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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 17213.17-2010
Industrial-process control valves - Part 2-5: Flow capacity - Sizing equations for fluid flow through multistage control valves with interstage recovery
工业过程控制阀 第2-5部分:流通能力 流体流经级间恢复多级控制阀的计算公式
GB/T 17838-1999
The specification for the ships’ auxiliary marine hydrology and meterological observations
GB/T 35715-2017
Calculation methods for short-circuit current of DC electrical system on ship
GB/T 11011-1989
General rules for measurements of electrical characteristics of amorphous silicon solar cells
GB/T 15072.6-2008
Test method of precious metal alloys - Determination of iridium contents for platinum, palladium alloys - Electricity titration with ferrous sulfate
贵金属合金化学分析方法 铂、钯合金中铱量的测定 硫酸亚铁电流滴定法
GB/T 4499-1997
Vulcanized rubber--Determination of antidegradant content--Thin layer chromatographic method
硫化橡胶中防老化剂的测定 薄层色谱法
GB/T 28689-2012
Efficient rotator mixer - Technical requirements
高效转子混砂机 技术条件
GB/T 34385-2017
General technical specifications for cold roll forming machinery
GB/T 20184-2006
Technical condition for Raman Fiber Amplifier
GB/T 23636-2009
Plate for lead-acid battery
GB/T 18787.1-2015
Information technology—Electronic book—Part 1:General specification of device
信息技术 电子书 第1部分:设备通用规范
GB/T 34036-2017
Intelligent recorder—General technical requirements
智能记录仪表 通用技术条件
GB/T 26658-2011
Evaluation methods of lost foam castings quality
GB/T 20863.2-2016
Cranes—Classification—Part 2: Mobile cranes
起重机 分级 第2部分:流动式起重机
GB/T 5621-2008
Test methods of performance for rock drilling machines and pneumatic tools
凿岩机械与气动工具 性能试验方法
GB 12663-2001
General specifications for burglar-alarm control units
GB/T 21751-2008
Chemicals - Test method of mammalian spermatogonial chromosome aberration
化学品 哺乳动物精原细胞染色体畸变试验方法
GB/T 4325.25-2013
Methods for chemical analysis of molybdenum - Part 25: Determination of hydrogen content - Intert gas fusion infrared absorption method/thermal conductivity method
钼化学分析方法 第25部分:氢量的测定 惰气熔融红外吸收法/热导法
GB/T 18015.42-2007
Multicore and symmetrical pair/quad cables for digital communications - Part 42:Riser cables - Capability approval-Sectional specification
数字通信用对绞或星绞多芯对称电缆 第42部分:垂直布线电缆 能力认可 分规范
GB/T 24955.3-2010
Ship and marine technology - Transmitting heading devices ( THDs ) - Part 3: GNSS principles
船舶和海上技术 艏向发送设备(THDs) 第3部分:GNSS原理
GB/T 29021-2012
Petroleum and natural gas industries - Beam pumping units
石油天然气工业 游梁式抽油机
GB/T 23952-2009
Inorganic chemicals for industrial use - General method for the determination of total nitrogen content - Distillation-acid-base titrations method
无机化工产品中总氮含量测定的通用方法 蒸馏-酸碱滴定法
GB/T 18522.2-2002
General specification for hydrometric instruments--Part 2:Referential operating condition
水文仪器通则 第2部分:参比工作条件
GB/T 12574-1990
Jet fuels--Determination of total acid number
GB/T 23203.2-2008
Cigarettes - Determination of water in smoke condensates - Part 2: Karl Fischer method
卷烟 总粒相物中水分的测定 第2部分:卡尔?费休法
GB/T 31428-2015
Terms relating to coal chemical technology
GB 50707-2011
Code for design of river regulation
GB 4706.49-2008
Household and similar electrical appliances-Safety - Particular requirements for food waste disposer
家用和类似用途电器的安全 废弃食物处理器的特殊要求
GB/T 26980-2011
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicular fueling systems code
GB/T 5271.2-1988
Data processing--Vocabulary--Section 02:Arithmetic and logic operations
数据处理词汇 02部分 算术和逻辑运算
GB/T 32951-2016
Determination of oxytetracyline, tetracyline, chlortetracycline and doxycycline content for organic fertilizers—HPLC method
有机肥料中土霉素、四环素、金霉素与强力霉素的含量测定 高效液相色谱法
GB/T 20009-2005
Information security technology -- Data base management systems security evaluation criteria
信息安全技术 数据库管理系统安全评估准则
GB/T 7497.2-2008
Microprocessor system bus - 8-bit and 16-bit data (MULTIBUS Ⅰ) - Part 2: Mechanical and pin descriptions for the system bus configuration, with edge connectors(direct)
微处理器系统总线 8位及16位数据(MULTIBUS I) 第2部分:对带有边缘连接器(直接配合)的系统总线配置的机械与引脚的描述
GB 30585-2014
Safety technical specifications for chidren's footwear
GB/T 25271-2010
Nitrocellulose coatings
GB/T 13877.2-2003
Tractors and self-propelled machines for agriculture and forestry--Operator enclosure environment--Part 2: Heating,ventilation and air-conditioning test method and performance
农林拖拉机和自走式机械封闭驾驶室 第2部分: 采暖、通风和空调系统试验方法和性能要求
GB/T 873-1986
Oval head semi-tubular rivets
GB/T 16656.47-2008
Industrial automation systems and integration - Product data representation and exchange - Part 47: Iintergrated generic resources: Shape variation tolerances
工业自动化系统与集成 产品数据表达与交换 第47部分:集成通用资源:形状变化公差
GB/T 29393-2012
Detection and identification of Candidatus liberobacter asiaticum
GB/T 20531-2006
API Specification for mobile database
GB/T 24372-2009
Textile machinery and accessories - Types of formers for yarn packages - Nomenclature
纺织机械与附件 卷绕纱线用筒管 名称
GB/T 34972-2017
Determination of metal content in gases—Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry method
电子工业用气体中金属含量的测定 电感耦合等离子体质谱法
GB/T 27797.8-2011
Fibre-reinforced plastics - Methods of producing test plates - Part 8: Compression moulding of SMC and BMC
纤维增强塑料 试验板制备方法 第8部分:SMC及BMC模塑
GB/T 6594.2-2003
Plastics--Polystyrene(PS) moulding and extrusion materials--Part 2: Preparation of testspecimens and determination of properties
塑料 聚苯乙烯(PS)模塑和挤出材料 第2部分: 试样制备和性能测定
GB/T 13767-1992
Textiles--Method for the determination of the ability of textiles to heat resistance
纺织品 耐热性能的测定方法
GB/T 5959.11-2016
Safety in electroheat installations—Part 11: Particular requirements for installations using the effect of electromagnetic forces on liquid metals
电热装置的安全 第11部分:对液态金属电磁力作用装置的特殊要求
GB/T 9695.15-2008
Meat and meat products - Determination of moisture content
肉与肉制品 水分含量测定
GB/T 22092-2008
Fixed micrometer and depth micrometer with electronic digital display
GB/T 18813-2014
Copper strip for transformer
GB/T 32222-2015
Remanufactured internal combustion engine—General specifications
再制造内燃机 通用技术条件
GB/T 21062.4-2007
Government information resource interchange system - Part 4:Technical management requirements
政务信息资源交换体系 第4部分:技术管理要求
GB/T 25685.2-2010
Earth-moving machinery - Field of vision of surveillance and rear-view mirrors - Part 2: Performance criteria
土方机械 监视镜和后视镜的视野 第2部分:性能准则
GB/T 4702.10-1985
Methods for chemical analysis of chromium metal--The cupral spectrophotometric method for the determination of copper content
金属铬化学分析方法 铜试剂分光光度法测定铜量
GB 17930-2013
Gasoline for motor vehicles
GB/T 6609.20-2004
Chemical analysis methods and determination of physical performance of alumina--Determination of magnesia content--Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometric method
氧化铝化学分析方法和物理性能测定方法 火焰原子吸收光谱法测定氧化镁含量
GB/T 20062-2017
Mobile cranes—Limits and measurement methods for operating noise
流动式起重机 作业噪声限值及测量方法
GB/T 24694-2009
Glass containers - Chinese spirits bottle
玻璃容器 白酒瓶
GB/T 17588-1998
Basic terminology for grinding processes using grinding wheels
砂轮磨削 基本术语
GB/T 34353-2017
Earth-moving machinery-Machine-control systems (MCS) using electronic components-Performance criteria and tests for functional safety
土方机械 应用电子器件的机器控制系统(MCS) 功能性安全的性能准则和试验
GB/T 11682-2008
Low background alpha and/or beta measuring instruments
GB/T 28160-2011
Specification of electronic programme guide for digital television broadcasting
GB/T 33600-2017
Sandwich composite wallboard with porous concrete using metal tailings
GB 12514.3-2006
Fire coupling - Part 3: Patterns and basic parameters for fire insertion-type coupling
消防接口 第3部分:卡式消防接口型式和基本参数
GB 24462-2009
General safety requirements for civilian used primary battery
GB/T 30698-2014
Evaluation criteria for E-commerce supplier―High quality manufacturer
电子商务供应商评价准则 优质制造商
GB 31604.25-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Food contact materials and products-Determination of chromium migration
食品安全国家标准 食品接触材料及制品 铬迁移量的测定
GB/T 26027-2010
Aluminium and aluminium alloys drawn seamless tubes for large circumscribed circle diameter of cross section
GB/T 17980.37-2000
Pesticide--Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(I)--Nematocides against cyst nematode disease
农药 田间药效试验准则(一) 杀线虫剂防治胞囊线虫病
GB/T 18380.36-2008
Tests on electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions - Part 36:Test for vertical flame spread of vertically-mounted bunched wires or cables - Category D
电缆和光缆在火焰条件下的燃烧试验 第36部分:垂直安装的成束电线电缆火焰垂直蔓延试验 D类
GB/T 11407-2013
Vulcanizing accelerator 2 - Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT)
硫化促进剂2 巯基苯骈噻唑(MBT)
GB/T 35448-2017
Baby toddler walking assistant
GB/T 3871.9-2006
Agricultural tractors - Test procedures - Part 9: Power tests for drawbar
农业拖拉机 试验规程 第9部分:牵引功率试验
GB/T 5132.2-2009
Industrial rigid round laminated tubes and rods based on thermosetting resins for electrical purposes - Part 2: Methods of test
电气用热固性树脂工业硬质圆形层压管和棒 第2部分:试验方法
GB/T 14549-1993
Quality of electric energy supply--Harmonics inpublic supply network
电能质量 公用电网谐波
GB/T 4698.20-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of titanium sponge, titanium and titanium alloys—Part 4:Determination of manganese content—Potassium periodate spectrophotometry and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
海绵钛、钛及钛合金化学分析方法 第4部分:锰量的测定 高碘酸盐分光光度法和电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB 21347-2012
The norm of energy consumption per unit products of magnesium metallurgical enterprise
GB 50028-2006
Code for design of city gas engineering
GB/T 14092.3-2009
Environmental condition for machinery products - High altitude
机械产品环境条件 高海拔
GB/T 18500.1-2001
Semiconductor devices--Integrated circuits--Part 4:Interface integrated circuits--Section 1:Blank detail specification for linear digital-to-analogue converters(DAC)
半导体器件 集成电路 第4部分:接口集成电路 第一篇:线性数字/模拟转换器(DAC)空白详细规范
GB/T 22416.1-2008
Cranes - Maintenance - Part 1: General
起重机 维护 第1部分:总则
GB/T 31028-2014
Disabled/incapacitated passenger boarding vehicles
GB/T 32612-2016
Textiles—Determination of 2-methoxyethanol and 2-ethoxyethanol
纺织品 2-甲氧基乙醇和2-乙氧基乙醇的测定
GB/T 3620.1-2007
Designation and composition of titanium and titanium alloys
GB/T 26364-2010
Qualification and gradation on tourist coach companies
GB/T 2680-1994
Determination of light transmittance, solar direct transmittance, total solar energy transmittance and ultraviolet transmittance for glass in building and related glazing factors
建筑玻璃 可见光透射比、太阳光直接透射比、太阳能总透射比、紫外线透射比及有关窗玻璃参数的测定
GB/T 2423.41-2013
Environmental testing - Part 2: Test methods - Wind pressure
环境试验 第2部分:试验方法 风压
GB 21703-2010
National food safety standard Determination of benzoic acid and sorbic acid in milk and milk products
食品安全国家标准 乳和乳制品中苯甲酸和山梨酸的测定
GB/T 6437-2002
Determination of phosphorus in feed--Spectphoto-metry
饲料中总磷的测定 分光光度法
GB/T 13576.2-2008
Buttress threads with the flank angles of 3 and 30 degrees - Part 2: General plan
锯齿形(3°、30°)螺纹 第2部分:直径与螺距系列
GB/T 12498-2012
Generic specification of rubidium frequency standard
GB/T 50294-2014
Design code for general plan and transportation of nuclear power plants
GB/T 13561.6-2006
Safety rules for port's continuous handling equipment - Part 1: continuous handling mechanism
港口连续装卸设备安全规程 第6部分:连续装卸机械
GB/T 16008-1995
Workplace air--Determination of lead--Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometric method
GB/T 18342-2009
Specifications of coal for chain and travelling grate stoker boiler
GB/T 3286.9-2014
Method for chemical analysis of limestone and dolomite―Part 9: The determination of carbon dioxide content―The caustic asbestos absorption gravimetric method
石灰石及白云石化学分析方法 第9部分:二氧化碳含量的测定 烧碱石棉吸收重量法
GB/T 33231-2016
The general principles of water audit in enterprises
GB 13482-2011
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Sorbitan Monooleate (Span 80)
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 山梨醇酐单油酸酯(司盘80)
GB/T 19383-2003
Spinning machinery--Main dimensions and designation of condenser rubbers for cards
纺纱机械 梳毛机用搓条胶板主要尺寸和标记
GB/T 31889-2015
Meta-aramid staple fiber
GB/T 2514-2008
Hydraulic fluid power - Four-port directional control valves - Mounting surfaces
液压传动 四油口方向控制阀安装面

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