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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 1852-2008
Marine cast steel flanged steam pressure reducing valves
GB/T 29597-2013
Reactive dyes - Determination of stability to alkalis
反应染料 耐碱稳定性的测定
GB/T 4169.21-2006
Components of injection moulds for plastics - Part 21: Rectangular locating element
塑料注射模零件 第21部分:矩形定位元件
GB 25590-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Sodium bisulfite
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 亚硫酸氢钠
GB 50654-2011
Unified standards for constructional quality acceptance of non-ferrous metals industrial installation engineering
GB/T 17497.3-2012
Decorative products by flexographic printing - Part 3: Corrugated board
柔性版装潢印刷品 第3部份:瓦楞纸板类
GB 11765-2003
Oil-tea camellia seed oil
GB/T 32904-2016
Specification for the quantitative evaluation of software quality
GB/T 22838.10-2009
Determination of physical characteristics for cigarettes and filter rods - Part 10: Open seam
卷烟和滤棒物理性能的测定 第10部分:爆口
GB/T 22427.4-2008
Starch - Determination of spot
GB 15193.11-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Drosophila melanogaster recessive lethal test
食品安全国家标准 果蝇伴性隐性致死试验
GB/T 4060-2007
Polycrystalline silicon - examination method - vacuum zone - melting on boron
GB 28129-2011
fluoroglycofen-ethyl technical material
GB/T 3184-2008
Lead chromate pigments and lead chromate-molybdate pigments
GB/T 30014-2013
Methods for chemical analysis of spent palladium-carbon - Determination of palladium - Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
废钯炭催化剂化学分析方法 钯量的测定 电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 4678.11-2003
Die-casting die components--Part 11: Ejector pin
压铸模零件 第11部分:推杆
GB/T 14078-2010
He-Ne laser specification
GB 51208-2016
Code of design on plant of producing man-made town gas
GB/T 13738.1-2008
Black tea - Part 1:Broken black tea
红茶 笫1部分:红碎茶
GB/T 28460-2012
Horsetail hair interlining
GB/T 4702.1-2016
Chromium metal—Determination of chromium content—The ammonium ferrous sulfate titrimetric method
金属铬 铬含量的测定 硫酸亚铁铵滴定法
GB/T 14048.16-2006
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 8: Control units for built-in thermal protection(PTC) for rotating electrical machines
低压开关设备和控制设备 第8部分:旋转电机用装入式热保护(PTC)控制单元
GB/T 23450-2009
Heat insulation panels for partition wall used in buildings
GB/T 12220-2015
Induatrial valves—Marking
工业阀门 标志
GB/T 19467.1-2004
Plastics--Acquisition and presentation of comparable single-point data--Part 1:Moulding materials
塑料 可比单点数据的获得和表示 第1部分:模塑材料
GB/T 32177-2015
Determination of boron oxide in refractory materials
GB/T 24795.2-2011
Rotary shaft lip seals for commercial vehicle axle - Part 2: Performance test procedures
商用车车桥旋转轴唇形密封圈 第2部分:性能试验方法
GB/T 4934.1-2008
Instrument for soil test - Shear apparatus - Part 1: Strain-controlled direct shear apparatus
土工试验仪器 剪切仪 第1部分:应变控制式直剪仪
GB/T 21406-2008
Internal combustion engines - Engine weight (mass) declaration
内燃机 发动机的重量(质量)标定
GB/T 30333-2013
Specification for the logistics service contract
GB/T 1796.3-2017
Tyre valves—Part 3: Snap-in valves
轮胎气门嘴 第3部分:卡扣式气门嘴
GB 17378.4-2007
The specification for marine monitoring - Part 4:Seawater analysis
海洋监测规范 第4部分: 海水分析
GB/T 18804-2010
Codes for types of means of transport
GB/T 34496-2017
Catalyst for heavy-duty gas engine vehicle exhaust purification
GB/T 28817-2012
Single cell test methods for polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC)
GB/Z 17799.6-2017
Electromagnetic compatibility—Generic standards—Immunity for power station and substation environments
电磁兼容 通用标准 发电厂和变电站环境中的抗扰度
GB/T 23767-2009
General method for measuring solid chemicals fire limits in gaseous oxidants
GB/T 4459.5-1999
Mechanical drawings--Representation of centre holes
机械制图 中心孔表示法
GB/T 22758-2008
Test methods for reliability of household electric washing machine
GB/T 21714.3-2015
Protection against lightning—Part 3:Physical damage to structures and life hazard
雷电防护 第3部分:建筑物的物理损坏和生命危险
GB 11410-1989
Technical bases of HFBC coverage
GB 1886.290-2016
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additives - 2-methyl pyrazine
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 2-甲基吡嗪
GB 14196.3-2008
Incandescent lamps - Safety specifications - Part 3: Tungsten-halogen lamps (non-vehicle)
白炽灯 安全要求 第3部分:卤钨灯(非机动车辆用)
GB/T 26796.4-2011
EPA specification for use in industrial measurement and control system - Part 4: Function block technical specification
用于工业测量与控制系统的EPA规范 第4部分:功能块的技术规范
GB/T 19626-2005
General technical requirements of DNA Anti-counterfeit technical products
GB/T 6150.1-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten concentrates - Determination of tungsten trioxide content - The ammonium tungstate igniting gravimetric method
钨精矿化学分析方法 三氧化钨量的测定 钨酸铵灼烧重量法
GB/T 7987-2013
Vitreous and porcelain enamels-Determination of resistance to therml shock
GB/T 35327-2017
Seed cotton module builde
GB/T 25071-2010
Classification and codes for products of gems and precious metals
GB 18587-2001
Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials--Limitations of harmful substances emitted from carpets,carpet cushions and adhesives
室内装饰装修材料 地毯、地毯衬垫及地毯胶粘剂有害物质释放限量
GB/T 34157-2017
Haloxyfop-P-methyl technical material
GB/T 15072.8-2008
Test method of precious metal alloys - Determination of copper content for gold, palladium and silver alloys - Complexometric return titration using thiourea releasing EDTA
贵金属合金化学分析方法 金、钯、银合金中铜量的测定 硫脲析出EDTA络合返滴定法
GB/T 29162-2012
Classification of gangue
GB 9660-1988
Standard of aircraft noise for environment around airport
GB 50285-1998
Standad for protection distance from highway to AM,FM and TV rebroadcast stations
GB/T 20186.1-2006
Secondary coating materials used for optical fiber Part 1: Polybutylene terephthalate
光纤用二次被覆材料 第1部分:聚对苯二甲酸丁二醇酯
GB/T 24176-2009
Metallic materials - Fatigue testing - Statistical planning and analysis of data
金属材料 疲劳试验 数据统计方案与分析方法
GB/T 31540.2-2015
Fire safety engineering guide—Part 2:Initiation and development of fire and generation of fire effluents
消防安全工程指南 第2部分:火灾发生、发展及烟气的生成
GB/T 14518-1993
Determination of the pH of adhesives
GB/T 32565-2016
Surface chemical analysis—Recording and reporting data in Auger electron spectroscopy (AES)
表面化学分析 俄歇电子能谱(AES)数据记录与报告的规范要求
GB/T 27594-2011
Disperse dyestuffs - Determination of relative strength of presscakes - Spectrophotometer method
分散染料 原染料相对强度的测定 分光光度法
GB/T 18717.1-2002
Ergonomic design for the safety of machinery--Part 1:Principles for determining the dimensions required for openings for whole-body access into machinery
用于机械安全的人类工效学设计 第1部分:全身进入机械的开口尺寸确定原则
GB/T 12182-1990
General specification of secondary surveillance radar for air traffic control
GB/T 8162-2008
Seamless steel tubes for structural purposes
GB/T 21753-2008
Chemicals - Test method of repeated dose dermal toxicity:21/28-day study
化学品 21天/28天重复剂量经皮毒性试验方法
GB 6675.11-2014
Safety of toys - Part 11:Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use
玩具安全 第11部分:家用秋千、滑梯及类似用途室内、室外活动玩具
GB/T 18015.6-2007
Multicore and symmetrical pair/quad cables for digital communications - Part 6: Symmetrical pair/quad cables with transmission characteristics up to 600MHz - Work area wiring - Sectional specification
数字通信用对绞或星绞多芯对称电缆 第6部分:具有600MHz及以下传输特性的对绞或星绞对称电缆 工作区布线电缆 分规范
GB/T 25397-2010
Agricultural machinery - Rotary and flail mower - Test methods and acceptance criteria for protective skirts
农业机械 旋转式和甩刀式割草机 防护罩(裙)试验方法和验收规范
GB/T 223.22-1994
Methods for chemical analysis of iron,steel and alloy--The nitroso-R-salt spectrophotometric method for the determination of cobalt content
钢铁及合金化学分析方法 亚硝基R 盐分光光度法测定钴量
GB/T 4324.16-2012
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten - Part 16: Determination of loss content on ignition - Gravimetric method
钨化学分析方法 第16部分:灼烧损失量的测定 重量法
GB/T 18310.45-2003
Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components--Basic test and measurement procedures--Part 2-45:Tests--Durability test by water immersion
纤维光学互连器件和无源器件 基本试验和测量程序 第2-45部分:试验 浸水耐久性
GB/T 50931-2013
Standard for formulation of design documents of pharmaceutical construction projects
GB/T 24520-2009
Cast iron and low alloy steel - Determination of lanthanum, cerium and magnesium content - Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometric method
铸铁和低合金钢 镧、铈和镁含量的测定 电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 23205-2008
Determination of 448 pesticides and related chemicals residues in tea - LC-MS-MS method
茶叶中448种农药及相关化学品残留量的测定 液相色谱-串联质谱法
GB/T 33184-2016
Geographic information—Rights expression language for geographic information
地理信息 地理信息权限表达语言
GB 4706.51-2008
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Particular requirements for commercial electric appliances for keeping food and crockery warm
家用和类似用途电器的安全 商用电热食品和陶瓷餐具保温器的特殊要求
GB/T 27922-2011
Evaluation system for after-sales service of commodity
GB/T 15917.3-1995
Dysprosium and dysprosium oxide--Determination of tantalum content--Para-chloride-phenylfluorone-cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide-ethanol spectrophotometric method
金属镝及氧化镝化学分析方法 对氯苯基荧光酮-溴化十六烷基 三甲基胺分光光度法测定钽量
GB/T 31840.1-2015
Aluminum alloys power cables with extruded insulation for rated voltages from 1kV(Um=1.2kV)up to 35kV(Um=40.5 kV)—Part 1:Cables for rated voltages of 1 kV(Um=1.2kV) and 3kV(Um=3.6kV)
额定电压1kV(Um=1.2kV)到35kV(Um=40.5kV) 铝合金芯挤包绝缘电力电缆 第1部分:额定电压1kV (Um=1.2kV)和3kV (Um=3.6kV)电缆
GB/T 20011-2005
Information security technology -- Routers security evaluation criteria
信息安全技术 路由器安全评估准则
GB/Z 21722-2008
Code on quality and safety control of tea for export
GB/T 26930.10-2014
Carbonaceous materials used in the production of aluminium―Pitch for electrodes―Part 10:Determination of sulful content by an instrumental method
原铝生产用炭素材料 煤沥青 第10部分:仪器法测定硫含量
GB/T 9167-2003
Spline hobbing machines--Testing of the accuracy
花键轴铣床 精度检验
GB/T 13573-1992
Circular saw blades for woodworking
GB/T 25808-2010
Sulphur black 2BR、3B 200%
硫化黑2BR、3B 200%
GB/T 16659-2008
Determination of mercury in coal
GB 29949-2013
National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Identification Allyl disulfide Food Additive Identification Arabic gum
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 阿拉伯胶
GB 16367-1996
Radiological protection standards for using geothermal water
GB/T 25102.8-2017
Electroacoustics—Hearing aids—Part 8: Methods of measurement of performance characteristics of hearing aids under simulated in situ working conditions
电声学 助听器 第8部分:模拟实际工作条件下的助听器性能测量方法
GB/T 20533-2006
Metadata for ecological data
GB/T 2481.2-2009
Bonded abrasives - Determination and designation of grain size distribution - Part 2: Microgrits
固结磨具用磨料 粒度组成的检测和标记 第2部分:微粉
GB 12260-2005
Artificial heart-lung machine--Roller pump
人工心肺机 滚压式血泵
GB/T 33603-2017
Coding specification of dynamic message for electric power system model and data
GB/T 5158.4-2011
Metallic powders - Determination of oxygen content by reduction methods - Part 4: Total oxygen by reduction-extraction
金属粉末 还原法测定氧含量 第4部分:还原-提取法测定总氧量
GB/T 32468-2015
Copper clad aluminum plate, sheets and strips
GB/T 11066.9-2009
Methods for chemical analysis of gold - Determination of arsenic and tin contents - Hydride generation-atomic fluorescence spectrometry
金化学分析方法 砷和锡量的测定 氢化物发生-原子荧光光谱法
GB/T 6078.4-1998
Centre drills--Part 4:Technical specifications
中心钻 第4部分:技术条件
GB/T 22094-2008
Height measuring instrument with electronic digital display
GB/T 30830-2014
Steel cords for off-the-road(OTR) radial tyre
GB/T 9276-1996
Methods of exposure to natural weathering of coating

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