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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 27659-2011
seedless watermelon grade
GB/T 8485-2008
The graduation and test for airborne sound insulating properties of windows and doors
GB/T 18448.7-2001
Laboratory animal--Method for examination ofPlasmodium spp.
实验动物 疟原虫检测方法
GB/T 11918.1-2014
Plugs,socket-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes―Part 1: General ruquirements
工业用插头插座和耦合器 第1部分:通用要求
GB/T 51003-2014
Technical code for application of mineral admixture
GB/T 21386-2008
Ratio pressure reducing
GB/T 3481-1997
Cears--Wear and damage to gear teeth--Terminology
GB/T 25457-2010
Piano pin block
GB/T 33290.11-2016
Specification for inspecting exit cultural relics—Part 11: Burial object
文物出境审核规范 第11部分:明器
GB 1255-2007
Working chemical - Sodium carbonate anhydrous
工作基准试剂 无水碳酸钠
GB/T 6072.4-2012
Reciprocating internal combustion engines - Performance - Part 4: Speed governing
往复式内燃机 性能 第4部分:调速
GB/T 31950-2015
Enterprise integrity management system
GB/T 24583.1-2009
Vanadium-Nitrogen alloy - Determination of vanadium content - The ammonium ferrous sulfate titration method
钒氮合金 钒含量的测定 硫酸亚铁铵滴定法
GB/T 5280-2002
Tapping screws thread
GB/T 22733-2008
Food quick freezer - Spiral freezer
食品速冻装置 螺旋式速冻装置
GB/T 27980-2011
Diagnostic techniques for equine viral arteritis
GB/T 12627-1990
Generic specification for flexible disk drive
GB/T 35761-2017
Determination methods of heavy metal element content in printing ink or painting of fireworks and firecracker
GB 13539.3-2008
Low-voltage fuses - Part 3:Supplementary requirements for fuses for use by unskilled persons(fuses mainly for household and similar applications) - Examples of standardized systems of fuses A to F
低压熔断器 第3部分: 非熟练人员使用的熔断器的补充要求(主要用于家用和类似用途的熔断器) 标准化熔断器系统示例A至F
GB 14391-2009
Technical requirements for satellite emergency position-indicating radio beacons
GB/T 30502-2014
Traffic signal controller for lanes on urban road
GB/T 18570.5-2005
Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products-Tests for the assessment of surface cleanliness-Part 5:Measurement of chloride on surfaces prepared for painting(ion detection tube method)
涂覆涂料前钢材表面处理 表面清洁度的评定试验 第5部分:涂覆涂料前钢材表面的氯化物测定(离子探测管法)
GB/T 23119-2017
Household and similar electrical appliances—Water for performance testing
家用和类似用途电器 性能测试用水
GB/T 25874.1-2010
Textile machinery and accessories - Strip steel for dents of reeds - Part 1: Cold rolled strip steel
纺织机械与附件 筘齿用钢片 第1部分:冷轧钢片
GB/T 19334-2003
Dimension of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear--Standardized mounting on rails for mechanical support of electrical devices in switchgear andcontrolgear installations
低压开关设备和控制设备的尺寸 在成套开关设备和控制设备中作电器机械支承的标准安装轨
GB/T 29265.201-2017
Information technology—Information device intelligent grouping and resource sharing—Part 201: Core protocol
信息技术 信息设备资源共享协同服务 第201部分:基础协议
GB/T 894.1-1986
Circlips for shaft--Type A
轴用弹性挡圈 A型
GB 30000.24-2013
Rules for classification and labelling of chemicals - Part 24: Reproductive toxicity
化学品分类和标签规范 第24部分:生殖毒性
GB/T 6257-2015
Blank detail specification for transmitting tubes
GB/T 3996-1983
Shaped thermal insulating products--Diatomite bricks and shapes
GB/T 15064-2008
Test methods of colloidal graphite for kinescope
GB/T 2910.12-2009
Textiles - Quantitative chemical analysis - Part 12: Mixtures of acrylic,certain modacrylic,certain chlorofibres,certain elastanes and certain other fibres (method using dimethylformamide )
纺织品 定量化学分析 第12部分:聚丙烯腈纤维、某些改性聚丙烯腈纤维、某些含氯纤维或某些弹性纤维与某些其他纤维的混合物(二甲基甲酰胺法)
GB/T 20155-2006
Determination of mercury, cadmium and lead in battery
GB/T 8186-2011
Milking machine installations - Construction and performance
挤奶设备 结构与性能
GB/T 17980.135-2004
Pesticide--Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(Ⅱ)--Part 135:Herbicides against weeds in strawberry
农药 田间药效试验准则(二) 第135部分:除草剂防治草莓地杂草
GB/T 35696-2017
Requirements for marine medium voltage AC diesel generator set and control system
GB/T 12624-2009
Protective gloves - General requirements and test methods
手部防护 通用技术条件及测试方法
GB/T 30891-2014
Practice of sampling plans for aquatic products
GB/T 6730.58-2017
Iron ores-Determination of vanadium content-Flame atomic absorption spectrometric method
铁矿石 钒含量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 13786-1992
Artificial daylighting illumination for cotton classing rooms
GB/T 21725-2008
Natural spices - Classification
天然香辛料 分类
GB/T 26222-2010
Information technology - Learning, education and training - Content packaging
信息技术 学习、教育和培训 内容包装
GB/T 34038-2017
General technical specifications for palletizing robot
GB/T 1771-2007
Paints and varnishes - Determination of resistance to neutral salt spray(fog)
色漆和清漆 耐中性盐雾性能的测定
GB/T 17737.4-2013
Coaxial communication cables—Part 4: Sectional specification for leaky cables
同轴通信电缆 第4部分:漏泄电缆分规范
GB/T 20835-2016
Guides for magnetization test of generator stator core
GB/Z 24464-2009
Health informatics - Electronic health record - Definition, scope and context
健康信息学 电子健康记录 定义、范围与语境
GB/T 23181-2008
The general principles for microbial feed additives
GB/T 17784.2-1999
Forwarding and consolidation summary message--Part 2:Forwarding and consolidation summary message subset--Cargo/freight manifest message
货运和集拼汇总报文 第2部分:货运和集拼汇总报文子集----货物/运费舱单报文
GB 29223-2012
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Dehydroacetic Acid
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 脱氢乙酸
GB/T 7246-1987
Wave single coil spring lock washers
GB 4706.19-2008
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Particular requirements for heating liquids
家用和类似用途电器的安全 液体加热器的特殊要求
GB/T 16484.20-2009
Chemical analysis methods of rare earth chloride and light rare earth carbonate - Part 20: Determination of nickel oxide, manganese oxide, lead oxide, aluminum oxide, zinc oxide, thorium oxide content - Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
氯化稀土、碳酸轻稀土化学分析方法 第20部分:氧化镍、氧化锰、氧化铅、氧化铝、氧化锌、氧化钍量的测定 电感耦合等离子体质谱法
GB/T 31225-2014
Test method for the thickness of silicon oxide on Si substrate by ellipsometer
GB/T 19979.1-2005
Geosynthetics-Penetration resist Property-Part1:Determination of Static Hydraulic Pressure
土木合成材料 防渗性能 第1部分: 耐静水压的测定
GB/T 7962.11-2010
Test method for colourless optical glass - Part 11: Precise test method for refractive index in the visible wave band
无色光学玻璃测试方法 第11部分:可见折射率精密测试
GB 50704-2011
Code for design of crystalian silicon solar cell plant
GB/T 8321.6-2000
Guideline for safety application of pesticides(Ⅵ)
GB/T 29624-2013
Layout key of consignment for the international trade
GB/T 32949-2016
Grain and oil machinery—Leaf filter
粮油机械 油脂叶片过滤机
GB/T 16613-2008
Plastics - Preparation of PVC pastes for test purposes - Dissolver method
塑料 试验用聚氯乙烯(PVC)糊的制备 分散器法
GB 25892.2-2010
Information technology - Uyghur, Kazak, Kirgiz coded character set - 32 Dot matrix font - Part 2: Tuz bold
信息技术 维吾尔文、哈萨克文、柯尔克孜文编码字符集 32点阵字型 第2部分:正文黑体
GB/T 20512-2006
Position data output format for GPS receiver
GB/T 18205-2012
Comprehensive appraisement for health in schools
GB/T 22854-2009
Knitted school uniform
GB/T 15519-2002
Chemical conversion coatings--Black oxide coating on iron and steel--Specification and test methods
化学转化膜 钢铁黑色氧化膜 规范和试验方法
GB 18306-2015
Seismic ground motion parameter zonation map of China
GB/T 22077-2008
Overhead electrical conductors-creep test procedures for stranded conductors
GB 28233-2011
Safety and hygienic standard for disinfection by Sodium Hypochlorite Generator
GB/T 34976-2017
Information security technology—Security technical requirements and testing and evaluation approachs for operating system of smart mobile terminals
信息安全技术 移动智能终端操作系统安全技术要求和测试评价方法
GB/T 21042-2007
Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment - Part 22: Sectional specification:Fixed surface mount multilayer capacitors of ceramic dielectric,class 2
电子设备用固定电容器 第22部分: 分规范 表面安装用2类多层瓷介固定电容器
GB/T 3408.1-2008
Instrument for dam monitoring strain meter - Part 1: Unbonded elastic wire resistance strain meter
大坝监测仪器 应变计 第1部分:差动电阻式应变计
GB/T 30040.6-2013
Leak detection systems―Part 6:Sensors in monitoring wells
双层罐渗漏检测系统 第6部分:监测井用传感器显示系统
GB/T 5832.2-2016
Gas analysis—Determination of water—Part 2: Dew point method
气体分析 微量水分的测定 第2部分:露点法
GB/T 14521.5-1993
Terms of conveying machinery--En-masse conveyor
运输机械术语 埋刮板输送机
GB/T 14352.6-2010
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten ores and molybdenum ores - Part 6:Determination of cadmium content
钨矿石、钼矿石化学分析方法 第6部分:镉量测定
GB/T 12361-2003
General specification of steel die forgings
钢质模锻件 通用技术条件
GB/T 32220-2015
Taper bush—types, size and basic parameters
锥套 型式、尺寸和基本参数
GB/T 28489-2012
Limits of hazardous substances for musical instruments
GB/T 1149.13-2008
Internal combustion engines - Piston rings - Part 13: Oil control rings
内燃机 活塞环 第13部分:油环
GB/T 23478-2009
Technical regulation on the surveying and monitoring of pine wood nematode
GB/T 13202-2015
Series of motorcycle rims
GB 10396-2006
Tractors, machinery for agriculture and forestry, powered lawn and garden equipment - Safety signs and hazard pictorials - General principles
农林拖拉机和机械、草坪和园艺动力机械 安全标志和危险图形 总则
GB/T 35311-2017
Content-oriented chinese news photo metadata specification
GB/T 223.47-1994
Methods for chemical analysis of iron,steel and alloy--The carrier precipitation-molybdenumblue potometric method for the determination of antimony content
钢铁及合金化学分析方法 载体沉淀-钼蓝光度法测定锑量
GB/T 26407-2011
Regional management system of primary agricultural product safety - Requirements
初级农产品安全区域化管理体系 要求
GB/T 5459-2003
Textile machinery and accessories--Spindle gauges for ring-spinning and ring-doubling frames
纺织机械与附件 环锭细纱机和环锭捻线机 锭距
GB/T 34590.3-2017
Road vehicles—Functional safety—Part 3: Concept phase
道路车辆 功能安全 第3部分:概念阶段
GB/T 804-1988
Hexagon nuts with raised face
GB/T 5009.88-2008
Determination of dietary fiber in foods
GB/T 30357.2-2013
Oolong tea—Part 2: Tieguanyin
乌龙茶 第2部分:铁观音
GB/T 34003-2017
Detection method of impurity elements in boron nitride
GB/T 18353-2008
Basic technical condition of cotton processing enterprise
GB/T 20564.7-2010
Continuously cold rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile - Part 7: Martensitic steels
汽车用高强度冷连轧钢板及钢带 第7部分:马氏体钢
GB 31604.23-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Food contact materials and products-Determination of diaminotoluene in composite food contact materials
食品安全国家标准 食品接触材料及制品 复合食品接触材料中二氨基甲苯的测定
GB/T 3810.7-2006
Test methods of ceramic tiles Part 7: Determination of resistance to surface abrasion for glazed tiles
陶瓷砖试验方法 第7部分:有釉砖表面耐磨性的测定
GB/T 15939-1995
General specification for land mobile communication system equipment using multi-channel access techniques without a central controller
GB/T 28847.1-2012
Building automation and control systems - Part 1:Summarize
建筑自动化和控制系统 第1部分:概述
GB/T 5822.2-2004
Test method of petroleum ether insolubles in lubricating oil for railway locomotive diesel engine
铁路内燃机车柴油机油 石油醚不溶物测定方法
GB/T 23799-2009
Methanol gasoline (M85) for motor vehicles

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