带 反复弯曲试验方法
GB/T 15825.7-2008
Sheet metal formability and test methods - Part 7: Earing test
金属薄板成形性能与试验方法 第7部分:凸耳试验
GB/T 5261-1994
Information processing--Control functions for 7-bit and 8-bit coded character sets
信息处理 七位和八位编码字符集用的控制功能
GB 19079.19-2010
Operation conditions and technical requirements for gymnasium and playground - Part 19:Tuozhan place
体育场所开放条件与技术要求 第19部分:拓展场所
GB/T 17980.16-2000
Pesticide--Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(I)--Insecticides against greenhouse whitefly
农药 田间药效试验准则(一) 杀虫剂防治温室白粉虱
GB/T 35445-2017
Silk—Electronic test method for defects and evenness of raw silk
丝 生丝疵点、条干电子检测试验方法
GB/T 20376-2006
Modified starch - Determination of hydroxypropyl content - Method using proton nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometry
变性淀粉中羟丙基含量的测定 质子核磁共振波谱法
GB/T 11436-2012
Chemical analysis methods for products and semi-finished products made of soft ferrite materials
GB/T 34580-2017
Standard test method for measurement of lubricant generated insoluble color bodies in in-service turbine oils—Membrane patch colorimetry
运行涡轮机油中不溶有色物质的测定方法 膜片比色法
GB/T 18029.2-2009
Wheelchairs - Part 2: Determination of dynamic stability of electric wheelchairs
轮椅车 第2部分:电动轮椅车动态稳定性的测定
GB/T 50297-2006
Standard for basic terms of electric power engineering
GB/T 31342-2014
Technical guidelines of energy audit on public institutions
GB/T 21930-2008
Product of geographical indication - Yunjin
地理标志产品 云锦
GB/T 16038-1995
Workplace air--Determination of solvent naphthas--Direct injection gas chromatographic method
GB/Z 26214-2010
Glare evaluation system for use within outdoor sports and area lighting
GB/T 32618-2016
Specifications for information disclosure business of government affairs service centres
GB/T 18459-2001
Methods for calculating the main staticperformance specifications of transducers
GB/T 20899.7-2007
Methods for chemical analysis of gold ores - Part 7:Determination of iron contents
金矿石化学分析方法 第7部分:铁量的测定
GB/T 2424.15-2008
Environmental testing - Guide for combined temperature/low air pressure tests
电工电子产品环境试验 第3部分:温度/低气压综合试验导则
GB/T 29781-2013
General requirements for electric vehicle charging station
GB 5199-2010
Information technology - Chinese ideogram coded character set (basic set) - 15×16 dot matrix font
信息技术 汉字编码字符集(基本集) 15×16点阵字型
GB 9670-1996
Hygienic standard for shopping centre and book store
GB/T 2398-2012
Disperse dyestuffs - Determination of property of staining cotton
分散染料 对棉沾色性能的测定
GB/T 5319-2002
Sintered metal materials,excluding hardmetals--Determination of transverse rupture strength
烧结金属材料(不包括硬质合金) 横向断裂强度的测定
GB/T 10294-2008
Thermal insulation - Determination of steady-state thermal resistance and related properties - Guarded hot plate apparatus
绝热材料稳态热阻及有关特性的测定 防护热板法
GB/T 23297-2009
Shipbuilding - Shiplines - Identification of geometric data
造船 船体型线 几何数据的标识
GB 50351-2014
Code for design of fire dike in storage tank farm
GB/T 5796.4-2005
Trapezoidal screw threads-Part 4:Tolerances
梯形螺纹 第4部分:公差
GB 1886.8-2015
National Food Safety Standards –Food additives-Sodium sulfite
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 亚硫酸钠
GB/T 14108-2011
Marine magnetic compass of class A
GB/T 33237-2016
Quartz glass handle tube for optical fibre drawing
GB/T 3903.40-2008
Footwear - Test methods for uppers - Defomability
鞋类 帮面试验方法 形变性
GB 17054-1997
Hygienic standard for coke oven emissionsin the air of workplace
GB/T 31897.1-2015
Luminaire performance—Part 1: General requirements
灯具性能 第1部分:一般要求
GB/T 30158-2013
Determination of nickel released from accessories on textile products
GB/T 19348.2-2003
Non-destructive testing--Industrial radiographic films--Part 2:Control of film processing by means of reference values
无损检测 工业射线照相胶片 第2部分:用参考值方法控制胶片处理
GB/T 176-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of cement
GB/T 16552-2010
Gems - Nomenclature
珠宝玉石 名称
GB/T 20743-2006
Method for the determination of bacitracin residues in porcine liver, kidney and muscle tissues - LC-MS-MS method
猪肉、猪肝和猪肾中杆菌肽残留量的测定 液相色谱-串联质谱法
GB/T 28625-2012
Test chart for color copiers
GB/T 35254-2017
Carbon-based products special for integrated flue gas purification
GB/T 23591-2009
Lanthanum-cerium-terbium oxide
GB/T 5858-1997
Heavy-duty cranked-link transmission roller chains and chain wheels
GB/T 34616-2017
General technical requirements of pedestrian automatic doors
GB/T 17737.313-2015
Coaxial communication cables—Part 1-313: Mechanical test methods—Adhesion of dielectric and sheath
同轴通信电缆 第1-313部分:机械试验方法 介质和护套的附着力
GB/T 17980.139-2004
Pesticide--Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(Ⅱ)--Part 139:Plant growth regulator trials on corn
农药 田间药效试验准则(二) 第139部分:玉米生长调节剂试验
GB/T 22278-2008
Principles of good laboratory practice
GB/T 8156.7-1987
Methods for chemical analysis of aluminium fluoride for industrial use--The 1,10-phenanthroline photometric method for the determination of iron content
工业用氟化铝化学分析方法 邻二氮杂菲光度法测定铁量
GB/T 26605-2011
Dimethyl ether for motor vehicle fuel
GB/T 33711-2017
Mobile laboratory—General technical specification for information transmission system
移动实验室 信息传输系统通用技术规范
GB/T 21245-2007
Paper and board - Determination of color (C/2°diffuse reflectance method)
GB/T 5432-2008
Test method for density of glass by buoyancy
玻璃密度测定 浮力法
GB/T 5069-2015
Chemical analysis of magnesia-alumina refractories
GB/T 3260.4-2013
Methods for chemical analysis of tin―Part 4:Determination of lead content―Flame atomic absorption spectrometric method
锡化学分析方法 第4部分:铅量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 24888-2010
Technical requirements of data share for emergency command in earthquake occurrence site
GB/T 28974-2012
Detection and identification of Potato virus A-Nanoparticles-enlarged in colloidal gold immunochromatographic assay
马铃薯A病毒检疫鉴定方法 纳米颗粒增敏胶体金免疫层析法
GB/T 35585-2017
Furnace temperature track logger
GB/T 12906-2008
Bar code for China standard book number
GB/T 5209-1985
Paints and varnishes--Determination of resistance to water--Water immersion method
色漆和清漆耐水性的测定 浸水法
GB/T 23906-2009
Non-destructive testing - Rings for magnetic particle testing
无损检测 磁粉检测用环形试块
GB/T 17797-1999
Technical rules for data interface between topogr-aphic database and geographic name database
GB/T 34690.3-2017
Graphic technology—Digitalized process control for offset printing—Part 3: Originals reception and processing
印刷技术 胶印数字化过程控制 第3部分:原始资料的接收和处理
GB 8410-2006
Flammability of automotive interior materials
GB/T 31378-2015
Test method for surface hardness of flat panel display (FPD) polarizing film
GB/T 5328-1985
Surface active agents--Simplified classification
GB/T 26940-2011
Dried oyster
GB/T 4510-2017
Test method for breaking point of bitumen—Fraass method
石油沥青脆点测定法 弗拉斯法
GB/T 7141-2008
Plastics - Methods of heat aging
GB/T 19078-2016
Magnesium alloys ingots for castings
GB 19725.1-2014
Agricultural and forestry machinery―Safety requirements and testing for portable,hand-held,powered brush-cutters and grass-trimmers―Part 1: Machines fitted with an integral combustion engine
农林机械 便携式割灌机和割草机安全要求和试验 第1部分:侧挂式动力机械
GB/T 1955-2008
Construction winch
GB/T 25222-2010
Inspection of grain and oils - Determination of phosphide residues in grain-spectrophotometric method
粮油检验 粮食中磷化物残留量的测定 分光光度法
GB/T 879.1-2000
Spring-type straight pins--Slotted,heavy duty
弹性圆柱销 直槽 重型
GB/T 6730.18-2006
Iron ores - Determination of phosphorus content - Molybdenum blue spectrophotometric method
铁矿石 磷含量的测定 钼蓝分光光度法
GB/T 29336-2012
Multi-layer coextruded tube for cosmetics
GB/T 24332-2009
Capillary ultra-high-pressure mercury vapor lamps
GB/T 9758.7-1988
Paints and varnishes--Determination of “soluble” metal content--Part 7:Determination of mercury content of the pigment portion of the paint and of the liquid portion of water-dilutable paints--Flameless atomic absorption spectrometric method
色漆和清漆 “可溶性”金属含量的测定 第七部分:色漆的颜料部分和水可稀释漆的液体部分的汞含量的测定 无焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 31777-2015
Digital music metadata
GB/T 22586-2008
Measurements of microwave surface resistance of resistance of HTSC thin film
GB/T 27748.3-2011
Stationary fuel cell power system - Part 3:Installation
固定式燃料电池发电系统 第3部分:安装
GB 50646-2011
Technical code for speciality gas system engineering
GB/T 15856.1-2002
Cross recessed pan head drilling screws with tapping screw thread
GB/T 7774-2007
Vacuum technology -Turbomolecular pumps - Measurement of performance characteristics
真空技术 涡轮分子泵性能参数的测量
GB/T 9283-2008
Solvent for coating - Determination of distillation range
GB/T 32896-2016
Communication protocols for power cabin of electric vehicle
GB/T 12232-2005
General purpose industrial valves Flanged iron gate valves
通用阀门 法兰连接铁制闸阀
GB/T 1652-2014
Naphthol AS
GB/T 25641-2010
Road construction and road maintenance machinery and equipment - Asphalt hot recycling plant
道路施工与养护机械设备 沥青混合料厂拌热再生设备
GB/Z 28597-2012
Lifts and escalators subject to seismic conditions - Compilation report
地震情况下的电梯和自动扶梯要求 汇编报告
GB/T 12472-2003
Geometrical Product Specifications(GPS)--Surface texture:Profile method--Surface roughness parameters and their values for wooden pieces
产品几何量技术规范(GPS) 表面结构 轮廓法 木制件表面粗糙度参数及其数值
GB/T 14441-2008
Safety code for painting - Terminology
涂装作业安全规程 术语
GB/T 24660.2-2009
Agricultural tractors - Instructional seat
农业拖拉机 乘员座椅
GB/T 18412.4-2006
Textiles―Determination of the pesticide residues―Part 4: Pyrethroid pesticides
纺织品 农药残留量的测定 第4部分:拟除虫菊酯农药
GB/T 28079-2011
Detection and identification of Tilletia horrida Tak.
GB/T 223.66-1989
Methods for chemical analysis of iron,steel and alloy--The thiocyanate chlorpromazine hydrochloride--chloro form extraction photometric method for the determination of tungsten content
钢铁及合金化学分析方法 硫氰酸盐-盐酸氯丙嗪-三氯甲烷萃取光度法测定钨量
GB/T 51200-2016
Code for design of HVDC converter station

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