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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 931-1988
Self-locking nuts,angle,anchor
GB/T 28174.3-2011
Unified modeling language(UML) - Part 3: Object constraint language(OCL)
统一建模语言(UML) 第3部分:对象约束语言(OCL)
GB/T 22451-2008
Common requirements of electromagnetic compatibility for radio communication equipment
GB 24627-2009
Standard specification for wrought nickel-titanium shape memory alloys for medical devices and surgical implants
GB/T 35672-2017
Fluroxypyr-mepthyl technical material
GB/T 30715-2014
Guideline for energy system optimization of iron and steel production process
GB/T 4699.3-2007
Ferrochromium, silicochromium and nitrogen-bearing ferrochromium -Determination of phosphorus content - Molybdobismuthylphosphoric blue spectrophotometric method and the molybdenum blue spectrophotometric method
铬铁、硅铬合金和氮化铬铁 磷含量的测定 铋磷钼蓝分光光度法和钼蓝分光光度法
GB/T 26043-2010
Zinc and zinc alloys - Method of sampling - Specifications
GB/T 34444-2017
Paper and board—Determination of the layer peel strength
纸和纸板 层间剥离强度的测定
GB 7102.1-2003
Hygienic standard for edible vegetable oils used in frying food
GB/T 34054-2017
Specifications for lunar image plan making
GB/T 11616-2013
Synchronous belt dirves—Belts with pitch codes—MXL , XXL , XL , L , H, XH and XXH—Synchronous belt dimensions
同步带传动 节距型号MXL、XXL、XL、L、H、XH和XXH 同步带尺寸
GB/T 5465.1-2009
Graphical symbols for use on electrical equipment - Part 1: Overview and classification
电气设备用图形符号 第1部分:概述与分类
GB/T 22638.9-2016
Test methods for aluminium and aluminium alloy foils—Part 9: Determination of hydrophilic property
铝箔试验方法 第9部分:亲水性的检测
GB/T 13871.3-2008
Rotary shaft lip-type seals incorporating elastomeric sealing elements - Part 3: Storage,handling and installation
密封元件为弹性体材料的旋转轴唇形密封圈 第3部分:贮存、搬运和安装
GB 28239-2012
Limits and measurement methods for non-road diesel engine specific fuel consumption and specific oil consumption
GB/T 14916-2006
Identification cards - Physical characteristics
识别卡 物理特性
GB/T 5009.26-2003
Determination of N-nitrosamines in foods
GB/T 14139-2009
Silicon epitaxial wafers
GB/T 11842-1989
Determination of oxygen to uranium atomic ratic in uranium dioxide powder and pellets by thermogravimetric method
二氧化铀粉末和芯块的氧铀原子比测定 热重法
GB/T 31044-2014
Brand valuation―Banking and insurance industry
品牌价值评价 银行与保险业
GB/T 26417-2010
Chemical analysis methods of praseodymium-neodymium alloy and the compounds - Determination of REO relative contents
镨钕合金及其化合物化学分析方法 稀土配分量的测定
GB/T 21437.2-2008
Road vehicles - Electrical disturbances from conduction and coupling - Part 2: Electrical transient conduction along supply lines only
道路车辆 由传导和耦合引起的电骚扰 第2部分:沿电源线的电瞬态传导
GB 50009-2012
Load code for the design of building structures
GB/T 26949.3-2013
Industrial trucks - Verification of stability - Part 3: Reach and straddle trucks
工业车辆 稳定性验证 第3部分: 前移式和插腿式叉车
GB 20950-2007
Emission standard of air pollutant for bulk gasoline terminals
GB/T 2670.3-2004
Hexalobular socket raised countersunk(oval)head tapping screws
GB 24931-2010
Prescription for installation of the external lighting and light-signalling devices for the all-terrain vehicles
GB/T 32980-2016
Agricultural service—Quality requirement for crop pest control service
农业社会化服务 农作物病虫害防治服务质量要求
GB/T 13025.11-2012
General test method in salt industry - Determination of fluoride
制盐工业通用试验方法 氟的测定
GB/T 17309.1-1998
Methods of measurement on receivers for television broadcast transmissions--Part 1:General considerations--Electrical measurements at radio and videofrequencies and measurements on displays
电视广播接收机测量方法 第1部分:一般考虑 射频和视频电性能测量以及显示性能的测量
GB/T 22785-2008
Determination of essential parameters of aluminum powder for use in fireworks and firecrackers
GB/T 18441-2009
Harbour crane - Technical characteristics and acceptance documents
港口起重机 供需文件
GB/T 3884.18-2014
Methods for chemical analysis of copper concentrates―Part 18:Determination of arsenic,antimony,bismuth,lead,zinc,nickel,cadmium,cobalt,magnesium oxide,calcium oxide contents―Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
铜精矿化学分析方法 第18部分:砷、锑、铋、铅、锌、镍、镉、钴、氧化镁、氧化钙量的测定 电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB 15558.3-2008
Buried polyethylene(PE)piping systems for the supply of gaseous fuels - Part 3: Valves
燃气用埋地聚乙烯(PE)管道系统 第3部分:阀门
GB 150.3-2011
Pressure vessels - Part 3: Design
压力容器 第3部分:设计
GB/T 13195-1991
Water quality--Determination of water temperature--Thermometer or reversing thermometer method
水质 水温的测定 温度计或颠倒温度计测定法
GB/T 19675.2-2005
Specifications of flexible graphite gaskets reinforced with tanged metal sheet for pipe flanges
管法兰用金属冲齿板柔性石墨复合垫片 技术条件
GB 3377-1982
Multifrequency register signalling system for telephone automatic switching network
GB/T 2639-2008
Infusion glass bottles
GB/T 34697-2017
Treatment and disposal method for spent fluoric etchant
GB/T 29810-2013
Information technology - Learning, education and training - Test and question information model XML binding specification
信息技术 学习、教育和培训 测试试题信息模型XML绑定规范
GB/T 11633-2000
Marine engine room central control console general specification
GB 7189-2010
Food grade paraffin wax
GB/T 6406-2016
Superabrasive—Checking the grain size
超硬磨料 粒度检验
GB/T 15166.5-2008
High-voltage alternating-current fuses - Part 5: Specification for high-voltage fuse-links for motor circuit applications
高压交流熔断器 第5部分:用于电动机回路的高压熔断器的熔断件选用导则
GB/T 32251-2015
Investment casting process—Pollutants control
熔模铸造工艺 污染物的控制
GB/T 27043-2012
Conformity assessment - General requirements for proficiency testing
合格评定 能力验证的通用要求
GB/T 20217-2006
Procedures for ensuring the cleanliness of industrial-process measurement and control equipment in oxygen service
GB/T 23325-2009
Textiles - Determination of surfactant - Linear alkylbenzene sulfonates
纺织品 表面活性剂的测定 线性烷基苯磺酸盐
GB 21343-2015
The norm of energy consumption per unit products of calcium carbide
GB/T 16886.9-2001
Biological evaluation of medical devices--Part 9:Framework for identification and quantification of potential degradation product
医疗器械生物学评价 第9部分:潜在降解产物的定性和定量框架
GB/T 15408-2011
Technical requirement of power-supply for security & protection system
GB/T 4214.1-2017
Test method for noise of household and similar electrical appliances—General requirements
家用和类似用途电器噪声测试方法 通用要求
GB/T 21782.2-2008
Coating powders - Part 2: Determination of density by gas comparison pyknometer (referee method)
粉末涂料 第2部分:气体比较比重仪法测定密度(仲裁法)
GB/T 4089-2008
Statistical interpretation of data Estimation and hypothesis test of parameter in Poisson distribution
数据的统计处理和解释 泊松分布参数的估计和检验
GB/T 34449-2017
Modularization design for household and similar electrical appliances—Guideline for washing machine
家用和类似用途电器的模块化 洗衣机设计导则
GB/T 30202.2-2013
Test method for granular coal-based activated carbon for desulfurization and denitration process―Part 2: Particle size
脱硫脱硝用煤质颗粒活性炭试验方法 第2部分:粒度
GB/T 19327-2007
Product of geographical indication - Gujinggong liquor
地理标志产品 古井贡酒
GB/T 16766-2010
Basic terminology in travel and tourism
GB/T 33842.2-2017
Information technology—Conformance testing methodology for biometric data interchange formats defined in GB/T 26237—Part 2: Finger minutiae data
信息技术 GB/T 26237中定义的生物特征数据交换格式的符合性测试方法 第2部分:指纹细节点数据
GB/T 7918.1-1987
Standard methods of microbiological examination for cosmetics--General rules
化妆品微生物标准检验方法 总则
GB/T 18932.8-2002
Method for the determination of erythromycin residues in honey--Cylinder plate method
蜂蜜中红霉素残留量的测定方法 杯碟法
GB 31604.9-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Food contact materials and products-Determination of heavy metals in food simulants
食品安全国家标准 食品接触材料及制品 食品模拟物中重金属的测定
GB/T 28673-2012
The technical specifications for remanufacturing of automotive components - Starter
汽车零部件再制造产品技术规范 起动机
GB/T 2411-2008
Plastics and ebonite - Determination of indentation hardness by means of a duronmeter(shore hardness)
塑料和硬橡胶 使用硬度计测定压痕硬度(邵氏硬度)
GB/T 14036-1993
Hydraulic fluid power--Cylinders--Rod end spherical eyes--Mounting dimensions
GB/T 23620-2009
Guideline for quarantine surveillance of leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say)
GB/T 18457-2015
Stainless steel needle tubing for the manufacture of medical devices
GB 4706.9-2008
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Particular requirements for shavers,hair clippers and similar appliances
家用和类似用途电器的安全 剃须刀、电推剪及类似器具的特殊要求
GB/T 26642-2011
Non-destructive testing - Test method for computed radiography of metallic materials
无损检测 金属材料计算机射线照相检测方法
GB/T 5101-2017
Fired common bricks
GB/T 20038-2005
Textile machinery -- Dyeing and finishing machines -- Definitions and range of nominal widths
纺织机械 染整机器 公称宽度的定义和系列
GB/T 19203-2003
Determination of calcium,magnesium andsulphur content for compound fertilizer
GB/T 5525-2008
Vegetable fats and oils - Method for identification of transparency, odor and flavor
植物油脂 透明度、气味、滋味鉴定法
GB/T 17587.1-2017
Ball screws—Part 1: Vocabulary and designation
滚珠丝杠副 第1部分:术语和符号
GB/T 4325.11-2013
Methods for chemical analysis of molybdenum - Part 11: Determination of aluminum content - Chromazurol S spectrophotometry and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
钼化学分析方法 第11部分:铝量的测定 铬天青S分光光度法和电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 14949.4-1994
Manganese ores--Determination of vanadium content
锰矿石化学分析方法 钒量的测定
GB/T 24935-2010
The test method of maximum stable side-inclination for all-terrain vehicles
GB 50406-2007
Code for design of environmental protection of iron and steel industry
GB/T 16781.1-2008
Natural gas - Determination of mercury - Part 1: Sampling of mercury by chemisorption on iodine
天然气 汞含量的测定 第1部分:碘化学吸附取样法
GB/T 32642-2016
Flat panel displays glass substrate surface roughness measurement method
GB/T 29005-2012
The combined rice mill - Evaluation index and measurement methods for electrical energy consumption
组合米机 耗电量指标及测量方法
GB/T 20568-2006
Metallic materials - Tube ring hydraulic pressure test
金属材料 管环液压试验方法
GB/T 12747.1-2004
Shunt power capacitors of the self-healing type for a.c. systems having a rated valtage up to and including 1000V--Part 1:General--Performance,testing and rating--Safety requirements--Guide for installation and operation
标称电压1 kV及以下交流电力系统用自愈式并联电容器 第1部分:总则----性能、试验和定额----安全要求----安装和运行导则
GB/T 23935-2009
Design of cylindrical helical springs
GB/T 31412-2015
Binders for paints and varnishes—Determination of hydroxyl value—Titrimetric method
色漆和清漆用漆基 羟值的测定 滴定法
GB/T 15530.3-1995
Copper alloy plate flanges for brazing or welding
GB/T 26967-2011
Oil injected single screw air compressor for general use
GB/T 22123-2008
Methods for picture and audio subjective assessment of digital television receiving equipment
GB/T 7376-2008
Determination of micro-amounts of water in industrial Fluorinated alkane
GB 29987-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Gum base and its ingredients
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 胶基及其配料
GB/T 21093-2007
High-pressure mercury vapour lamps - Performance specifications
高压汞灯 性能要求
GB/T 25255-2010
Optical functional films - Polyethylene terephthalate(PET)film - Determination of tensile properties
光学功能薄膜 聚对苯二甲酸乙二醇酯(PET)薄膜 拉伸性能测定方法
GB 50967-2014
Code for installation of coking and chemical mechanical equipment
GB/T 3326-2016
Furniture—Main sizes of tables, chairs and stools
家具 桌、椅、凳类主要尺寸
GB/T 4475-1995
Terms of sensor
GB/T 29371.4-2012
Technical rules for seed producing system of two-line hybrid rice - Part 4: Technical rules for F1 seed production
两系杂交水稻种子生产体系技术规范 第4部分:杂交制种技术规范
GB/T 1276-1999
Chemical reagent--Ammonium fluoride
化学试剂 氟化铵
GB/T 24354-2009
Common map symbols for the public geographical information

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